Customer Reviews: G-Shock GW2310-1 Men's Tough Solar Atomic Black Resin Sport Watch
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on August 31, 2010
I picked this one after going through a phase of trying out several Casio G-Shock models, all of which were very good in their own right. I like this one best, so far, because, in my opinion, it is the nicest package for the casual user. It's not very big or small, just right, probably, for most people. It's pretty lightweight and comfortable yet feels significantly well made. It packs the latest features such as 6 band atomic reception and improved solar power. It has all of the durability and versatility that has made the G-Shock a world standard, though continues in a now traditional format. Most of all, I like the looks and physical layout of the buttons and display. Once again, very easy to use and nice looking. Other G-Shock models will offer different and specific features which may make it more suitable in certain applications. Or, they may just have a style or exclusive sort of appeal. This one gets in all of what's needed in a nice package under $100. You probably can't go wrong with any modern Casio watch, but this is a "best buy".
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on December 20, 2011
This watch looks so much better then the photos attached to the product. It is stylish with a full black coloring. The pictures lead me to think that it may be grey with black accents. Not the case.

After reviewing the many options for a military watch up to 130.00, I settled on this watch. I did start to have buyers remorse thinking I should have just spent double and bought the mirror face "dressy" G-shock for 130.00. I tried to cancel this order to change to the dressier watch, but it was too late to cancel. I figured I would try it out and return it if I didn't like it.

The watch came and I am soooo glad that I wasn't able to cancel. It is a very stylish watch that can be used for casual or business casual. Chrome accents on the black body and face make it even more attractive. It is as comfortable as any watch I have worn. I wouldn't say I could wear it sleep like others have said, but I can't say that about any watch (or other jewelery).

The watch came set already. It was off by one hour. No worries though. It reset at night. I also noticed the power level at Mid. Since I live in Florida, I have access to a lot of sunlight. Within 2 hours the watch was on High.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the watch. It was one of the lowest priced solar, atomic G-shocks offered, but that was only part of the equation. It still had to look good. This watch has it all. I reviewed many watches and spent many hours making this decision and I don't regret it for a moment.
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on June 19, 2011
I got this watch for work. And I am expecting to keep this watch for a very long time for work. So far after several months it exceeds my expectations. I use the 24 hour time display and it also displays the day, and date. I use the stop watch for timing my workouts and the countdown timer for my lunch breaks. It has a cool auto electro luminescent light that activates with the turn of your wrist when its dark. The watch also has a tough solar cell that is perfect for keeping it running strong with all of its functionality. It also has atomic technology and can receive radio reception from up to 6 international atomic timekeeping stations, which can be received manually or automatically at night. It gives me what I need and more out of a good tough watch. For those of you that work in the outdoors, in the field, I highly recommend this one.
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on December 18, 2010
I bought this watch based on my experience with the last G-Shock watch that I bought. The older one is more than 12 years old and is still running great. I only bought this new one because the rubber parts around the old one's body started coming apart.
This new G-Shock is easy to program, it has an easy to read display, the buttons are easier to work than my old G-Shock, and I love the atomic clock adjustment feature. The solar power feature works well- it has kept a good charge in all situations (I use the power saving feature when going to sleep at night). It looks cool without being chunky and huge. This is my everyday watch that can be worn in multiple dress styles- sports, casual, moderately dressy. I expect this watch to last many years (hopefully the rubber parts will last as long as the clock part!).
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on May 14, 2011
I have owned the previous version of this watch for about 10 years and loved it. It has all the features I wanted: stop watch, countdown timer, multi city time, multiple alarms, and most importantly, solar. The Casio watches I owned before that always broke after I had to replace the battery - never had that problem with the one I owned for 10 years. The only problem I had with it was that it ran a bit fast and the band was starting to break (not bad for 10 years). I also was having problems reading the time with the relatively small numbers and the greenish background.
I shopped around for a watch with the same features and larger numbers but could not find any. I ended up buying this model GW2310-1 because it had a more neutral background which made the numbers stand out better (which does make reading them better) and it also had the Atomic feature which calibrates the time daily which solved the problem I had with my 10 year old watch. The only feature missing from this watch that the other one had was the memo feature which I never used.
So far everything has been great with the watch. If it holds up like my old one all the better. I wear it night and day and I put it though hard conditions from time to time and it keeps on working and looking great.
The only reason I did not give it a 5 star rating is that I would have liked the numbers to be larger. I know the solar feature takes up room on the face but I've seen other Casio soar watches with larger numbers (just not all the other features I need and want). All in all, a really great watch and great value buying it through Amazon
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on September 4, 2011
- Good looking
- Auto EL feature: depending on the darkness it will turn on the light automatically and you can also set up 1.5-2 or 2.5-3 seconds for illumination time.
- Solar & Power saver feature very useful and funny
- Atomic sync worked even from a city in center of Mexico
- 4 on time alarms and 1 snooze
- Countdown and stopwatch with 2 splits
- World time mode with current city and secondary displayed in same screen
- Very nice looking and perfect size

