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on August 6, 2012
I'm actually Randy's wife--I just used his account for the purchase! I ordered this bag for my trip to NYC this week and also for my daughter to use when she tours Europe next summer. Originally I liked it for the security features, but I was a little disappointed in the appearance. It definitely doesn't look like a purse! It is nylon and has more of a mini computer bag look to it. But after using it all week walking all over New York City, I now LOVE this bag and will probably use it for every vacation I take. What I like most about it is that it has numerous slots, pockets, and compartments for everything, so it's easy to keep things organized and find them when needed. It also seems pretty small on the outside, but it could hold so much! Every time I thought it was full, I'd try stuffing one more thing in, and it would fit!

The items I carried around with me all week in this bag: In the back zippered compartment--various credit cards, driver's license, Metro Card (for the subway), passes and tickets. There is also a pocket which would fit a passport, but I didn't need mine this trip. They were pretty easy for me to get to, but would have been very hard for a pickpocket to try to take. In the front, flap pocket (the flap has a magnet to keep it closed and there is a zipper under it. It doesn't look exactly like the picture, but similar) I carried my guidebook, subway map, brochures, large tickets, and a small notepad. These items were used often, and were easy to get to. In the inside, main zippered compartment: My small, point-and-shoot camera, my cell phone, a tube of lip balm, a travel-sized tube of sunscreen, and a pen (all in their own easily-accessible pockets), and then in the bottom of the main compartment, a small wallet-sized bag, which holds pills, nail clippers, eye drops and other personal items, a tube of lotion, a travel-pack of tissues, and a folded up plastic bag for carrying purchases (I never ended up using it!). They all fit in the very bottom, which left a good amount of room at the top of this main compartment for both mine and my husband's sunglasses or small souvenirs. In the vertical pockets on the ends of the bag, I could carry a full-size water bottle in each, or sunglasses, or a travel-size umbrella. I found that I never wanted for more room in the bag.

I felt like the bag was very comfortable to wear around, and even fully loaded, wasn't too heavy. When walking a long distance, I liked to slide the bag around to rest on the back of my hips/my behind. That seemed to take all the weight off my upper back. But when I needed anything, it was really easy to slide it around to the front and get at anything quickly. Since I was wearing the bag everywhere, I didn't have to worry about remembering to take it with me when I left, and I could get to things in the bag one-handed if needed. I am about 5'7" and did not loosen the strap all the way to wear it comfortably across my body. There was plenty of room to make it shorter or longer. I didn't find the cable in the strap uncomfortable at all. I liked how flat the bag was against my body. I never felt like it was bulky or in the way.

The fabric looks very durable, easy to wipe off, and, as mentioned in other reviews, the light blue inside makes things easy to see. I highly recommend this bag!
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on June 12, 2012
Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger BagI had tried to rig up some functional and comfortable combinations to carry my stuff through airports, on trains and buses, and along rough streets, but they all failed me. They slipped and flopped and slowed me down. What to do? Well, maybe more than less. I ordered four--yes, four--types of bags that might fit over my suitcase handle and trundle along neatly. Three of them have gone back. The Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag stays. I tried it around town and then loaded it up for South America. It worked. Splendidly. I loaded my credit cards, a pen, my cell phone, a folding brush, my travel documents, glasses, tissues and gum. Oh yes, and my iPad. I just wish it had a section for money. I used a tiny wallet. I carried my water bottles in the zip compartments. I clipped my miniature camera pouch to the carabiner, and I was good to go. Confession: I added an ergonomic should pad--perfect! Second confession: It didn't slip over my suitcase handle, but it traveled so easily on my shoulder that it didn't matter. It's a keeper.
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on March 26, 2014
The flap is held shut with a magnet, and mine is slightly askew. The seam opened up and the frayed edges poked out after I only used it for 5 wks. I'm going to return it if I can. Travelon hasn't gotten back to me yet. Also, the inside pockets are too shallow for the new cell phones. I would have used it except for the frayed seam, which will only get worse.

