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on December 20, 2012
Update: April, 2016. This clock has now been in service for 3+ years and has performed without problems. I may have to replace the batteries annually, it's so seldom I don't remember. Still a great clock.

Since there have been so many prior reviews I thought I would address some of the thoughts and concerns that may, in my mind, be cleared up by my initial impressions:

1. THE ALARM IS TOO LOUD It starts off quietly, like bells ringing, and the sounds gradually merge together and the alarm ramps up in volume.

2. THE ALARM ISN'T LOUD ENOUGH by the time this is at full volume you'd have to be in a coma not to wake up.

3. IT CANNOT BE SEEN IN THE DARK Once my eyes adjusted to the dark I was able to see the face and the time quite well. This may be because it is on the headboard and close to my face. At a few feet away it may be less distinct.

4. IT IS FLIMSY CHEAP PLASTIC It is plastic but I did not find it flimsy. With three batteries it is fairly heavy so a drop on a hard floor might conk it out. It should be able to withstand a fall on a carpeted floor however.
Were this alarm in a metal case it would weigh a lot and cost accordingly.

5. IT'S MADE IN CHINA I'm no fan of Chinese products, but since they're here to stay we might as well distinguish between the crummy ones and the better designed and manufactured ones. This clock is tight and well put together, I'm sure it was designed somewhere other than China, as long as the specs are followed what's the difference?

6. IT'S NOT SUITABLE FOR TRAVEL I can't see that it claims to be a travel alarm. I find it easier to use a smart phone or iPad alarm anyway.

I' m sure there's a lot more good/bad comments about the same features. This is just my initial take on what I think is a fine clock.

Update after two months. This clock keeps excellent time almost as good as my Atomic radio controlled clocks. The tiny LED's flash upward on the face upward, not outward which would illuminate the nearby area. The color change on the LED's are really helpful to let you know when the alarm is/isn't set. And as others have mentioned, the sweep second puts the finishing touch on this elegant product.
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This is the best alarm clock I have ever owned. It works well, looks great, is easy to set, and the alarm is effective: starts somewhat soft and quickly gets louder. The case and crystal are made from plastic. The clock dial is illuminated by means of automatic illumination composed of small lights (located near the 5:30 and 6:30 positions on the dial). The clock is SILENT when running, so there is no annoying ticking or humming! I have had my clock for over six years and love it. Highly recommended!

- The "snooze" button is located on the top of the clock.
- There is an on/off switch for the alarm located on the case near the "3" hour marker.
- The alarm is set using the dial located near the "5" hour marker (the dial turns counterclockwise).
- The clock hands are set using a knob accessed through a cutout on the battery compartment door.
- The automatic illumination feature is controlled using an on/off switch located in the battery compartment.

NOTE: I attached a photo of the clock's instructions to this review.
review image
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on October 6, 2016
This large face, 3 (AA) battery operated bedside alarm clock is quality made in China by Seiko, and has a one year warranty. There is a constant low night-glow light for the face, and an increasing chime alarm which repeats approximately every 5 minutes when the top-of-clock snooze button is pushed. The alarm becomes more insistent if the snooze button is not pushed. The clock hands do not tick; the clock is silent. The snooze button can be pushed to light-up the clock face. This is not a petite travel alarm clock. The plastic casing appears well molded. One sets the time using a knob inside by the batteries; the alarm-setting gray knob is on the lower front outside. This is a basic, more traditional, not intricate, bedside alarm clock. Although too new to judge, reliability is expected. Recommended.
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on May 7, 2007
I first bought one for my son because he had trouble setting other clocks for school and would get up late.. later got another since my wife and I kept changing wake settings and I needed my own.

Setting the alarm is SUPER easy. There is a built in night-light, amber when the alarm is turned off, green when on. Auto-sensor turns off LED in the daytime or when lights are on. Pressing the snooze button increases LED brightness making the clock easily visible in the dark. I thought the LEDs would mean frequent battery changes but they last and last. Alarm sound is an escalating beep that increases in volume.

