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on January 13, 2016
The LiceGuard Robi Comb is NOT a one-time treatment, nor is it an instant fix. This is a product that takes a daily commitment for two weeks but I promise if you follow the correct protocol it WILL completely get rid of the lice. I have two children (now adults) that attended a school district with a notorious lice family battled lice for 10 YEARS! Regardless of how diligent our household was about becoming lice-free, so many other children were infested in the schools that we had a new household infestation every 3 to 4 months. All it took is one shared hairbrush, headband, beanie, hoodie, etc. and the cycle started all over again. I was not at all thrilled about constantly exposing my kids to the chemicals and I couldn't believe the outrageous prices of the "all natural" treatments (I believe that active ingredient was licorice or something of that nature)...when you have to treat 2 or more family members at a time it gets really pricey. Plus, I learned that the treatments can basically breed "super bugs" because any bugs that survive the shampoo treatments will continue to breed and make new lice that are also more resistant to the shampoo treatments...a vicious, never-ending cycle (seriously, search "super lice" in your web browser and read up on the growing problem). After so much wasted money and countless hours of combing out nits, I decided there had to be a better way and started to do my research.
When I bought my Robi comb all those years ago, it was about $40 at Walgreens. I gasped at the price tag but I was desperate for a better solution. The first time I used the Robi comb to treat our household, I knew I had finally found the silver bullet to our lice problem.
Now, for the comb came with very detailed instructions so I had no problem learning and following the protocol. I am not sure what the instructions are like these days, but based on the comments of folks who gave this product a low rating, I tend to believe the instructions are either A - not as clear as they used to be, or B - not being read and followed by the users. First, this comb will NOT comb out eggs and nits. Yes, the tines on the comb are too far apart to comb out the small stuff; that is not how this comb is designed to work. When you turn the comb on, you should hear a constant buzzing sound. As you slowly comb through DRY hair, you will hear the buzz stop. This means that something is touching two or more tines, has broken the circuit and the object is being shocked...the stopped buzzing lets you know the circuit has been interrupted. Please note that a lice bug, piece of dandruff, blanket fuzz, knot of hair, etc. will break the circuit - anything that touches 2 or more tines at once will do so. When you hear the buzzing stop, slowly pull the comb all the way out of the hair. In order to clear the circuit and start the buzzing again, you have to clear the tines. My comb came with a little nylon brush but you could easily use an old toothbrush. We would stand by the sink and I would brush out the tines and splash a little water into the sink to wash the bugs down the drain (some of the bigger ones will not be killed by the shock, they will still be wiggling, but I didn't care and would just flush them down the drain). **IMPORTANT** do not rinse the Robi comb under water, always use a dry bristle brush on the Robi comb to knock the bugs, etc. loose. When you hear the buzzing start again you know that the comb is ready to zap and you can start combing again. Continue this process until you are able to comb pretty quickly through the whole head without the buzzing getting interrupted. At this point, there will still be eggs and nits on the head because the comb will only get the bigger adults. Do not waste your time continuing to pick out nits and truly isn't necessary. Here is the key to the Robi comb working, you repeat this routine daily for two weeks. What you are doing is killing the bugs as they grow larger but before they grow large enough to reproduce and lay new eggs. So every day, the eggs remaining on the head continue to hatch, the remaining nits will continue to grow, and you are just "weeding" out the colony until nothing is left...everyday the combing process should get quicker and quicker because there are fewer bugs left. You MUST continue the combing regimen daily for 2 weeks because it can take that long for all of the eggs to hatch and grow, and you don't want to leave a single bug on the head. By the third or fourth day, you probably will not find any adults at all but just continue the daily combing until the 2 weeks is up. The first day of combing would usually take us 15-20 minutes if it was a bad infestation, and then every day thereafter was maybe 5-10 minutes tops.
