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on February 24, 2010
I'll start with saying that the limitations of the design of the system didn't allow me to use the alarm system to its fullest ability. Due to the phone system we have and the way the alarm system requires to be tied into the phone system, we could not use the dialer.

That being said...

The setup of the alarm was pretty straight forward. It took me a few tries to get through the initial setup, but it worked. I would recommend setting everything up on a table and use a sheet of paper with the numbers and what they are supposed to be used for. For example, the door sensors are numbered 10-? (depending on the system), the motion was 20-? and such. Number your front door as #11, back door #12, windows.... etc. This will allow you to go through and make logical sense of what unit is "activated". My only issue IS the numbering system and its limitations. For example, I would have wanted to number my garage door #6, the garage window #7 the motion sensor #8. But because the instructions said they had to go in their pre-designated group of numbers, I couldn't group my numbers to a location of the house/garage. If I got an activation of #24 I would have to see on a quick reference sheet what was causing the activation.. Beyond this, that was my only issue with the numbering of the sensors.

Programming: I somehow activated two door sensors the same number but was unable to un-program the one sensor. It appears as if I would have to delete ALL the programming I had setup. This seems to be a big flaw in the system. If I deleted or needed to delete one, you actually have to "wipe" the memory and re-program the entire system. Huge flaw I feel.

Use: The system is "wireless", but uses a lot of wires (power, alarm horns, phone, etc). It could be worse, but just take into consideration that your control box will have a power wire into it (battery backup) and a wire for the alarm horn exiting it at a minimum. When we have had accidental activations you can very easily "silence" the alarm by unplugging the horn from it. Our system has the black-remote direct plug in (110vlt) horn. The horn has a "broken" siren. It works, cuts off in the middle, works again, cuts off... I don't know if ours is broken or what, but if it's going off, we get the idea. The way it works is, it is remote, and must work on a signal sent off by the control head. We mounted ours in a remote place of the house, so even if the main siren is deactivated, the remote one is still doing its (quieter and less effective) notification.

#1: I have with the system vs. my ADT system is the "Door Chime". Our sensors with ADT, when opened (doors, windows, etc) could "chime" the control box. This unit does not do that. It was nice to know when the kids were opening and closing doors to go in and out of the house.

#2: Activation: There is an "entrance & exit" delay. The issue is, if you set up a "delay" it ALWAYS delays. For instance, the two settings it has "Home/Away". I would want a delay for entering/exiting when set to "away" that way when we exit and enter the house when away, the alarm gives us a moment to disable the alarm, but if HOME, and a door is opened, I want that thing to sound off and let us know a door was just opened! This is not an option with this system. I think that is one of the largest flaws.

Wrap up:
As stated, I have not used the alarm dial out feature. I'm sure it is a nice feature, but due to our house wiring, we cannot run wires to the control head to allow us to use that feature. An issue I see in the future is the motion sensor has a very flimsy mount, I can see the "orbit ball" which allows for adjustment as being the obvious failure point. The only other issue with motion is the LED inside the sensor is BRIGHT. To the point it actually freaks out my 18M/O son!!

Get more than what you need. The system uses odd batteries. I had assumed it would be a AA or AAA battery, but they are small remote type batteries. Since we didn't use all our door sensors, I removed the extra batteries and will use those to offset the cost when new batteries are needed. By buying more sensors, this would allow you to replace ones in the event they go bad. The motion sensor uses 9vlt battery (FYI).

The company says they will give two wireless door alarms if feedback is left. Guess we will see!

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps somebody with their purchase! If you have questions or comments, please post them and i'll attempt to update/reply!

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on May 15, 2011
Be aware this company buys goods reviews, about $30 of their merchandise for a "good review" on amazon.
The unit is ok. The adhesive on door and windows sensors is not the strongest and I ended up applying gorilla tape...
As many report the instructions are not easy to understand.
The glass break sensor did not work, I reported the issue by phone and they promptly sent a replacement.
One out of three motion sensor did not work. I reported the problem both by email and by phone requesting a replacement but they NEVER got back tom me.
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on July 26, 2011
I agree with some others the instructions leave out important steps to set it up. Each sensor has to be enabled to work with the main control box. The instructions on some items are simple and others I called the company support. The first call I was on page 9 of the setup and the lady referred to page 19 HUH ????? so be prepared for some confusion.

The second time I called support I got a man that spoke very broken English. I politely after several minutes of trying to understand him asked if anyone else was available. The poor guy was from China and trying his best English but I couldn't understand him and politely said have a nice day bye bye.

