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on December 30, 2014
Great camera for both day and night time. Easy setup for wifi or Ethernet. The camera can be set up to automatically send emails of a group of about 6 pictures when motion is detected. The sensitivity can be set up to reduce false alarm to a certain extent. The wide angle lens picks up my cat walking around the front of the house tripping the camera to send me pictures. The quality is better than any no name Chinese version. I've gone through several cheaper Chinese no names and the Foscam out performs all of them in reliability and image quality. Make sure to change the default password or risk getting your images broadcast on the internet!
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on September 26, 2010
I've used different types of cameras for security in the past, but most of them have very narrow viewing angles, making it hard to watch a large area with one camera. This camera, however, has a wider viewing angle than most and makes it easy to watch a large area without having to move it too far back.

This camera can be setup with a wired wireless connection. Here was my experience with both:
(I'm using Windows 7)

Wired Connection:
This was very easy and quick. I simply took it out of the box, plugged it into the router with the supplied network cable and installed the software on my computer. The software recognized the camera right away, but you don't have to use the software if you just go directly to the camera within your network, i.e. [...]. Once you access the camera within your network, you can view it right away and setup a wireless connection, your mail, ftp upload, and adjust other settings. If you plan to use the wireless connection you will want to enter your wirelsss connection info while you're directly connected to it here.

Wireless Connection:
This is fairly easy once you directly connect the camera to your router and open it's settings. I simply had to supply my wireless SSID (and login/password/encryption type if used) and save it. Then I tunred off the camera, unplugged it from the router, and turned it back on after waiting about 30 seconds. From that point it was connected through the wireless connection instead of the wired connection.

Accessing the camera from outside your home network:
When you access the camera from within your home network, it's simple and easy. But when you go on a trip and you want to view your camera from outside your home network, you have to set some extra things up. This was a little trickier to do, since you will need to be able to open your router settings and adjust them. Basically you need to tell your router to allow outside connections to your camera. In short, I had to allow connections to the camera by forwarding a certain port number from within my router to my camera. Once I did that I could simply type in my router's IP address from anywhere and I could access the camera. If you don't know how to do this, your ISP tech support can probably walk you through it on the phone. Here's how I did this:
(I have a linksys router)
1) I opened up my router settings by going to: [...]
2) I located the Port Range Forward menu (under Applications and Gaming)
3) I entered the following into the first line:
-Ip Address= (your camera might have a different last number here, you can see it in your address bar when you are accessing your camera)
-Checked the Enable box and hit the Save Settings button
Your mileage may vary but once I did this I could access my camera by entering my computer's IP address into a browser from any location.

Motion Detection / Alarm:
The motion alarm works well, but you will need to adjust it's sensitivity settings for your own needs. You can set it to email you a screen capture when it detects movement and/or upload the screen captures via ftp.

The camera performs well and this model has a wider viewing angle, allowing you to view more area without having to move the camera back. I was looking for a camera like this since most I had tried had very narrow viewing angles.

I gave this camera 4 stars because the instructions were not the greatest. If you don't have experience with IP devices or this kind of thing you might not understand what the instructions are telling you sometimes.

Overall it was an easy setup, no different than setting up any other wireless device.
I will be buying a couple more of these to cover the rest of the areas around my house.
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on January 29, 2011
I just bought the FI8904W camera to go along with the Foscam FI8918W camera I bought earlier. I was disappointed to find that the field-of-view for the FI8904W was much tighter than the F8918W, even though both are title listed by Amazon as "3.6mm lens, 67-deg viewing angle". I went to the foscam.com website (not foscam.us) and found the spec sheet for the FI8904W. It states a "6mm lens and 42-degree viewing angle". I found that the narrow FOV made it inadequate for outdoor patio coverage. (For the tinkers out there you can buy replacement lenses. Google "IP camera lenses"). It's really too bad it doesn't come with the same lens as the FI8918W. Also, the camera does not have auto-brightness, which can be a problem if you want to view in both bright sun and darkness. On a positive note, it was not too difficult to set up in both wired and wireless modes and the construction seems solid and water resistant. I returned mine but would have kept it if it weren't for the narrow FOV.
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Top Contributor: Petson November 24, 2014
I've included two photo's for comparison of this camera with the 9805W, if you want a sharper image use the 9805W. This camera is good for general coverage where you just need to see activity, it's not sharp enough to ID people. You MUST upgrade the camera's firmware and FOLLOW their directions. Included software is acceptable, but quirky, buy the Blue Iris and save yourself some frustration. Overall, great camera for the value.

The first three images are from this camera, the longer deck photos are from the 9805W. Big different IMO.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on August 23, 2010
This IP camera is fine for monitoring. But, I give it 3 stars for the following reasons:

1) Cannot seem to remove/delete the default login used during set-up but then is supposed to be replaced by a log-in/password only I know. This to me is a security issue that makes your server vulnerable to attack and viewing of your premises by anyone with the default user/password and camera address.

2) No technical support other than the tiny set-up manual that comes with the camera.

3) My outdoor cam is mounted atop a roof for proper viewing but the power adapter/supply is too large to fit into an outdoor GFCI covered electrical box which keeps the plug from getting wet. So, I have to use a cold connection between an outdoor extension plug and the power adapter. Right now, I have placed the plugs inside a plastic tupperware type container. I emailed for a solution and hopefully one will be forthcoming.

4) From the purported camera manufacturer's website at [...]:

"Warning: There are a large number of bootleg/knockoff Foscam cameras being sold as "official Foscam" cameras on Amazon and Ebay. The bootleggers have become increasinlgy (sic) proficient in duplicating the physical appearance of our cameras as well as the user interface. Thus, we can no longer provide support or warranties on behalf of ANY Amazon or Ebay resellers, whatsoever. Please protect yourself and purchase direclty (sic) using the links on this page. If you have any questions or concerns please call us directly at 713 893 7869. All returns and replacements are processed through our warehouse in Houston, TX."

