Customer Reviews: Diamondback Edgewood LX Men's Sport Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels), Blue, Large/19-Inch
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on June 8, 2010
I bought this bike (large size, blue color) to commute to work and back - about 5 miles each way, in city traffic and over a couple of bridges. It's been 3 months now and I have to say I'm very happy with the quality of this product given the price. I actually save time taking the bike to work over public transportation, not to mention the exercise I get and the money I save on subway fare - I find that I ride the bike in and back about 3 times per week (I don't ride it when it rains or when I don't feel like it).

Overall I give this bike 5 stars because it is exactly what is advertised - a great no-frills every-day hybrid bike for a great price. The components are not top-notch but they are not cheap either. There are a few things you may want to replace over time (as I have done and plan to do) but overall this bike runs great out-of-the-box. The 700c tires were a requirement for me, I didn't want mountain bike tires because I'm riding mostly on the street but at the same time in NYC you want something a little more rugged than racer tires.

A couple of notes I have on this item:
- I had this bike professionally adjusted at a local bike shop prior to riding it for about $35. This was very necessary, since as I assembled it, it had some issues with the gear shifters and the breaks were not as tight as I'd like them.
- I bought additional accessories day one: a bottle holder ($5), a bike pump with holder ($10), a bike stand ($7), battery operated lights front and back ($15), a bike lock ($10), helmet ($25).
All these were from but I don't remember the exact items. For the bike lock I got a 6-foot cable lock and am happy to report that using this I can go around a lamp-post and the frame and both wheels without much trouble. This worked out much better than the u-lock I tried at first which ended up being too short to get the frame and front wheel into. The front wheel on this bike is sort of far away from the frame, so it requires a bigger U-lock if you want to get them both in. I live in NYC, so it's a big deal to have your bike secured if you're leaving it for any amount of time. I also take the seat with me when I leave the bike on the street.
- I had the bike shop replace the quick-release wheel locks/pins with nut-based ones that require a special key to undo just as a safety percaution (since I live in NYC) and since I don't forsee needing to take the wheels off at any time
- I removed the silly plastic reflectors off the wheels - they're annoying and mine started to slide down/twist on their own.
- The handlebars on this bike are really wide I'm thinking at some point I'm going to replace these with smaller ones - I found that when riding in NYC traffic the handlebars are a little too wide to easily navigate between cars parked on the side of the street and cars waiting at a red light (especially on thinner streets). Also getting the bike in and out of houses/apartments is sort of annoying with the wide handlebars. I wouldn't want racer handlebars (bent ones) - but something in the standard geometry that doesn't come out to the side so much.
- Today (after riding the bike for 3 months) I also took off the front gear shifter and derailleur (including the plastic tubing, and metal wire). I found that I don't use the front gears at all and when using the high-gear (3 on the front, 7 on back) the chain would brush against the front derailleur (I'm sure this could be adjusted but I figured I'd just take the whole thing off since I never use it). Since the break levers and gear shifters are integrated into one unit on this bike it's a bit of a hassle - but nothing you can't do in about 30 mins.
- At some point I'm going to replace the front gear-wheel and the whole pedal/axle assembly, but not yet. That's the only other thing that annoys me about this bike - the pedals are kinda cheap platic, chunky things. They look/feel almost childish. Once again, not a deal-breaker at this price level but smaller/lighter pedals with straps is more along my preference.
- Another thing I really like about this bike is the weight. It's a big bike but it's light. Easy to pick up and carry. I was comparing this to a friend's stripped-down steel-tube racer and we were both surprised how much lighter mine was even with the extra stuff I had on mine (lights, lock, bottle holder with bottle of water in it, etc).

I hope this review makes more people buy this bike if they're trying to make up their mind about a model. I looked at various similarly-priced models frmo Schiwmm and Diamondback, but settled on this one and I'm very happy. I'm 5-11 and the large size is perfect for me - seat about 2" up off the lowest position - if you're 5-9 or shorter you may want to go with one size smaller.
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on June 6, 2010
For the uniformed... Raleigh & Diamondback bikes are basically the same bikes. Same company. This bike compares to a 2010 Raleigh Route 3.0 priced about $385 from a bike shop. Here comes the good & the bad.

The good: If you are even somewhat mechanically inclined, you can most likely assemble it yourself. The bad: An assembled bike does NOT mean a 100% perfectly working bike. You will need to know and/or figure out how to adjust the derailleurs & brakes cables. Plenty of good info via the Internet. All you need do is use Google.