Now completely stuck I read the whole manual and realized its not in the proper order and reset the whole unit and started over. After a you read how to setup lets say a motion sensor then there is a code below it to follow. And you need to put in a code + # before every item first. walaaaa :-)

Its all setup and it works great. I hide the main unit in back of a cabinet so a person cant just ripe the siren wires out. If the manual was written better I would give it a 5 but with the way the manual is now..... I give it a 4....
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on December 5, 2009
The system I purchased was the AAS 500 Wireless Home Security System. In rating this security system, I have good news and bad news. First, the good news. I have installed and programmed the equipment and it works very satisfactory. The controller programmed easily. All other components worked as they should. I used screws instead of the double faced tape that was provided to mount the door and window switches because overtime, the tape will become brittle and allow the switches to become unreliable. Now the bad news. I am a retired electrician and found the installation instructions to be very inadequate. After 40 years of experience in the business I found it necessary to Email the company twice and call once. The power supplies are not clearly identified. The Door and window switches do not have installation instructions even though they must be mounted in a certain way. The instructions for the keypad/dialer unit are totally inadequate. During my 40 years of experience in the business my goal was always to give very clear, concise, "idiot proof" instructions to the people I worked with. Not because I worked with idiots but because I did not want anything left to interpretation. To my way of thinking, every piece of equipment in the package should come with idiot proof installation instructions. I will finish by saying I will probably buy a second system for another project, especially now that I know how it works.
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on December 13, 2012
Would not buy again. Battery continually goes dead in each sensor rendering them useless. I bought Duracell and Energizers to no avail. The most disconcerting of all is that there isn't any way to tell that the battery is dead. You go to bed enabling the alarm not realizing that failed sensors will not sound. Since there is no warning that the sensor(s) are disabled except if you test each one every night, the system lacks credibility. The corner stone of any alarm system is knowing that it will activate on an intrusion. This system lacks this fundamental criteria.
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on December 3, 2010
AAS 500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)

I purchased this system, after looking for an affordable way to secure my outside basement doors and windows. I have never had a security system until now and never have I installed one. It took 2 phone calls to tech support(Thank You Fei! you where very helpful!) and 3 hours of setup to get my system functioning. I had one small problem. One of the window/door sensors was not working on arrival. I called customer service and they immediately said they would send me a new one. The system is not fancy but it does work! The system components use different types of power. The base unit requires a dedicated AC outlet(per install instructions).The base unit also has a built in battery backup for power outages. The wireless exterior siren also needs an AC outlet as does the glass break sensor. The wireless smoke detector and motion sensors require a 9V batteries to operate. Finally, the window and door sensors require type 23-12v alkaline batteries. I don't know if I will use the call out feature of the system, but I did test it. I have Vonage VOIP phone and was able to plug n play the system to call my cell phone. I also had several people call me to see if the system would interfere with my phone's answering machine. This was also no problem. You can have the system call up to 6 numbers with a 10 second message per call. The sirens are fairly loud. I made the mistake of testing both of them while standing a few feet away (OUCH!) . I don't have a decibel meter, but my ears did hurt. The motion sensors will pick up movement 35 feet away which is adequate for any size room. The system comes with 4 key fobs. Each fob has four buttons. button 1) disarm , button 2) away, button 3) home, button 4) panic . The fuctionality for each button: disarm(turns off the alarm and silences the sirens), away(arms all sensors both motion detectors and windows and doors), home(arms all sensors except motion detectors), panic(triggers alarm immediately) all alarms will fire off the sirens and start the phone dialer to do its thing. NOTE: if you want the motion detectors to be active in home mode you can program in this fuctionality as well, as I wanted to monitor my basement when I was home, I did. You can arm the system with the base, key fobs, or a phone call into the system. You can disarm the system with the base (4 digit password required), key fob, or a phone call into the system. I can't speak to the longevity of the product, but so far it does work. I will post an update if things go wrong.
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on November 6, 2010
I am changing my origional review. The system is OK if you simply want an alarm for your home. However, if you want Central Station Monitoring this system is not for you. I feel misled. I was told that this system could connect to central station monitoring via Contact ID format. This is only part true. It will dial central station, but it is not capable of providing the station with the zone that was triggered. For example, if zone 3 is a window, zone 5 is fire and zone 10 is gas/CO2 detector, it sends the same general alarm, no zone identification. Central station cannot do anything with this information. Was the alarm set off by a break in? Gas leak? Fire? Do they send the police? Fire department? It is useless for this purpose. The alarm is inexpensive compared to others on the market and customer support is good, but this is a clear case of you get what you pay for. I am sorry I bought it.
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on July 15, 2012
Was looking for an alarm system to provide peace of mind without a monthly service contract to pay. Saw the AAS Alarm on Amazon and it had pretty good reviews so I figured I would give it a shot. Good decision on my part ! This system is fantastic. Easy to program and extremely effective. I have every window and door set plus motion sensors around the house so no one can enter my home without the alarm tripping. And the alarm is Loud and ear piercing. Especially the outside alarm. I have had no false alarms and the key fob activator/deactivators are a great added plus. That leads me to my one negative comment about this system. An alarm system usually has a entrance exit/delay feature. The exit delay is in minutes which gives you time to leave the house after you set the alarm. The entrance delay SHOULD be in seconds which gives you time to deactivate the alarm(usually 15-20 seconds). Enough time to turn off the system but not enough for a thief to do the same. This system has both entrance an exit delays in minutes, not seconds. However, because I have hidden the keypad in my house and use the keyfobs to turn the system on and off it renders that negative point moot in my case. OH, just remembered another good thing about this alarm, when you program your sensors each one has a number and the keypad will tell you which one was tripped so that you know where to check for a possible break-in or false alarm. All in all, I love this system and it works perfectly for me.
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on January 10, 2012
The package meets the need fairly well. Four remote keypads is a convenient plus as it is good to have one extra in the bedroom (for the home mode during the night) and one at the main entrance in case of forgetting to disalarm before opening the door. The indoor alarm is very loud so it is a great pain to turn it off through the console when the alarm is on as the alarm is wired with the console. The outdoor alarm is not good looking but easy to notice from outside, which is good. Three motion detectors+10 door/window sensors are enough for the house and are all working well so far.

