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on November 29, 2011
I am an airline pilot of 12 years and made a reassement of my travel gear. I am constantly on the road packing and unpacking in the apartment 'crashpad', the hotel and at home. It was always a blow up when I opened up my 22inch roll aboard. If I wanted one item it seemed like I had to dig or unpack. Packing involved mental scrabble to figure out what to throw in for each trip and where. Unpacking involved the dreaded smell test for what was dirty and what was clean - not cool.

It all changed after trying the Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes. All the dimensions of the cubes fit a standard 22inch roll aboard. I chose the 2 Sided cubes for the added utility of clean and dirty, or wet and dry - very cool. The beauty of cubes is I don't really pack and unpack every time. It's fantastic just pulling out the cube for underwear and sock without blowing up the suitcase in the middle of the hotel room. No more digging for a wrinkled dress shirt. I can shift from my tropical cubes to my winter layover cubes in a snap and not worry if I left something behind. For minimal bulk I now have an organized suitcase, nice!

I like Eagle Creek for their quality and would recommend them to any road/sky warrior - choose your color.
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on July 7, 2012
I love the entire Eagle Creek Pack-It system, and I highly recommend you jump on board too if you enjoy having organization in your travels or adventures. These are perfect for hats, underwear, pillowcases, and more. These are probably going to be too small for t-shirts and undershirts unless you really compress them. I'd recommend the full-size Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Cube for shirts or the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Double Cube for two compartments back-to-back.

Overall, this is a staple for me keeping my mind organized. I even use them when at home while not traveling just to keep everything all zipped up and tucked away. They fit perfectly into drawers.

These and the whole Eagle Creek Pack-It system in general are a must-have for obsessive compulsive travelers or those of us who are averse to clothing clutter.
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on January 26, 2014
I did a lot of research on small bags and organizers that I could use to discretely carry gym clothes, shoes (clean/dirty), and toiletries in my work bag. Lugging a gym bag everywhere in addition to a briefcase made every day feel like a camping trip in Manhattan.

The half-cube size is perfect for me to pack a set of gym clothes or a fresh set of work clothes. I keep pre-packed cubes on hand so I can just throw the right ones in my bag on my way out the door. Or, I can keep extra clothes in a desk drawer at the office without looking messy. It has really simplified my morning routine and I always have the right things in my bag - no more, no less.

I look forward to using these for travel, and high-adventure trips more dumping out my bag to find the right item or spending an hour packing and re-packing in the hotel room. I also found a lightweight eagle creek "day pack" backpack that matches these cubes...PERFECT for a day hiking trip. Since all of the items fit/work together, you can use them for multi-purpose which makes this line by FAR the most economical out there. I will be purchasing more items from this line
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on November 12, 2014
I love these for packing a 20" duffle--I put a 2 sided half cube (separated for clean and dirty socks) in one end and at the other end put this half cube for underwear. I use a 15" Pack-It Folder for 3-4 pair of pants and another 15" Folder for 5-6 tops along the sides. There's still room for a full cube (for PJs and flip flops) or some tube cubes and hanging toiletry kit in the middle. I use different colors so I can easily locate what I'm after.
The half cubes fit perfectly in the ends of the duffle.
Eagle Creek travel gear makes it easy to maximize space and organize your stuff so you don't have to go rummaging around to find things and then repack everything, again...and again... I put shoes in the EC shoe cubes in the bottom of my backpack.
The 1/4 cubes and tubes are small and great for odds and ends...
I'm good to go for a weekend with just a backpack and a small ​duffle bag.
Before using the Pack-it's I could get the job done but with way more mental energy than is warranted for a weekend away--now I don't think twice about packing a bag and gettin outta town.
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on September 12, 2013
I used this several times thus far for travel--in a rollaboard, in a duffel, and once in a backpack. In my backpack (a Kelty Redwing), it fit perfectly toward the bottom of the bag and helped me organize my stuff. These cubes are so helpful for less structured bags like a backpack or duffel. I am sort of obsessed wtih organizing my gear and clothing when traveling...I hate nothing more than having an exploding pile of stuff shoot out at me when I open my suitcase. I used this both for t-shirts rolled up and for other doo dads that can easily fall around. I'm buying another to take with me on my next trip. The only thing I'll point out, in case it is an issue for you, is that the sides are not structured--they are soft sided. So, it will not stand up by itself. This is really only an issue if you want extra protection for the contents. I'd look for another solution for that. For soft articles, the soft sides are a benefit, because you can overstuff it a bit and compress the contents. The best thing about these is that they keep you organized once at your destination. I tend to unpack when I'm at a hotel, despite the length of the trip. Recently, though, I stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks, and this made it so easy for me to organize the dresser drawers. Looking forward to packing with it tonight!
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on October 11, 2011
I love packing cubes!!! They make packing and unpacking so much easier. And they're even more useful when trying to find something during travel. Eagle Creek packing cubes are particularly good quality. For some things, I prefer the Rick Steves Packing Cubes that are made with netting on all sides. Eagle Creek cubes simply have netting on one side. This makes them a bit sturdier and therefore more useful for some things. As other reviewers mentioned, undergarments are perfect in this half-cube size. It's also good for toiletries, electronics, snacks, cleaning supplies, etc.

