Customer Reviews: Pacsafe TravelSafe 12L Portable Safe
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on August 28, 2010
I used this on a recent trip and it worked as advertised. The bag was bigger than I thought it would be. I was able to put in the following items: netbook, ipad, ipod touch, GPS, several jewelry bags (sm), d200 with 80-200 lens - and I still had a some room left. It is quite easy to use. Instructions were easy to follow. You are provided 3 keys for the lock. I made sure other members of my family had the additional keys - just in case. Easy to carry in luggage. You roll the bag up with the lock and keys inside and an elastic band is provided to keep the package rolled up and transportable.
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on December 25, 2012
Did you know I can break into your luggage by pushing a pen or awl in between your bag's zipper teeth and spread them apart? Just Google OPEN LUGGAGE PEN and watch with astonishment. You will now carry all your valuables, electronics, cameras, traveler's checks, money, etc in your carry on from now on. Do buy this Pacsafe Travelsafe bags (Amazon carries 3 sizss and I have them all) and a sturdy 3-number combination lock (I'm afraid I lose keys). When you are seated in the airplane lock your valuables and safebag to your seat or something. I would not store valuables on my carry on luggage while it is stored overhead as it can get stolen or broken into while you are sleeping or in the lav. I use these Pacsage Travelsafe bags in my hotel rooms (I put money into the bag, lock it, and stuff it into the hotelroom safe), on boats to store my camera and money while scuba diving, and so on. Great insurance. Don't let anybody rip you off!
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on December 22, 2012
I traveled for two months in Asia staying in budget guesthouses and this was a lifesaver. It was a huge relief to be able to leave my valuables in the room without worrying about them. The bag easily fit a large netbook, Nikon D90 with 18-200 lens, money belt, external hard drive, phone, and memory cards.

I always found something to attach it to. Sometimes it was a heavy piece of furniture, but in the more basic rooms sometimes I had to attach it to the deadbolt frame on the bathroom door or even the towel rack.

I took one of the keys with me when I left the room in a pocket in my day pack, and left the other well-hidden inside a medication container in my first aid kit in the room in case the key in my day pack was ever lost. This might not be secure enough for some, but since I was staying in reputable guesthouses I was more concerned about an opportunistic thief who would make a quick grab rather than someone with a lot of time to comb through my stuff.

In general, keeping track of the keys was a bit of a pain, so you may want to consider replacing the keyed lock with a combo lock.

When I was traveling between locations I just placed the valuables in my day pack, rolled up the PacSafe, and put it in my main backpack. It didn't take up too much space and looked innocuous rolled up so I didn't think it was in danger of being stolen. You could also pack it flat if you had a suitcase.

By the way, it had gotten dirty on my trip so I washed it in the washing machine in cold water since I was too lazy to hand wash. Don't make that mistake! It damaged the cloth and the steel mesh is showing through in one spot now. Fortunately it's still usable.
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on November 23, 2009
I got this TravelSafe 12L and the smaller TravelSafe 100 for an upcoming trip. They're both built really well and seem very sturdy. The 12L can hold my 15.4" Toshiba and her 10.1" Acer. I highly recommend this for extra peace of mind.
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on January 28, 2013
This was a versitile item and held the small stuff during out-of-sight times while in Argentina.

We needed more Pacsafe items to make the safetyNet complete. Here is the list ...

Needed a way to secure stuff when out-of-sight. The Pacsafe 85 and the 120 did the job by allowing the backpack with a laptop, tablet, and other stuff including travel documents to be secure.

The lock was a problem. Multiple keys would open. Sometimes it would stick. This did not offset the VALUE of PEACE of MIND offered.

The mesh holes were large so it would be possible to wiggle out stuff the size of a passport. This was solved by using a combination of products: Pacsafe CamSafe 200 Camera Shoulder Bag; Pacsafe Luggage Venturesafe 150 Fanny Pack; Pacsafe Luggage Travelsafe 12l Climbing Pack; and Pacsafe Luggage Venturesafe 32l Travel Backpack.

One would think the weight would be an issue; however, the safety offered was well worth the additional weight.

