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on August 9, 2010
I wanted a tent that a) would stay dry b) was easy to put up c) wasn't really expensive d) could fit a full blowup bed. I have used this for a weekend camping on Cape Cod. There were drenching downpours in the evening, so much that there were puddles at the campsite of about 2 inches! I had pitched the tent on a bit higher level(not much really as the sites are small) and the tent was 100% dry for the whole weekend(it rained both nights!). My daughter is 5 and could put the tent up by herself(except that she can't reach the top connectors)..I taught her in 5 min at home prior to going! The fly is extremely easy too. Again my daughter will fasten the clips in each corner while I stake out the other sections! It really does only take about 5-8 min to get the tent up! The rain does get in the tent when you open the vestibule to get in(like all other tents like this) but you can sit at the edge of the tent and quickly close it so that it doesn't get much wetter while you take off the wet shoes/clothes! I did use a ground tarp underneath to save the floor of the tent which I'm sure helped with the rain! As expected, the stakes are not great(thus 4.5 stars). I bent one easily and the ground wasn't that hard! The only other thing to watch out for is the wind. This tent has a long wide side. If there are gust of 20MPG or >, the tent will take off if not staked down well..or you could make sure the front is facing into the wind and staked well! I did not have any issues, as we were at a campsite with trees. In the backyard my daughter was in the tent without it staked and a gust did pick up the tent and start to roll with her in it! The instructions warn of this.
All in all a great buy!
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on April 8, 2013
I bought this tent for it's lightweight properties, as well as the high quality build. I needed a tent that I could backpack with and would still fit my wife and two kids. This is perfect for that. There is just enough room for us 4 in there, along with our sleeping pads and backpacks. I can set this tent up by myself in about 5-10 minutes, depending on wind and weather. The aluminum poles and snap clips instead of pole sleeves make it easy. It is seam taped in all the places it should be, and we've never had leaks in the 5 or 6 times we've used it, some of the time in hard rains. The tent packs away really easily, the bag is much bigger than it needs to be, so you can put a lot of extra stakes, a repair kit, or whatever in there with it. I do recommend buying new stakes for the tent, as the ones that come with it are garbage. I bought the Coghlan's 9-Inch Ultralights, and they are cheap and work great. I generally use 6 stakes, for the 4 corners, one for the vestibule and another to pull the rain fly back in the back of the tent. This gives better ventilation.
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on March 1, 2013
I am super satisfied with this purchase. This tent is a combination of great size and construction for the money. It is very easy to assemble and the rain flap works, undisputed.

On my first week-long excursion, the preferred method of sealing all the seams with waterproofing was not completed. Despite this oversight, it was put to the test of being rained on three times in that first week. One of those was a severe storm where I had to seek shelter in a camp building as a storm moved through. There were hundreds of tent campers in my area when the storm arrived and several dozen of the tents in the area did not survive the storm moving through. The Kelty Grand Mesa was just as I left it when I returned. I did have all the guy lines set out and rain cover on and set up very good. The storm front reached 55mph+ winds and two inches of rain in just over an hour.

The base/floor of the tent is a bowl design and the seam sits approximately 4" above ground level when pitched. This keeps water out also. There is plenty of room inside for my uses. I take my two small children camping with plenty of room and use it for bicycling touring where I store my bike, gear and still have room to sleep inside. The vestibule is s good size and great for dirty clothes and shoes.

I did replace the aluminum tent stakes that came with the tent for some heavy duty Coleman states from the start.
Highly recommended.
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on February 7, 2014
First time was in England for a week, stayed bone dried tent has plenty of room for 1 person plus a weeks worth of gear or cramped with 2 people and gear. Next campout it rained all weekend even some flooding and the tent stayed bone dry inside. Ventilation is good for a tent that has an all the way fly( what keeps you dry when you press on the wall.) Only slight complaint is that I'm always worried about damaging the floor since it's not the tarp like material on a coleman or other more budget brand but it has stayed sealed and durable so I guess it works.

Man reason for purchasing this tent was that I knew two people with 15 year old kelty tents used multiple times each year and my kelty backpack is pushing 12 years.

Would recommend the brand to anyone who camps and this one to anyone who backpacks.
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on September 4, 2011
I've had this tent, purchased through amazon, for two years. I use it when I travel for craft shows. I'm always on a tight schedule, and this tent is so easy to set up and take down, it makes my life easier. When I need to leave a site at 5 in the morning, quietly, this tent does very well. I can manage it before coffee, so it must be easy! I'm 5'5". The fly is very easy to put on. Without the fly, the tent gives a nice wide view of the sky.

As I often find myself in walk-in sites, this tent's light weight and compact size is a boon.

The tent works well in rain. Its material is quiet, lightweight, rainproof and sturdy. I have had a little leakage, a small amount of condensation, nothing out of the ordinary. It has not yet gone through a thunderstorm or high wind. I do not have a footprint. The tent is easy to clean and to keep clean while camping.

