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on December 16, 2012

- Accurate (within 2 seconds per week)
- Shows moon phase, day of week, time, and date (including year) simultaneously
- Shows age of moon and moon transit times
- Shows sunrise and sunset times
- Shows a graphical representation of daytime and nighttime around the perimeter of the dial. Optionally, can show best fishing times.
- Five alarms, which can use tone or vibration
- Bluegreen backlight works well
- Very lightweight
- Inexpensive
- Relatively long-lasting battery
- Crystal is recessed to minimize scratching


- Somewhat thick case
- No world time mode
- No countdown timer
- Dial is small compared to case size, due to large internal and external bezels
- Deeply set dial makes reading the perimeter day/night or fishing indicator difficult, due to shadowing by the two bezels
- Nylon strap is quite stiff (but gets better with use; storing it buckled rather than flat helps)
- Non-standard attachment of band to case


- I don't fish, but I do enjoy astronomy, and appreciate the astronomical features of this watch
- Moon west transit time (#2) is roughly equivalent to moonset (within an hour or so). Moon east transit time (#4) is roughly equivalent to moonrise.
- Download the PDF manual to get a larger font than with the tiny included manual


- A watch with unique and useful features for very little money. Highly recommended.
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on November 4, 2017
Wow... I bought this four years ago and it's been vibrating 5 times a day ever since. Haven't had to change the battery yet. For an alarm clock that wakes you up without waking the whole house, it's been great. A little bulky, but the fact that it's been buzzing every day for 4 years without needing a new battery is amazing. Too bad it's been discontinued. Compared to my gear fit 2, the battery life is a dream... but... I did find that I was peeling this watch off in my sleep from time to time... it's that bulky. And the time drifts. not much. Must have set it about eight months ago and it's now 2 and a half minutes fast. These modern smart watches are great for being able to sync with the cell tower for time.. but... yeah... you can't beat 4+ years of battery life.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 21, 2016
I bought this watch because I figured I might as well get it while I can. This model was discontinued by Casio a few years ago and as a result has become very hard to find. The hunting timer version (PAS410B) is extremely hard to find. The main reason I got this watch is that it is one of the last Casio's on the market I can find with both the moon phase and sunrise and sunset times. There are plenty of current models that have one of those features, but none currently have both. For $30 the features on this watch are just too good to pass p.
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on March 21, 2013
There are so many reviews of this watch that you could spend most of the day reading them (i know, because i did.) So i'll not write a review that makes the same points over... rather, i will just say the following:

1.) the only reason that this watch gets 4 and not 5 stars is the lack of a countdown timer. I collect watches, and if this one had a countdown timer, it would be the one i wore most often. The "time memo" feature is basically useless to me. So close to being the perfect watch. Oh well, the search continues...

2.) it does not have a DST setting. To adjust for DST, you must change your GMT setting +/- 1 hour. DST is stupid anyway. I can't wait for it to go away.

3.) It does not feature a second time zone.

4.) There is no difference between this watch, and the 'hunting timer' model. None. even the "prime fishing time" is exactly the same as the "prime hunting time" featured in the other model. the idea is that animals are active more during certain points of the moons transit. Fish and land animals behave exactly the same in this way. It took some digging to learn this, so i pass this on to you in case you (like me) were more interested in the 'hunting timer' but like the appearance of the fishing model better. (or vice-versa)

5.) the vibrating alarm may or may not wake you up, but realize that the canvas and leather band material is stiff when new, and that the caseback will not sit "flush" against your wrist until it breaks-in/relaxes a bit. I suspect that with more contact, more vibration will be felt. I sleep like a dead rock though, so this was never going to wake me up unless it also sported a Casio "Gentle-Electroshock™" feature. It does not, but it's not designed to wake you up. it's designed to alert you without making noise and scaring fish/game. so deducting points/complaining about that is absurd.
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on December 27, 2014
I bought this watch solely for its vibration alarm. I needed an alarm to quietly go off without waking any one of the four roommates that I had. I looked at other alternatives and out of all them, the Z Band seemed to offer the best alarm design... with twice the price tag. I didn't want the stick-your-alarm under the pillow design as the sound of having a battery operate right under my head all through the night did not seem too appealing to me.

Anyhow, this alarm fulfilled its purpose, even though I was afraid that the vibration might be too weak to wake me as I am quite a heavy sleeper. The vibration is not strong, but it is enough to stir me into waking up when it's on my wrist, or even tied around my ankle to avoid having my body acclimated to how it feels the vibration. You can set up to five alarms it seems. One dissatisfaction that I had: each alarm only lasts for ten seconds worth of vibration then stops. Ideally, I wished for something that would keep vibrating until I pressed "snooze," or what have you. Still, setting a couple alarms within a minute of each other is the satisfactory compromise I've come to. Oh, and the sunset and sunrise and moon phase (only approximate) features are pretty rad.
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on December 2, 2014
The only thing I could complain about this watch is that you really need the instruction manual to operate it unless you become very familiar with its myriad of functions and use them a lot.

