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on February 27, 2015
I have the silver version of this watch and I love it. The gold A178 is funkier and louder but the silver one is also half the cost (wrote a review on it as well, comparing A178 to A168). I recently bought the gold one as a Christmas gift to my sister and she loves it. She's wanted a gold retro styled Casio watch after seeing my gold A168. Instead of getting her the same thing, I decided to get her the gold A178. She wears it not only as a watch but more like a bracelet and the band is kept loose with a lot of wrist clearance. She said the watch invites many comments from her friends but interestingly enough, only the guy friends seem to make comments, not her other female friends. Ha ha.

Anyway, this watch has it all... nice square face with big digits (compared to other retro-styled Casios), time that displays while you're in stopwatch mode, the stop watch can count up to 10 hrs, and dual time to help those that travel a lot across time zones.

For a gift to ladies, you really can't go wrong with this one. Also recommended gift item is the rose-gold/copper colored B640W. Highly recommended.

Update: I'd like to bring up an issue I've experienced with this watch. I've ordered this watch on three different occasions now. The first time was from a Sears reseller in fall of 2014. The next two times was via Amazon from Amazon resellers. The issue is that there seem to be two versions of the watch when it comes to the gold color. One that screams gold and the gold is very strong and yellow in color. The other is a gold tone that is very muted and looks faded. Only with my very first order (via Sears reseller) did I get the strong gold version. I'm not sure why this is the case. I know that Casio markets the same watch for different global regions with slightly different model names but that should apply only to naming differences, not physical differences in the watch. Did they change production steps over time? Did they switch from strong gold to muted gold? Is one real and the others fake? If so which one?

If you search for a178 gold in Amazon search, you'll see a very gold watch in the search results. That's the version I got the very first time. If you click on it to enter the page, then the photo you see is the faded gold. The two times I ordered through Amazon, I got the faded gold version and was not too happy about it. I ended up giving the second one away as a gift and the third one I ordered, I ended up returning it.

I'm not sure how you'll ever know which version you'll get. Just be warned.
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on December 14, 2015
The watch is beautiful but very small to be classified as a man's watch. The face is small and the band is not very wide. I have very slender female hands (a 7.5 inch/19cm length wrist watch fits me easily). Look at this watch beside my hands. I could wear it easily for a female watch. Don't get me wrong, a man can wear it but it will be smaller than the average male watches. Nice looking and classic overall.
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on November 4, 2016
I own many watches as an avid collector.
This has probably been my least favorite in terms of color. I love a gold digital by all means, though unfortunately the sheen of the gold on this particular chronograph is bit upsetting. The face obosoilu being plastic makes the gold sheen a finger print magnet as well as making it less attractive, as for the band it's sadly not painted gold all the way, only the part you see on top is gold and the sides, bottom, and even the clasp?! Are silver. I'm sure they took their silver model of this watch and simply coated it. They could've done a solid job if it were a solid color but due to the two-tone of this watch I merely keep it in a toiletries bag as a travel clock
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I rated this 5 as I've tried Timex and other digital watches in the past with disappointing results. Most digital watches have large time numbers, but very small dates or day of the week. This one has an excellent size on time, date, and day of the week. Great for looks besides accuracy, quality and low price for a fashion digital watch with lots of features. Even though the case is brass looking, it stil looks fashionable with the black border outline. I changed the watchband to a flexible band for easier handling. I've had this watch for six months.
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on May 4, 2016
When it came time to replace my trusty Casio Waveceptor I decided to try something different. I needed a large digital display, and this watch fit the bill. It shows everything in one glance including day of the week which the Waveceptor did not. The only issue I have is with the band. The Waveceptor has a sturdier band with a handy fold over clasp. The band on this watch is a lighter duty version with an open clasp that takes some getting used to.
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on April 27, 2009
My Seiko gold digital wristwatch suffered from internal rusting and couldn't be adjusted unless I opened the case and jumpered some contacts, so it was time to buy a new digital wristwatch. Very few watchmakers offer digital models anymore, so my choices were limited mostly to Timex or Casio. After reading many user reviews it seemed that Casio had the edge, so I looked for a gold Casio digital watch that included a light, stopwatch and alarm.

The model A-178WGA had all the features I wanted. Granted, it has a resin case (instead of gold-plated metal) and a cheaper looking watchband than the Seiko had, but it also cost less than $30 where the Seiko cost me over $100 about 12 years ago. It is also a bit thicker and wider than the Seiko, but not so much that it is a problem for me. I do like the larger numbers on the display and the light works much better than the Seiko did. In fact, the Seiko light really did not illuminate the display correctly and was essentially useless.

The only downside to the Casio A-178WGA is that the button that changes it from a 12hr to 24hr display is located where it can be too easily pushed when you put your hand in a hip pocket. I have occasionally found my watch in 24hr mode. It would have been better if it required the sequential pressing of two different buttons to change the time mode.

I liked the band better on the Seiko because it stayed in a closed circle and expanded with a "z" hinge to open. It could be easily slipped over my hand and then closed around my wrist using my other hand. Because the Casio band fully opens, it is a bit harder to drape the band around my wrist and then hold one end of the band in place while trying to get the other end to clasp in place. I would use the Seiko band with the Seiko, but the gold colors do not match. I am getting used to the Casio band and can get it snapped in place most of the time on the first try.

The controls are fairly easy to figure out without using the manual. If you are used to the usual settings of a digital watch, you should be fine with this one.

I have only had the watch one month, so I cannot comment on durability or long-term time accuracy. The specifications say it will keep time accurate to +- 30 seconds per month. That is as good as the Seiko.
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on January 29, 2015
My husband loves this watch. It is VERY hard to find a gold band watch with a digital display. He has MS so we try to make things as easy for him as possible. The one thing we would to see is this watch with large numbers in the display field. He is still able to work 3 days a week and has to wear a suit so he needed something that looked dressy. We bought 2 of them, but they are so sturdy and accurate he is still using the first one. The watches arrived quickly and were priced well. If we ever need to purchase another watch, we hope these will still be available (perhaps with larger numbers?).
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on May 14, 2017
The band reflects the low price but the watch is easy to use and dependable. I would buy it again
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on May 12, 2016
Nice watch, but the clasp on the band is the problem. Difficult to snap closed .... the watch fell off my wrist unnoticed one day, due to the clasp being not closed properly. So now, it's laying in a parking lot somewhere, I guess, .... or is on someone else's wrist now.
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on May 10, 2014
The watch looks good and has drawn several compliments. It seems to function well but I don't use many of the functions. It fits my wrist well and I have a small wrist so some don't. I bought it for the large numbers so it is easy to see. Others have noted the 12/24 hour button is vulnerable and that is true but not bothersome to me. The greatest weakness seems to be the light feature: it is next to worthless. But, I did not buy it to tell time in the dark. I am quite pleased with the overall performance of this watch at this price.
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