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on February 3, 2016
So this is the 4th vacuum like this I have bought and I have absolutely loved them all except for this latest one I just bought in December 2015. They have changed the vacuum and now when you are vacuuming carpet and stand it up to move something, pick up something, take a break, etc... it no longer engages again back to carpet, you literally have to bend all the way over and press the tab from bare floors back to carpet, every single time!. All 3 of my previous ones (I had loved them so much I gave one to my daughter and one to my son, and I kept one for upstairs), stop spinning the brush when you stand it up and then it starts spinning again to continued vacuuming when you resume. But this model makes you have to stoop all the way down and have to press the button back hard to start the brushes to carpet again. It's the stupidest thing ever.

And I called Eureka before I returned it to make sure I wasn't getting defective ones and they said that's how they do it now! They tried to tell me it was a safety feature to stop the brushes and I told them that was SO much bull because I've had 3 others over the last 9 years that have always stopped when you placed it upright and then it simply resumes. They had to admit it was a horrible new design and they would report it to development? Meanwhile they have ruined their reputation and they need to look up the bad reviews about this on Amazon. Or simply ask women who vacuum A LOT (I have several cats and two large German Shepherds that shed horribly) if this was a good idea before they did this! If you use this to vacuum bare floors then this won't bother you, but this is mainly a vacuum for carpet!

You can tell I'm really disappointed that after all these years and 4 of these that I have to start researching and find another that I will like as much as I have like these over the years because nothing before sucked up stuff as strong as this and I love love bagged vacuums because I cannot stand to have dust in the air with bagless, I hate them. The attachments are so convenient!

People who complain about the hose stretching out over time are correct, but what they must not seem to realize is that when it does, just start placing it through the top loop in the handle and then down, it works and holds it perfectly.

Oh well, the re-engaging is a huge deal breaker for me since I vacuum carpet 99% of the time and cannot stand constantly bending all the way down to the floor and pressing that hard button to start vacuuming again. And since I have the 3 that stop and start again, it makes me more upset they changed this.

UPDATE: I was on the last day to send it back (it would be the 2nd one I was going to send back) because I can NOT stand having to bend down to switch to carpet every single time, So for one last time I tried to see if I could make it do what my others had done (roller brush stops when standing up and then starts again when you start vacuuming). I started flipping that brush roll/bare floors switch back and forth a 1000 times over and over really quick thinking I might can just break it and make it stay on carpet , LOL. And guess what ! I didn't break it, but it now will stop when I stand it up and will start back to vacuuming carpets again when I let the handle down! But ONLY 50% of time, but still way better than every single time.
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on January 4, 2015
If you want a vacuum cleaner that cleans, this is a great choice. It has lots of suction and does a great job. That is the good news. The bad news is that this is one of the most poorly made appliances on the face of the earth. Because it cleans so well, I bought my third one a few months ago. I know, I know. I still thought the problems with it were my fault, and if I were just a little more careful..... So, within the first month the power switch stopped working. That's right, no OFF, no ON. Since this had also happened with my other two, fixing it was a no brainer. My husband goes to the store, buys a new power switch and spends an hour or two putting it in. He had to cut a new hole in the plastic for the new switch leaving an empty space where the old one was. See picture. The black rectangular space is where the old power switches were. My husband's replacements are underneath.

Next, just as before, the toggle that switches back and forth to activate/deactivate the beater bar so you can go back and forth from carpet to bare floor stops working. Fortunately it stopped working in the ON position so I can vacuum my carpet but I have to be careful on bare floors because when the beater bar is on, it can scratch the wood. There is a rubber hose that connects to a plastic wand for the attachments. The rubber hose rips after a month or so. I was really careful with that one, and it still ripped. Out comes the duct tape..... I keep buying this sucker because you can go back and forth from floor to attachments with the twist of a knob. But this is my last one. I could have bought a Cadillac vacuum cleaner for the money I have spent on this model. It doesn't matter how careful you are with it. It still breaks down all over the place. Sucky, sucky, sucky!
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on April 30, 2008
Although most the reviews are for the 4870GZ and I bought the 4870MZ, I suspect the machines are basically the same so I won't repeat what others have already said about it except to say this is a solid machine with excellent suction and it did a great job on my carpets, both deep cleaning and returning the nap to a plush feel.

