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on January 23, 2016
As mentioned by other reviewers, this turntable has the Marantz name on it, but is actually made by ClearAudio, a very well respected, German audio company. As with many ClearAudio products, this unit's motor is freestanding, meaning that it is completely independent, and has no contact with the plinth (base), of the unit, at all. This is done to further minimize vibration. The on/off switch to the motor is located on the side of the motor's housing. So as not to constantly be turning this switch on and off, and therefore possibly move the motor to where it contacts the plinth, all one needs to do is buy a power/surge protector strip, that has an on/off switch. That way you can leave the motor switch in the "on" position all the time, and use the power strip to turn the motor on/off. This turntable does indeed have the ClearAudio Satisfy tonearm ($1,200), and the Virtuoso cartridge ($900). Add that up, and that is $2,100 already, for a turntable you are paying $1,500 for. That is a major bargain in my book. I just set the unit up a few days ago, so I really don't have any appreciable hours of use on it, but it is a simple design, with little to go wrong. This might indeed be the biggest bargain in a turntable in this price range. Enjoy the music, every note...
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on February 19, 2016
Received this turntable today. I took my time assembling it (which was VERY easy) so that I wouldn't make any dumb mistakes. It took me about 90 minutes, but could have been done in about 30 easily.

MY REASON FOR THIS PURCHASE: I listen to music daily. I am primarily a Classic Rock fan with a huge collection of vinyls, but also enjoy classical, meditation, new age, and more. Many of my vinyls I bought in the 70's and 80's and they have been taken extremely good care of. I have 2 other turntables; a Elac Miracord that I bought in Germany, and a Pro-Ject Carbon II that is basically my workhorse. Both TTs produce good sound, but I wanted something really exceptional. I did a lot of research and kept coming back to this TT. It is within my budget so I decided to purchase one.

PACKAGING: Upon arrival one corner of the box it came in was damaged and torn. I took a photo of the box just in case and then opened it. The Marantz box inside was pristine and not damaged at all. The packaging of the parts inside the Marantz box was the best I have seen in an electronics product. After taking inventory everything was accounted for.

ASSEMBLY: Once again, it was quite easy to assemble. There were a few lessons learned and I'll pass those on:
1) You won't need the turntable mat.
2) There are 2 grounding cables (one under the table body, and one on the RCA plug cable. These grounding cables and the RCA plugs are too short (aren't they always?} so you will have to extend them all if you plug into a receiver or amp. Make sure you attach BOTH grounding cables to the signal ground on your amp or Receiver or you WILL get hum when you touch parts of the TT.
3) Attaching the cartridge is easy, just remember to position it all the way forward on the head shell (towards the stylus).
4) Attaching the 4 wires to the cartridge can be frustrating, just use tweezers and take your time.
5) A stylus force gauge will be helpfull (I used a Shure SFG-2. Inexpensive and accurate).
6) Motor Pully - I allowed a 4.5mm gap rather than 3mm (the motor just sits so low).
7) Motor - The motor sits very low, making the drive belt very low on the platter. I placed a 2" circular felt pad under the motor (the kind you put under legs of a chair so you don't scratch wood floors. You can get them just about anywhere. Don't peel the paper off of the pad since you don't need the glue side exposed.). this will now allow the drive belt to be nearly centered around the platter.
8) Drive Belt - Not difficult at all, just take your time.

CONNECTING TO RECEIVER: If you have a relatively new receiver (I have a Denon INCommand Series) it may have "Phono" inputs. Some newer receivers that have "Phono" inputs are set up for MM (Moving Magmet) cartriges and do not require a pre-amp. the cartridge on this unit is a MM cartridge. If you use a MC (Moving Coil) cartridge you will also need a pre-amp (but this turntable cartridge is MM). BTW: A comment I read here suggested using a power strip to turn the TT on and off. An excellent suggestion and I am using it.

TURNTABLE COVER: It does not come with one. I priced some on-line and they run anywhere between $250 - $300. That is a bit much, so I will just make my own. A good opportunity to turn your creativity loose.

AFTER ASSEMBLY: The first 2 LPs I played on the TT were brand new copies of David Gilmour's "On An Island" and "Rattle That Lock". The TT operated flawlessly, and I simply could not believe the clean, clear sound that came from my speakers. I could not detect ANY extraneous noise, just pure music. Neither my Elac nor my Pro-Ject can produce this quality of sound. I had the feeling that I had been listening to great music all these years and have now moved on to something totally better. If a new TT is in your budget then I highly recommend this one.

