Customer Reviews: Cassette to CD and MP3
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on May 11, 2011
surprisingly works straight out of the box. the dvd-like case comes with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, a 3.5mm stereo minijack cable, a stereo phono to 3.5mm minijack, and a software disc. So 3 of the 4 included items you could probably buy on your own. the instruction booklet is minimal, but it's easy enough to understand what to do. the software disc loads in a matter of minutes.

the only thing you would need to provide is a tape/record player that has a headphone socket or audio out/inputs to use with the included cords, and a pc with a microphone socket. oh, and the cassettes and records you want to record of course. you hook these items up and you're ready to go. it even has a usb cable option, but i haven't tried that. i dont have a record player so i cant say how well that works either.

i bought this mainly to convert certain songs on my old tapes that i haven't been able to find on mp3 yet and for the most part it works. mp3 quality depends on devices used, quality of tape sound, and volume level you set it at(too high or low and it will tell you on-screen). actual recordings are silent, but the on-screen instructions say there is a way to hear the sound while you're recording but i haven't figured that out yet. otherwise it's just trial and error regarding the volume you set with the visual equalizer on hand(make sure it's moving but not too much or crazy-like). the software gives you numerous options like noise reduction, separating tracks, naming them, pausing at certain times during recordings, setting recording lengths, etc.

honestly though, i haven't used some of those options let alone perfected them for great recordings...yet. im pleased it works out of the box, but you will have to put some time & effort to make your mp3s sound great. at least the options are there and experimenting can be fun. btw, it allows you to make your mp3s and add them to windows media player, itunes, or a cd. i chose to go with windows, too much trial and error experimenting straight to cds. so far i have made a couple of cd compilations with these mp3s so i'm glad i bought it. definitely recommended.

update(6/14/11), i'm not going to change anything in my original review, just wanted to add a few things since:

* i see it's at $30 now, i think most of us bought it at $25.
* i've made WELL OVER 25 mp3s and quite a few cds with this so its paid for itself already(assuming i could even find the non-available songs i recorded on amazon as a $1 or less mp3 to begin with).
* once the cd is installed you should use it without the disk in the drive. i tried to open the program once by putting the disk in the drive after it was already installed, and i tried to use it once with the cd in the drive and got an error warning each time. both times i had to reboot my pc and uninstall/re-install it(i didn't say i was bright).
* i was kinda wrong...when you're recording, make sure the visual equalizer MOVES ALOT(but not all-over-the-place-crazy). if you get a warning thats it's too loud, ignore it and let it continue recording. most of the time it will turn out ok and you should get a decent to good recording. but if it repeatedly warns you that it's too loud and mentions "clipping", start over.
* while recording, don't touch the cord/cable. it might affect it.
* during the editing phase(noise reduction/seperate track/etc) of the mp3, mess with it all you want. there is a "restart audio" option(basically the do-over or undo-edits button) if you dont like your changes.
* buy/invest/borrow a tape player with digital volume control, it takes the guess work out of remembering what volume to have it at while recording.
* i do have to re-emphasize the trial & error, for the most part it works, quality depends on devices used, and time and effort aspects of my original review plus throw in the obvious "your mileage/results may vary". ex: recording many store-bought tapes and various blank tapes(high CrO2, normal bias) with recorded music on them, results ranged from "it could pass for a store-bought cd or mp3 off amazon" to "crap".
* speaking of results, you might be surprised how good they turn out on cd. ex: i recorded a blank tape with recorded music, it warned it was too loud during recording, i converted it to mp3 anyway, from windows media player it sounded decent, used on my cell phone's speakers it was too low but with headphones it was decent, burned to a blank cd and it sounded really good with good bass. very surprised. so don't give up on a recording.
* finally, if you have it set to automatically stop after a pre-set recording length, it always seems to record about 15-30 seconds more than what you intended(i've had it happen manually too). ex: i knew a song i was recording was 4 mins and set it for 4 but it shows the length of the track as 4min & 30 seconds. so be prepared to use the separate-tracks function, or to enjoy the first 30 seconds or so of the next song.

sorry for the overly-long update, but i still like this cass-2-mp3 product and it works for me. i will say this though...if you can find your song as an mp3 online, save yourself the frustration and just buy that. and if you're looking for an easy way to get great-sounding mp3s consistently, i wouldn't blame you for looking elsewhere.
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on August 18, 2011
This product is easy to use and I am exceptionally happy with it. I've made CDs from some one-of-a-kind cassette tapes...they are treasures and I plan to convert more cassette tapes to CD because of the ease with which it's done. This product includes all the "connecting" wires you may need...I haven't done anything with vinyl.

