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on May 11, 2011
surprisingly works straight out of the box. the dvd-like case comes with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, a 3.5mm stereo minijack cable, a stereo phono to 3.5mm minijack, and a software disc. So 3 of the 4 included items you could probably buy on your own. the instruction booklet is minimal, but it's easy enough to understand what to do. the software disc loads in a matter of minutes.

the only thing you would need to provide is a tape/record player that has a headphone socket or audio out/inputs to use with the included cords, and a pc with a microphone socket. oh, and the cassettes and records you want to record of course. you hook these items up and you're ready to go. it even has a usb cable option, but i haven't tried that. i dont have a record player so i cant say how well that works either.

i bought this mainly to convert certain songs on my old tapes that i haven't been able to find on mp3 yet and for the most part it works. mp3 quality depends on devices used, quality of tape sound, and volume level you set it at(too high or low and it will tell you on-screen). actual recordings are silent, but the on-screen instructions say there is a way to hear the sound while you're recording but i haven't figured that out yet. otherwise it's just trial and error regarding the volume you set with the visual equalizer on hand(make sure it's moving but not too much or crazy-like). the software gives you numerous options like noise reduction, separating tracks, naming them, pausing at certain times during recordings, setting recording lengths, etc.

honestly though, i haven't used some of those options let alone perfected them for great recordings...yet. im pleased it works out of the box, but you will have to put some time & effort to make your mp3s sound great. at least the options are there and experimenting can be fun. btw, it allows you to make your mp3s and add them to windows media player, itunes, or a cd. i chose to go with windows, too much trial and error experimenting straight to cds. so far i have made a couple of cd compilations with these mp3s so i'm glad i bought it. definitely recommended.

update(6/14/11), i'm not going to change anything in my original review, just wanted to add a few things since:

* i see it's at $30 now, i think most of us bought it at $25.
* i've made WELL OVER 25 mp3s and quite a few cds with this so its paid for itself already(assuming i could even find the non-available songs i recorded on amazon as a $1 or less mp3 to begin with).
* once the cd is installed you should use it without the disk in the drive. i tried to open the program once by putting the disk in the drive after it was already installed, and i tried to use it once with the cd in the drive and got an error warning each time. both times i had to reboot my pc and uninstall/re-install it(i didn't say i was bright).
* i was kinda wrong...when you're recording, make sure the visual equalizer MOVES ALOT(but not all-over-the-place-crazy). if you get a warning thats it's too loud, ignore it and let it continue recording. most of the time it will turn out ok and you should get a decent to good recording. but if it repeatedly warns you that it's too loud and mentions "clipping", start over.
* while recording, don't touch the cord/cable. it might affect it.
* during the editing phase(noise reduction/seperate track/etc) of the mp3, mess with it all you want. there is a "restart audio" option(basically the do-over or undo-edits button) if you dont like your changes.
* buy/invest/borrow a tape player with digital volume control, it takes the guess work out of remembering what volume to have it at while recording.
* i do have to re-emphasize the trial & error, for the most part it works, quality depends on devices used, and time and effort aspects of my original review plus throw in the obvious "your mileage/results may vary". ex: recording many store-bought tapes and various blank tapes(high CrO2, normal bias) with recorded music on them, results ranged from "it could pass for a store-bought cd or mp3 off amazon" to "crap".
* speaking of results, you might be surprised how good they turn out on cd. ex: i recorded a blank tape with recorded music, it warned it was too loud during recording, i converted it to mp3 anyway, from windows media player it sounded decent, used on my cell phone's speakers it was too low but with headphones it was decent, burned to a blank cd and it sounded really good with good bass. very surprised. so don't give up on a recording.
* finally, if you have it set to automatically stop after a pre-set recording length, it always seems to record about 15-30 seconds more than what you intended(i've had it happen manually too). ex: i knew a song i was recording was 4 mins and set it for 4 but it shows the length of the track as 4min & 30 seconds. so be prepared to use the separate-tracks function, or to enjoy the first 30 seconds or so of the next song.

sorry for the overly-long update, but i still like this cass-2-mp3 product and it works for me. i will say this though...if you can find your song as an mp3 online, save yourself the frustration and just buy that. and if you're looking for an easy way to get great-sounding mp3s consistently, i wouldn't blame you for looking elsewhere.
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on August 18, 2011
This product is easy to use and I am exceptionally happy with it. I've made CDs from some one-of-a-kind cassette tapes...they are treasures and I plan to convert more cassette tapes to CD because of the ease with which it's done. This product includes all the "connecting" wires you may need...I haven't done anything with vinyl.