I actually had this problem because I somehow accidentally set an alarm (this thing can store multiple alarms) after owning it for 8 months and couldn't figure out how to turn it off. (I got it eventually)

Fish timers, time zones, sunset/sunrise times, lunar phases, best fishing times, plus all the regular stuff like stopwatch, day of the week, month, year, good green glo night illumination. (has a setting for "auto illuminate" that you can accidentally turn on that I don't much care for)

Waterproof, rugged, went on a 6 month backpacking journey through every country in Central America and still going strong. Saltwater, freshwater, mud, volcano climbs, cold and hot weather.

The wristband takes a while to dry if it is on your wrist so I try to remember to take it off for bathing but if I forget, its fine. I shopped a lot of watches before buying this one; I thought it was the best for my $ and after having it over a year, I still think I made a good decision.
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on June 13, 2014
I received this watch as a fathers day gift a little early. I have to say I do like the watch but did not give it a 5 star rating for a reason. It has all the features I require (although a timer would be nice) but it is not a simple or user friendly watch. Now, I do like to think of myself as at-least average intelligence but man was I confused for a bit. If you were an astronomer or maybe an astronaut this may come easy, However, I am not so It required some research on my part. I had no idea what moon age is and why it is important, Or how many lunar days is a full moon age. I didn't even know why one would care? So, In comes the voice in my head, Not that voice the other one, The one that says, "Why". So here goes my best assessment. It is believed by many that certain moon phases in conjunction with the earths rotation and placement of the moon in that age aides in animal feeding and movement. I know right? Hopefully I'm close on that. So anyway, You don't technically have to know this once you figure out how to set the watch but it bothered me enough that the watch told me the moon age and I didn't know why that I started researching. Bottom line is once it is set there's a lot going on. You can change dates to see what the moon phase will be and how good the watch thinks you will do on said date and maybe plan a hunting trip? I guess. But that being said, Knowledge is always a good thing so I learned a lot and programmed a watch in the process. The watch face is busy and a bit complex until you start understanding all the things its telling you, there's a lot of info packed on the face of this little watch. I would recommend this watch to anyone with the intestinal fortitude to stick with it until you get it. If you want a watch you can throw on your arm and tell time, This probably isn't the watch for you. It works, its not to big or to small, Its comfortable and its well lit for nighttime use. One feature my wife likes is instead of an audible alarm you can set it to vibrate so as not to wake everyone up just you. You can store notes in it if you require. It also has a graphic display of the moon and its phase, be it a quarter, Half or even full moon. Hope this helped.
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on October 10, 2016
I have had this watch for several years now. I LOVE IT. keeps time well, has lots of features. FREAKING DURABLE. I am rough on everything I own. I work on a farm, haul/chop wood, offroad, in manufacturing environment, been cold, hot, been lobster fishing 30-60 feet deep with it and this things is still going. Only issue ive had is the hoop on the band that holds the slack when you strap it. I bought this one and the deer one for my brother, highly recommend it to everyone. Cant really say if the fish clock is accurate but, I always catch a fish within 10 mins after it goes off. even if ive been sitting all day with no bite i will catch one.
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on January 24, 2014
I have purchased two Casio Pathfinder watches in the last 3 or four years. The watches are great, the crystal is protected from scratching and I am rough on my watches. The bands are not so good, they wear out in about a year and a replacement band is almost as expensive as replacing the watch and band. The bands are buckle or velcro and are much too long for my wrist (they look bad any way you trim them). I purchased this band (Mens Rubbertech (TM) Silicone Rubber Watchband Stainless Steel Deployment Buckle - by JP Leatherworks) hoping to modify it to fit the Pathfinder watches. I used a Dremel type tool to narrow the watch mount a little and an exacto blade to cut the center out of the band(where it mounts to the watch). It worked perfectly! The band seems strong enough with its center removed and it looks and feels better than the factory bands, plus it fits!!! I'll try to attach a picture soon. The silicone rubber band cuts easily so be careful and take it slow.

It's been almost 6 months since I replaced the band and it is still like new! No tears or wear. It does not collect dirt like the original. The clasp is still like new, actually the watch shows more wear than the band! I am hard on my watch, and this combination has held up great!
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on September 4, 2013
I started shopping for a vibrating watch after Casio issued a mandate to lower the volume in all their new watches. It was a bad move on their part and I still think Casio management sucks for doing that, but I found a lot of consolation in this particular watch. Optimally, it must be on your wrist if you want to feel the hourly time signal and up to 5 daily alarms, but parking the watch on an empty CD case also makes for an alarm you cannot ignore. You can also switch the watch to audible alarms, if that’s your preference.

What really sold me on this model was the moon phase dial. Never mind all the automatic calculations that tell you the best times to try and kill animals, feeding times, they call it. Recommendation: Use the feeding times to look for wildlife to photograph. I mainly just like to see the moon display waxing and waning over the course of 29 days. Set your location, and this watch will tell the sunrise and sunset times, plus times for moonrise, moonset, moon overhead and moon directly below. There’s even a graphical display packed tightly around the circle of the watch to show you hours of daylight and darkness at a glance.

The watch band appears to have leather trim, but don’t worry, it’s faux!
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