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on December 16, 2012

- Accurate (within 2 seconds per week)
- Shows moon phase, day of week, time, and date (including year) simultaneously
- Shows age of moon and moon transit times
- Shows sunrise and sunset times
- Shows a graphical representation of daytime and nighttime around the perimeter of the dial. Optionally, can show best fishing times.
- Five alarms, which can use tone or vibration
- Bluegreen backlight works well
- Very lightweight
- Inexpensive
- Relatively long-lasting battery
- Crystal is recessed to minimize scratching


- Somewhat thick case
- No world time mode
- No countdown timer
- Dial is small compared to case size, due to large internal and external bezels
- Deeply set dial makes reading the perimeter day/night or fishing indicator difficult, due to shadowing by the two bezels
- Nylon strap is quite stiff (but gets better with use; storing it buckled rather than flat helps)
- Non-standard attachment of band to case


- I don't fish, but I do enjoy astronomy, and appreciate the astronomical features of this watch
- Moon west transit time (#2) is roughly equivalent to moonset (within an hour or so). Moon east transit time (#4) is roughly equivalent to moonrise.
- Download the PDF manual to get a larger font than with the tiny included manual


- A watch with unique and useful features for very little money. Highly recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 21, 2016
I bought this watch because I figured I might as well get it while I can. This model was discontinued by Casio a few years ago and as a result has become very hard to find. The hunting timer version (PAS410B) is extremely hard to find. The main reason I got this watch is that it is one of the last Casio's on the market I can find with both the moon phase and sunrise and sunset times. There are plenty of current models that have one of those features, but none currently have both. For $30 the features on this watch are just too good to pass p.
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on November 4, 2017
Wow... I bought this four years ago and it's been vibrating 5 times a day ever since. Haven't had to change the battery yet. For an alarm clock that wakes you up without waking the whole house, it's been great. A little bulky, but the fact that it's been buzzing every day for 4 years without needing a new battery is amazing. Too bad it's been discontinued. Compared to my gear fit 2, the battery life is a dream... but... I did find that I was peeling this watch off in my sleep from time to time... it's that bulky. And the time drifts. not much. Must have set it about eight months ago and it's now 2 and a half minutes fast. These modern smart watches are great for being able to sync with the cell tower for time.. but... yeah... you can't beat 4+ years of battery life.
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on September 4, 2013
I started shopping for a vibrating watch after Casio issued a mandate to lower the volume in all their new watches. It was a bad move on their part and I still think Casio management sucks for doing that, but I found a lot of consolation in this particular watch. Optimally, it must be on your wrist if you want to feel the hourly time signal and up to 5 daily alarms, but parking the watch on an empty CD case also makes for an alarm you cannot ignore. You can also switch the watch to audible alarms, if that’s your preference.

What really sold me on this model was the moon phase dial. Never mind all the automatic calculations that tell you the best times to try and kill animals, feeding times, they call it. Recommendation: Use the feeding times to look for wildlife to photograph. I mainly just like to see the moon display waxing and waning over the course of 29 days. Set your location, and this watch will tell the sunrise and sunset times, plus times for moonrise, moonset, moon overhead and moon directly below. There’s even a graphical display packed tightly around the circle of the watch to show you hours of daylight and darkness at a glance.

The watch band appears to have leather trim, but don’t worry, it’s faux!
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on January 24, 2014
I have purchased two Casio Pathfinder watches in the last 3 or four years. The watches are great, the crystal is protected from scratching and I am rough on my watches. The bands are not so good, they wear out in about a year and a replacement band is almost as expensive as replacing the watch and band. The bands are buckle or velcro and are much too long for my wrist (they look bad any way you trim them). I purchased this band (Mens Rubbertech (TM) Silicone Rubber Watchband Stainless Steel Deployment Buckle - by JP Leatherworks) hoping to modify it to fit the Pathfinder watches. I used a Dremel type tool to narrow the watch mount a little and an exacto blade to cut the center out of the band(where it mounts to the watch). It worked perfectly! The band seems strong enough with its center removed and it looks and feels better than the factory bands, plus it fits!!! I'll try to attach a picture soon. The silicone rubber band cuts easily so be careful and take it slow.

