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on October 1, 2011
I love this hat. It is a good design, well made, and durable. If I ever lose it I will get another. The catch is that it really isn't water resistant. It isn't 'waxed cotton' in any sense of the term. Depending where you look the manufacturer says that when the hat loses water resistance to rejuvenate it by putting it in the clothes dryer, or, by spraying the hat it with water-repelling chemicals used for clothing. For me, right out of the box, the hat soaked up water just like any cotton does. So after awhile I treated it with the very oilskin wax that the product description scoffs at (" more wax transfer, 'sticky hand' or strong waxy odor..."). I used a traditional reproofing wax sold by 'Filson'. I'd bet that any oilskin reproofing wax would be similar. These oilskin reproofing waxes are the traditional way of waterproofing cloth - and they work quite well. Yes, it is a bit of effort and mess to apply. Yes, it has a very slightly tacky feel on the outside of the hat. Yes, oilskin wax reproofing requires reapplication (perhaps once a year or so). But there is no odor or wax transfer that I can perceive. But now, after waxing it properly, the fabric is quite water-resistant. For those who care, the hat also looks better in my opinion (it is now a darker brown and very leather-like in appearance with lots of 'character'). Now it is a real oilskin (or waxed cotton) hat. As an added bonus, there is no more need for constant washing as per the instructions that come with the hat. Since the entire hat is now oiled (waxed) there is no worry that oil and perspiration from your head will discolor the hat - the entire hat is 'discolored' evenly from the oilskin reproofing wax treatment. I still recommend the hat... in fact I love it more than ever. Don't be afraid to convert your Tilley Outback to a genuine waxed cotton oilskin hat.
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on August 9, 2013
Fits great, according to Tilley sizing, happy with fit. Kept head and upper body dry in rain. Great, classic look. Happy to have purchased and wear this hat ofter. Would recommend to others, bought one for a friend already!
***UPDATE*** 7-24-15
Still regularly using and loving this hat. Some fading from time in the sun, but other than that -0- wear and tear. I wash it regularly per Tilley instructions to keep sweat build up from harming the material. Thrown into the washer on warm or cold with my other hiking clothes and line dried, looks great every time. I agree with the other reviewer who mentions it not being water resistant, in a really rain your head Will be wet. Would buy again if I lost this hat, but likely ot will last me for years and years. Very happy with this hat!
Photos taken after years of use.
review image review image
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on September 14, 2013
As I'm getting older, I'm getting more oriented away from looks to functionality. That's why I bought this hat. I have a real need for a dependable hat that will be protective from both sun and rain. As with the review by CUSTOMER, it comes in a semi-ready condition for protection against the rain. That's to say that it doesn't repel water and it doesn't look like waxed cotton at all. It looks like a cotton canvas hat. If you're going to depend on this hat for prolonged protection against rain, you'll have to take the leap and convert the hat to a real waxed cotton hat. It's not hard to do but as CUSTOMER says, it's going to look fundamentally different after you're finished. It will take on a leathery look and it will be several shades darker than before.

To convert, I used Sno-Seal which is pure beeswax. All you need is a bit of patience, a hair dryer and you're ready to go. Oh, and take a deep breath because if you do this, there's no going back. Personally, I found it best to rub the beeswax in thoroughly and then have at it with the hair drier. The wax will turn liquid and while the hat is still warm you take an old cloth and rub the wax into the fabric. Don't be afraid to put some elbow grease into it. In my book it's better to use more than you absolutely need because you want complete coverage. Any wax that the fabric can't absorb you can wipe off. I did the underside of the brim as well.

After the first application, I ran the hat under the shower to see if the water resistance was as it should be. I noticed a few weak spots needing more wax. The hat was solid after the touch up.

As I write this, it has been less than an hour since completing the hat. It doesn't feel greasy and there's no smell that I can discern. And the looks? Well it does have a deep woodsy kind of look. The hat looks like it's about 10 years old because the dark color and the variance in finish. I probably won't be wearing this to the mall but it sure will be with me while I'm on the trail. I have a Tilley T5 for more social occasions.

