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on June 18, 2012
I liked the first model of stamina recumbent bike I purchased in 2009 and rode it for over 7000 miles. I was always having trouble with lots of noise coming from the main bearing in the magnetic wheel and had to replace it twice. I did get my money's worth out it, so decided to purchase the newer model which so far has been very quiet. It has a nicer looking body with the smooth black instead of the dull gray finish. Since purchasing it on May 24th, 2012, I have ridden it for 52 hours (approx. 500 miles) and it is still running quietly. The computer works well in alternately giving the time, distance, mph and approximate calories burned. I get off the bike perspiring every time, so I'm getting a good workout. I place a floor fan next to me while riding to keep cool. I'll be keeping track to see how long the parts last, such as the main bearing and the belt.
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on February 3, 2008
As has been stated in other reviews, this has a weight limit of 250 lbs (I'm at 215) and people much taller than I am (5'10") may find the bike too short unless they drill a new hole to further raise the seat. However, it fits me, is stable and doesn't "moan". In fact the mechanism is very, very quiet.

I had a small Tunturi upright bike nearly 30 years ago but now felt that the semi-recumbent form of the Stamina In-Tone would suit me better at this age, and it does. Yes this is a "semi-recumbent" and fits about halfway between an upright and a full recumbent. I like this aspect of the design very much.

The unit is well built (better than I expected) goes together easily in a half hour ("tools" included) and while the seat is harder than I'd like, I just throw a towel over it and it's fine.

A terrific value and a great alternative to big, expensive recumbent bikes.

UPDATE July 2008, I moved up to a much larger, more expensive, heavier-duty Ironman Charger (hey it was in the Gold Box!)

The Stamina is fine, but it is best if you really need the space savings or dollar savings. HTH
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on March 31, 2009
All in all, this is a great bike. I work-out about 30 minutes every night, and it's sturdy and holding up fine. The seat does wobble a little. I tightened it up as much as I could and it held, but with more rigorous use the seat does loosen up a bit and I'll just have to keep tightening the bolts once in a while. I've had the bike a little over a month, now. Now here's the biggest issue I had with the bike- the parts were all there, they all went together beautifully, and then I got to the LAST piece... the left pedal. There was something off with the threading either on the pedal, or on the crank... the pedal would NOT attach... at all. I wrote to Stamina's customer service, and they sent me a new pedal right away! VERY quick response. The SECOND pedal, however, did not fit either. So I figured it was the crank. I took the right pedal, and it fit onto the left crank with no problems. So I simply called Stamina, told Phyllis the whole story (the customer rep), she said "no problem!" and sent out a replacement RIGHT pedal immediately. All in all, there were a few days of non-usability for the product, but Stamina stepped right up to bat and made it all better without my having to take the whole thing apart and ship it back.

Oh- the seat could be more comfortable, and it's not great for really tall people (my legs are 32" long), but I too used a pillow to 1) make the seat more comfy and 2) elevate myself so my legs could stretch out a bit more.

After I've used it a while, I'll get back to you with an update.
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on August 31, 2009
I've had it a couple of years now and no longer use it because...
1. it's a pain in the you know what! This bike kills my back.
2. It's not quite a 'real' recumbent. It's like half way between an upright and a recumbent....
3. so the workout is like neither.
4. I spent most my time trying to stay on and be comfortable in the bench seat.
5. My mother who is 4'11" couldn't reach the pedals even with seat set at lowest. Orig. bought it for her.
6. At 5'5" I had to leave the seat at lowest setting in order to get any kind of leg action.
7. Needs straps/clips to hold your feet on pedals. Mine slipped and slipped and slipped.

1. It's a snap for one person to assemble in about a half hour.
2. I used it instead of a chair while on the computer. Height is just fine for using mouse on 30.25" desk. You just position bike along side the desk.
3. It folds up nice and easy....roll it away.
4. Nothing has broke.

Not worth it. It really hurts my lower back. Most uncomfortable.
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on July 6, 2010
I've had this bike for a month, and I've used it every day, and I LOVE it. I was looking for something affordable, small, and quiet to use in my apartment on a daily basis, and this was exactly what I wanted. My 9 year old son and I assembled it together - it took some time, but it wasn't too difficult at all. I have it parked right in front of my TV, between the couch and the recliner, and it's so quiet I can ride it while we're watching TV and there's no distraction. The resistance settings are great, you can make it super-easy or super-challenging, and everything in between. I've noticed a definite change in my strength and endurance as well.

A lot of reviewers mention a "clicking" noise, and I experienced that as well for the first week or two, but then it disappeared and I haven't heard it since, and it hasn't affected the use of the bike at all. My only other negative is that the seat, while decent, is still a bit harsh on the bum, but that's not really the manufacturer's fault because I know it'll get more comfortable as I lose weight and put less pressure on it!