It's been almost 6 months since I replaced the band and it is still like new! No tears or wear. It does not collect dirt like the original. The clasp is still like new, actually the watch shows more wear than the band! I am hard on my watch, and this combination has held up great!
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on October 12, 2013
Wearing this watch, you can be walking on the busiest city street and still feel yourself on the shores of a moonlit lake in the deepest woods. Everything in the design subtly enhances the rustic look, from the nylon and and leather band of khaki and brown to the beautiful blue-green of the night illumination. Typical of a digital timepiece, the Casio Forester has multiple displays. Some of these are standard to Casio models: the "home" display of, date, day of the week, and year; the chronograph (capable of measuring elapsed time in hundredths of a second); and the alarm feature (allowing the setting of 5 separate alarms). Other displays are very distinctive. There is a precise moon phase indicator digitally showing the lunar month to the tenth of a day and also visually displaying a moon image broken into eight parts which successively darken as the lunar month proceeds. There is a very useful sunrise/sunset indicator. Finally, there is a "time memo" display allowing you to record the instant of a significant event, for example, the catching of a fish.

A very neat feature of this watch is that the night light can be set so that it activates with a turn of the wrist. Also very nifty and practical is the "vibrate" setting for alarms. The watch is chunky but very light. It is claimed to be water resistant to 100 meters, although this feature is partially defeated by the water-vulnerable leather in the band. I find the watch to be quite comfortable, much more so than Casio timepieces with resin bands.

One of the watch's coolest features is the graphical indicator on the rim of the face. Through the use of small black rectangles, this indicator can be set to show the periods of day and night during a 24-hour period or, alternatively, the times when the moon is at its extremes in the sky--high, low, west, and east. Like many digital watches, the date setting can be set forward or backward, and all of the data on the watch will correspondingly adjust. When this happens, the small rectangles on the graphical indicator flash forward and backwards for a few seconds as if the watch is thinking.

Although it is not completely simple to learn to use all of the watch's functions, it is not too difficult either, certainly easier than learning the full use of a laptop or internet telephone. Once you master the functions of the watch and wear it for a few days, something magical happens--it ceases to be a purely mechanical contrivance and begins to appear as a piece of digital art. On its surface, this watch is pale and undistinguished. What I have learned from wearing this watch, however, is that true digital art is hidden and deep. Unlike any other watch I have ever worn, the Forester has become to seem more like a natural object than an artificial contrivance. When I walk my dog at night and stare at the moon through the clouds, it seems almost like a tiny bit of the moon's face has been transferred to the Forester as part of its small lunar display.

I have not yet mentioned the part of this watch which I love the best, namely, the tiny fish. The number of fish on the watch face varies from zero to four depending on the phase of the moon and time of day. Four fish appear only during periods of the full or new moon, and when the moon is at high or low point in the sky for that day. Supposedly, this is the best time for fishing. (The Forester hunter timer watch contains the same feature, except that it displays critters instead of fish). I am not a hunter and very rarely fish, so why should I care about this feature? Because I am, as I believe all people are, a "hunter of myself" ("cacador de mim") in the lyrics of the song made popular by the great Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento. That is, I am always trying to grasp and seize my proper, unique place in life. When I stare at these whimsical fish, I am reminded that my struggle is not only within me, but also synchronizes and depends upon the endless, repetitive patterns of the vast cosmos.
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on March 8, 2014
Great outdoor watch for the money. I got it primarily for backpacking, so the sunrise/sunset and moon data is useful. It's not as large as Casio's other more complex sensor watches, and a fraction of the price.

I paired this with a Suunto clip on compass. Perfect compliment to the watch.

Watch pros:
Sunrise, sunset within a few minute accuracy, calculated from your lat/long and GMT offset, which you manually enter.
In addition to the sunrise, sunset time screen, there's a constant-on graphical readout of sunset, sunrise on the time screen. And your progress through the day/night is graphically represented also.
Auto illumination: I was skeptical but it is very convenient. It auto illuminates any time you hold the watch at a normal angle to read the time.
Visible readout, fairly large numbers.
Not a huge watch but not so small that it looks wimpy.
Vibrating alarm is selectable over the chime alarm.
Outdoor look, but also ok for casual work environments, etc. not much of a dress watch thank goodness.

The backlight could stay on a bit longer. Not objectionable short but you have to be ready to read the info you want.
Would be nice if the backlight stayed on while subsequent mode buttons were being pressed, nitpick only.
The fishing memos aren't really intuitive to me. Might just be my not taking the time to figure it out.
Would be nice to have a timer.

