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on May 3, 2017
This watch is OK, but did not live up to expectations. The description stated metal case. The case is plastic with a metal back. The product was described as having the indiglo feature, which it does, however, it glows pink instead of the traditional blue. It also only has one band retainer as opposed the traditional two I am accustomed to.

I am keeping the watch. It keeps time well, the date changes accurately, the hands glow well and the indiglo is enough to read it in the dark. Unfortuantely, it is not quite what I thought it would be from the description.
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on November 5, 2011
After reading most of the reviews for this watch I decided to purchase it. I'm glad I did. Though the band is a bit stiff, with some manipulation and just wearing it will soften it up a bit. I'm sure that with time it will get even softer. The band is also made for an average wrist and is not too small. I'm not sure if it is too large for a small lady's wrist, but from medium to even large it fits well. The stay that holds the excess band in place after it is secured is one of those loose ones that will move around, but I rolled the excess band underneath it, which bulks up the excess band, and holds the stay in place. The date on this watch is day only (not month), but it is really, really tiny and is hard to read. The hour and minute hands are readily visible, although the second hand is very fine, but that's not really a problem if you're watching it to count seconds. The indiglo light is pink and lights the dial very well in the dark. I'm not a person who likes large watches, so I was a bit worried about this being one of the larger sizes that are stylish now. It isn't too large. It is a nice mid-size; not too small, not too large. I'm very happy with this watch. It is a great casual watch. I'm glad I bought it.
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on September 23, 2015
The watch looks good, and fits my wrist fairly well. I have to wear on it on the last hole, though, then put a mini rubber band to hold the long end down, as I have a 5.5' wrist. I had to give it two stars for reliability, since looks alone don't make a good product! Unfortunately, the watch was dead when I received it, so I had to replace the battery ($10) before I could wear it. The indiglo function lights the dial up well, but the tiny ends on the minute and second hand do not glow brightly enough to be seen, unlike the "male" version of this watch. (My husband has that one; it is much better.) Now, not even a year later, the watch is dead again. I have no idea when this new battery died, as we live on a sailboat, and I do not wear the watch all the time-it just sat in the drawer for 4 months, while we were off the boat. I don't plan to replace this one, as then I will &20 in repairs, for a $20 watch! I will go buy a new one, from a different maker.

All in all, I do not recommend this watch, as it seems there may be defects in the manufacturing process. There is no reason for a watch to arrive in non-working condition, and for a new battery to die that quickly, unless it is a defect.
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on May 31, 2012
I've had a few watches in my day. This watch is pretty much what you see is what you get.
I've had it for over a month and I find it really quite underwhelming.
-It's cheap.
-It's got a pink indiglo. Coolest surprise about it
-It's a cute look- pink but not overtly pink.
-I like the number font and I like that it is analog.
The overall pros are the looks.
-The watchband already smells bad and I've washed it twice. Wear it everyday, but seriously, gross. I've had some watches that smell and some that don't. I think it is the fabric band that makes it smell gross.
-It ticks very loudly- I have to keep it in another room when I sleep or meditate. Otherwise it's TICK TICK TICK.
-It's got a date change feature that never works- You can't set it at 10 or 2- that's apparently (accd to manual) when the date is changing. If you set it in the morning, the date is wrong. If you set it at night before the date changes, it's still wrong.
-The timepiece is made in Indonesia. The band is made in China. What do you expect though, it's under $30?
-The band's gray doesn't really match the color of the timepiece. Not a huge issue, but still valuable to note- some people find this "nearly matching but not quite" issue very off putting.
The overall cons are the lacking functionality and smelliness about the watch.
I think if I would have known the watch would be this blah, I'd have gotten something else. I almost want to return it, there are so many things negative things about it.

To give a bit of context, if I were to rate my last watch, I'd give it a 5 stars.
it's a SOLEUS 10K REGULAR. I am trying to "go analog" so it's the only reason I've switched.