This is a great clock for any drowsy person to operate correctly.
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on November 4, 2013
I believe that I have finally found a great alarm clock. The clock is dominated by the clock face, has a very easy and simple to use dial on the lower right hand front to set the alarm, and a bar on the top to light the face at night to check the time. The hands have luminescence but not very useful for me who needs glasses to see sharply. At the 6 o'clock position there are two lights, one on each side of the number 6. At night, when you press the top bar to light the clock, the light to the left of 6 lights a soft yellow glow. But, if you have the alarm set and press the top bar the light to the right of the 6 lights and it glows green to show you that you have the alarm set.
To turn the alarm on, there is a small switch at the 3 o'clock position on the side of the clock, "up" is on and "down" is off. The clock also has an "eye" to sense when the room is dark and turns on the light, very dim, to the left of the 6. You can disable this feature behind the battery door.
Another wonderful feature is that the second hand is a true sweep hand. It does not "tick-tock" so no noise distraction in a very quite bedroom.
The clock is plastic but it feels substantial and solid. It takes 3 AA batteries, which comes with the clock. It's a Seiko and shows it. A beautiful alarm clock that would look great on a night stand. I highly recommend this Seiko alarm clock.
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on August 18, 2013
The large face and glow in the dark hands of this alarm clock make it among the best bedside clocks I have seen, especially for me, since I have mildly bad vision and can't see smaller clock faces without my contacts or glasses.

The clock's features are relatively few in number, but all are well executed.

+ The lights. The clock is equipped with two LED lights: one red and one green. There is a switch you can toggle to have them turn on and stay on automatically when it gets dark, or the lights can be turned on manually by holding down the top button, which doubles as a snooze button for the alarm. If the lights are set to turn on and stay on automatically, they are quite dim--useful as a night light, but not bright enough to read the clock. When you push the snooze button, though, the lights shine quite brightly, enough for me to see the clock face with no difficulty whatsoever. Another neat feature: when pushing the snooze button, the light shines red if the alarm is turned off and green if it is turned on. Handy!

+ The alarm. This is one of the easiest to set manual alarm clocks I have ever owned. The alarm dial is very large--about half the circumference of the overall clock dial--and it is set with a click wheel in the bottom corner of the alarm clock. This wheel, as I said, turns in clicks, and it only goes in one direction. This is nice because it makes it easy to set the alarm pretty precisely (within about one minute of your target time), but it's also a little annoying because if you accidentally turn past your target time, you can't turn back. You have to move the alarm hand alllllllll the way around the clock, which is a bit annoying with such a small dial. This small quip is acceptable, though, considering how easy to set the alarm is overall and how precise it can be. Also the on/off switch for the alarm is easy to access (on the right side of the clock), and it's easy to tell if the alarm is on or not in the dark just by hitting the extra large snooze button. (I believe it snoozes for ten minutes--not sure on that, as I rarely use snooze.)

+ It works. The clock keeps time well. I've been using it about a week now and have had no problems. It uses three AA batteries, which should last a good, long while if not using the automatic lights. Plus the clock is made by Seiko, a well known and respected watchworks company.

The one thing I do not like about the unit is how it is built. For the price (and based on the picture) I expected an alarm clock with metal an glass construction, but what I got was all plastic. It feels pretty cheap. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, the cost savings of the inexpensive materials is not passed on to the consumer. Disappointing.

- - - - - - - - -

Edit 6/3/2015:

I have to add an extra star and two additional perks to this clock. Battery life. It's amazing.

+ Battery life! On a single set of AA batteries, I have not had to change the batteries on this clock, and I've owned it for more than a year and a half.

+ Accuracy. I've had to reset the time on this clock just a few times due to Daylight Savings Time, but I have never had to reset it due to running fast or slow. It always has had the correct time for me, even right up against time to spring forward or roll back.

In my opinion, the excellent battery life, effective alarm sound, and big, glow in the dark hands make this product very practical, even if the construction isn't that impressive. I have to give it 5 stars. If I had to get another alarm clock, I'd buy this one again without question.
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on April 30, 2013
One month ago I purchased this clock and have been very happy with this timepiece. In this day and age, most people use their cell phones as an alarm clock; however, my iPhone speaker broke creating the need for me to seek out a temporary/backup alarm clock.

