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on October 18, 2015
I have previously purchased Polk Audio 2 way book shelf speakers and most recently Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-Inch bookshelf.
As impressed as I have been with the Sony , my choice goes to these JBL.
It was pleasantly slightly bigger than i thought it
would be. Seems VERY solidly built.
Sound is rich, has some modest bass, more than I have experienced with similar sized speakers.
Teams up with my home theatre system..receiver is an Onkyo TX r636.
WORD OF CAUTION!! these are definately much heavier than similar sized speakers, (which I attribute to its quality build) however that being said, I certainly would nit recommend a placement on a wall unless you have a more costly hanging system and appropriate support behind the wall
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on March 8, 2015
I needed two, good quality bookshelf speakers for use with my audio, video system in a very small room with a desk and computer so I bought the JBL ES20's, mainly for the 'super tweeter'. The speakers have an ultra high frequency tweeter which adds depth and transparency to music. The midrange is smooth, clear and never 'muddy'; low frequency reproduction is good but deep reproduction of bass is limited by the small size of the cone, which is normal in speakers in this price range. I have owned them for over eight months and am quite impressed.

The speakers have an accuracy which is evident when listening to a variety of music; I listen to Jazz, Bossa Nova and classic rock mainly on Pandora and am impressed with the difference in soundstage/presence on the recordings. Some place the listener in the front row while others seem more distant, as if the listener was in the middle of the room/auditorium. The speakers are accurate enough to reproduce these differences with a clarity which reminds me of much more expensive units. My amplifier is a first generation Harmon Kardon Pro Logic surround sound audio/video device with 80 watts per channel and it mates well with the JBL E20's. The high current and wide frequency response design of the amplifier allows the speakers to perform to their capability. If I had a bigger room I would turn it into a four channel surround sound environment and would not hesitate to buy other JBL speakers.
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on January 14, 2015
I think that I'm writing this review prematurely because I have yet to buy a good receiver for these speakers. I intend to buy A 75 watt per channel Harmon Kardan audio/video receiver. Even with my old crappy receiver these speakers sound very good. I've heard things in recordings that I've not heard before.The base isn't as great as it could be, but, you have to expect that from such small speakers. You could always buy a subwoofer. I would but I'd like to stay on good terms with my neighbors. They high range on these speakers is great. Someone called this trickle-down technology. You get the same tweeter and super tweeter as the more expensive speakers in this line. I must admit that I thought that a supper tweeter was overkill for the treble but truth is in the hearing. I'd like to play around with these more after I get the receiver, to see if you can actually tell the difference between a CD and a recording that has been compressed on an MP3 player. I'll keep you posted.
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on June 3, 2015
Fantastic speakers. Using them as front speakers on a 7.1 system. I have tried 5 or 6 different speakers at this location over the past year, and when I got these and hooked them up, that was it - I had found my speakers. The others I had tried were all around the same price point, and most sounded just fine, but these JBL ES20's just completed the soundstage in a very distinct way. They have plenty of bass, anyone who is complaining about not enough bass clearly doesn't know what they are talking about - for a speaker of this size and quality the bass is way, way above average. I was a bit leery about the "super tweeter" or whatever it's called, thought it sounded a bit gimmicky. I have no way of telling how much it actually adds to the sound, but apparently whatever it does, it does well. The sound is BIG and FULL - just perfect for surround sound. I haven't listened to a whole lot of music on them, but what I have sounded great. Very satisfying purchase. I am tempted to buy another pair...
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on January 17, 2013
I have 2 pairs of JBL ES30's, which are the big brothers of these ES20's. My ES30's sound fantastic on my main system, but I am building another smaller system in my basement. I needed a smaller set of speakers for that system, so I turned to JBL again (no surprise there) to see what they had available in a smaller set of speakers. I needed speakers that would fit in my smaller basement setup. These speakers measure 12.5" tall, 6.875" wide, and 8" deep. They are just the right size and look terrific in my smaller system.

Upon opening the box, I was immediately impressed. These speakers weigh just over 10 pounds each, and they feel very solid. They have the same look and feel as my JBL ES30's, and I couldn't wait to get them hooked up.

My basement system is simple: A Sony receiver and blu-ray player, and a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV. I hooked up my new JBL ES20's and put in a CD to listen to. Wow! I could not believe my music was coming from such small speakers! The basement was filled with clear, lively music. And I did not even have them turned up very loud. The best way I can describe the sound is clear, lively, and punchy.

