Customer Reviews: Diamondback Outlook Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels), Black, XX-Small/12-Inch
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on September 18, 2010
Please be advised that the bike you're buying online is not assembled. Several local bicycle stores in my area had it in stock for $229 fully assembled and ready to ride.

The 2010 model is a world different from previous years, don't be confused when reading online reviews.

The bad:
- imprecise shifting mechanism
- terrible front suspension
- too weak for rugged mountain trails

The Good:
- aluminum and simple, very light
- fully serviceable, upgradeable and repairable, unlike bikes from WalMart and similar stores
- best entry level mixed terrain bike for the money

In my opinion, this is a very good city/commuter bike that can handle potholes, mud and snow, thus making it great for city riding. Don't try jumping over logs and boulders and it will serve you well for quite some time. There are very few aluminum bikes in that price range, and this one seem to be the best, so I bought one. Great for someone just learning or not willing to make a $500 commitment, which is an average price for a real rugged MTB. The front shock is so weak that it's completely pointless, and is likely to fail sooner than later. Keep it clean and lubricated to prolong it's service. If you're riding in the city, consider upgrading to a softer tire, as the original is very hard and noisy.

Good luck and ride safe!
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on July 18, 2011
I've read many of the comments regarding the Diamonback Outlook on this website as well as on Amazon and Dicks. The only negative response that I must agree with is that the seat is a bit hard. There is little cushioning on the seat, so for those with bony butts like me, the ride is uncomfortable. I picked up a Bell seat pad made of memory foam and all is well. The bike is sturdy and pretty lightweight as far as these things go. I ride for over ten miles several times a week on a paved biking trail and have not had any problems with anything from the brakes to the gears. The ride is very smooth, and I must say that I am happy with this purchase. I'm sure that it could handle minor dirt trails as well, but if you're looking for something that can take some serious punishment and last for a while, you're better off going with a Trek or a Cannondale. You can't expect to go off road with a bike at this price. The bike was on sale for $223, and after using a 25% coupon that I downloaded, I managed to chop off almost $56. Not bad at all. Stay away from department stores as their average stock boy is usually in charge of putting these things together, and it's not like putting a kid's bike together. Hope this helped.
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on April 14, 2011
I wanted a bike. Period. Visited Walmart and Target - uggh. Went to a bike store. They had quite a few brands. My requirements were straight forward. I want to commute to & from r.station to my home with occasionally running errands ; all within a 5 mile radius. I also stated that although ultimately I'll drive on asphalt but initially and many times in the future, depending on traffic I'll drive on pavements. Also, my requirements had that I'm not a professional biker and have rode bikes with thin tires which made me uncomfortable since they fly forward and also balancing with them is a bit difficult.
The store offered me numerous ones to try. This one had the best price factor and overall had the smoothest ride. The brands I tried with +/- $50 were Specialized and Schwann (old year model). Somehow I liked the ride of this one. It's really, really smooth and the best part is it's actually pretty darn fast; in the sense that it accelerates so smoothly that I didn't realize how fast I am! It's a bit on the heavier side I think. I checked the parts, I believe everything is upgradeable which is good. 'Bout the fork however not too sure since I dont think it'll allow to go for bigger tires, thinner - is possible. Shimano gear system is good but it's their startup line. I haven't yet got the hang of the gear system though.
The only bad thing is the DiamondBack guide which comes along. It's really a joke.
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on October 15, 2011
I picked this bike up at the PX (I'm in the military) but I figured I'd review it here in case anyone else was interested. First off, I'm a big guy (6'5'' 210lbs) and the bike fits me well enough. The brakes stop me quite well. Only complaint would be that the tires themselves tend to flatten quickly (I put some new tubes in them that are a little heavier duty and that seems to have solved the problem). I attribute that to my weight, especially since I often ride with a backpack. I use the bike to ride to work when the weather is nice (about 3 miles) and to hang out with my kids while their tooling around. It does what I need to, shifts gears well, light and user friendly.
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on August 22, 2013
Purchased this bike at Sports Authority to replace The Schwinn I wore out. Price was good and sale was even better. Have put on over 800 miles on it so far and everything is great except for the tires. Having flats every few weeks on both front and back. Tires that came with the bike seem to be very thin and not too strong. Went back to store I bought it at and was told that was a common problem with the Outlooks! Bought 2 better quality tires and now I'm happy.
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on February 28, 2012
Since everything is expensive as hell in Switzerland, I got one of these at the local Dick's Sporting Goods before moving here.

