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on September 5, 2012
The humble W59 is compact, light as a feather, unobtrusive and ultra-comfortable, yet totally functional, good looking, and robust. Its design has endured unchanged for many years. The three-button ergonomics and simple, easy flow and control of functions has been long-perfected. The alarm is loud and the LED illumination works well. It is hard to think of how this watch could be improved. The W59 is quite similar to the world-famous, super basic F-91, but with a 50M water rating and (I think) a slightly more appealing aesthetic.

I respect Casio for making these affordable watches so well - it demonstrates the organization's respect for its customers, regardless of how much they choose to pay for a watch. Anyone should be able to make a good watch if given several hundred dollars, right? But to sell something for under $20 bucks that is durable, attractive, accurate, tough, well made, and high quality? Excellent.
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on November 7, 2013
I've officially retired this watch after a little less than a year of wear. It's a solid little watch, with 3 weaknesses. The biggest is that the buttons tend to get pressed in day to day life, changing the time between 12 and 24 hours. More annoying, if I'm moving around a lot, a whole sequence of buttons will get pressed, and I'll discover the stopwatch running, or the alarm set. The second (and middle) is the the backlight stinks. This is a retro watch, and the backlist it right out of the era the watch hearkens back to. If you're willing to lose a little bit of retro cool, Casio makes the F105-1A that has a wonderful backlight, but has an ugly blue overlay around the face.

Final problem, and what led to me giving up on the darn thing, is that the band is terrible. First, I'm not a big manly man with huge wrists, but I wore the band with the buckle in the largest hole. Also, the darn thing breaks! The buckle on the band broken within a few months of purchase. I paid nearly as much as the cost of the watch for a replacement Casio band (same as the original), which broken again in the same amount of time.

I've ordered the slightly less cool but oh so nicely backlit F-105-1A to replace this watch. The band is perhaps 1/2" longer, but has the same plastic buckle mechanism. At least for me, this means it too will fail in due time.