All of these cons are pretty well negated for me due to the low price.
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on December 20, 2013
re: soft silicone-rubber (with folding/deployment clasp) watch band replacement

'Good feature set, including 5 alarms (vibration-only option!), stopwatch, and (for entered coordinates) sun rise/set, plus moon transit/phases; LACKS countdown timer. 'Worth buying (I bought a backup after two years--insurance). Accuracy: gains 4 seconds/month! Backup watch (still in box) gains slightly over nine seconds per month. (YMMV)

Frequent review complaints can be found concerning the "cloth & leather" watch band; it does age poorly ("not" to mention inconvenience of buckle and end retainer loop, stuffed with a nickel as a "make-work").

Searching for compatible bands (using Pathfinder case number 624. 2632) soon reveals it's more economical to buy another complete watch for only $5 - $10 more:
PAS400 10113394
PRS400 10113392
PRG-40 10036568
Soft silicone-rubber watch-bands--the type easily modified to fit this Casio case--are readily available, often cheaper, and offer added value (over "factory original" versions).

I selected a 24mm (bezel pin width) soft silicone-rubber watch band (with folding deployment clasp) and, after easy end cuts, band fits watch PERFECTLY!

Yes, band-end edges must be cut to fit around Casio bezel; but the cutout is quite easy... on a silicone rubber strap. Here's the "trick": put/keep spring pin IN band, use razor blade (EDGE, not tip... even better, a narrow Exacto blade) to cut smoothly along pin... just enough to expose inside/center section of spring pin. Start 6mm/'quarter-inch from each side edge, and make a smooth, rounded-start cut TOWARD BAND CENTER. (No 'square corner' cuts... the concept: do NOT create any "tear here" weak spot.)

There's a significant size difference between the original band leather-end bezel cutout and minimally-cut (as described) silicone rubber watch band; but do NOT cut more... simply expose pin center. Silicone rubber will readily stretch/compress to fit around bezel and, thus, requires little cutting. Less-flexible materials (harder rubber, leather, whatever) may well require larger bezel cutouts, similar to original band.

To install on bezel, thread pin through one side of the band and bezel; while holding other band end loop aligned with slightly protruding pin, press the opposite pin end against any firm surface to push it through. Refit pin keeper bar (remember that metal thingee you carefully preserved when removing original band...?), and enjoy your better-than-new watch! ...IF you selected standard buckle version.

If you selected a silicone rubber band with folding deployment clasp, I advise you to initially cut and wear band longer than your measured length for some time (at least 12mm/'half-inch longer). Carefully consider deployment clasp alignment (L/R?) and adjustments to maximize expansion pin sizing before any cutting. Remember that band shortening is easy; band lengthening--beyond minimal expansion adjustment--requires buying another watch band.

I selected a so-called "Wave" design band which emulates, in molding, large metal-link contours. Silicone rubber band fits better, looks better (than my faded, patchy, beaten band), is waterproof, and folding clasp is far more convenient. My only nit is lint collection/visibility (on black silicone rubber)... easily removed every hand washing (no need to keep this band dry!)
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on March 11, 2013
This is my third one. I love this watch. It is for my everyday use. It is sporty but OK for work and casual social occasions. I love that it shows the date and the day! I use the built in stop watch when grilling out. I check the sunrise and sunset, along with the moon phase. That's fun and informative. I do not use the fishing guide. I don't use the alarm, but it is nice to have. The light is a great feature to have.
On Sundays and dressy days I have a classy looking second watch if I need it. I hope they keep making this watch. The price I got it for was $30.00. Wow. The replacement band is usually $24.00.
PS The other two are still working, just starting to look a little old and used.
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on July 25, 2017
I have this watch for little over 3 years now. I use it daily and I love it. I hope amazon gets more of these so that I can buy a newer one. I have run one half marathon, hiked glaciers and learned how to swim wearing this watch. Nothing could break this Chuck Norris of watches.

1. Shows correct time almost all the times :)
2. Easy to adjust timezones while travelling.
3. Has a button to show time in the dark especially useful in theatres and while running after sunset.

1. Never breaks so even if you might want to buy a newer watch you might not feel you have a reason to ditch this and buy a new one.
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