Downside: the manual is not clear. You will need to figure out a lot of things by yourself. The glass break sensor (1) is almost useless. It requires a power outlet and cord, and you have to tape it to the widow glass, which is very ugly. I finally put it on a window in the garage where the looking does not really matter. The motion detectors are always on (though it may not trigger the alarm) unless you turn them off manually. It is annoying to have those red blinking lights around when they are not in use. It would be great to have them turned off automatically in the "disalarm" mode. This will save a lot of power too. Finally, the call message has a lot of noise and the volume is very low. It is better than none but that is pretty much it.

Overall, a good product so far (3 weeks). I would recommend it to others.
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on March 27, 2012
The value comes from, first, the large number of sensors, switches, alarms and component parts that makes up this package and, second, from the myriad of features and capabilities designed into those numerous parts that gives the system its great versatility. This more than makes up for the cheap construction, materials and mediocre reliability of some of those components. (My wired siren broke after just a few minutes of screeching.)

Control comes in the ability to activate/deactivate sensors, add new sensors and alarms, easily change the functionality and location of individual sensors and the operational flexibility provided by the main control console.

Nightmare story follows: With my old monitored security system, I had no control. All installations, repairs and programming changes had to be done by a technician by appointment only. I was never allowed to have the control codes. Once, I had to maintain 2 medical alert buttons because the technicians couldn't figure out how to deactivate one of them! And, boy, did I ever pay. Plus my monitoring fee often went up.

The double-sided tape is worthless. Peel it off and throw it away. Not only do the magnets and sensors fall off triggering false alarms, you will have to live through separating each of the covers from the stuck-to-the-wall bases to change the battery down the road. With the double-sided tape, that will be a true nightmare.

Use small screws instead. This will mean you will have to take the covers off the window/door sensors and drill 2 small holes in the back base plate, but it is worth it. You will thank me when it comes battery changing time.

(Now, don't panic.) An open window/door sensor (and therefore, an open window or door) will not be detected when the system is armed. This is not a problem, in fact, it is a tremendous opportunity to become creative. (Most people aren't going to set the alarm on their house with one of their main exterior access doors obviously hanging wide open anyway.) Because of this feature and the judicious use of "away" and "home" settings, I have alarmed the interior doors of my house that I rarely open or close. The result is a thief who breaks in through an un-alarmed window will find it impossible to move through my house without triggering the alarm. Suffice it to say an alarmed interior door that is left open has no effect on the alarm going off (unless it is closed and then opened again), but a closed one does. Now add "home" and "away" modes to the mix. You have to think about it a bit.


1. A tremendous value for the price. (You can't beat the price performance.)
2. Total control & a chance to be creative.
3. It's wireless... saving you a lot of work.
4. Excellent design & features.
5. The flexibility of the window/door sensors.
6. "home" & "away" settings.
7. Configuration flexibility.
8. Wireless range.
9. Loud alarms.
10. Smoke detector.
11. Phone capability.

1. Double-side tape.
2. Cheap construction and material.
3. FOB feedback missing to alarm setting.

I still have not tried to set up, calibrate and try the glass breaker sensor as of yet.

Main console, alarms, fobs, motion detectors and window/door sensors all work exceedingly well. My best advice is to read/study the manual (broken, but easily understood English), experiment, test, then plan out your individual security system.

This product will not appeal to everybody. It will appeal to DIYers, tech types and those with a bit of patience and imagination. For you, I highly recommend this.
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