Review Continued:
I called Travelon customer service and they agreed to send me a new bag, which I received today. It looks better than the first one, since the flap is not crooked. They were very polite and helpful on the phone.
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on December 1, 2013
I bought this for our family trip to NYC. I wanted a secure purse to carry my Kindle around with me - didn't want to leave it in the hotel room unattended. My Kindle Fire HD 7" did not fit in it at all with its Otter Back case in place. I was not about to remove the case because the purse alone would not have protected it very well from bumps/drops. Also, the main opening of the purse was not very big so it was hard to see/find items in the main compartment. However, my daughter-in-law likes smaller bags and liked all the pockets this bag boasts so she now uses it happily. For me it was a 3 Star bag...for my daughter-in-law it's a 4 Star bag.
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on January 31, 2014
I spent a semester in Austria and traveled around a bit. It's a great size that can pack a lot, without a lot of bulk. It's also not too terrible looking for such a functional purse. I really felt secure since it's entirely cut-resistant and all openings have some kind of device that would make it time-intensive and hard to not notice if someone was trying to get inside.

I did carry bottles of water in it, but the cable in the strap made that a little uncomfortable after a while. A flat and broad cable would have been more comfortable. But without the water bottle, it was never a problem.
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on May 16, 2014
The interior pockets are a bit problematic. When you try to slide something into the (rather small) main purse compartment, the pockets get caught on whatever you are putting in there- like the corner of a wallet or a guidebook. I love the zip open expanding bottle holder but, unfortunately, the added weight makes the steel cable in the strap dig into your shoulder pretty quickly. I found I had to keep the weight down as much as possible or that cable would make carrying the purse really painful. The strap definitely needs better padding.

The outside pocket that has both a zip and a magnet flap is genius.
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on June 22, 2013
The strap on this purse has a steel cable that pokes through the fabric where the purse strap meets the body of the purse. I was on a 10-day trip in Ireland, on a bus tour, and was unable to do any real shopping for a replacement, so I just stuck it out. Stupid thing stuck me in the finger half a dozen times, caused bleeding, like a needle! Ouch!! I expected better construction. On the plus side, it does accommodate my iPad mini, so it's certainly large enough, deceptively so. I liked the fact that the strap is long enough that - extended at full length - I could wear it cross-ways across my body and it hung low on my hip (which I like) and I am quite tall, so it was a good length. Just wish that dumb strap with the steel cable wire in it hadn't unraveled, causing pain to my poor fingertips!
Author's note: When I e-mailed Wayfair (an appropriate name for this business!) they promptly sent me a replacement purse at no extra charge, no questions asked! An honorable way to do business!! So I'm changing my "one star" to a "three stars"! Nice!
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on April 10, 2013
This bag is very useful for travel, especially if you are worried about pickpockets or purse snatchers. It looks very functional, which means it's not the cutest purse out there, but it doesn't look bad. I like the variety of pockets and organization features, and it cleans up well when it get's smothered in sunscreen accidentally. I think it's waterproof...but I wouldn't try it. It was fine in the rain and nothing got wet inside it. You do have to very purposefully open the locks (you can't just reach down and flick them open) but that's the whole point of it being an anti-theft bag. I have taken it on two vacations and it's doing great. My only complaint is that the strap adjuster lengthens on it's own as the day goes by, and so several times over the course of a day I had to re-shorten it. I might just add some stitches to keep it where I want it.
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on May 20, 2014
Looks like a great bag, but it is SMALL. Really, really small. The opening is no more than 8 inches across, despite the dimensions listed. There are a lot of great little pockets (the key word being "little"), and it is very nice looking I have another secure travel bag, but it is butt ugly, and I hoped to replace it with something more attractive. This isn't it, just isn't big enough for my needs. I'll be returning it.
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on May 6, 2012
I selected this bag for a European trip, having been warned of expert pickpockets in Rome. It was exactly what we needed. It was comfortable for both my husband and I to carry and provided good security. It has a main compartment which was large enough to carry a small camera, guidebook, etc. Each side also has a zippered compartment suitable for a passport and credit cards. The locking zippers are secure but not overly cumbersome to access when needed. Sides have expandable space for water bottles. People have commented on the size, and we found it to be large enough to hold everything we wanted to carry. Anything larger could get heavy for basic touring. After a European tour it still looks brand new. Highly recommended.
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