I'm writing to say that, contrary to many reviews, the Power Paw does in fact attach to the vacuum. At least mine does. It comes with a clear plastic cover that attaches to the vacuum just below the top D-handle. If you look closely you'll find the mating point. You then simply clip the paw into the cover and it stores on the handle.

Also, contrary to some reviews, the bare floor setting works fine. You just need to press the tab hard until you hear a click and it engages. The brush is then disabled for bare floor vacuuming.

I really wanted to justify a Dyson but at 1/3 the price, this machine is all that I need. I'm extremely satisfied with the purchase.
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on December 28, 2008
**second update - 4 years later and still working great.

**Update to the below review** It is two years later and my vacuum cleaner is still working great and I still love it! The power paw attachment is great for vacuuming the stairs - we have two sets and it is easier to use the power paw than balance my canister vac on the stairs.

My 12 yr old Sharp upright gave up the ghost so I needed a new upright for upstairs. I read a lot of reviews here and at e-pinions and decided on this Eureka. First I will say it is very important to read all of the manual, because it actually addresses some of the issues people have with this vacuum, such as: (1) this machine is no heavier than my old one, but people complain it is heavy and hard to maneuver - the maneuverability and "heaviness" of it are greatly improved if one selects the proper brush height. Set it too low and yes, you will be struggling to pull this vacuum back toward you. The first time I used it OMG - it was quite a workout. I figured when I vacuumed I would count that as my upper body workout! Then I read the manual and duh! I raised the brush height one notch and what a difference. It's not light as a feather, but much better. (2) people complain that the brush roll stop (hard floor) switch is hard to move. The manual says it will be easier to move if the machine is on, the handle is released and you rock the machine back so there is no weight on the front wheels. It is hard if you try to move it otherwise. (3) the foot pedal for the handle release is pretty stiff, but if you find the "sweet spot" it's fine - just have to experiment with where to push. On my machine the hard part is getting the handle locked back up. I hope I don't have the belt breakage problems some people have had, but so far I'm pleased with its performance and it seems fairly sturdy to me. I had recently cleaned my carpets with Capture (a dry powder) and this new vac got up quite a bit of powder my old vac left behind. I loathe using tools on an upright thus I have a canister vac for that action - so I can't address the utility of that, but it looks way easier than on my old upright. So far I am happy with this vac, and I am a neat freak who likes her carpets to look perfectly clean! Hope this was helpful...
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on September 9, 2008
My wife and I have been around the block a time or two and, as with many of you, have been through our share of vacuums over the years. I'm here to tell you this one works.
Stay away from the TV "infomercials" plugging no-name vacs and making outlandish claims. Remember the old saying, "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". Trust the "trusted" names.
Eureka has been around a long time. We checked Consumer Reports before investing in a new upright vac. They listed 3 as being excellent buys. 2 were Kenmores and the third was the Eureka 4870 series. The letters at the end of the model don't mean much (the MZ has the "power brush", but the 4870 is important. The ratings of all 3 vacs were basically the same, but the Eureka was half the price.
The sucking power is incredible. It's not the quietest unit in the world, but I'll gladly trade that for the job it does. Right after buying this vac, someone (we have many young, devilish grandchildren), put eggshells in my wife's washing machine (front-load). The shells got into the front seal of the washer, as well as all through the dryer before we saw them. I took the crevice attachment of the Eureka and cleaned both machines out completely in the blink of an eye. By the way, I've seen complaints that the new "power brush" doesn't work. We've had no problem with this attachment. In fact, it's been everything Eureka says it is. If you don't want to try it, there are several other versions of the 4870 that offer the traditional brush instead. We're very happy with this unit.
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on November 19, 2012
This vacuum has many great reviews, as well as many horrible reviews, and I took time to read MANY of both. Everyone seems to agree that it's heavy, and that the footswitch sucks (more on that later) but conversely that it's very powerful. I weighed the pluses and minuses, and decided that this vacuum was the one for me. Now I'll tell you how that worked out. If you wanna skip all my yapping, you can scroll down to the pros and cons.