Soleus Women's SR007060P 10K Black and Pink 30 Lap Digital Sports Watch
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on September 24, 2014
Let me start by saying that I like Timex watches. Always have. This watch would be rated at least 4 stars IF it had come with a working battery. The price with a good working battery is worth it. The price without a good working battery is not worth it. Once it was determined that the battery was dead...figured okay...another couple of bucks...still worth it. But...almost 15 bucks the watch is into the not like catagory. So before you rip open all the packaging double check that the battery is functioning.
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on February 23, 2014
I am a nurse and work night shift, I did not think I would like this watch but was surprised how well it performs! First of all the numbers are nice and large, it is so nice not to have to strain to see your time. The second hand is pink and shows up nicely when you are checking patients pulses. There is also military time on this watch, this helps if your work uses it and mine does. I do have to say the military time numbers are small. I love love love the pink, yes pink indglo light! When I am working in low light I use this feature more than I thought I would. It is bright and I do not have a problem with the pink color light. Now the watch band was very stiff when I first got this watch, but, after the first week it softened up. The watch is a nice size and weight, most of the time I do even know it's on my wrist. I am constantly washing my hands at work and so far I haven't noticed any water spots on the watch or band, that is a big big plus for me! This is a very nice watch for the price! Well worth it.
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on February 5, 2014
So far so good. I like the size, display, color, most of everything about it. Mine comes with the date and it works but as some reviewers commented, the digit is so small it's very difficult to read. The dials are big so not sure why the date cannot be similar size. The strap is also long for me but then I've thin wrist so no fault of the manufacturer. I would have rated it 5 stars if not for the ticking sound. It's LOUD, reminds me of the grandfather clock. All the watches I own are analog and none of them made this mechanical ticking sound. Despite the ticking sound, I decided to keep it as I like all the other features. It's light and easy to read. I just make sure I push it to the far end of my night table when I go to sleep.
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on February 22, 2012
I needed a watch for many reasons. For one, I find it rude to need to check your cell phone when in public in order to see what time it is. Not only is in indiscreet, but others will think you are more concerned with who may be calling than the conversation at hand. Also I am planning to have an active summer, spending a lot of time on the river and outdoors with my son. I like to walk/jog and ride my bike, as well, and I need to be able to keep track of my time. Also even though I haven't worn a watch in years, I feel more confident in being able to keep myself on schedule with the time always "at hand."

As I searched for the perfect watch, I wanted an analog clock so I would have no problem keeping the seconds or quickly noting the time. I find those digital deals too difficult for a passing glance at the time; you have to literally concentrate to mentally translate the numbers into time. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and going blind :). I also needed a waterproof watch for the river, as well as a cloth or vinyl band rather than metal so the sun wouldn't turn it into a portable frying pan. Least of all, but also important, was that the watch looked somewhat feminine and professional. I do some volunteering and work within a rural geriatric community with people who, less I like it or not, judge people by their appearance. A flowery or wild print would leave a similar impression on myself.

The Timex Unisex T42591 Camper Expedition Classic Analog Watch was the perfect choice for me. It fit all of my needs and then some. As soon as I received my purchase, I set the time and date, tested the Indiglo, and I was ready to wear it.

For those interested in buying this watch, I want to point out the following:

The pink is not too noticeable, if you are concerned with looking too girlie, or dislike pink. It contrasts well with the gray of the watch.
The gray band looks shimmery, almost like the band is a metal band rather than vinyl. I love this! I get the look of a silver metal band without the weight. I can wear the watch while typing without getting my keyboard armrest scratched by the band.
Speaking of the weight, what I like most of all is that the watch is super lightweight, like a feather on my wrist.

There is only one, and it is cosmetic and therefore a personal opinion. I wish the gray part around the watch face was shimmery like the band. As is, it is a dull gray that looks a little cheap and does not match to the band exactly. All the same, it is not something that is going to deter me from wearing this watch night and day. I wear it typing as a fulltime freelance writer all day with no complaints; I wash dishes without removing it; and I sleep with it on. Wonderful Watch!
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on April 23, 2015
I wanted to let everyone out there know that this version with the date is available. I found mine on Ebay from a seller. I like my watches with the date. The band is stiff but not that uncomfortable. My wrist is average-small and this watch fits me comfortably. I also like the Indiglo function. Lastly, if you buy this watch, you already save money by not having to take it to a watch repair shop to change the battery. All you need is a mini-screwdriver and you can change the battery yourself, since the battery is readily available at stores like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. Definitely recommended for an inexpensive and casual everyday wear watch.
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on January 10, 2013
I just received this watch and wanted to note that despite the item description and fourth photo/video, this watch does NOT have a calendar/date window feature. I contacted the seller on receipt thinking I received the wrong item. I was pleasantly surprised to speak with a human right away, as opposed to the usual 3-tier phone tree leading to a voice mail. The employee I spoke with (Tobie) was very polite and prompt in checking on the matter and getting back to me.

After investigation, I was informed that this distributor doesn't carry the version with the date, and the fourth photo was added by Amazon and the distributor is unable to make any changes to Amazon's photos. The distributor offered me a return/refund, but I will probably keep it since I cannot find the calendar version anywhere else (model appears to be discontinued.)

Aside from this shortcoming, the watch appears to be great quality for the price, and with the excellent customer service I received, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with this distributor in the future.
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