I save old throw rugs and use one on the 'doorstep' to wipe my feet after I remove my shoes, and one inside the tent to save the floor and give me a more comfy place to put my feet. The tent is tall enough. I use it as a one-person tent, and like the space I have inside. Sometimes my large dog joins me. At 9 o'clock he is at the door of the tent, wanting to go inside and snooze. He wants my bed of course, but I put his own bed in there.

3 problems: the outer zipper always catches on the rainfly. The inner zipper on the door needs two hands: it would help if the curve in the door was shallower. And the tent stakes are very weak. Most of mine are bent out of shape now.
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on July 19, 2011
I bought this tent for backpacking with my boys. Since purchasing, I have used this tent on two overnight camps and one week long backpacking trip where it rained every afternoon/night. This tent is very well made and really keeps the water out. We slept dry and warm every night. The vestibule is great as well, as it gives you a place to keep your wet shoes out of the tent, but also out of the rain.

The aluminum poles are fantastic. They are light and strong. The tent doesn't have sleeves for the poles to go through, but rather has clips along the top that quickly and easily fasten to the poles. The total setup only takes 5-10 minutes, including the rain fly. I do recommend picking up a tarp (or the tent footprint) to go underneath this tent to keep the bottom from being damaged by the ground underneath.

We didn't stake the tent down at all, but rather staked down the rain fly. The rain fly is full length and goes to about six inches from the ground. Make sure to use the included cords (four are included for the corners, I added three more for the sides) to pull the rain fly away from the tent. If the fly is touching, the tent is not completely waterproof and water will come in through the walls. With the sides of the fly pulled away from the tent and staked down, this tent can withstand pretty severe rain. We weathered several heavy downpours and didn't have any water in the tent, except for what came in on us as we entered the tent from outside.

This is a fairly light-weight tent for it's size (about 7 lbs). It isn't really a 4-man tent, but can sleep three adults (6' or shorter) comfortably without any gear in the tent. I carried this tent by myself with all my other gear without any problem.

As mentioned in other reviews, the stakes that come with it are light-weight and pretty flimsy. I haven't purchased stronger stakes, but I plan to do so.

I paid $125 on Amazon for this. It is currently listed for $150, but I would be willing to pay the higher price if I were to buy again.

I expect to use this tent for many years.
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on August 15, 2011
This tent is truly easy to set up: 5-7 minutes by myself (I once set it up in even less time when it was threatening to rain). Take down is even easier. The lack of sleeves for the 2 poles is a plus, and the color coded pole hooks are a nice detail. The rain fly is easy to use, as well. Once you locate the fly entry, it takes just 2-3 minutes to get it in place and clipped into the well designed fly clips near the tent stakes.

From within, this tent offers excellent views of the nature outside...a neat view through the top to the stars above. And a large opening through the front, and thoughtfully designed side screens on both sides.

Great ventilation in warm weather (this tent works well in spring, summer and fall); neat cargo bags inside, easy zippers that still feel fine after a few years of use. The poles seem strong and are easy to use. The stakes included are lightweight...intended for backpacking. I bought Coleman stakes, which are much stronger, but heavy (but not an issue for car camping). The light stakes included would be fine In a true backpacking setting; if you're car camping I suggest buying a set of more sturdy stakes unless you camp on very soft soil/dirt.

A great tent - a real pleasure in every way. Excellent value for the money. The simple design and easy set up can't be emphasized enough. Two thumbs up.
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on February 2, 2014
I bought this tent because when I was a kid my family and I spent the night in a older model of this tent during a 80mph wind storm in the mountains. This newer model doesnt disappoint. So easy my 6 year old niece could put it together in 10 minutes. Its durable, light weight for the strength and excellent. As always a 4 person tent really only fits two comfortably so adjust your size accordingly but thats the same with every tent.
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on June 18, 2009
I live in Aspen/Snowmass and go camping a lot. For two people... it's AWESOME! For 3 people it's great... even with gear. You can forget about 4 people... but isn't that why you buy a 4 person tent... to sleep 3 comfortable:-)?

Anyway... super easy assembly. I recommend putting a tarp underneath the tent to keep it in good condition and keep it dry.

Holds up in wind... rain... etc. The rain fly is great and gives you that extra space you need.

No complaints... great buy, super easy to set up, holds up in the weather.

For around $150... it's the best buy around.

Oh... this is not a winter tent... 3 seasons only.
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on May 30, 2011
I purchased this tent after reading about and checking out tents for about six months. I usually camp near a vehicle so weight wasn't a consideration but I wanted to stay dry for a reasonable cost. The first three night trip it poured a portion of each day and I mean poured. Not a drop in the tent. The fly stays away from the tent and reaches to about two inches from the ground so no water can get in. The vestibule zipper is easy to reach and the flap can be held back as you enter and exit to keep things dry there as well. Like almost all tents made today, setting up in the rain and staying dry would be difficult unless you could pitch a tarp first even though it sets up easily and fast.
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