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on December 20, 2015
Great watch. The silent alarm feature is awesome especially since you can have multiple days with different alarms. Sometimes the vibration is not strong enough to wake me up if I have the strap too loose. My dog ate the original band, and the watch requires a very specific band which is sometimes more expensive than the watch, and the ends are glued so you cannot stitch under the band. If this happens you can snip the band and leave the retaining clips then buy a flat 21 or 22 mm band military band (you can try 24 but that may but up against the sides) for a few dollars and feed it under the retaining clips.
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on July 31, 2015
The watch itself was not to be found. Only the watch band was in the box. To be precised, it was not even the original watch band but a replacement watch band as the band packaging noted. Nevertheless it is a GREAT replacement band . Yes, I will keep this band and wear it, and when anyone will ask me why I wear it I will tell them that I ordered a watch but got only the band from the seller, ( well, to be precised it was not the original band, but nevertheless..)  this replacement band was so nice that I decided to keep it and wear it. I tried to advise amazom about the minor unfortunate mistake they did, but they said there is nothing they can do. Well, who need to know what is the time with such an awesome replacement band. Yes!, I would like to let you know that when you order this watch you should be certain that at least you will be receiving a gorgeous and beautiful replacement band. Isn't it amazing? I will post a YouTube review soon and will keep update you about this terrific watch band. Stay tuned !!!
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on June 9, 2014
I like having the moon phases and fishing/hunting times on my watch. The time stays accurate and I haven't had it long enough to comment on battery life.

The gripe I have with this watch is build quality (I guess I was expecting better with a $30 watch). The watch bezel is plastic, not stainless steel as listed, and feels a little cheap. I was changing the oil on my car and a little oil splashed onto the watch causing the plastic to go from a smooth finish to looking more like an orange peel. The oil also caused the coating on the clear plastic dial window to turn hazy and look scratched/cloudy. The dial window is also plastic, even though it is listed as mineral. I can still read it so I still wear the watch.

My real gripe with this watch is the band. First, Casio uses a non-standard attachment configuration so it isn't possible to replace the band with something different/better like a NATO style band. Second, the band's nylon material is very absorbent. I have to wash the band with soap and water every few days because it starts to smell like sweat.

I wear this watch every day and only take it off to sleep and shower. I don't have confidence in this watch lasting longer than a year. It will serve its purpose but I definitely wont be buying this watch again nor can I recommend it.
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on September 2, 2013
One glance gives all the normal info you need; day, time, date plus the Moon phase. No punching buttons to check day verses date. As a sportsman's watch it is a steal at this price. Once you punch in your Lat/Long; it gives you best times to hunt or fish two different ways. One way is on the outer 24 hour ring with digital markers; or you can push a button which gives moon transit times with the expected wildlife activity for those times. VERY NICE.

You can also advance the date so you can check the best times and activity on your day off several weeks in advance. I cross checked this function against several other devices/programs I use to identify best time and activity and it is in concert with those other devices/programs. Nice to have it on your wrist.

It has four vibrating alarms you can set to let you know when an activity period is coming up so you can pay a little more attention to your hunting or fishing (or wake up if necessary). Turn off chimes or bells so you don't scare yourself or the wildlife. There are several other functions which are normally found on these types of watches. It does not have all the various functions of the Pathfinder though whic is not an issue for me. Cross check to see which ones you may need to have that are not on this watch.

The band is cloth with velcro fastener. Adjustable for a very big wrist and looks to be able to shorten down for smaller wrists. So far I like the velcro, but will have to see if it holds up. I have a Casio Pathfinder with the heavy rubber wrist band which I never really liked because it was always one hole too tight or one too loose. I have also replaced the band twice because it cracked and broke at the hole I used all the time to fasten the watch. The velcro band allows pretty much perfect tightness on the wrist. Hopefully it wears well. The keeper doesn't slide off the end of the band and allow it to catch on things lie the rubber wrist band does. Doesn't chafe as much either since it holds firmly on the wrist and is made of cloth.

This is a BATTERY powered watch (5 year expected life). I'll keep this for a few seasons and if it holds up well I will look for a solar powered radio time piece with these functions. The price on this one is phenomenal though.
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on June 9, 2009
I've had this watch for a little over two years now and am extremely pleased with it. I did buy this originally for hunting.

PRO: Hunting timer gives you the both major and minor movement times for the current date as well as future dates (both with audible or vibrating alarms)

PRO: Sunrise and Sunset timers allow plannin for the day's hunt

PRO: Multiple Alarms (vibrating and audio) used in conjunction with the sunrise and sunset timer allows you to enter legal shooting time starts or when it ends. No one wants to be looking at their watch and calculating legal shooting hours or hearing an audible alarm when you have your prey right in front of you. Also give's you ability to set other reminder alarms.

Pro: Moon phase is nice, especially when I don't have my GPS (which has all these timers/calculators as well), I like to plan my hunts to be as close as I can to the new moon for deer and full moon for hog.

PRO: Very durrable. I wear it while beating through the brush, moderate to heavy yard work. No problems yet.

Con: My vision is not 20/20 up close. If I'm not wearing my glasses or contacts, it's hard for me to read anything other the time fields. Since my far vision is 20/20, I don't like wearing the contacts or glasses.

Con: Watch band configuration is not the best, and not easily replaced. 3 wallmarts and one bass pro did not have a replacement band. It has to be bought directly from Casio for $19.95.
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on December 30, 2013
I got this watch for a couple of reasons, but not for hunting. I wanted a watch with moon phases and a silent (vibrating alarm).
When I got the box I did not see any instruction booklet to explain the features and tell you how to program it and so I contacted the seller immediately. They very quickly responded that the instructions came in the watch stand/holder thing. I looked at it and wrote back and said sorry I don't see the instructions, it's just a plastic thing that the watch comes on...and THEN I saw it, the booklet was folded up in the base of the thing which has a closed side and an open side...I was initially looking at the closed side. So just a note for you to take a look in the base for your instruction booklet.