UPDATE: I've had this bike for about 9 months and I use it almost every day, at least 5 days a week. I do 5 miles a day. It's held up wonderfully, definitely one of the best purchases I've ever made. My overall health and physical strength have improved greatly. My mom kept riding on it everytime she visited, and she finally just got one of her own. Still love it!
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on February 11, 2014
I've had my bike for a few years (got it back in May 2009) and for the most part it worked great. I've had the same problems others have had (the seat was always horrible and the tension doesn't really work), but by and large it fit the need I had for an easily moveable exercise bike with a small footprint.

Last month, it broke. I disassembled it and found a busted belt. I contacted Stamina (StaminaProducts.com) and they told me that they would be happy to send out a replacement belt, and that for $13.99 it would be in my hands in 7-13 days. I happily paid the bill and waited, and waited... When I called to find out what was going on (and why they hadn't responded to my email from 4 days previous), I was told that they no longer had any parts for that model. I asked about why I was able to order a replacement part last month, and was told that they probably had the part then, but they don't now. Eventually I was provided with a refund and a better luck next time.

I feel like I got a good value for my money on the bike, but my interaction with Stamina Products left me displeased.

tl;dr version: Works great, but when it breaks Stamina does not have any replacement parts available.
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on January 2, 2008
To begin with, the bike took only about 10 minutes to put together. It was very easy and required no tools apart from the screw driver/wrench which came in the box.

After it was assembled I hopped on, expecting a lot of noise from something that was so cheap. Nope, this is quiet. I like this bike! Yes, the seat does have a wobble when you peddle faster; it is not as sturdy as one of those big monsters that cost hundreds of dollars. But the pedal action is smooth, and the electronics work even when you pedal backward.

I bought this specifically for my game room. I wanted something to sit on while watching television in the evenings instead of just vegging. This bike fits the bill perfectly. When I'm done it folds up compactly and securely - there is a pin which you insert to hold it folded (unlike my beloved Gazelle, which pinches my fingers every time) - then rolls into the closet.

You could get a better recumbent bike - no question. But you're not going to touch one for only $139.00. This is a great deal.
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on December 25, 2011
This exercise bike, purchased primarily because of its compact, folding design, was easy to assemble and works as claimed. There was a hitch, however. A manufacturing flaw caused the seat and handlebar assembly to be tilted. The bike was usable but somewhat uncomfortable. When I first mentioned this to the company's customer service when registering the product, they immediately responded that they would replace the handlebar. I took photos and sent them, and they quickly apologized and are replacing the whole bike, advising to keep the original for parts, or whatever I wished do. You can't ask for more than that... good price, prompt delivery, performance and excellent support. Except maybe if they would ride it for me. Frankly folks, walking and riding for exercise is boring, and this bike, quickly set up in front of the TV allows me to watch the evening news and burn a few calories at the same time. Other units are simply huge, expensive and immobile. I'm happy.
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on January 24, 2008
Between running and using the elliptical, I was looking for something different to add to my workout but didnt want to spend the money or space for another large machine. The elliptical was over $700 bucks. After reading the reviews (Amazon reviewers are awesome.) I figure I can give it a try.

Pros: Price
Very easy to set up, a few bolts for the legs, seat/seatback, and handle, and pedals and thats it. The unit pretty much comes almost completely assembled.
Very quites and smooth - I don't think its a magnetic drive since you turn a knob for resistance. The Conosole shows the typical miles, time, RPM, etc and does not adjust resistance with it.
Easy to fold up. Takes up very little space.

Cons: Yes, the seat post does wobble a bit if you ride hard.
The pedal are smaler than the typical bicycle pedals.
The seat post is a pain to adjust (will need silicone lube like other reviewer says)

I've been on it for 40 minutes each night since I got it this week and have build up a sweat during the workout each night.

Even with the cons, I would still recommend getting it for the value/price. Can't be beat. Think of it as 3-4 month gym membership.
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on May 6, 2012
I purchased the Stamina 15-0200 bike a few weeks ago. It arrived in about ten days. I've used it consistently (almost every day).

Pros: It seems like a pretty good, solid piece of equipment. Assembly was easy. The action is very quiet; I can watch TV while I use the machine. It was inexpensive. It has some display information - the time seems accurate; I assume the distance and speed are as well. The calories cannot be more than a best guess. Fold-away is nice, but it doesn't collapse down as much as it could.

Cons: I'm a bit tall for the seating, so I don't get my legs fully extended when I ride. Likewise, it would be better for me if the petals were longer (not the place where the foot rests, but the arm that attaches them to the bike) - as it is, I seem to use the muscles near my knees the hardest. Also, the difficulty range / resistance doesn't go very high - the best you can do is a nice, low intensity workout.

Overall: I'm enjoying the purchase greatly, and my "tv time" is now also exercise time. To get five stars the product would have to be more adjustable for different height users, and be capable of higher resistance for a more intense workout.
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