You are not going to get window-rattling bass from a 5 inch woofer, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how much bass these speakers do produce. I found myself looking around the room for `real' source of all this punchy, tight sound!

I am referring to these speakers as `small,' but that is relative. They are just over a foot tall, so you may perceive that as `medium sized' or more, depending on your needs. These are small compared to the larger ES30's, which are just over 15 inches tall. But these `small' ES20 speakers look and sound so good, I would go as far as to say they would most likely be more than adequate for most people's sound system, either for music, movies, sports, or just about anything.

These are fantastic speakers. JBL will not disappoint you from the moment you open the box.
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on May 14, 2016
Got this on a whim and did not expect much as I have never been a JBL fan but very impressed by these. Using for my computer off an older Yamaha 5.1 receiver mixed temp with some mirage speakers which I wish I never bought. :) Using them alone for music they sound great and have wonderful imaging. Using with the Mirage mixed in shows how poor and tinny the mirage units are. If you like clean sound with instrument separation and imaging I would pick these up.
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on March 23, 2014
I became a fan of JBL when I bought of set of Century L100's back in 1972. These were the consumer version of the studio monitor and had the colored foam square grills. I bought all 3 colors of, orange, and brown. The sound was incredible and so realistic.

Well, these ES20 speakers continue that same great JBL tradition. I recently joined the new generation and upgrade my television from a RCA 35" tube monster weighing some 165 pounds to a 50" flat screen LED television. I instantly saw what I had been missing for the last few years. Then to continue this modernization I wanted to upgrade my sound. I went with a Dayton 12" powered sub woofer but chose these JBL ES20's as my front speakers. And I have not been disappointed. They sound crystal clear and crisp, very realistic and have decent bass on their own. They go down to 65 hz according to the specs but sound really good. They are very nice looking speakers and are not overly large.

I am well pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nice set of bookshelf speakers.
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on February 1, 2014
To give a little background to this review: I'm not an audiophile. This purchase is an upgrade from a pair of 20watt sony speakers that were roughly $100 when I purchased them 8 years ago. These speakers are connected to my computer, and paired with the Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver (R-S201BL).

I am incredibly impressed with the improvement over my old speakers. At roughly $300, this pairing is not that expensive for the sound quality. The bass is fantastic, mid tones are clear, and the sound has none of the muffle that comes with cheaper speakers. I previously purchased a $350 samsung soundbar as a replacement for my speakers, but wasn't happy at all with the improvement over my cheaper speakers, so I returned it. The soundbar had decent sound but this speaker/receiver combination, at less expense, provides much more. Of course it's not anywhere near as compact, so I guess that should be part of the consideration there.

The speakers are beautiful with the coverings removed, and they look exactly as they do in the photo. They don't have any cheap plastic. They sound is equally good for movies and music. I was listening to some recordings by Bill Cosby as well, and the clear bass really preserved the feeling of being in an auditorium.

I suggest these speakers strongly to any nubile, just make sure that you purchase the speaker wire, as they don't come with any. Also, you'll need an RCA connecter suitable to your needs. They're very easy to connect to the receiver, all you need is a wire stripper to connect the speaker wire.
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on January 17, 2013
I bought these for my gf for Christmas. They are a very nice set of speakers. I compared them back and forth with a $300 pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers that I have owned for years and they sound nearly identical. The Klipsch speakers are a bit warmer and tighter (less airy), but if I had to buy again, I would go for the JBLs at half the price of Klipsch set. You just aren't getting the $150 more out of the Klipsch speakers in my opinion. I give a 5 star rating because the price and sound quality is excellent. My only issue with them is they are not the pretty to look at. I do not like the casing, the screens, or the logo on the font. The Klipsch set is much prettier, wood, full front screen cover, and pretty gold emblem, but again, bot worth the extra $150 in my opinion. I would recommend these to my friends and family, but I am also interested in the polk bookshelf speakers that are $100 on Amazon. They have great reviews and might be worth a shot as well.
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on September 18, 2014
Got'em today! Perfect complement to my HK 3390. Great for listening to true l+r stereo music without sacrificing musicality for gimmicky surround setups.
review image
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