You need headphones to connect from the tape player to the microphone slot of your computer..hit "play" on your tape player and it will upload...with notice if it's too loud so you can adjust. It also removes the "hiss" almost don't even notice it. Before it's actually uploaded, there are opportunities to "fix" things, such as "noise" that can make the tape sound dirty.

It has to upload at the regular speed of a playing can't "dub" it and expect it to work. I also saved it as an MP3 into my Music files, where it has it's own folder, and it's there for future copies! If the tape is important to you, I HIGHLY recommend this product. If "I" can do it, anyone can! I've searched for years for something like this and a friend's recommendation and link led me here...I couldn't be happier!

Cassette to CD and MP3
by Digitope
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on November 25, 2014
This software works really well. It is very easy to use and I like how it can be used with any tape player so long as the tape player has a headphone jack. There are some reviews complaining about the sound quality of the mp3s produced by this software. It may be that the sound quality issues are due to your computer settings and not the software itself. When I first tried to convert a cassette tape, the sound quality was absolutely terrible on my laptop (Lenovo G500s). The sound was incredibly distorted and choppy. Thinking that the microphone port was bad on my computer, I tried out the software on my fiance's laptop. The sound was a little distorted on his computer so I went to the properties for the microphone and turned down the microphone boost to 0 dB as per the troubleshooting guide in the manual that came with the software. After doing that, the sound was still a little off (but much better than on my laptop) so I went to the advanced settings for the microphone and turned off the 'noise reduction' function. When I did that, the sound was as clear as a bell. I figured I needed to do the same on my laptop. On my laptop, there was no 'noise reduction' option in the advanced settings for the microphone. However, I did uncheck "enable audio enhancements" and I also turned down the microphone boost to 0 dB. When I did that, the sound was great on my laptop! It took me a long time to figure these things but once I did, it was smooth sailing from there. I have converted several cassettes so far and the sound quality of the mp3s is very good (as good as the quality of the cassette I converted). So, after some fidgeting with the microphone settings on my laptop and a bit of patience, everything is all good!
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on November 27, 2011
At first I was frustrated with this item because it kept saying that it was recording silence (on my laptop) as it was supposed to be recording a tape, but I finally figured out how to make it work on my desktop. I had to go to my control panel and click on the Sounds icon and click on the Recording tab, which brings up the microphone icon (FrontMic), which I then set as default and then PLUGGED THE MIC PLUG INTO THE FRONT SIDE OF MY PC. Then it worked like a breeze! So I think if I reset also on my laptop pc that it would work on it as well as my desktop has. I recorded a favorite cassette Church teaching that I have had for many years on a cassette, but I can't find it anymore, anywhere, because they don't offer it anymore and it's nowhere to be found online, so this is so wonderful that today with this great Digitope Cassette to MP3 & CD, I recorded the inspirational teaching to a CD and also to Itunes to my Ipod so I can keep on enjoying listening to this awesome teaching for many more years to come!
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on June 24, 2011
I purchased this software to convert my old cassette tapes to CDs and MP3. The software has some good features and is easy to use. However, very often after you played the entire tape from both sides and it's time to record it to a CD the software shows this message, "The program encounter an error and needs to close". Then it shuts down. Then you have to start playing the tape all over again. It gets very frustrating.
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on December 7, 2014
I had a bunch of old audio cassette tapes from my childhood - not music - just goofy stuff of my sister and I interviewing each other, irreplaceable memories of my grandfather singing... my childhood friends and I making up soap operas in my bedroom as kids... precious memories that I wanted to share with my family and friends. I knew it was only a matter of time before they would be lost (i.e. literally fall apart) or the technology would surpass so far beyond and audio cassettes would be so obsolete that I would have to pay hundreds of dollars to find a player to play them (as it is I had to borrow an old one from my father to play the ones I had, else pay upwards of $200 to get one!!).

