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on April 10, 2013
Returned.... Wanted it for heart rate but to jig & check it would not work... Not worth the money if you want to track heart rate
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on April 26, 2011
When I purchased this product, the specs stated that it would calculate distance as well as HR. Because I'm training for marathons this was very important to me. When I finally received the product I found that it does everything I need it to do except calculate distance. The discription of the product has since been updated so it no longer says that the distance function is available. But I have to say that I'm not pleased with the fact that the product was misrepresented.

I'm very happy with the zone training and the HRM is VERY accurate. Its an awesome tool to track and chart my progress. Both the watch and the chest strap are extremely comfortable and dispite many reviews which stated that the watch is difficult to program, I found it quite simple. It only took about 20 mins and I was off to train. I would definitely purchase this product again, but I would love it even more if the distance function was available.
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on February 22, 2012
I work out every single day for at least an hour and I also am a Zumba Instructor. I absolutely LOVE this product. I have had other HRM (heart rate monitor's) before and this is by FAR the best especially for the price! I am not very techno savvy but once this was set up, it is SO easy to use. I love that it has an alarm, timer, lights up, etc. Just a great product all around. And for the chest strap, I was a little worried about it. My other HRM didn't have a chest strap. But, I wanted one that did have one so it would be more accurate. You don't even notice you're wearing it. It is comfortable and moves/stretches with your body. I have personally recommended this product to many of my friends, fellow fitness enthusiasts & fellow Instructors/students!
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on October 10, 2011
Set up was more difficult than I imagined it would be. I still haven't figured out all of the features. But, I haven't worn a watch in years and this is my first HRM. I wanted a stopwatch, heart rate, and calories burned so I got what I asked for. I'm sure i'll enjoy it more if I can ever figure it all out. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Face is already cracked, and I don't know what I did. I'm chalking the problems up to user error and not manufacturer.
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on September 23, 2012
Well, I'll start off by saying that I returned it.

The chest strap fit well with plenty of room to make it smaller as needed. Since it fit under the band of my sports bra, I didn't really notice it as I worked out. It seemed to take an accurate heart rate, as I also checked my own heart rate manually.

I wanted a HRM with split/lap capability for running, accurate HR and calorie burn. The calorie burn was waaaaaay off on the HRM. I triple checked a variety of online calorie burn calculators. The HRM was well over the highest estimate by 400 calories. Another review suggested reducing my weight by 5# increments until the calorie burn seemed more accurate. After taking off over 30 pounds in the HRM, it was still registering really high calorie burn numbers. As that was one of the 3 major components I wanted, that was sort of a deal breaker.

Overall, the watch was easy to set up and within a couple workouts I was able to maneuver the menus while running without any difficulty. I didn't find the buttons to be too small or hard to press. The split/lap button on the face of the watch was a bit sensitive and prone to accidental bumping. I also found the split/lap review a little difficult to read/comprehend.

If accurate (or even semi-accurate) calorie burn is a factor in purchasing this HRM, then reconsider. When I contacted Timex customer service, they replied that I should send it in to them. Frankly, it wasn't worth the time and effort (and expense) to do that.
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on March 7, 2010
I bought this watch mostly for the heart rate monitor. However, I really like everything about it. The heart rate monitor does a nice job during my workouts. It takes a few minutes to display the actual heart rate accurately, but once it is working, I find it very accurate. I really like the target heart rate zone monitor and the calories burned reading also. Another plus is the dual time zone feature which worked out well on my recent vacation to Australia. At a touch of a button, I could see what time it was back home. I have a very small wrist, so the band is a bit large. I have to wear it in the smallest hole possible, but it does fit at this setting. Overall, I am very happy with this watch.
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on June 9, 2011
I had bought and used this watch before. After about two years, the HR monitor didn't work, it would just read a HR of 240. (I have read other reviewers have this problem as well) I really needed a HR monitor to train for the triathlon season and so I decided to send my old monitor to timex for repair and bought a less expensive version to use in the meantime. Well, the less expensive version was NOT at all what I needed so I returned it for this item. I loved my old one and this version is much the same. It is easy to use and the data is easy to read. I also love that you can view your HR and the chrono timer at the same time. (The less expensive version did not have this feature, it was one or the other.) I am a competitive, recreational triathlete and I feel like this monitor is a great tool to help me train smarter. You can customize your zones or just enter your max HR and the watch will set them for you. It also had a recovery mode that I find useful. And after your workout you can review time, average HR, time in zone, and calories burned (I've read some people feel this is inaccurate but I think it's good for a general idea of calories expended. I don't expect it to be exact.)You can also activate an alarm to sound when you are out of your target HR zone.
Useful features, great price, valuable training tool. We'll see hoe long the HR monitor accurately works but at this price, I feel like I got my moneys worth.I highly recommend.
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on February 13, 2012
I purchased this watch to see how many calories I burn when I am practicing. I had the watch for about a week and tried to connect the chest band with the watch more than hundred times but it worked only twice. I decided to replace it to see who has the problem, me or the watch. I received the watch the next day! Very impressed with the delivery :) The watch works perfect, it gets the heart rate in 2-3 seconds and it works every time I wear it. I am not sure if the calories that I burn is correct, I need to try it at the gym and compare with the machines. So far I love the watch and the chest strap is very comfortable to wear all day.
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on March 27, 2012
I have gotten 2 of these watches (my husband bought me the same one a year later)

cute, feminine
tracks HR, times laps etc.

the band gets super dirty REALLY FAST
my band broke after about 8 months (where it connects to the face)
HR monitor battery dies quickly and fast
my second watch the battery died in one month (in the watch)
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on May 9, 2012
I just received the watch 2 days ago. The directions were very hard to follow...luckily i found a video on you tube showing how to set up the HRM on the Timex Ironman Road HRM. After that it was a snap to use. The only drawback at this time is that it is very easy to hit the lap button when you are working out on the floor.

Except for that i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a HRM that is economical.
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