UPDATE (2/21/2016): As I mentioned above I felt the cost of a 3rd party dust cover was excessive, so I would make my own. I did just that. The one I built looks just like the ones I saw pictures of online (except that I added some nice looking drawer pulls as lifting handles.
Cost from 3rd party suppliers = $300.00 (plus tax & shipping usually)
Cost of materials to build one = $37.09 (a 28" x 30" sheet of Duraplex acrylic sheeting, a tube of adhesive, and 2 drawer pulls)
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on January 28, 2016
Initially I bought less expensive Teac for $400. It didn't work upon arrival. I returned it. Then I went for Thorens for $1,000. It worked for five days then speed control failed. I returned it. Then I bought Music Hall for $1,000. After two weeks right channel went dead. I returned it. I decided to get TT by Clear Audio, however my friend told me that Clear Audio produces TT for Marantz. After short evaluation I purchased Marantz by Clear Audio Made in Germany. It arrived disassembled, however the manual is written very clear and after about one hour TT was assembled. Had some issues with anti scating device. All parts are of very high quality. If it would be Thorens it would carry the price tag of no less than $2500-$3000. However the real jewel is the cartridge supplied along this TT. This cartridge is made by Clear Audio and alone cost $900. Amusing. This TT is connected through Pro-Ject vacuum tube preamp to vacuum tube McIntosh amp and the sound comes from Bowers & Wilkins 803 speakers. I'm very pleased so far. Forgot to mention that the package has extra belts and all tools to assemble this TT. Very convenient.
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on April 4, 2015
Just finished setting up the turntable and baptizing it with Beethoven's Ninth (Karajan, BPO 1977).....Wow! Many thanks to all of the positive reviews. I researched several months before going with the TT-15S1, and the Amazon reviews were extremely helpful in leading me to make what I'm convinced was the right choice.
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on September 6, 2016
I got this refurbished so it wasn't insanely pricey, just very pricey. It required some definite skill to assemble and it took me awhile to get used to the fact that the motor stands alone in a hole through the turntable. Sounds and plays great. One problem if you have scratchy records they sound scratchier on this turntable because of it's subtle accuracy.
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on April 23, 2017
Can not beat this turntable for the price! Has a tone arm and cartage found on more expensive turntables.
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on March 5, 2017
I would recommend the Marantz TT-15S1 without hesitation. I compared it to Technic SL 1200 MK 2 and the Marantz had, in my opinion, a little wider soundstage and more detail; although, it wasn't a scientific test since I didn't use the same cartridge and stylus. I had no problem assembling it. The belt was easy to install and I don't know why some complain about it. I have no mechanical ability and found it very simple to install. I also don't understand why some find the on/off switch a problem since it's a no brainer and it doesn't move when I turn if on or off. It did have one tool missing, but the customer service women I spoke to at Marantz about it was very helpful and ordered one for me, but she called me back the next day to inform me that the tool was currently out of stock, but if I'm wiling to wait they'll send it to me when it's in stock. I'm sure I can purchase one if I need one before they send one to me. I gave it four stars because it didn't come with a cover. If you're searching for an audiophile turntable, I would highly recommend this one, and you'll hear an immediate improvement in you vinyl record sound, and you'll hear detail you've never heard before.
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on April 26, 2017
This is a wonderful turntable for the money !! If you price out the cartridge and the tonearm, they alone cost more then the entire package. A really great value.

Wonderful folks to deal with. Shipped the unit out very fast !!!
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on July 23, 2016
The turntable needs some assembly and if you are not particularly precise or mechanically oriented, it may turn our rather cumbersome. But once assembled and set up, the sound from this turntable is amazing. Old LPs suddenly came to life and for once, all the arguments for better sound from analogue records compared to digital seem to have some basis.

A few tips to the assembly: the while glove is mostly for handling the belt and the acrylic platter (you don't want oil and dirt on them). Take care to mount the plastic motor drive correctly. If you invert it, it can be difficult to take it off the motor spindle. Make sure to leave at least the 3mm gap between the motor, possibly 5mm would be better - keeps the belt travel plane higher on the platter. As for the counterweight and tracking, I just followed the instructions and it seems to work well without any inner track distortion.

Overall, a marvelous piece of equipment, worth the money. Not sure which of the components makes it sound so good, the tone arm or the Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge or both. But I'll take it. Totally satisfied.
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on September 12, 2015
I concur with the other 5-star reviews. I am an "audiophile-in-training" and a bit obsessed with vinyl and high-end audio. I've upgraded turntables several times in the past 5 years, always looking for the next best thing. This was triple my initial budget and I was enjoying my Project RM 1.3 with Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge but got the itch to see if there was something better. In a world where auditioning stereo equipment is nearly impossible, I rely on reviews and hope for the best. I knew I had to aim high to hear a significant difference from my old rig. I got a great deal on Amazon with an open-box TT-15S1 and went for it. It had no issues and has been impressing me since day one. Highly recommended! To my eyes it's beautiful to look at. To my wife's...not so much.
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