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on January 30, 2015
These worked great on a 10 day surf trip to Puerto Rico, and around New England. No problem going 70 mph in the highway with a longboard and a surfboard stacked together.

The secret to avoid noise from straps in the wind at high speed is to roll the straps tightly before connecting them inside the car, so the part that is on the roof has a round shape, more aerodynamic, instead of the regular flat shape of the strap. I had zero noise by doing this. Also make sure no strap end is loose or is going to slap against the roof and make a lot of noise too.
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on November 30, 2015
If you don't have hard racks for your car and don't intend to use hard racks often, this product may serve you well. I didn't want to purchase hard racks for a vehicle being leased and purchased this to transport two surfboards. At 80 miles an hour, this product works just fine.

Keep in mind that you do need to learn one lesson (and you will) whereas you will need to twist the straps that are vertical so they do not act like a wind instrument. If you don't twist the straps, you'll get thoroughly annoyed by the very loud vibration noise, you'll pull over, and you will re-apply the straps with a twist.

There are a couple other things to keep in mind about this product. First, the straps are designed to wrap around your roof which means the straps will go through the inside of your car and you will tighten the straps on the inside of the car. Although this design works, it could potentially be annoying on some cars because the passengers may have the interior strap at their heads. To help alleviate this problem, I simply lowered my drivers seat to keep the strap away from the top of my head.

I happen to like the fins up and in the front - to me it just looks cool. So another consideration regarding this product is that you will want the front rack to be placed as far forward as possible - positioning it on the downward slope of the car roof. The reason for this is because this will force the boards downward into the roof as the wind hits the boards - keeping them from rising upward. But then again, one way to avoid forward lift (if you don't mind looking less cool) would be to put the nose of the board forward and down.

Happy surfing.
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on November 7, 2016
As a long time surfer and user of many different racks, both hard and soft, I can say that this is well constructed and relatively easy to use. It served it's purpose for me and now resides at a family member's house that I like to visit along with a few boards. I have used it (and will continue to) for times that I visit places I want to surf and have a rental or loaner car with no racks. I have used this with one 9' long board and with 2 short boards. I'm pretty confident it could carry a second longboard if needed, but there are some tricks (included below).

This is the type of soft rack that passes through your car (on the inside through the door seals) and holds 1-2 boards on top. It does not come with the door seal grasper things, but rather has a tie down system that secures the two ends of the line inside the car. I highly recommend twisting the line that sits on the top of the car between the door and the actual board pad/tie down. By twisting the line you will ensure that you don't get the flapping sound that others have complained about. Only 1- 2 twists usually fixes it (just a wind problem), but I like to basically twist it all the way up. I have not noticed any degradation in the quality of the product through the uses. You do want to make sure you understand the tie-down system (I recommend watching a quick video...or just looking closely at the direction of the 1,2,3 arrow markers that are actually on the metal tie-downs). The boards WILL lift and shift and move a little while you drive....but I've been on the freeway going 70+ in driving rain and the boards don't come off if properly installed. Most of the movement is from the racks just moving a little (nothing abnormal) which translates to some bouncing in the board on occasion...basically a little movement shouldn't be a reason for concern. BUT, if it's raining you will likely get drips inside your car (remember how the line tie downs are in the car??). There is no way to avoid this, the line that runs into the car acts like a candle wick, drawing the water inside if it's raining outside. This isn't as big a problem in light rain though. I don't recommend these as everyday racks for all your needs....but, they are pretty solid and especially useful for travelling, rental cars, occasional surfboard transport needs.
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on June 6, 2016
Way too expensive for what it is, like most products that have to do with surfing. But I give it one star because if you drive through a patch of rain the webs will wick water in and the rain water literally pours down like someone left a tap slightly open. Never ever use them for a paddle board or anything over 8'.
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on August 16, 2016
I give this 2.5 stars. If you're driving around town it actual works ok. At any speed over 50 mph it sounds like a space shuttle is taking off on your roof and its scary. I got to 65 mph before I pulled over and put the boards in the car.
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on July 13, 2016
Change to my review now that I've used it quite a bit. Still 5 Stars just wanted to make some positive things about in the review. So first off It's easy to use and easy to get on your car. Secondly it really will move on your roof. I have a tiny 2003 Hyundai sedan and this holds my 7'6 and my 6' board no problem at all!
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on January 19, 2014
The racks are so easy to install, it is almost magic. It takes me less then 5 mins to install the racks and the board.

Two issues. First, the front rack can make horrible sounds when you go 50 mph and above. To avoid that, just twist the straps on top, so that they touch the roof almost all the way. That way, they won't act a tout string. You only need to do this for the *front* rack, because the rear one will sit in the airflow nicely.

Second, if you drive with it in the rain *the water will get inside the car* via straps. The only way to deal with this is to get roof rails, because any soft rack will have this problem.
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on March 2, 2016
This is an excellent piece equipment. I used it in Costa Rica and it worked flawlessly carrying 9'0" board bag containing 3 boards on top of a Hyundai Grand I10 Sedan (quite small) over highways, by-ways and dirt roads. The modification of putting "1,2,3" on the metal loops the straps go through makes lashing racks to car and boards to racks much faster and easier than previous version.
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on August 24, 2013
Great product
Very easy to setup and disassemble.
Easy to use
D-lock technology is great
I recommend to everyone who does not have crossbars in the car
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on September 26, 2014
The FCS Premium Single Soft Surfboard Rack will get the job done if you're looking for a decent product. I use it for a 9-foot long board, and drive 3 hours to reach my surf spot. The board stays fairly secured throughout the ride, but the best way to transport a board would be a hard rack. If for some reason, you cannot install a hard rack on your car, I would suggest this product. The installation is simple and can be done by yourself. If the instructions that come with the product are difficult to understand, you can go on YouTube and find a helpful video on how to install it. I did this, and it was very easy to understand. In fact, before you purchase it, I would recommend watching the video to get a better understanding of the installation and durability.
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