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on March 28, 2009
Ive been using wireless phones for a great many years and have been disappointed more times than not. I tried these because Ive learned that price does not always match performance when it comes to wireless headsets. From the first time I walked around my house with these on I noticed that they have a much greater range than most costing allot more.I listen to mostly podcasts so the lack of deep bass is not an issue.
I also noticed they are secure and comfy. Anyone looking for a first set of wireless phones will not do better than these for the money. They sound better than my three times the price Sony phones and are interference free when adjusted properly. In fact they perform better than any others I have ever owned so far (about six different brands and price ranges). I can even walk outside and empty the garbage or do a little gardening around the house and still I hear no breaks in audio.
And one final hint for these things is get some higher amp hour rated batteries. They ship with 500mah so replacing them with some Lenmar or Ultralast 800-1000mah types greatly increases the run time. Just make sure they are the NiMh type.
After more than a year and a second set in another room I still prefer these for their clear audio and great range. Both pair working fine
Try them and you will like them.
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I had an Altec Lansing unit ($130.00) that was OK for a few years, then it could not pick up signal 2Ft away.
So, I had to junk it.
A.L. Use to be a good company with excellent products... don't know what happened. However, they did offer to exchange it (did) and the second unit had quality issues as well and finally had to toss it.

I was not about to spend $100 for another unit and looking at the low-end of the products offered. Cables Unlimited always had satisfactory products and I thought I should give this unit a shot. I didn't want to buy any units that needs battery replacement and this one has a re-chargable headset.

Battery charged up and tried it.
It works as claimed in the stated distance without any problems.Close doors or other rooms had no effect on this whatsoever. If anyone has a problem with the distance, then your unit may be faulty and send it back.

The sound is perfect if you're watching TV but I have not tried it with music. Sounds like it is a bit shy on the bass or deeper sounds, but that's not a factor for TV viewing. I would recommend this unit over some of the more expensive units.

If you desire deeper sound this may not provide it and start saving your money in the $300.00 range units or more. SO, don't expect a $40.00 unit to sound like made by BOSE and other hi-end companies. The quality of workmanship of this unit is surprisingly right up there.


I bought four of them and two already failed. One of the unit the right side stopped working. The other unit would not charge the batteries. None of the units really works as it should. Looks like a good design but the quality is not very good. I sent them back and exhanged it for same model, hope I get a working unit this time.
When it work properly it's really good and it has a long range.
BTW, you can't have two unit on the same time in a same home. It will interfere with each other. No matter if you select different channels... don't work either way. So, one unit per household or a long distance between units.
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on May 8, 2009
I got these for my 4-year-old, so she could listen to her cacophonous TV shows without annoying everyone else in the apartment, and also so she wouldn't hang herself on the wired headphones she had used. They fit her head well and aren't heavy.

They sound fine for non-audiophile purposes (such as kids TV shows), charge efficiently (they're always ready to go; they charge at night and while she's at school), and the green/red LED tells you whether it's charging or charged.

I do wish they sat more securely in the charging cradle, as sometimes it takes a couple tries to get them seated properly, but i don't know how you'd implement that without making the cradle and headphones square or hexagonal or something awkward.
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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2009
I bought these to use in the office since I kept rolling over the cable on my wired phones with my chair. I had the same problem of losing the signal abruptly that another reviewer noted until I swapped out the included no-name rechargeable AAA batteries with some rechargeable Sony branded batteries. With a good strong charge on them I have no problems at all connecting and staying connected. They're comfortable, not too heavy and sound fine. A very good value.
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on October 29, 2010
These headphones are FANTASTIC!! Tried others (much more expensive)... and you had to sit directly in front of the television just to get the correct signal. With these headphones, we can go throughout the entire house and get clear crisp reception!! The sound quality is excellent and I couldn't be more pleased. Now I can finally hear my television in the kitchen without the distraction of the shows my hubby watches since we have an open concept house!! NO MORE FIGHTS to "turn your TV down please!"! The best buck we ever spent...
Why pay MORE????
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on January 19, 2010
These things just work. I'm using them for TV and gaming, so I can't speak to the high end sound attributes, but I've been using for a couple of weeks now and despite some warnings (even in the user instructions) I've yet to have the audio disconnect because of a weak signal, and I've worn them to different floors and rooms while a show is playing. The sound is clear (no static), connecting to audio source is pain free, the recharger works without a lot of jiggling and jostling to make the connection, and what else is there to say? Just not sure about battery life because I use them for a couple hours at a time at most, then they are back on the recharger. Guess you may want to keep a spare pair of AAAs around in case you simply must watch an entire Three Stooges marathon with the 'phones on. Because of earlier reviews I did start out with 1100 mAh batteries, but I switched back to the included ones which say they are 600 mAh, and they have been fine so far for couple-hour stints. Again - I am not testing the limits of these, I am just here to tell you they work as advertised, and with no difficulties, for a good price. I'm glad I picked them from among all the other choices.
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on July 31, 2011
I bought this item as a father's day gift. I had charged the batteries and tested the product before giving it. At first I was preoccupied by a noticeable humming noise, similar to that of capacitance on a wired headphone's cable. Keeping the source audio above 70% power decreases this.

