Customer Reviews: Under Armour Men's Coldgear Hood, Midnight Navy
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on January 10, 2008
I bought this item for the intent of using it while running in the winter. I've used it a few times when the weather warrants its and I am happy to say it does what exactly it should do. Its lightweight and form fitting, so I didn't feel like I had this scarf wrappred around my face.

My only complaint is that with the mouth covering up, it doesn't breath as well as I had hoped. I'm sure this assists in keeping the heat in, but when I run with it, it does make breathing more difficult than without. I'm not saying you can't run, far from it, its just a slight annoyance. I'd still recommend this item to friends and family, as it def is worth it.
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on January 5, 2012
Let me start off by saying I am NOT an Under Armour fanboy. This is the first Under Armour product I have ever purchased and I only was willing to buy it because I was able to get it for much less than retail.

I've been running for 12 years now and season after season my mileage would ramp up from Spring to Fall and come Winter I'd be forced inside to pound the treadmills and ellipticals. This was because once the temperatures dipped too low my airways felt constricted, I'd get headaches and end up hacking up a lung from just a mile or two out in the cold air.

As such I'd always lose a step and feel as though I was starting over again come spring. Not this year. After reading suggestions on the Runners World forums I discovered that it's a combination of the cold but mostly the dryness of the air in the Winter that was causing my problems. A number of people suggested wearing a balacalva in order to trap the heat and moisture from my exhales in the mask.

I did some research and found that this Under Armour mask/hood received good reviews so I figured I'd check them out in store. This mask was made of a lighter material and did not have air holes to breathe through like the balacalva's designed for skiing did. I tried it on in the store as well and found that even though I have a larger head, this one size fits all hood fit my head fairly well.

My first run with the mask on resulted in distance and speeds about 90% of my warm weather runs. This is in stark contrast to the 10-20% distance and 70% speeds I'd encountered without it. I'm SOLD! No more being forced indoors (at least when it's above 15 degrees and there is no snow on the ground).

After running with this mask a few times I will point out a few caveats for those of you thinking about purchasing it for similar reasons as I did.

Claustrophobia - Do NOT buy this mask if you're claustrophobic. My wife is and she can't stand to have it on for more than a minute before she's about to hyperventilate. It clings tightly to your whole face and you'll feel as though you cannot breathe.

Restricted Breathing - I found that I resorted to mouth breathing much sooner in this mask than I would running in the spring in warmer weather. I'm not sure if this is simply due to the cold weather and a running nose or the fact that after a number of exhales the mask saturates and is a bit harder to breathe through. The moisture also feels a bit gross as it's in constant contact with your skin. The wetness helps moisten and heat the air (allowing me to keeping running) so I deal with it.

Running Noses - This is a problem running in the cold with or without the mask, but remember that you'll have snot running down your face (getting stuck in the mask) if you forget to bring tissues with you. The mask easily pulls down far enough to blow your nose without removing it.

Size/Fit - As I stated earlier I have a larger sized head. When I was a teenager I wore a 7 5/8th sized hat and my heads gotten a bit larger since then. The hood fits well but I can tell there is room for a larger head. The mask fits over my face firmly when standing still but after a few miles I find that I have to pull it up over my nose further as it feels as those it is slipping down. I doubt these synthetic fibers will shrink in the dryer so I may end up folding over a quarter inch of the material and sewing it to create a bit more snug of a fit. I recommend trying this mask on in person before purchasing. Smaller heads may find the mask portion is too loose.

Looks - People will stop and look at you funny. Either because you're running outside when it's +/- 30 degrees or because there is a crazy sweaty ninja darting through their neighborhood.

Ok, this ended up much longer than I had expected but hopefully it will help someone.
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on January 6, 2008
When I wore this while riding my bike, the neighborhood rugrats shouted at me, "Ninja on a bike." Awesome.
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on November 28, 2007
I'm a weenie when it comes to running in the cold. I wear this plus a hoodie and can run comfortably when it is 25 degrees out. Material is breathable so I never get sweaty. I love it!
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on December 10, 2010
I ride my bike to and from work almost every day of the year. I ride in rain, snow and heavy wind (unless it's really bad).

I bought this because I wanted to keep more than just the bottom half of head warm.

It's only been one day but the temperature outside this morning was about 20 degrees F, and wind chill of something less. Besides the usual watery-boogers, this thing was perfect!

Breathing may seem difficult at first, but if you control your breathing, in thru nose, out thru mouth, you will be just fine.

Although, a possible negative aspect is if you have a larger nose (mine is larger than your average bear's) you may feel like your nose is being squished/flattened.

Overall, this has been a great buy!

UPDATE: It's been a couple of weeks now, this thing is awesome. I got used to the nose flattening, but the only thing that still bothers me is the watery-boogers. They end up hardening and you have to wash the mask on a weekly basis. One thing that does help is leaving the mask, inside out on my handle bars to dry when I'm not using it during the work day.
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on November 24, 2008
I bought this for cold weather biking and boy is it fantastic. It certainly does it's job of keeping my head warm in the cold weather. The only real "problem" I've had with it is, if it's not VERY cold, I breath out warm air, and am again breathing back IN the warm air, which I kinda dislike. If it's freezing outside this is not an issue, and it seems like just an opinion, so this is a 5-star item for me.
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on December 27, 2010
I was looking for something for cold weather biking and for use in skiiing that would cover my nose and neck. This product just doesn't work well in the conditions you want to use it in. The hood has a very short neck so if you you pull it up over your nose you need another neck warmer to cover your neck. Most troublesome, the weave is very tight so it's hard to breath through and warm air is forced up along the sides of your nose and fogs up your glasses up. Moisture also condenses in the fabric and it quickly becomes a soggy mess. There are other better products on the market. Buy something else.
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on March 20, 2008
Hood came when during an ice storm without power I needed to stand outside and work environmental spills and found it worked well and kept my glasses from fogging.
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on January 20, 2008
I'm currently stationed in Iraq and mail usually takes a long to recieve but this hood came faster than expected and at a reasonable price.

Under Armour Cold Gear Hood works great espically on those sudden mid-night missions. Does a great job at keeping me warm and is also comfortable to wear as well. It also looks cool to wear too.;-)

Will definetly buy from this seller again.
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on December 28, 2010
I purchased this to wear under my full face motorcycle helmet and for those blizzard like days on the slopes. It works really well for both. I was afraid it might be too thick for my helmet but it fits like a glove. The material is thick enough to provide protection but thin enough to not interfere with my other equipment.

- I do suggest that you wash it before you wear it. You never know what sort of chemicals and other paraphernalia have come in contact with this. I hand washed this with mild soap and the water in the sink turned blue. Just a suggestion.
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