But I've got a special use for the Red Half-Cube... While the Red Quarter-Cube carries my daughter's asthma spacer and inhalers in a perfectly-sized, easy to find container, the Red Half-Cube carries all our other meds and first aid supplies. It's important to be able to find those things when you need them! And a bright red cube makes it easy as can be...

Wouldn't go anywhere without them!
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on May 22, 2015
Love them. Packing is quick, repacking is a breeze. Easy to find things. Wouldn't be without my cubes. Two full size or 1 full size and two half size per layer, two layers and my carryon, which is all I take on month long international trips, is done. Leave out a 1/2 size and put a thin one on the bottom and you have a place for a pair of shoes. Thin enough I can slip a thin laptop between the layers and a 321 bag in the outside pocket or along an edge and I'm ready to go.
These are sturdier than Rick Steves but thinner (which I think is a good thing, can get two deep in a carry on without making it too thick). My only critism is that they are just a TINY bit smaller in length and width than the Rick Steves and E-bags ones, which makes folding shirts and pants to fit the full size and getting my wire coated hangers on top kittycorner maddeningly more difficult. For the half size, not so much of an issue.
Half size are good for underware and socks or miscallaneous or packing one complete outfit to stick in an overnight backpack. Full size are better for multiple pairs of pants, shirts or shirts for either gender with fewer wrinkles.
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on January 5, 2014
I had to adjust to using this because I bought a new toiletry kit that was a bit more boxy, and this at the same time. I pack things really tight so I used to cram my underwear, socks, scarves and small shirts into open corners and holes- this is fine but it does lead to having to blow up the whole suitcase to find things on a short trip- not good. So once I adjusted my style a bit to fit things that are more like a block, this cube was awesome. Perfect way to keep your underwear and/or socks type items in one spot. I love having a place to keep dirty or half dirty clothes separate from clean which was awesome on a two week trip through Italy with a carry on size bag. The vinyl coating on one side of the cube is nice at separating things that are damp or odorous. The expected eagle creek quality is there and this cube is perfect for any suitcase that has mostly open space rather than organizers and pockets. In fact it's better pack wise than having a case with potentially inefficient sections.

I like it !
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on April 9, 2013
I don't think I could pack effectively without these bags from eaglecreek. The variety of different sized bags allows me to use smaller bags for socks and under garments and medium sized bags for tees etc., and larger bags for sweaters and pants. The variety offered by eaglecreek will be sure to meet most everyone's needs. The 2 sided bags are great for separating clean from dirty especially with the liner between the 2 layers to keep the 2 compartments separates. I own more than 15 different packing cubes from eagle creek and can say that I do not have one complaint. Although I do wish they would come out with the half size cube in the compression style like they have in the larger size. And when they do, I will buy it.

A good tip for families whom have multiple members using these bags is for each person to get a different color. Then there is no guessing whose clothes are in each bag.
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on May 6, 2014
These cubes were recommendesd for my trip next year. I use them daily. For example, I go to the gym in the mornings, I have my work clothes in a cube. Or when I play sports after work my gear is on a cube. I might stay in town over night I would use the folder for tommorows work clothes. It is just soo easy to grab your cube and go. So convenient, and I am not pulling seperate pieces of clothing from my bag to get to one piece. The greatest thing is, My car keys dropped to the bottom of my bag, out came two cubes and there they were, back in went two cubes and away I went; PERFECT. The best investment. EVER!
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