This hat has a wide brim to give maximum sun protection and a cord that serves to keep the hat from blowing away, a definite must for this type of hat. Through all that I've put this hat through, it has retained its shape very well.

What can I say, I've got a hat I can depend upon so I'm a happy camper.
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on November 13, 2011
Let me start by saying that I spent a lot of time online researching this hat. Hey, I figured for the amount of money I was spending for it, I should at least make sure it was the best I could buy. As it turns out, my research was not wasted because this hat is well worth the price. Not only is it well made with quality materials, it is also a lot of fun to wear. I read as many reviews as I could find (both good and not so good) and finally decided on the TWC4 Outback hat. The original reason I chose the TWC4 hat is I was looking for a hat that would shield the sun from my face in the summer and keep the rain off during the rest of the year. This hat has a nice, wide brim that accomplishes both. The Tilley company also has a great warranty on this (and all) their hats. Yeah, I know, a warranty on a hat sounds strange, but hey, it is a nice thing to know that the Tilley company backs the products they sell. Anyway, I have had the hat for a couple of months now and use it daily.

Be sure to look on the Tilley website to find out the recommended way to measure hat size. Ordering the wrong size hat was the one thing I worried about. As it turned out, my wife measured my head size correctly and when the hat came, it fit perfectly.

I would recommend the purchase of this hat to anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. I get a kick out of wearing this hat. It also makes me feel good that my face is protected from the elements.

Do your research and I think you will agree that Tilley hats are the best in the world. Now, the only question is, which one to buy?
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on January 16, 2014
Protects my entire head from sharp plants when I'm smashing through the forest. Just force your way on into the dense brush head first and the wide, sturdy brim will flop down enough to cover the side of your head for thorn defense, while the foam insert that's meant to keep it from sinking will absorb the impact of the sticks. Nothing gets through this strong material, and it doesn't snag on stuff. I wear it every day during field work in the dense, thorny forests of the Pacific Northwest. It looks good even when filthy and sweaty. And it has the right balance of stiffness and flexibility. It's also really good for a booze float down the river on a tube with your cooler and friends.

The pocket is great. You can stick your phone in there and listen to music through the phone speaker and it's close enough to your ears that it's almost like having headphones on, but you can still hear your radio or traffic or your coworkers or whoever you're out there in the forest with.

The brass grommets are great because it's the perfect place to tie blaze orange flagging to so you don't get shot in the head when you're out working during hunting season.

The included documentation is pretentious. It's so bad that I'm not totally sure if they're being sarcastic when they write about how incredibly awesome they make their stupid hats. Like they don't realize it's just a hat. It's a really excellent one that's way better than any other hat I've owned, but still it's just a hat.

Get one that's the size you think is probably just a little too big for you, or maybe even the next size up from that. I initially ordered one that I thought would fit right, and I had to exchange it for a bigger one. And I kind of wish I had even gone a little bigger.
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on July 20, 2012
I'm retired, live in Florida and spend considerable time outside working on my yard or around the pool, patio, etc... It's pretty warm down here and prior to purchasing I had read several reviews that expressed concern regarding the hat's use in warmer climates, but many more reviews seem to focus on the outstanding comfort and wear-ability of the hat. Since I'm all about comfort and making sure I receive value for my hard earned retirement income, I went ahead and made the purchase.

I've had my Tilley Outback for about a month now and let me tell's comfortable! It's soft,it's flexible, it doesn't feel heavy on your head and it's built to last! It was 94 degrees here today and I guarantee I was a lot cooler under that hat than I would have been otherwise! Another thing, generally speaking if you've worn a hat for any length of time during the course of a day, it feels as if you've still got it on long after you've taken it off, right? Amazingly, with my Tilley Outback, I don't seem to notice that feeling at all.....must be that comfort thing !