Given the fact that the watch only costs twelve bucks shipped to my front door, I'm perfectly content with the value for my money. If it came with a band that would let me wear it for a couple of years instead of 6 months, I'd be totally ecstatic. Let's face it here folks, This is not an heirloom to pass down to your kids, so adjust your expectations accordingly and it's a solid purchase.
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on June 21, 2016
I believe Casio is one of the few companies in the world producing digital devices/electronics where you actually get more than what you pay for. It's incredible to sell a product with these specs for $12. This is a very simple, no BS wrist watch that: tells time (day date time), a few basic functions (alarm, stopwatch, light), solid water resistance/durability... and that's it. The particular W59 that I received runs about +1 to +1.5 seconds per month so far, which is simply astonishing. I could literally wait a few years before the time was far enough off to feel like I had to adjust it (for my standards anyway). Not all W59 out there will run that well, standard spec should be within 30 seconds per month. So, I'm pretty lucky to get one that is that good. I have done lap swimming with it many times for over an hour each time and no leaks so far (don't push the buttons while wet or underwater though... and ymmv). Keep in mind, the watch is extremely small by today's standards, the strap kind of sucks and the light is terrible compared to an illuminator back light. I don't mind the small size, and actually appreciate the light weight and fewer knocks on things. I swapped the strap to a tan nato (18mm fits, it is a very tight fit between case and pins, if you try this you'll need to be patient and have the right tools to avoid beating up the lugs/pins). The light is acceptable for me from a functionality standpoint... you can tell the time in the dark. Overall, it's a great value, and if I was traveling overseas, or doing any kind of outdoor activity I'd be wearing this.. or an F91... or a 5600... or.. well you get the point. If you don't like it, it was 12 bucks, so not the end of the world for most people. For the money, I can't think of a better value proposition.
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on September 12, 2012
I have had this model watch on my wrist for many decades -- maybe over 40 years -- yes, the same model has been on the market a very long time. That is, with some VERY minor variations and model numbers. I ONLY take it off when I shower. With a very expensive watch there is concern about it getting lost or stolen, while this is replaced by the price of one restaurant dinner. It has ALWAYS been totally reliable, and the battery lasts for something like 7 years. The band lasts a long time. In the rare instance when the battery or band does give up, I have a watch repair guy who does the replacement inexpensively. REPLACEING THE BATTERY: This probaly isn't for the average person to do, because it requires taking it apart in a moderately "deep" way, and you need to be handy, patient, careful and calm, as well as have a decent quality tiny screwdriver. It IS possible --- the owner's guide helps, and I just did it! Also replacing the band is not easy. You'd need a special tool for the posts, so I have it done for me. These are not "cons" --- the watch VERY RARELY needs any service, and I feel sure that it's the most cost-effective way to have a RELIABLE watch on your wrist. Regarding functionality, it has everything I (and I think most people) need, without unwanted features that get in your way. At a glance it shows the weekday and date. (I always know what month it, so it works well for me that the month isn't displayed.) The alarm is simple to use and totally reliable, and you get a count-up timer. I guess Casio has kept the same model line for so many years because people like me who have owned it feel strongly about it. With a huge amount of physical abuse the body may break after 20 years. Please, Casio, don't replace it with a different model!
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on February 10, 2015
I love this watch. I've owned it now for two years and it is the perfect watch for someone who just wants to know what time it is without having to go into a pocket for a phone or have to wrench a sleeve over a hockey puck. I routinely long distance run and swim (no diving) in this watch with no problems. It's so light I forget it's on. But the face is so clear that it's easy to see the time when you look for it. My only quibble is that the nightlight is so dim as to be nonexistent. That is more than offset by the fact that it is dead on accurate month after month without needing a new battery and costs less than a pizza. I just bought a second one for a friend.
I also own a Rolex Submariner. It impressed nobody and keeps terrible time and I almost never wear it anymore.
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on February 17, 2015
Basic and tough. Nothing fancy here. If I were going to Iraqistan or other places without malls this is the watch to go with you. While others might feel the need to wear a small Westclox strapped to their wrist, as is all the rage in the land of tacticool, this thing is actually better. Try wearing a jacket and gloves with a huge watch and see how that works for ya! The band on this one is kind of cheap. Add a black nylon band from Maratac and never worry about it again. Just enjoy knowing you have something you can count on to always work strapped securely to your wrist and move out! The fact it costs next to nothing makes it even better.
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on August 1, 2016
This is such a cool watch. It is unbelievably thin, weighs practically nothing, and has very classic, understated graphics that feel retro and fresh all at the same time. It is also unbelievably inexpensive. It is rather small, but as an unobtrusive sport watch, I much prefer this minimalist, classic aesthetic over a chunky "g-shock" offerings. The stopwatch only counts for 1 hour, the light is a bit dim (which is fine, actually) and I cannot figure out how to remove the wrist strap pins. But overall, and unlike most digital watches, this is a watch that makes me smile.
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on March 9, 2017
The LED lighting on this thing is awful but hey, it's a super cheap watch. If you just want a watch to wear that you don't have to be careful about banging up, it does the trick.
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on January 31, 2017
This is an inexpensive watch and for the money it's an good buy. I have a different model of a Casio watch that has been through a lot and is still running after 15 years. The battery has never been replaced. Really!
The only possible problem with the W59-1V watch is that the band seems a bit on the small side. I'm not an huge guy, but it's necessary to have the strap buckled a couple holes from the end. A longer band would be an improvement. By the way - the older watch has a longer, wider band.
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on February 19, 2015
After taking it to the beaches in Hawaii, all the numbers on the screen partially faded to the point that I couldn't read it, but after leaving it off for about a week it went back to normal and haven't taken it off since.
It is slim, light, and convenient for everyday use; no problems with my wrist sweating as with other watches.
Sometimes when moving my hand in awkward positions the right button gets pressed, but it just changes it to 24HR mode and another press changes it back to 12HR.
Aside from that one instance, I have been wearing it swimming in pools and beaches without incident.
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