The good: Save $85 by buying on-line & assembling the bike yourself. The bad: No dealer follow up service. Most bike shops offer at least one FREE follow up tune-up/check-up. Shift & brake cables do stretch over time...usually within the first month of good riding. Some bike shops offer one year of free follow up service. Mine offers free adjustments for LIFE! Is it worth the extra $85?

The good: Four different frame sizes to choose from. Not like a discount store that offers only one with that "One-size-fits-all" mentality. WRONG! It doesn't matter if you're 5' 2" tall or 6' 6" tall. There's a bike the right size for you. The bad: Know in advance what frame size you need EXACTLY. Example...I'm 5' 10" tall. That's not overly tall. One would think that would be a 17" medium frame. Wrong. Raleigh lists a 19" frame as medium...and they are right. A 17" frame would best fit someone shorter than 5' 10" - around 5' 8" tall.

The good: Contrary to the description, the rear cog (gears) are not Shimano 7-speed freewheel (13-28t). They are Shimano MegaRange, 7-speed: 14-34. That 34 tooth low gear is great for pulling hills. The bad: It's a freewheel & not a cassette hub. A freewheel hub simply screws on. A cassette has splines that slide into the hub and is held in place with a locking ring. This is the new standard that will take more use and abuse.

The good: An Avenir Plush Saddle (Black). Same saddle (seat) used on Raleigh Hybrid Bikes. There is no bad. Very comfy.

Bottom line: Nice bike for the casual cyclist. For the serious cyclist, invest a few bucks more and get one with a cassette hub vs. the freewheel hub. Still a LOT BETTER than anything found at Wal-Mart, K-Mart & the like. If taken care of properly, this bike will last a lifetime. I really hate to be the lowest rating here, but I fall into that "serious cyclist" category. I own two bikes, the Raleigh being my main ride. It has almost 1,300 miles on it in less than two years. Between the two bikes, I'm guessing well over 2,000 in the past two years. This bike comes close to my Raleigh is worth every penney.
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on January 21, 2010
This bicycle is very comfy for using for exercising and casual rides.
It's a perfect balance between professional bicycling and comfort and you will enjoy
having paid a decent price for such quality materials and workmanship.

The bike is beautiful and built solid with quality parts.
I live in a hilly area some steep hills and some bumps along the way. It handles all of this beautifully where
its too straining on you. Or if you opt for some good leg work out you can go from comfort to hard core by switching the gears. The handling of steep hills and comfort is impressive. Obviously I wouldn't take this off road but it seems to handle basic bike trails with ease and comfort. You can' tell your riding on dirt at all.

At the time I purchased the medium frame was less than the 299.99 posted.
For 249.99 the bike was a complete bargain and I would recommmend this to the commuter and for exercising.
It strikes a wonderful balance between the pros and the casual and is like having luxury comfort cycling for a bargain price.
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on November 25, 2011
This bike has much higher efficiency than the one I bought at Walmart. The price is very nice compared to that of a Raleigh bike with the same setting.

Just remember to turn the handle 180 before you put the front wheel in (+.+) If not, it will make the front wheel too close to the pedals, and you would be mad for a while (just like me).

Overall, the construction is really good. Light. Easy to assemble and disassemble. I really like the shimaro gear switch. It works flawlessly.

However, there is one big drawback, and this is why I take away 1 star. I cannot center the front wheel. It might be something happened to the front wheel during the transportation, or I might be the unlucky guy. There is some type of defect in the axis of the wheel that makes the wheel "wobble" when moving. This is really frustrating as I cannot tune up the front brake correctly.

Hopefully someone here can help me out. If that's the case, just consider this review a 5-star review.

Update on Dec-11-2011:
I finally solved the "wobbling" problem. I bought a spoke wrench from ebay. It's very cheap ($2-3). Make sure you choose the one that have size 8 in it. The smallest hole of the wrench (size 8, I guess) fits the spoke nipple of my bike. I follow this tutorial on youtube:


After about 30 min - 1 hour, I have successfully trued the front wheel of my bike.
Just remember two principles:
1. If the wheel is closer to the left brake paddle, loosen the left spoke and tighten the right spoke. I prefer loosen to tighten.
2. If you watch the youtube clip above, remember LOOSEN is CLOCKWISE, and TIGHTEN is COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

I think most of the packed bicycles (for shipping) have this issue. Hopefully if someones have the same problem like me, they can fix their bike themselves.
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on September 8, 2010
The reviews already posted led me to buy this bike, and I thank the reviewers for leading me in the right direction. I'm 6'5" and about 230 pounds, so it's been hard for me to ride most bicycles that I've borrowed in the past. So I crossed my fingers and got the extra large 21" version. I have to say it's the most comfortable I've ever been on a bike. My legs extend all the way while pedaling and the sitting position while riding is very comfortable for me. The seat is an absolute dream compared to most other bikes I've ridden. The only thing I would have to mention is that the front shocks don't seem to like so much weight on them, bottoming out with just my weight leaning on them. But really, most people aren't as big and heavy as I am. Plus I plan to drop about 25 pounds, which is one of the reasons I bought this bike, so no worries.