There was one factor that we think where "bulk" made the difference. There was actually no unmoveable/unliftable object available to strap the Pacsafe 85 or 120. The awkward shape of all the stuff crammed into the 85 and 120 that were wired together would make an unnoticed theft somewhat less possible.

The small objects like passport and currency were put into the 121 Climbing Pack including the 150 Fanny Pack. The 32L Backpack and the Climbing Pack were put into the 120 wire cage along with the 200 camera bag. Then the other 32L backpack and another 121 Climbing Pack were stuffed into the 85 wire cage. Then the 120 and the 85 were wired together and sometimes connected with one or two of the available pacsafe padlocks.

None of our stuff ever got bothered. And surprisingly, with a little practice, we could pack our stuff easily and quickly and also unpack our stuff just as easily and quickly.

This combination of items is great and will travel with us to asia and europe and where ever else our adventures take us.

The only pacsafe item that was an RPIA and I'm still not sure how to effectively use it is the camera strap (Pacsafe Carrysafe 200 Shoulder Strap). It was very bulky and made shooting pictures almost impossible. The strap would not fit on one camera because the connector was way to bulky and we could not find anything during travel to connect the Sony to the strap. The Nikon had triangle shapped connectors that worked with the strap. I had to remove the strap when shooting!
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on May 23, 2011
I have been taking this with me when I travel for the last several months. It works great. It's lightweight and built strong. Given enough equipment and time, it is possible to break into this, but for your everyday thief, it will prevent them from stealing your valuables.
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on April 5, 2013
Look - this is probably not going to stop a thief with wire cutters. However, it would likely keep pesky maids from looking through your valuables when you leave them in a hotel room. Also, it makes it difficult for "snatch and grab" thieves at the beach, park, etc.

I've used this often in hotel rooms. I loop it to a permanent fixture such as a sink, heavy bed post, etc. It's lightweight, easy to transport, and doesnt take up much space. I can easily fit a laptop in there, a watch, documents, and camera. Makes me feel much better when I have to leave valuables in my hotel room.

I would imagine that if you could loop this to a lifeguard stand or other fixture at a beach or park, you won't have to worry about someone snatching your stuff when you're not looking.
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on December 30, 2013
I bought this safe after reading reviews that suggested the hotel safe where we were going to be staying in Jamaica might not be as safe as we thought. I guess I knew that someone had to have an override code, but just never stopped and thought about it. We used this safe and I thought it was fantastic. I was comfortable knowing that we were the only ones that had access. The hardest part was determining what to attach the safe to, but we ended up using a decorative column that worked perfectly. My only question remains, what would TSA do if I tried to fly with this in my carry-on? We ended up checking a bag this time, but don't always. I'm curious what their reaction would be...
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on June 18, 2012
WOW I wish I had found this YEARS ago. I consider this thing a "Portable Safe" My son loves to go to our local swimming pool but there are no "lockers" to secure his stuff. Between his iPhone, cash, and shoes he's carrying over $600 worth of valuables that he "hides" for security. This product is almost perfect. The steel mesh is covered on both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE (something they left off the product description). You don't have to worry about putting an iPad or notebook computer an it getting scratched. Really amazing product very easy to use. My son also plans to take it with him to Tennis tournaments. He can thread the cable through his tennis bag, through the frame of his rackets and still secure his phone and computer (which he takes for all the downtime between matches. Love this product so much I have also ordered the smaller one.

Only one complaint. The included key is VERY small. When he goes to the pool it would be easy to lose this key. I switched out the included lock for a combo lock. I know the combo is less secure, but there was no way to keep track of that key. They need a bracelet or some kind of safety pin rig for a key that small (its REALLY small).

Still love it!
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on September 26, 2013
I used this during a six-month backpacking trip when I was staying in hostels that didn't have lockers, or when I needed to lock things up near my bed before sleeping. It's hardly thief-proof, but makes your stuff much less appealing than all the unlocked stuff that typically sits unattended in hostels, so that was good enough for me. Definitely gave me some peace of mind.

It's not exactly ultralight, but by no means heavy either, so I didn't mind the extra weight in my backpack.
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