My main reason for getting it is because it has a hose, and because of the "Sealed HEPA Filtration" designation on the front. We've recently quit smoking at my house, after smoking inside for years. We have cats, AND we have a basement with no windows that open to the dust has a tendency to settle down there...and stay forever (unless we want to spend an absolute fortune on Swiffers). Also with a family member recently returning from a long stint in the hospital with some respiratory issues, it was important to get a vac that would really clean, rather than blow dust, dirt and mold back into the air. Other vacuums (like the Mighty Mite, which I actually ordered and then cancelled at the last minute) have the ability to snap on HEPA filter, but what they don't tell you is that only "True" or "Sealed" HEPA forces ALL the air from the motor and bag through the HEPA filter. Just saying "HEPA" isn't enough, like in the case of the Mighty Mite again, where there are lots of vents that allow air to escape without passing through the filter, rendering its "TRUE HEPA" designation false.

For You HEPA Cats:

The Eureka Boss has rubber gaskets sealing both the bag compartment and the HEPA filter from the outside world, as well as a large oversized foam filter that is clamped over the motor vent (which then empties into the main bag chamber to be filtered through the HEPA anyway) to provide 3 stages of gunkstoppery goodness to keep your air cleaner. Is it a perfect system to rival Miele or Dyson? I couldn't say, because I'm not a scientist, nor do I get paid like a I picked the machine where the manufacturer clearly made the effort to provide top of the line filtration, but at an affordable price. Also a plus is that 3M makes Filtrete bags and HEPA filters that fit, and 3M is pretty much the industry leader when it comes to making stuff that filters out junk you don't want to breathe in.

It Sucks:

As many have pointed out, this vac is POWERFUL. This is the first machine I've ever used where the duster brush actually WORKS, rather than just pushing the dust around. Going from a 4 amp Oreck canister vac to this 12 amp monster was a huge surprise. The suction is amazing, and you can easily pick up large items with the nozzle, which saves having to bend over as much while cleaning (think CDs or paperback books). The vac is indeed heavy, and is somewhat of a workout to pull back, but as others have stated, this can be managed somewhat by making sure you have it set to the correct height for your carpet. One drawback is that if your carpet is very dusty, or if you're vacuuming dry dirt, the placement of the HEPA exhaust door can act as a blower that kicks up the dust and dirt before you can get close enough to vacuum it. Not brilliant, but not a big deal if you clean regularly and don't allow that much dust to build up.

Keeping My Hose In Check:

The hose and extension wand have their pros and cons. As other users have cited the fragility of the hose, I bought the Eureka 15' Universal extension hose, which fits perfectly on to the hose, and lets you put the attachments OR the wand on the other end, and makes it so you don't have to contort or stretch the original hose. This brings me to one of my major gripes. NOTHING fits on the wand that comes with the vacuum. You can either put one of the attachments directly on the hose, or you can put the wand on the hose. You CANNOT put any of the attachments on the wand, because they made the opening too big (either that, or I have it turned around backwards? Will try again tonight)...SO, having an extension hose really comes in handy.A great thing is that our Oreck wands (and thus the attachments) also fit on this vacuum, so between the 3 wands and the extension hose, I can pretty much vacuum the Moon. Another thing I like about the extension wand is that there's a divot inside that seems to catch anything large you accidentally suck up (unless that notch is there cos I have it on backwards....looking at the pics, that seems likely), so if you suck up a tissue, it gets stuck on the notch, giving you time to turn around the hose and pull it out.

About The Footswitch:

I've noticed people complaining about having to press too hard on the footswitch, or about accidentally breaking it because you have to put so much pressure on it. I believe the reason people feel they need to press so hard is because there is absolutely no feedback from the pedal. There's no audible or tactile "click" you feel when you've pushed it far enough, which gives you the impression you need to push it harder...when in fact it's already unlocked. I think the best thing to do is put a tiny bit of backward pressure on the handle as you step on the switch, so as soon as the catch releases, you feel the handle start to move backwards, and thus you know it's ok to stop curb stomping the little plastic doodad. It's also important to note that the switch travels downward to the left, rather than straight down or straight back. It's helpful to push down on the switch with your hand the first time, preferably with the vac on a high counter or table, so you can clearly see how the mechanism works.