I like the camera but right now my advice is to look at purchasing direct from Foscam.us but first make them tell you how to remove and replace the default log-in before you purchase. Then how about telling me by leaving a comment.

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on May 24, 2014
I am writing this review because i read a number of bad reviews by people who were disappointed or unable to get good results setting them up. That's unfortunate, because for the past three years, I have found Foscam products to be very good, but they truly are hard to set up until you pass that learning curve. I spent many a frustrating hour, and stayed up late many evenings reading and re-reading before getting everything right. I now have five Foscam Cameras in use simultaneously. I use them with my iPad, iPhone and Desktop Windows Computer and they work great. I can watch everything on my property, in and around my home from anywhere there is WiFi or wired internet (at Work, which is nice). You can adjust the alarm sensitivity greatly and they take good pictures and send them to me via e-mail any time they see movement. Although there is a learning curve of trial and error involved, once set up these cameras are, in my opinion, truly a bargain at the price. It's true they can be quirky like all things WiFi, but with practice I've become accustomed to them and would buy them again no question. In fact that's what I'm doing here, preparing to purchase another F I 8904W, this one for the alley behind my home. If you are new to I.p. Cameras, please don't expect to plug and play, you will NOT be happy, just so you know, you will probably have to go on to a forum or two online and Google information to fully understand what all the terms and functions are about. As far as I know, nobody manufacturers a camera system like this, that IS completely plug-and-play at this price and picture quality. I'm sure eventually somebody will make a product that is cheap and easy, but right now, I think this is as good as it gets. Best regards, and hope this helps.
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on November 29, 2014
This camera's resolution is 640x480 and has a slow sync rate. The images are blurry and using the IR at night overpowers the subject leaving them all white with little detail. The device seems to be built well for outdoor use, only time will tell. However the wi-fi antenna connector is weak and already broke at the connector base, it was not built well. The mount is also cheap and can be broken easily if someone wanted to mess with it. The software, setup and operation was easy and worked well. The IP camera was compatible with some software but not manycam and it does not save timed images to the local HDD it needs ftp and has email alert for the motion detection. This camera will allow me to remotely view who is at my house but does not have the detail necessary that I need nor the ability to same timelapse images to the HDD without 3rd party software.

Video: http://youtu.be/P_xxqjGlxS0
review image
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on January 24, 2012
The IPcam worked better than what I expected... armored, weather-proof, easy set up and nice night vision. Our first experiment for the Foscam was an outside petcam setup ...we always wondered what the dog did while we were away. Unfortunately, the cam shared similar "exposure challenges" of any camera... just need to avoid mixed bright and dark contrast levels in the same frame to reduce the "back-light" effect. The setup was so easy that I didn't even open the manual nor use the install disk... I just followed hints from other reviews. First, plugged the cam into the router and opened the router's DHCP client list to find the cam's IP address. Next, I use the IP address to log onto the cam, configured user accounts, WiFi and LAN settings. Then, I disconnected the lan cable, reset and presto... wireless cam found by the router! Next, I configured remote internet viewing with a free account on "no-ip.com". You'll need a no-ip.com host account (or any dyndns service) to compensate for the dynamic IP addressing used by most ISP... I have Comcast. After waiting a few minutes for no-ip.com and port-forwarding to propagate, success! ...we now have remote petcam anywhere... fantastic! For out-door use; this cam is the best deal I found so far.

NOTE: I paid FULL PRICE for my item... 'not' free, 'no' discount 'nor' bribed for an honest review... funny that should be stated! lol
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on September 29, 2013
I purchased this camera for use as an outdoor monitor for our yard. The instructions, like many imported products, are in broken but understandable English. The camera's physical installation was ok, the included mounting brackets worked well. I mounted it next to the wall, and fed the cables through the wall into the house. it takes a few tries to get the included "ip camera tool" software to recognize the camera, and setup was convoluted and confusing. I finally got the camera to work, only to have the camera lose contact with the router almost hourly. It takes pressing the reset button on the camera and removing the power to make the camera work again, but then it only will work for a little while. I would NOT recommend this camera if you are looking for an easy-to-set-up camera and reliable picture. I am quite computer knowledgeable, and in my opinion this camera is not easy or reliable.
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on November 18, 2015
After a few months of use, I can say that it is a good quality camera.
But the Foscam software is not too good.
It constantly freezes.
I had to bought a third party software to have a more reliable look at the outside of my home.
Sometimes I have to go to the roof to manually reset the camera.
I still do not know why it freezes once or twice a week.
Anyway, the camera has survived heavy rains, heavy winds, and lots of small spiders that like the warmth of the IR light.
And speaking about the IR light, it is very effective, with a good, long illuminating range.
I enclosed photos of my very busy street, and at night, with and without the IR light.
One small thing, at night, if the subject is moving, it will look like a ghost. So it won't serve you to identify people.
It was easy to get the camera in my internal wireless network, however, I can't put it on the Internet, as I have two routers, and it feeds from the second router. I do not know what to do in this case. And I can't change routers, because the main router is a piece of **** with almost no coverage, but is the one the ISP gave me, with a stern warning of "Do not touch or change anything!".
But this is a minor point for me.
I'm satisfied with this camera, but it has room for improvements.
I will add to this review as needed.
Follow up

After a year of service, it started to drop connections, needing a reboot to start working again.
And then it just stopped working.
I can see the IR light in the night, so it is working.
But it doesn't connect to my network anymore. Not even with a direct Ethernet cable.
I'm downgrading my review. I paid $80 for it, so a year of use was not cost effective.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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