I tried other devices to transfer cassette to mp3 (the ones that look like a small walkman) - the device was very cheaply made and the sound quality was terrible. The Digiotape system is DEFINITELY the way to go!! I was able to use my dad's cassette player and the cables that came in the Digiotape package - super easy. The software that accompanies is is very user friendly - everything goes right into iTunes. It allows you to edit your recordings into tracks and edit the length of each track (which was particularly helpful for my project - since I wasn't working with typical music tracks). I had to play with the volume input a little bit to get the best quality but that's the nature of the beast, considering the kind of audio I was trying to capture - mono voices (i.e. kids being goofy - whispering one minute, screaming the next). I couldn't be more pleased - it exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this product to someone trying to do a similar project.

One tidbit I learned... I did have one cassette that I think was just worn... perhaps old and just stretched out... every time I played it, about 2-3 seconds in, the volume dropped and the quality was just lost. As a last ditch effort, I took it to my dad's (he has a dual cassette player at his house). I found that playing it regular speed, I had the same issue so I tried dubbing it at high speed onto a blank cassette... and it worked!! I was able to capture the 5 minutes I needed onto a blank cassette... no volume drop and the quality was great! I took it home and used the Digiotape system to get it into the computer - I was so happy!

I made CD's for all of my family and friend for Christmas of our family memories - I can't wait to share them!!
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on December 29, 2014
I purchased this product based on the favorable reviews of others...However, I had a different experience. The product manual states that a favored tape player to use in conjunction with the software is the Walkman type...However, when I used one the software indicates that it is supplying insufficient volume, even with the software volume slider turned all the way up. Secondly, there were several flags on the software that indicated that Windows XP was insufficient in supporting the software. I believe this should be pointed out to prospective buyers before purchase.

A friend pointed out that he has Windows XP and uses the Free Audacity Cassette to MP3/CD program and has very good results. I think I will try that next after returning the Digitope program.
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on November 10, 2014
I hate to even give this ONE STAR, as it has been pretty much worthless to me. The directions are vague at best, and I have just spent about 8 hours working on a very precious old recording which is now lost for the night. I will have to start all over again tomorrow, straight from the cassette player, and then the long day's worth of editing. I am quite disappointed that there is no visible SAVE BUTTON to use between steps. Once you get the dreaded error message (hundred times today) the program closes and you try to recover, which in my case was not successful after all this work. What a bust. Save your money.
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on January 10, 2015
Having once owned a record store, I simply have TONS of cassettes and needed to convert them to put on my iPod! This little darling was easy as pie to set up -- it also helped again, that I still have a few cassette players laying around! I am in LOVE with this converter and Digitope for turning the process into FUN! Makes me want to dig further into finding old cassettes I didn't think to play anymore. Kudos as always to Amazon for making my life easier!
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on April 14, 2014
Software is easy to install and use. I turned cassette recordings as old as 20 years, and from normal and high-bias tapes, into mp3s and the audio fidelity of the files was very good. Nice cooperative feature sends new mp3s directly into your iTunes library. Suggestions for improvement are in the interface and how the track and album naming functions work; it autofills artist names making it harder to log multiple artist names than single ones. They will soon need to adapt the hardware, which is based on using mic inputs on the computer, for machines like mine with no mic input and just a built-in; however, here's the workaround for that: connect a 1/4" male jack to usb male plug so you can run the headphone out signal of the tape deck to any usb in on the computer. I used a Rocksmith 1/4 to usb cable. Works fine. Software does run on 64-bit OS, the key reason I got it.
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