A couple other neat things I noticed were that there's a little hook on the side of the top handle where you can hook your cord to help keep it out of the way during use (which would probably help the reviewers who keep running over it). Another cool thing is that, unlike the photos, the Power Paw attachment is now mounted on the front of the handle instead of the back, which I imagine would minimize the complaints people were having with accidentally knocking it off. I haven't bumped it once. Another cool thing is the (seemingly) heavy duty ribbed cord, just like our Oreck has. It's also neat that the front edge is clear, allowing you to see the brush roll and belt ('til it gets too dusty in there to see, lol). It also has extra carrying handles on the front and back, which will help you tame the beast while carrying it up and down stairs.

A couple tiny downsides are that the headlight on it is so dim it's practically useless (not to mention that it's only on one side), the fact that you can't hand-thread the screws during assembly, which gives the sensation that you're cross-threading them or might strip the holes during tightening (which I didn't) but it's really not a big deal since it you only have to assemble it once. The final and most minor gripe is that the big green "show room" sticker on the front (talking about allergens) doesn't peel off nicely like the ones on most home electronics (like microwaves, computers, and DVD players), so you end up with a big ugly green sticker (or worse, a big, ugly, ripped up green sticker) on the front of your otherwise snazzy Ferrari-red vacuum.

So here's the list:


Divot inside hose
Power paw on front now
Rubber sealed hepa & bag door/availabilty of Filtrete bags & filters
Clear front edge
Extra handles on front and back
Heavy ribbed cord
Extra hook on handle for hooking cord
Super sucks w/dusting brush
Fits Oreck attachments/wands


Attachments don't fit on extension wand (or I am stupid?*)
Headlight is practically useless
Sticker doesn't come off
Screws don't thread easily
Exhaust is on the front, which can blow dust and dirt that's in front of vacuum

While it's true that I've only had this vacuum for a week or so....and I haven't gone offroad vacuuming with it to see if the wheels fly off, I feel it is an excellent choice for cleaning on a budget, especially if sealed HEPA filtration is of importance to you. Granted, if you have mad loot to burn, there are lighter vacuums with a better pedigree that you can spend your ducats on.

*Edit: I double checked the wand, and you definitely can't fit attachments at either end.