If you have read this far, you probably think that this sounds like a lot of effort. But honestly this was a piece of cake compared to shampooing followed by 1-2 hours of constant combing to remove every last nit...and lets get real, if you miss 1 single bug with the shampoo then the nightmare just starts all over again. Plus, the traditional tiny lice comb + sensitive heads = LOTS of tears.
Other benefits that I really appreciated about this product: it was a one time investment that I have been able to use on every family member for years (all I had to do was replace batteries from time to time). Also, the fact that you can completely skip washing sheets, washing clothes, vacuuming couches, sealing stuffed animals in garbage bags, etc. etc. Honestly, I got to the point where I didn't care if there were bugs on these other items because they would either die on their own or climb onto heads at night and get zapped the following day in the next round of Robi combing. As long as you comb daily for two weeks, you are interrupting the mating/egg-laying cycle and killing the bugs that remain in your house and on your head(s). If this part creeps you out, by all means wash and vacuum everything. Personally, I got over the creep factor pretty quickly once I realized how much money, time and sanity I was saving by letting the Robi comb handle it all.
The ONLY con I can think of with the Robi comb is that it is capable of giving you a little shock. This mostly happens to us if you accidentally brush the comb against the ears, across a mole, or if you hold the comb at a 90 degree angle to your head and press too hard. As long as you pay attention to what you are doing as you comb, this really shouldn't be a problem. And it isn't a really painful shock, more of an unpleasant zap that surprises you. But compared to the itchiness of a raging lice infection, I will take a little zap any day.
I honestly believe that every household with children should own a Robi comb and all of the horrible, toxic treatments should be legally banned. If you use it correctly, I do not see how you will be disappointed.
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on September 22, 2016
My daughter came home from camp with lice. This is the first experience I have ever had with lice, so I promptly headed to the pharmacy to pick up a bottle of lice shampoo. I wanted it taken care of right away, so I got the extra strength stuff that supposedly kills the "super lice" that are resistant to being killed by the lice shampoos. I washed her hair following the package directions exactly. Several lice died and came out in the wash. I thought I had success. I then spent a torturous 2.5 hours meticulously combing through her long thick hair with a "professional" metal nit comb. A lot came out so I thought we had conquered them. The next day, we went through the 2.5-hour comb-through process again. She had many live bugs that did not look at all fazed by the shampoo residue that was supposedly still active. I ordered the Robi-Comb at this point. The next day, same 2.5 hour comb-through - more bugs came out than the day before. Obviously the shampoo did not work (I later found out from a medical journal that the OTC shampoos are only 25% effective. Pharmacists are no longer even recommending to use the shampoos because they are a neuro-disruptor and are not effective. Shame on them for selling toxic products that don't even work!!).

Finally my RobiComb arrived. The entire comb-through process was dramatically cut down - from 2.5 hours to 30 minutes - because you can comb through a bigger section at once. The RobiComb gets out the tiniest of newly-hatched bugs (see my picture - you will see an adult louse, a nymph, and a few newly-hatched bugs). Within 1 week, my daughter was completely lice-free! Unfortunately, sometime during this process my son got lice too. One week with the RobiComb for 10 minutes a day (he has short hair) and he is lice-free as well. Our entire family now uses the RobiComb on a weekly basis just as a preventative measure.
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on November 16, 2017
This arrived, batteries placed, ran for 15 seconds. New batteries, won’t turn on!
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on December 16, 2015
Didn't work!
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on May 14, 2015
didn't work very good
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on October 22, 2016
Worked really well! We were desperate but very happily surprised! It was a great investment and well worth the price - which, I might add, is less than half the price charged by our local Wally's!
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on May 13, 2015
I put the battery in, and it worked for all of 2 seconds before shutting itself off permanently. It's poorly made.
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on October 3, 2014
this worked great. So easy to use and it works.
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on January 23, 2017
Love this product!
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on March 16, 2015
Company was amazingly helpful in replacing one I could not open.
Have used it few times and think it works.
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