As a product, it has a target audience. Anyone too bothered by "okay" audio quality wouldn't be buying one of the cheapest available wireless headphones. A wired set for the same price should be good enough and anything better would either be mean to last longer or will have diminishing returns in other aspects.

On the plus side, they look very slick and have an ergonomic design. They make a visually pleasing addition to any respectable pile of electronic doodads. If you mean it as a gift, remember to make up some convoluted packaging (brown paper, two bags and a suitcase) that will get their hopes down, thinking it'll be a gag or something worthless. Especially good for movie junkies.

04/03/13 UPDATE: The headphones are still running. They only issue we've found with them is that if there is a sound similar to static they will turn off for a moment (thinking it's static). If this is a big issue for you, at this price range you'd be better off with a wired set.
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on June 22, 2009
The headphones were purchased through Amazon from AntOnline. I bought this model because of the decent reviews and great price. When I got my headphones there was a periodic knocking sound in the earphones that I determined to be in the headset itself. I contacted AntOnline by email and they responded the very same day. (Amazing, eh?). After a few back and forth emails they gave me an RMA number and I returned the headset. Within a week I had a replacement unit. (Also amazing, eh?) This one worked better and I an thoroughly pleased with AntOnline. As for the headset, the sound is very good for a low end unit, but I do experience some dropouts after I move out of the room in which the transmitter is located. The further away I get the more dropouts I experience. It's definitely an issue of low transmit power because I can move my head slightly one way or the other and get a signal. So overall, these are pretty good headsets for the money, but don't count on going very far if you are moving.
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on February 14, 2011
Since I never owned a wireless Headphone before and reviews for all the phones were never a unanimity, I decide for this one because the price was very reasonable.

I bought to my wife as a gift. It doesn't come in a box but in one of those annoying plastic hard to open cases...

My first impression wasn't so good but once I put it to work we couldn't be happier it does what it suppose to...I'm not audiophile so I don't care for super duper crystal clear audio.

This phone works fine and was I so happy that now I own three.(One for my PC, one for F/Rm and one for my B/Rm). The last too the price was even cheaper comparing to my first purchase.

We've been using it for over a year and never had any problem with.
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on April 20, 2010
I bought these for listening mostly to the TV and occasionally music. They are NOT the sound quality of my Sennheisers, hence the average rating. To be fair, they cost a lot less and would be a great value except for one problem. They have an intermittent loss of sound that is aggravating. It may not appear for long periods and then there is a silence for a split second usually followed by a few more - almost like clicking but without a "click" sound. That is the best I can do to describe it. I bought better batteries but to no avail. I also tried turning the volume up high as several reviewers suggested but that did not work either. I wrote the distributer only to be told that I could try a sound amplifier. If you buy batteries and amplifier, why not just purchase better headphones to begin with? I suspect they do not wish to admit fault with the product and they did not offer to fix or exchange for a proper working set - not a good policy. I was within 10 feet of the source so distance was not an issue and they do,in fact, pick up a signal at a long distance but the problem exist at both short and long range. The voice quality is good but bass is subdued. They are also comfortable and I did not find putting them back in the stand for charging an issue, once you get use to it. For the hard of hearing, they may suffice for TV listening although you may miss occasional words when the sound goes out. You will have to decide if it is worth it in your situation but do not expect high quality listening of good music.
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