Last but not least, I've had several ladies comment how rakish I looked with my new hat. Now that alone is worth the price of admission, wouldn't you say !!!
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on July 9, 2012
I have another Tiley hat in white. This one was purchased as I like the Outback Waxed Hat variety. The hat is very comfortable, stays put in high winds, and looks good to boot. Already met other folks with Tiley's who say the same. If you want a well made, guaranteed for life hat, at a decent price then buy these. Be sure of the sizing though. I may have bought to small, but need to contact the manufacturer about that.

Time to add to this review, after using my Tiley for some weeks now it has proved it's worth several times over. Winds can often exceed 20 to 30 MPH here, and desert rain storms are even worse. The hat has weathered both with style. There was one review about waterproofness, but the person soaked the hat in a bathtub, too. Really? I don't think it was designed for that. The tie down cords, front and back, aid in keeping the hat on no matter how bad the winds are. The brim is somewhat flexible and can be adjusted any way you want it. Even in the heat the hat is comfortable. I had procrastinated for many years in getting a Tiley hat, and now cannot live without them. I wear a hat daily and this has become the standard. In time a couple more will be added to my collection. The only caveat is to buy a somewhat larger size than what you think you need. You will find it feels better, and is far more comfortable.
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on April 25, 2011
We do quite a lot of vacationing that takes us to sunny, rainy, tropics and the Tilley hat has been a great value. ***Make sure you follow the sizing guidelines!***
This hat needs to fit loose, should sit with the crown down on your head but not so loose as to slide around. Try on a sized hat and be able to get a finger or two inside the headband. This will give you the correct Tilley size. The chin/head straps brilliantly hold it on in windy conditions. It floats and has a "secret" pocket in the crown for ID's, room keys, money.
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on May 16, 2013
I've been wearing this hat daily since the end of winter, through spring. Although it has been practical, I find it looks frumpy. The Tilley hats are never as straight and smooth as the pictures. The nylon hats rumple a little less than the cotton but who wants to wear a plastic lid? As such, this hat is just not as versatile as I could have hoped. It goes with casual travel clothing or outdoor recreation attire, but you always look a little like you just came out of the bush, unless of course you're still in the bush. Also, you can expect sweat to soak through the front of the headband and darken the base of the crown. Tilley advises to wash the hat frequently to prevent permanent staining, but whether the darkening is permanent or not is irrelevant because it will be darkened by sweat when you're wearing it, permanent or not. In the bush, this is not a concern, but it's unsuitable for 'business casual' or anything where you expect your clothing to appear clean.

This hat isn't an especially good rain hat, because it will get soaked. However, it is very durable and repeated soakings won't harm it.

I am switching to a Panama hat for summer since they are far more versatile. While not so good in rain, they're otherwise every bit as practical and they dress way up by comparison. Tilley now offers a shantung fedora (Japanese cellulose straw rather than Ecuadorian toquilla straw). Unfortunately, the crisper-looking paper fedora is priced higher than entry-level toquilla straw hats from weavers in Cuenca for example, and doesn't come with Tilley's guarantee. That's a pity.

The price of this canvas hat is rather high for a fabric hat, but Tilley offers a valuable guarantee and insurance included in the price. The guarantee doesn't cover sweat-staining, which I can see will be a problem. You still pay a premium for a Canadian-made product, but as hats go, the price is not that far from practical.

Overall it's a good hat, but limited to a frumpy, casual style. Although practical, it's not versatile enough to work with a variety of styles. With the right clothes it will look good, but with many nicer clothes it will be out of place, and it will never dress an outfit up.
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on June 23, 2012
I just received this hat today. My wife was not very excited about me paying $75 for a hat, but even she was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the product. It happened to be raining today so I immediately took my first Tilley out into the storm to see how it held up. While it is far from "waterproof" it held up to it's claim to be very water resistant. I live in central Florida so I can't wait to see how it holds up in the Florida summer. The hat feels great on the head, I have a 7 3/8 head so I took some other reviewers advice and went a size big, 7 1/2, and it fits great. I can say that this hat gets a 5 Star first impression...even from the wife.
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