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on August 14, 2016
I love fried foods. If it were socially acceptable, I would would dredge myself in flour and seasoned breadcrumbs and deep fry myself for long periods during the cold winter months. But I'm saddened by this product from Delonghi. It really underperforms in the single job it is supposed to do well.


Can we agree that the most important thing when deep frying is the temperature of the oil? And maintaining that temperature is critical so you have consistency in quality and cooking time? Proper temperature makes your food crispy and crunchy and frigging tasty as all get-out. But if you fry in oil that is not hot enough or teetering on the edge of acceptable, it will produce food that is limp, greasy, and saturated with extra oil. Oil that seeps into the food throughout the (longer) frying process instead of initially creating a nigh-impenetrable crusty outer barrier.

This product does NOT heat high enough and does not MAINTAIN the heat it can get to. That's a big problem. I do not overfill the basket with food for each frying session and I fry exclusively with peanut oil. This fryer has produced sub-par fried foods since day one. Fresh chicken tenders, the test of any deep fryer worth its salt? LIMP. SOGGY. DISGUSTING. And the cooking times are psychotic. You should be able to quickly fry a batch of fries in around 6-8 minutes with hot oil. This thing takes upwards of 20 minutes. And during every extra second of cooking time, the fries are becoming chewy and absorbing more and more oil, defeating the purpose of the "roto" gimmick. Sure, you're using less oil in the machine. But more of it is going into your food.

Can you tell I really hate this fryer? Frying in a pot on the stove, while more dangerous, provides far more consistent, quality, and timely results. And costs a heck of a lot less.

Lastly, the absolutely stupid magnetic "safety" cord on this fryer is comically short and extremely sensitive. You may think its frying and then wonder why the sizzling has stopped. Oh, yeah, the plug sneakily detached and cut the power when someone walked by. Twenty. Minutes. Ago.

Any recommendations for a quality fryer are welcome.
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on November 13, 2016
I LOVE this product. I have used it four times now, and each time it has been easy and delightful to fill and clean. I can get it clean enough to store inside the house in my kitchen gadget closet. My other deep fryer had to live in the garage because I could not clean it as well. This fryer is light weight and effective. It is easy for me to move from one location to the next, even with the oil inside!
The first time I fried French fries first, then (with the same oil) I fried rice balls from the freezer (store bought), and one more item that I cannot remember. I do remember everyone was delighted with the results. I emptied and cleaned the device in less than 30 minutes. I did not use the hose attachment, because I was unsure how to, but later my husband showed me that it just pulled out. I cleaned it at the sink once it was emptied and wiped out with paper towels.
Second time I made Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls (recipe courtesy of Bobby Deen.) I made 50 balls, and they were gone by the end of the next day. In this same frying session I cooked over 100 meatballs made with beef and pork. I find when you cook meat the oil gets dirtier more quickly, so I emptied again and cleaned up just as easy as the first time. The chicken cheesy balls were a tester recipe for a house warming party where I had 30 plus people attending. The next day I made 100 more, and waited until the day of the party to fry them (third use). They were a huge hit for our party! As were the meatballs for a Swedish meatball dish.
The last time I made over 100 wontons filled with either hoisin chicken, chorizo and cheese or sweet potato and bacon. The latter was the fan favorite. They were also gone be the end of the next day. This batch of oil I used over two consecutive days, because they were wontons so they did not muck up the oil like meat based balls would. Again clean up was easy, as long as you have a good place the put the used oil. We have two acres, so we have a designated area for scrapes such as this. I would hesitate to put this in the trash.
My favorite part is the ability to get this product clean enough to store in the house. Secondly, the small quantity of oil needed for a batch.
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on August 1, 2017
very very disappointed in this product. We had been using an older model for about 8 years and it worked very well. We only used it for French fries. When it became so old it was beginning to discolor and looked unappetizing, we bought this model. However, we could not get the new model to work without foaming all over the counter, the floor, etc.. This happened about 3 minutes after putting peeled and sliced potatoes in the basket. Tried with new oil at the minimum level, and it foamed over the second time. We worried about it being a hazard and dangerous to use since the oil permeated the actual unit, draining through the outer cover. We called the help-line number on the label twice and they said they would not honor the warranty because we bought it from Amazon. DO NOT waste your money for this unless you like cleaning oil off of everything around the unit.
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on August 22, 2015
Love at first use. No splattering. No smells of oil in the house. Chicken pieces got done but stayed tender and juicy on the inside. Really easy to use. Easy to drain and clean out. Even the basket is easy to clean. Extra great for Chinese cooking with lots of quick frying. Perfect for my uses. When used properly, food doesn't get saturated with oil. Should be great for fries and tater tots if that's your kind of Idaho.
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on April 14, 2014
In fact I just had some for lunch. Great unit.. the only reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 was that this is the second one. The first one turned on... started warming up to about 270 degrees and then stopped working. Amazon was great... swapped it out so fast that I thought the old one was still on the porch. The new one... takes about 5-7 minutes to heat up the oil... throw in your favorite items and they are ready in no time. I have been cooking with Olive oil, it does not last as long as some of the other oils... but it is healthier for you and the items fried do not taste as greasy. I did use the drain tube feature.. i like it... so much faster and easier to drain and clean the unit out. Get yourself a screen if you want to reuse the oil you drain out. I hang it over the sink.. put a bowl in the sink and put a frying splatter screen on the bowl and use it as a large/medium particle filter. Unplug the cap off the hose and it drains out nicely.
Great feature. No issues with frying unless you are going to fill it up quite a bit and the items have to stack on top of each other. I usually do two runs instead of doing it all at once. If you do load it up, just drop the bottom layer in for 30 seconds and then put the top layer on and then half way through give the items a shake in the basket and use some tongs to separate any pieces that are stuck togeather... and you will be fine by the time it finishes. Enjoy
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on September 14, 2015
I had one of the older models for a very long time with a timer and a on off button I like the Delonghi models because they fry well with a minimum amount of oil my only complaint is why make an updated model Without an On OFf Button the fryer does heat up quickly and easy clean up yet my older model still was a easier clean up of the grease with the pull out spout and used oil container that came with it
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on December 13, 2014
I love this deep-fryer. It's good looking, easy to use and does it's job perfectly!
It consumes less oil thanks to tilted rotating basket!
I was constantly told to avoid fixed container deep fryers because they where hard to clean.
I picked this one because it's easy to clean! In fact I wash it thoroughly and the draining pipe does the rest for me!
I love it!
Good to know is if there's a lot of crispy flour in the oil, change the oil or it will produce bubbles that will run through the filters and mess everything!
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on June 17, 2017
No where near as good as the older model, hot fat spills up and out of the fryer when you lower the basket with correct level of oil and small amount of fries. Also the handle comes out of the basket when trying to tip out the fries from the basket. What have Delonghi done to what was a great product. I even bought a second one hoping the issue of the oil spilling out would not happen, but after two uses it has started to do this like the previous new design.
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on September 6, 2016
Replaced older Delonghi fryer with this. Like being able to adjust the temperature and like the rotating basket as well.
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on June 23, 2017
Just as one would expect from Delonghi, the deep fryer is a great time saver and easy to use and clean. I like the drain tube for the oil.
It's a keeper.
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