It has served me admirably, as it is a hybrid of a city and mountain bike. I can bike to school easily and quickly, and on the weekends, it holds up really well when biking in the country and mountainous/forest areas. On the other hand, my father's city bike has had its tires popped twice since they're so narrow, so I can say this Outlook bike outperforms a city bike in all ways except for speed. I've biked tons of miles on my Outlook, including long distance biking trips through unpaved trails, into Germany and France (Basel is on the northern border of Switzerland, so biking into another country is easy), through the forest trails in the mountains, in the city, etc. And it's just fantastic. The tires have the traction texture of a mountain bike, but are narrower, and the bike is much lighter than my full fledged mountain bike, but it performs just as well as the mountain bike, except faster due to the narrower wheels and lighter frame.

All around excellent bike, definitely worth the $250 I paid for it.
Lighter than a mountain bike
Faster than a mountain bike
Can take rougher terrain than a city bike
Looks nice
Very tough and hard wearing

Slower than a city bike
No kickstand included (though I dunno if a bike usually comes with one)

Definitely recommend this bike.
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on June 11, 2011
I was tired of riding cheap Wal-Mart bikes into the ground so I decided to get a real bike. I ride to and from class, work, and on occasion hit some light trails. This bike is notably lighter that what I'm used to (cheap bikes). It also makes less noise.

Shipping was a little rough on this bike. The box it was squeezed into bowed out on the sides and was torn in a couple spots. It was clearly a couple centimeters too narrow. There was no padding. I was surprised the bike made it without any damage.

The assembly instructions that came with this bike are for bikes in general, not this specific model. Not really all that useful but I think that's the norm. I'd never assembled a bike before which wasn't so bad since this bike came mostly assembled. However, the few components that didn't make intuitive sense to me were not in the manual, so I had to wing it. I figured making my own mistakes was a good way to learn.

I had to true the front wheel on my own. It had a pretty mean wobble, I don't know if that's normal for a new bike. The back wheel is a little off too but not enough to concern me. I trimmed about a foot of slack off of the uncapped break wires and then capped the ends, there are no tools/parts for this included with the bike. I've yet to tune the derailleur because I'm afraid I'll only make it worse. It only skips one gear.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase. This seems like a good value when compared to other bikes in the same price range. There are still plenty of better bikes if you are willing to spend more.
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on June 13, 2010
I bought the one pictured on top which is the black version.
It it the smoothest quality ride in the "sports authority" store I was in.
It is also much smoother than the past two Schwinn mountainbike models I returned(Sidewinder & Mirada).

They also have the one that is selling here, which is a light beige color.
It did not ride nearly as smooth and is not the same as the black one pictured above.
The salesman said the beige model here is the newer version.

To me the black model was much better as the gear pedaling felt like straight pushing power and gears are much smoother and unit is lighter as the frame is different and says "T6 Heat Treated AL".

My guess is the change in model is due to a demand for more ruggedness, but now it doesn't feel as good as the black version,
and truthfully only feels as good, but not better than the cheaper Schwinn Sidewinder or Mirada models,
though I would assume the frame better and stronger, useful for hard trails.

Bottom line is black version is the best and a keeper for me.
Looking at the specs, this site is selling the beige version pictured lower, near specs, not the black one on top.
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I initially bought this bike at my local Dicks Sporting Goods and took it home. I rode it around the block initially to get a feel for it and the bike seemed ok, but the seat was very uncomfortable to me and I was slightly worried about the suspension and brakes because each time I braked the suspension would kick in and I would about be flung off the bike.

I took the bike out onto a local trail and rode it about 200 feet and realized I made the wrong choice. The bike was a VERY rough ride, the gears didn't shift cleanly and uses a handlebar style gear shift where you twist the dial which is not as easy as it should be, but is very easy to accidentally change gears if you have a tight grip on the handlebars. While on the trail I hit a few tree roots and the bike stopped and the suspension compressed. The ride was rough and I really didn't like it. I didn't feel safe on it at all.

I called the local store and asked if I could exchange it for a more expensive model which they agreed to if it was in "new" condition. I explained it was ridden but not scratched and I could make sure it was clean. They told me to bring it in.

I swapped it for the Diamondback Response Sport Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels) and the difference is HUGE! The response X uses disc brakes so it's not as jarring of a stop, it has adjustable suspension and the gear shift is more of a traditional thumb shifter so you don't accidentally change gears while hanging onto the handlebars. Additionally the frame feels better and looks like it's built better.

I initially went with the Outlook because it was a little cheaper ($90) and thought I could just upgrade the parts I didn't like. Well doing the math I might as well just bought the more expensive bike with the pieces I liked.

Don't get me wrong, the Outlook is fine, it works. But if you have the means then I would suggest you instead upgrade to the next model of mountain bike and get the Diamondback Response Sport Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels).
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on September 24, 2011
The classic: you get what you paid for. This bike is ideal for me... riding around the neighborhood, hitting hike and bike trails (easy ones), and riding in the park. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg, yet you can find it at "real" bike shops - hey, mine came with free adjustments and so forth and so on. I suggest this bike to anyone interested in an entry level mountain bike without the bells and whistles and without the high price.
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