- Probably the only one is the alarm tone is a little low.
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on November 8, 2011
After much research on the various offerings by Casio I chose to purchase the GW2310-G watch to replace an older Casio product. The reason(s) for this choice were primarily the Atomic Time function and the Solar assisted battery. The watch performs very well in these areas and with the "stopwatch" function. However if you purchased this watch hoping to use the "Alarm" or "countdown" functions, forget it. The alarm volume is so low that you can only hear it by holding the watch to your ear, thereby rendering these functions useless. In addition the watch power meter has yet to go to full power despite being left in the sun to charge for over 8 hours. I therefor can give the watch only a 3 out of 5 star rating. I will retain the watch despite these shortcomings as it fills my needs but other purchasers beware.

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on June 9, 2014
Initially I was concerned that it was hard to get a full charge. Now that winter has passed and the days are getting longer, it's not a concern. Atomic feature works great - always accurate. The face bezel isn't too high (a problem common in other G-Shocks I've owned). In spite of the chrome accents, the watch is subtle. I don't ever worry about matching it with whatever I'm wearing - it goes with everything.
If you want a watch that screams "hey, look what I can do!" this isn't the watch for you. Shop further up the price scale for temp, altimeters, barometers, etc. in the G-Shock line.
But if you want a timepiece that's tough, always works, looks great, is as accurate as a pinpoint and needs absolutely zero maintenance or fuss, get this watch - you won't regret it!
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on January 6, 2011
* 6 band atomic
* Solar
* Rugged, shock proof
* Not too big, not too small, just the right size...looks great on my wrist.
* World time

* Sometimes I feel the buttons should be designed to be more responsive to a lighter touch but then the watch is designed to be rugged.

Other notes: I am able to get an atomic signal when I keep the watch by my window. My window is double paned with a wire mesh outside and yet the watch has no problem picking up the signal. Also, the watch auto syncs every night between midnight and 2 am.

Overall very happy with the purchase.
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on January 19, 2012
I bought this watch after extensive research, comparing different models. This watch has stopwatch, countdown timer, world time, atomic time and it is 200m water resistant and solar powered. When I received this watch the power indicator was on MED level, I exposed it to a strong sunlight, after a few minutes it went to HIGH level and then in about 5 minutes back to MED and its been there since. After that I exposed the watch to artificial light only. The atomic function works fine only by the window showing L3 signal strength which is the max level. I synced it in manual mode. At night for some reason it didnt sinc. only had this watch for two days now.

I am happy with the watch except for the alarm signal volume. Sometimes you cant hear it at all if there is a background noise. The screen is large enough but the numbers are a bit small, the EL illumination is not as bright but you can see all info on the screen in the dark with no problem.

The good feature is that the world time is showing in the same screen with the city code for that time zone, so you always know the time in both cities without toggling between the screens.

It is easy to use, controls are all intuitive especially for someone who owned any kind of a digital watch before. It doesnt look bulky on small wrists either.

I gave it 4 star rating only because of its weak alarm volume. This watch has several alarms that can be set up at different times. But the weak sound makes it impossible to use this function at all unless you are in a perfectly quiet room and the watch is not covered by your sleeve.

UPDATE: A month of having this watch.
It syncs all the time automatically at night usually at 12:04am or 3:04am if I place the watch by the window. Having alarm and not being able to use it due to its weak sound is very annoing but I guess it should be expected since the watch is waterproof so sound can't be loud though it.

UPDATE: After almost a year of wearing this watch I can add to my review that the signal is not that loud but to my surprise I got used to the sound, I mean to distinguish it from other sounds so that I can hear it in situations where external noise was high enough and at first I'd never thought I would have heard it. The light meter indicator never went down, stayed on HIGH level, the only problem is that as other reviewers mentioned this watch has alot of places where dirt and dust, lint can get stuck, so have to wash it with warm soupy water and it is like brand new again. The update is tricky but never failed when placed as instructed in the manual facing the window.

Just wanted to mention for some who may be concerned. someone also mentioned here that there is lots of places where dirt and dust can get on the surface of the watch. it is true...after a while it does gets kind a dusty in those places so you would need to wash it thouroghly with a soupy water, or like someone here suggested through it into the dishwasher...I never did that but I am sure the watch will withstand this as well.

UPDATE 02/27/2016

I took this watch with me to all possible vacations, it has seen salty waters etc. I played volleyball on the beach and never took my watch off my wrist. it is going strong, I love it, accurate and solar power is the best after 4 years all I had to do is to ensure that the watch gets enough sunlight at least 5 min per day. I changed my rating from 4 star to 5 and Good watch to Great watch. I only wish the alarm to be louder.
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