You need headphones to connect from the tape player to the microphone slot of your computer..hit "play" on your tape player and it will upload...with notice if it's too loud so you can adjust. It also removes the "hiss" almost don't even notice it. Before it's actually uploaded, there are opportunities to "fix" things, such as "noise" that can make the tape sound dirty.

It has to upload at the regular speed of a playing can't "dub" it and expect it to work. I also saved it as an MP3 into my Music files, where it has it's own folder, and it's there for future copies! If the tape is important to you, I HIGHLY recommend this product. If "I" can do it, anyone can! I've searched for years for something like this and a friend's recommendation and link led me here...I couldn't be happier!

Cassette to CD and MP3
by Digitope
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on June 24, 2011
I purchased this software to convert my old cassette tapes to CDs and MP3. The software has some good features and is easy to use. However, very often after you played the entire tape from both sides and it's time to record it to a CD the software shows this message, "The program encounter an error and needs to close". Then it shuts down. Then you have to start playing the tape all over again. It gets very frustrating.
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on June 9, 2011
I bought this based on the other reviews and had high hopes that I would be able to "save" my favorite music cassettes to my computer without having to buy the particular CD or that I would be able to even find the CD album version. I even bought a higher-end cassette player to do the conversion. I tried two different cassettes and they both had the same problem, horrible quality sound such as fluctuations in volume and sounding like it was playing from inside a barrel. What a waste. I am back to zero.
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on April 23, 2011
I have a 1973 Cassette Tape of the children's song companion to the book "Seven Little Rabbits" by John Becker. Seven Little Rabbits My kids, & my friends kids all loved it when they were little. Now, THEY are having children. I looked on Itunes for the CD or download and searched the Internet to no avail. I bought the Digitope to convert the cassette tape to MP3 format. I'm not so computer savy and I figured out how to do this without too much difficulty. The catchy Seven Little Rabbits tune is now on my PC, in Itunes. I bought a few copies of John Becker's book, burned some CD's and I am all set with the new "grandparent's gifts. This product works GREAT!
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on April 22, 2011
I think this is great. Installed easily, easy to work. I can now listen to my cassettes and records on my mp3. Haven't tried the records yet but I'm sure it will work just as easy. Takes some time since it has to play through to record it but thats ok.
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on July 28, 2011
This product was worthless to me. When you plugged the cords into your computer and then cassette player they were so loud and crackly it was scary! The sound of the cassette recording was filled with hissing. When I tried to get it to work it messed up my settings on my computer for sound. I actually had to revert to a back up to restore.

It didn't work at all.
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on November 27, 2011
At first I was frustrated with this item because it kept saying that it was recording silence (on my laptop) as it was supposed to be recording a tape, but I finally figured out how to make it work on my desktop. I had to go to my control panel and click on the Sounds icon and click on the Recording tab, which brings up the microphone icon (FrontMic), which I then set as default and then PLUGGED THE MIC PLUG INTO THE FRONT SIDE OF MY PC. Then it worked like a breeze! So I think if I reset also on my laptop pc that it would work on it as well as my desktop has. I recorded a favorite cassette Church teaching that I have had for many years on a cassette, but I can't find it anymore, anywhere, because they don't offer it anymore and it's nowhere to be found online, so this is so wonderful that today with this great Digitope Cassette to MP3 & CD, I recorded the inspirational teaching to a CD and also to Itunes to my Ipod so I can keep on enjoying listening to this awesome teaching for many more years to come!
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on December 11, 2011
OK. Before I purchased this item, I read EVERY review to see what people were saying about transferring music from vinyls to MP3 and not one review from that so guess I'm writing the first one. Thanks to the very limited instruction manual, I spent quite a few hours trying to figure out what to do from being able to listen to the music while recording to saving it. Yes, the program did advance with each click but absolutely no details as to how to delete tracks or how to merge music after deleting tracks and what would happen. Also, as one other reviewer stated, the "recording is too loud and will be clipped" kept popping up, which it did on mine also, so I continued experimenting with lowering the volume scale but that did not prevent this dialogue box from reappearing. So I ignored it and my music transfer was OK and I did not notice that it had been clipped. After all this experimenting, when the recording was completed, I left all tracks as is, named each track and saved it as MP3 format for Windows Media Player. I then played the music and was amazed at how clear the sound quality was. And, even though it took time to flip the album over, that delay is not noticeable when playing the final version -- all tracks flow smoothly. My albums are old but in excellent condition and while recording I did not have any pops or clicks so the music transferred very well and may possibly have been digitally enhanced somewhat by this software. Overall, I am very pleased with this program and highly recommend it as a way to preserve your old music.
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on July 26, 2011
I got it to work or atleast got the music (sort of) into my computer but it was distorted to so bad I didn't want to keep it. Taking a lot of time adjust and play around with it is not my bag. I sent it back to get a refund which I am STILL waiting on.
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