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on February 8, 2014
Very easy to install, only needs the included hex key. Instructions are clear on where to mount it. Make sure you remove the corresponding (RA) knob on the telescope, or you will break the flexible aluminum motor mount coupler.

Put it on my Celestron PS 127EQ and it tracks Jupiter nicely (with an 8mm eyepiece, i.e. with good magnification). Telescope mount needs to be aligned with the North Star (Polaris) first.

Speed is adjusted with a small knob on the motor unit. For testing I found it tracks Jupiter for more than an hour with barely any adjustments.

Note that the only way to adjust right ascension once the motor is connected is to loosen the r.a. lock nut and then turn the scope manually.

EDIT: I have used it some more, and found it works rather nicely. As I said, you will need to align your telescope mount with the North Star first (polar alignment), at my latitude it is located at a fixed 34 degrees above the horizon. There is a small plastic knob to adjust the speed, and the reason for it is that you need to adjust the speed ONCE only. You are basically setting the angular speed by which it tracks an object in the sky, and that rate (for a given location) is the same for all stars and planets in the sky. It is best to adjust the speed at some higher magnification (say 8mm eyepiece), with a bright object such as Jupiter. This requires a bit of trial and error, watching say one of Jupiter's moons staying at the same distance from the edge of your viewing disk. The next day when you take the telescope out again, you will NOT need to adjust the speed any more.

EDIT 2: Three months have gone by and I still have to change the original battery ... my estimate so far is that one 9V battery will last something like 30+ hrs or use. See the pictures I posted on the right to see how well it works!

EDIT 3: I found that when the battery starts to run low, the speed will inevitably decrease a bit. That means it's time to swap out the battery, so always keep one handy. Of course in my case it happened right when I was trying to take some long exposures of the Andromeda galaxy ...

EDIT 4: Mine has been running for a year now without any issues whatsoever. During that time I went through about 3 9V battery sets, with about a long observation night every one to two weeks. Once in a while there is a star or planet location where that little plastic box is a bit in the way.
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on June 3, 2015
This low price unit attached easier to my Celestron 4.5" FirstScope reflector's equatorial mount. BTW, Celestron said it wouldn't. I did have to add a screw though. It mounted right into the existing axil screw (see pic). The Logic Drive works pretty flawlessly. You do have to initially adjust the speed setting, which varies if it's a star or a planet that you're tracking. I used a dot of sight paint to mark the speed settings desired. I haven't needed to replace the 9V battery yet. Overall decent quality and once aligned, saves you from constantly adjusting to keep the star, planet of nebula in your field of view. A very big plus!
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on September 4, 2017
Im giving this 5 stars for now, might change later.

Boy, where to start with this.. I tried multiple viewings without a motor. It is much easier. What you find out, is if you use a high power eyepiece on planets or whatever, for a fact, itll fly off your FOV (field of view) rather quickly. I barlowed a 4mm eyepiece x3, and 10 seconds is all you have with Saturn.

This is where this comes into play.
These motors are true god-sends. Properly adjust its speed, polar-alignt your telescope (search on youtube, great tutorials there) and you can track planets or other celestial object for 20 minutes+ quite easily. Trust me, it is REALLY bad without a motor. You cannot change eyepieces, you cannot call your friends to watch, you cannot photograph anything.

I have 2 beefs with it tho:
1. When viewing south and polar aligning, you basically turn your scope upside-down (facing 180 degrees south while main alignment is north). During this position, counterweight might get stuck on the motor.
2. Its rather expensive and this can be imitated by an arduino with some dumb code. That being said, its not SO easy, and imo not worth the effort.

Get a motor, take the time to learn to align your scope properly and you will wonder why in the world you didnt do it sooner.
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on May 24, 2016
The motor drive works as advertised for the standard AstroMaster EQ mount. It's not all that noisy but it does get in the way sometimes when pointing at some objects lower on the horizon. That's pretty easy to work around though, just point at something else for a bit until the object is in a different position. It does take a little fine tuning once you get the mount polar aligned as far as the speed goes, but after that objects stay pretty steady in the scope. It takes one 9V battery so keep one handy just in-case but it seems to last for quite a while.
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on June 30, 2017
Not only does this inexpensive little guiding motor simply has a (very tiny) button to adjust the drive rate. There are two brackets for different types of Celestron mounts...CG-2 and CG-3. But wait! There's MORE! One of the brackets fit my Orion Min-EQ (EQ-1) mount perfectly. I recognized this from the picture at Amazon and from searching the web.

You won't get high-accuracy tracking for long-exposure photos or long-term viewing (But, what do I know?! Maybe you WILL!). But this motor will allow tracking a wider fields of view through a telescope and wide-field photography, as long as you can set your equatorial mount up to align with the celestial poles.

The motor is noisy.... But who cares?!
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on August 4, 2017
I bought this with just a faint hope that it would work with my old Mead equatorial mount scope. Well, a little modification to the mounting bracket and it worked perfectly. If you a an equatorial mount and a little bit off ingenuity, I'm sure you'll be able to use this too.
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on May 26, 2012
Installs easily on a an Astro Master 130EQ CG-3 mount. However since it is on the opposite side of the mount from a CG-2 it is upside down from the picture shown. It is fully functional but since it is on the opposite side of the mount the North - South hemisphere switch is also wrong. So if your in the Northern hemisphere put the switch to S or it will track in the wrong direction. You would think that would be mentioned in the instructions. I like that it runs on a 9V battery so I don't have to haul a big battery along like I do with my big scope. I don't know what the included Phillips screwdriver is for. Maybe it is needed for a CG-2 mount. The cover actually amplifies the drive motor sound. If you take the cover off it is quiet.

I recommend this product, it works well and is priced right.
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on July 1, 2016
Finally it fits my old vintage Tasco 114mm/4.5", after applying alittle modification to the bracket of course. Thanks to my hammer and flat file for doing such a good job :D still need to adjust the RA speed though (different EQ mount).

Update: 100% working perfectly thanks!
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on November 2, 2016
This does exactly what it says it does. As with my 127eq this does have a little learning curve but proper set up should make planet gazing easier and more approachable.
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on December 31, 2016
My husband put this on as soon as it arrived and he couldn't be happier with this great product!!! It works like a charm and I will be purchasing more items from this company!! High quality and I'm so happy to see my husband acting like a little boy again!!!! Thank you!!!!
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