So a little bit about this clock. It is probably going to be a little on the large side (approximately 4x3.5x2") for travel, but it functions perfectly as a desktop or bedside alarm clock. It has an alarm off/on function on the left side of the clock that turns the alarm from idle (amber light) to active (green light). The lights are a great way to be sure that the alarm is on and when press the snooze/alarm off button on the top of the clock, the light (green or amber) comes on illuminating the face of the clock.
The alarm will wake you up. It is plenty loud and goes from from a couple beeps progressing to an accelerando (quickening) pattern of beeps.

Observing the build, it is a plastic clock, but it is heavy and appears to be well made. If you buy this clock, you will not regret it. In summary are the pros/cons of the clock.

Pros: 1. Easy function 2. Amber and Green light to indicate alarm on/off 3. Feels sturdy 4. Loud alarm
Cons: 1. Minimal instructions 2. Plastic components

Update: Aug14, 2016:
I still love this clock and am amazed at the quality of the product as it has lasted through 3 years of some abuse (i.e. falling off of the nightstand, being struck too hard by my fiance who hates morning-maybe because I set two alarms, and lastly traveling with me). I would purchase this alarm clock again in a hearbeat as it has never let me down.
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on January 13, 2015
I have looked and looked for the right alarm clock. We wanted a basic, simple alarm clock with snooze alarm & lighted dial. (Not concerned about the alarm volume.) And most of all not too bright! Tried a few digital alarm clocks recently but all were so bright they disrupted our sleep. I tried the dim stick-ons (in 2 different intensities) but they kept us from seeing the time during the day. Seiko is a good brand, and free shipping & free returns were offered, so I decided to try this battery operated clock. I was a little concerned about the battery operated part. Will it all of a sudden be dead when the batteries die? I decided to risk it. Having no cords is a plus. It is very dim & easy to set (we leave the light on all the time but it can be turned off.) The hands are supposed to be luminous however I have not yet tried to see them at night without the light-I may try that tonight. And I'm sure the batteries would last longer if you turn the light off. You cant set the alarm 'to the minute', it is on a dial-but you can get within 5 or 10 minutes your desired alarm time. The only thing I don't like about it is, because of its height and light weight, when I go to actually turn the alarm off, I find that I basically end up picking it up. Since I don't have to rely on the alarm every day, I can live with that.
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on October 22, 2013
I went through a lot of reviews to find this clock. There are many alarm clocks on the market that may look great in a box but are of such poor quality. I finally chose this clock after reading such great reviews from others reviewers. Good positive reasons to choose this clock...

1. Good size overall.
2. Ease of reading size of numbers.
3. Numbers glow at night.
4. Interesting glow light. If the alarm is off, the light glows amber. If the alarm is on, the light glows green. The wake up alarm is fine. Not too loud that it would wake the dead, nor too soft to sleep through. The light is from LED's that pull very low energy from the batteries.
5. The alarm rings softly at first then rises in amplitude with each ring.
6. The alarm hour set is on the lower front right face of the clock. Very easy to set and see.
7. Maybe the best of all, there is no noise from the ticking of the clock. Just silent running for sweet sleep.
I very highly recommend this bedside alarm clock.
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on December 7, 2015
This is a very well designed alarm clock. I been using it for about one year and it has functioned flawlessly. It is very quiet - I cannot hear it even when I try. The automatic night light is low enough so it is not distracting yet light enough so you can just read the time. There is a light sensor on the front so the night light only turns on when the ambient light drops, thus not wasting the battery running the night light during the day. If you need more light, the snooze button makes the light much brighter. The numbers are large. The difference in length of the florescence on the dials makes it easy to tell the difference between the minute and hour hands. The night light changes colors when the alarm has been sent, so if you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you turned on the alarm, all you have to do is look at the clock and note the color of the light. The snooze button is large and easily activated by touching the top of the clock. The alarm on/off button is remote from the snooze button and is activated by a different motion so there is little risk that you will shut the alarm off while groping for the snooze alarm. The alarm time is easily set and the alarm and second hands are fine enough so they cannot be confused with the time. Oh, I should mention that it keeps excellent time. This clock is by no means the cheapest, but the convenience and piece of mind is worth the extra cost.
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