Technically, the bike was easy to put together without even reading the directions, which I read afterward and they really weren't that helpful anyway. The brakes were easy for me to adjust and the gears seem to work well enough out of the box. As others have mentioned, the wheels aren't perfectly true, but they're not rubbing on the brakes so I don't really care. If it bothers you, 30 bucks and a trip to the bike shop will do the trick. I'm just not that picky.

Overall, I never thought a three hundred dollar bike could be as good as this one, especially one that fits me. I'm very happy with my purchase. Recommended.
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on September 6, 2010
Just got this bike and have no complaints. The components are good quality and the saddle with shock absorber is a very nice feature.

Another reviewer said that the 17" frame should not be considered "medium", but I disagree. On this type of frame, it is fine, or at least can be. I am an inch taller (5'11") than the guy making the comment, and the bike is fine for me. That said, I have a long torso and somewhat short legs for my height, so I would suggest finding a local dealer. Go stand over the bike to see if it fits you, then go ahead and buy it on Amazon once you know which frame size is best for you. The frame size that best suits your height is very subjective, so always try to give a bike a test ride before committing. It's not an extremely pricey bike, but $300 is still more than I'd care to spend, only to have the bike not fit me.

Note - I got mine from a local dealer, not Amazon. The price was the same and I didn't have to do the assembly or fine-tuning. Even if your local shop charges $320 or $325, that extra cash spent is worth the time saved and the peace of mind gained in having a mechanic correctly calibrate your breaks, derailleur, etc.
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on June 18, 2011
Good bike with good quality.

Pro: Light weight, good looking, good quality

Cons: the pedals have no grids. Might want to replace the pedals. No kickstand!!

Highly recommended.
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on June 26, 2010
I have been riding for over 30 years and time to slow down abit and I found the perfect bike for me,,I had a very aggresive Mountain Bike(Heavy Too) and lugging it down the backroads was getting older by the second AS AM I,,so I checked out the hybrids and I road the $700 Trek,,$700 Specialized and the new $500 Globe Hybrid(made by Specialized)and road the Diamondback I saw on Amazon.I found the Diamondback at the local bike shop same model bike higher price at bike shop they had it listed at $650 AND ON AMAZON I GOT IT FOR JUST OVER $300 and is everybit as good and even better than the Trek,Specialized and Globe(Specialized),,so Amazon saved me ALOT for the same bike I would have over paid for at the bike shop and its an awesome bike the best for road riding or trail riding you will love the 700c wheels the smooth riding front fork and the seat suspension,,I added a few things too clips & pedals,,Planet Bike Eco Rack,Cat Eye wireless computor front and rear Cat Eye LED lights PRETTY RIG 5 STARS!!!!!
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on April 24, 2010
i owned the last year model of this bike, and just loved it before some one stole it out my garage, i was hesitant to purchase off line not being able to test ride first, and the unknown fact of assembly! but to my surprise, i almost feel cheated buying out the store now, cause i saved money on the taxes free shipping and over night,and if this is how the store receives the same bike!! i wouldn't pay any one 60$ to put it together just you tube it, but it is really simple I'm,really happy cause amazon was the only place i could find that had the size and color i wanted, none of the big or small shop had what i wanted, I'm really happy with my purchase Diamondback Edgewood LX Men's Sport Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels)]]
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on May 13, 2010
Good for commute to work

Bike dimensions are larger than you think. Please look carefully at the given dimensions before selecting a bike size.

Bike only has 2 screws on the frame to fix accessories (such as water bottle holder). So you can only add on 1 set. Watch out when buying accessories.

Does not come with kick stand.

Very easy to assemble. Did it in less than 30 min. Comes with a set of tools also, so all you need is provided out of the box. No need to read the manual. It's all easy.

However, I had to do quite a bit of adjustment to derailers after that. This took quite a bit of time. Best to read the manual (or the internet) for instructions before trying to do it.

All in all, fun ride for casual. But it'll be tough to catch up with road bikes if you're in a group for long rides.
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