Edit 2: I AM stupid. The wand pops out into 2 pieces, and then you can stick attachments on. As the commenter below stated:
"Did you ever figure out the wand? I just bought mine and I thought the same thing. Until I pulled really hard on the wand and voila another one came out of the first one. So you should have 2 pieces. The tools/attachments do fit that inside wand. Hope you figured it out."
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on February 15, 2016
I am happy once again. I owned a Eureka Boss for 9 years and was very pleased with the performance. This summer it died and I was upset that I could not find a replacement in the store, so I purchased a lesser Eureka model. I was very disappointed with this purchase as it did not pick up everything on my carpet. I have dark green carpet and there was white lint remaining after several pass overs. I decided to check amazon and found the Boss again. This newer model does seem to be heavier that the previous one, but that's okay. It cleans as well, if not better than the previous model. I read one review that stated it was difficult to push and I experienced that at first, but then I adjusted the height and that was no longer a problem. Needless to say I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone looking for a heavy duty vacuum.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 28, 2014
Look I'm going to be as honest as I possibly can be here. My family buys a vacuum cleaner with the understanding that when we wear it out, it's not getting fixed, it's just going to get replaced. We have, but are not limited to, two large dogs that shed like hell. We love them and therefore use the crap out of a vacuum. So, having said that I never expected this Eureka Boss to last like a Kirby. However, having said all this I do expect any model to live longer than 4 months. My family has owned four(4) of these Eureka Boss vacuums, the last two purchased through Amazon. The first two we owned lasted a couple years a piece. The third one lasted a year and a half or so, before our heavy use basically wore it out completely. This current crap model came with a new whiz bang roller attachment that within a few uses stopped working due to dog hair getting tightly wrapped around the impeller bearing point. Not something that your average person would take the time to figure out by the way, but I like to know what make things tick. I fixed that by actually pulling the little gear off, un-F-ing it, and then reassembling it, WHAT A HASSLE!. PLUS, 4 months of use and the belt broke. Okay, that happens, I guess....however it NEVER happened on the last three models! Anyway, I replaced the belt that came with the newest vacuum purchased, May, 2014. Within minutes that belt broke as well. It just so happened that I had the old worn out broken vacuum still waiting to go to the donation center. So, I took the old worn out belt that had been in service for a year and a half on the old vacuum, and installed it on the this newer vacuum. Guess what? It lived! Between the quality of new and improved attachments, and the dependability of installed components, I have no choice but to burn this review to the ground. Scorched earth! Based on the predicted reliability of past, nearly identical, models I can only assume that Eureka has farmed out it's quality control or production standardization to the lowest bidder! Too bad, because this used to be our go to vacuum, even with the understanding that it was going to be replaced once every other year or so. My family tries to keep a clean home and is willing to spend 150 bucks or so every couple years on a piece of equipment that can perform reliably every time until we break it, and then it gets replaced. It's time to look elsewhere for a vacuum that may be four times the cost but will live a lifetime. Eureka you suck now, and have lost a customer!
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on May 24, 2016
The Eureka Boss Smart vac is an outstanding vacuum cleaner that I've used for the past 10 years. It has over 500 hours and it's still going strong. It has a powerful vacuum for both rugs and cleaning the bare floor. My model weighs 20.5 pounds without the attachments. I would rate the model 5 stars plus for longevity and outstanding service. I paid less than $120 at the time at a local store.

I bought a second unit on June 2013 for $135 from Amazon. It looked almost identical with only a few design changes. The unit weight about the same but had a major flaw in performance that could not be adjusted or fixed. The flaw was the spindle that holds and controls the belt tension was not working properly so that the rug sweeper function was intermittent or non functional. There was no fix or adjustment possible. There were a few other minor issues that indicated it was not built as well as the original unit. The unit was returned to Amazon..and no replacement was made.

This model is discontinued or has limited availability. If you are considering purchasing it, pay no more than $149 as any price beyond that is excessive for what you get. If you do get one expect very good performance. There may be variability in quality control of this unit.

What is the best way to use this vacuum so that you barely feel the weight? I found that if I push the vacuum the entire length of the rug then move it over about slightly less than the width of the head and walk backwards the full length of the carpet. It takes less than 5 minutes per carpet to thoroughly vacuum the carpet and there is no stress on your arm except to pickup the heavy move it over slightly. This vacuum is too heavy to push it back and forth like most people do when using a vac. If you use that technique it's quite exhausting with a heavy vacuum and rough on the arms.

Always check the bag before use to make sure it's not full and replace with the Eureka or the many made for Eureka bags that work just as well.

If you have found a better vac or have any questions please leave a comment.
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on June 9, 2015
This would have been my third Eureka Boss, but I'm sending it back. Loved the old ones (both still working after 9 and 10 years), the cleaning power and on-board tools, but I needed another one for another location. Unfortunately, it has been redesigned. Every time you put the handle back into the full upright position, the brush height adjustment snaps back to bare floors. I called Eureka and was told it is now by design. They are sending me two vacuum bags to compensate. So, now you have to remember to bend over and engage the rollers every time you start vacuuming again. My house is wall-to-wall carpeting, and am always stopping to pick up something, move something out of the way, etc. while I vacuum, so I'm putting the handle back up (so that the vacuum doesn't tip over) many, many times every time I vacuum. I don't consider myself lazy, but can do without the extra step of having to re-engage the brushes over and over and over while I'm vacuuming. In addition, this new vacuum had a high pitched motor noise, and was much louder and noisier than the other 2 old ones which are still working. We turned on all 3 and the new one was a lot louder.
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