To program the moon phases for your specific location you need to enter the latitude and longitude coordinates and in the back of the instruction booklet it does have that for a few cities/countries around the world but obviously can not have that for every location on earth, however it seems like it would have been a good idea to have a website address listed for looking up your own location if it does not happen to be one of the ones listed. But even if it is listed it's still probably a good idea to look it up because those coordinates are from 2003 and things do shift each year. So regardless it would have been good to list a website for reference but then you can just google it.

I haven't had time as yet to sit down and program it, but when I do I will come back and give an update on the moon phase operation of the watch and the alarm function as well. I am curious (not being a hunter)...how it functions as a hunting watch, so that will be an interesting education.
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on December 14, 2013
I went without a watch for years and when I went shopping for a watch that would give me a timepiece that was durable, reliable and had a few features I needed-- date and an alarm-- I was overwhelmed with everything out there. Ask one of the clerks at the jewelry counters at the mall stores for insight or even help in setting the watch and you're out of luck. At least that was my experience.

What helped was going on Amazon and reading reviews. I wanted a watch that I could use as an alarm clock of sorts and while the vibration feature on this watch doesn't wake me as I had hoped, it is a good way to remind myself during the day.

I am not a hunter nor a man and don't really care about hunting cycles, but I do like that the watch is easy to read and, with some pouring over the instruction manual, easy enough to set. I like the vibration alert. (The clerk at the jewelry counter was busily trying to read the manual to tell me what "vibration alert" meant when I asked.) I looked at watches going for $200 and some going for $20 and getting this one with a few more "bells and whistles" means I have more options. Many women's watches I looked at offered fewer features. And unless the watch is massive, who really cares which sex is wearing what?

It's a bit bulky, but the alternatives I seriously considered were also bulky, and I was shying away from Casio because I killed 2 Casio watches before by simply wearing them. While I haven't tried using the thing as a hammer, I suspect this watch won't die simply because I whacked it on a door or dropped it. My hope is that it will last the 5 years the battery is supposed to last. But I think this one will take a licking and keep on ticking (with apologies to Timex.)
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on August 11, 2011
My wife purchased this for me because I get up early in the morning to workout, and the 5 AM alarm clock was waking her up. The neat feature that attracted her to this product was the vibrating alarm on it. For me, that meant wearing it to bed at night and hope/pray that it wakes me up at 5 AM.

If I were a hunter or liked fishing in the wee early hours, this would be an awesome watch to use. You plug in your longitude/latitude, whether you are daylight savings time, and presto! it automatically is configured for the ideal hunting/fishing times. Not being a hunter or stream fisherman, I didn't realize that there were ideal times, so I better watch those shows on PBS a little more closely next time. It also has a nightlight feature, so that if you tilt the watch towards you, it lights up, tilt it away and the light goes off. That prevents disturbing the fish or wildlife. Doesn't that make you want to go hunting/fishing with your buds?! So Cool!!

But I digress. Back to the real reason for using. All I can say is if you go to bed late or are a deep sleeper - forget about using this. Secondly, if your wife is a light sleeper & goes to bed late, then it's not going to work for her, either. The vibrating alarm is very cool, but it only lasts 10 seconds. However, since its a hunting/fishing watch, it has multiple alarms (I think up to 10 times can be set). SO I set up the alarms to go off for 10 seconds every minute up to 10 minutes. I usually get out of bed on the second or third iteration. A few times, I left the watch in my bag with the vibrating alarm on and it woke me up because I could hear the thing vibrating in my gym bag.

Bottom line is that its worth a shot using this, but make sure that you go to bed early (get enough sleep) in order to feel the vibration on your wrist. Don't expect it to completely cure your early morning wakeup problems as my wife still wakes up, whether she heard the vibrating alarm or heard me tip toe across creaking floorboards or squeaky door hinges, etc. Another note - it took me a while to figure out how to set it up correctly, and the manual that came with it was a little confusing, too.
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on March 11, 2013
I'd give this 4 1/2 stars, if that were possible. This is a lot of functionality for the price, and everything seems to work well. The one downside is (sometimes unneeded) complexity or awkwardness. The vibrating alarm works well. Don't count on it to wake you up, but it is ideal for reminding you of something when you are awake. The "sunrise/sunset" indicator (along the edge of the dial) appears to be accurate, if a little hard to read. It is useful for deciding when to turn back if you want to finish your hike before dark.

The downside is complexity, some of it unneeded. There is a little thick booklet which comes with the watch - Don't lose it! To get the sunrise/sunset to work, you need to put in your latitude and longitude. The book comes with a table of these for some common cities. One button does latitude and one button does longitude and another button changes between increasing and decreasing. It's a little awkward. One needs to set both the local time, and the time difference between local time and GMT. When DST comes along, you get to change BOTH! You've already put in your latitude and longitude so presumably your time zone would be obvious.
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on September 25, 2014
I have purchased 5 already. The watch holds up well but the watch band will get ragged after a couple of years. I have two in storage so I will have one once this 3rd watch band looks poor. The price of a new watch band is slightly lower in price than a new watch - WHY!!!! Do they work? Well it seems like it works but they will vibrate at the best times to be in the woods and it seems like every time I give up and get ready to leave it will vibrate. I get my share of deer since I bought the first watch but I really think it has caused me to stay longer in the field. I spend more time in the field so I have more of a chance to take a deer. All of the guys I hunt with have one now so there must be something to it - besides! it's fun to use. It is great for letting me know sunrise and sunset so just that alone makes the watch a great buy.
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