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on March 19, 2015
I love this stuff! it works really well for what i needed and comes of even after weeks of being on my cabinet surface. It worked better for me when i cleaned and wiped down the cabinets first but for the most part... awesome. i bought one roll for 95% of the kitchen and bathroom.. there is A LOT of this stuff on one roll. If i didnt mess up a couple times which was bound to happen, i would have had enough for the entire kitchen and bathroom. I have a TON of cabinets (see photos so you can see just how much this roll covers - did before and after pics. the black is the after finish). It took a while but im also a student so i didnt spend night and day on this and just took my time. Since im in an apartment and felt the kitchen was super outdated, i decided a temporary face lift would spruce it up but it went beyond my expectations. you dont even understand how easy it is to remove this... it leaves ZERO residue... almost like those awesome pice tags on glass that just peel right off and dont rip or tear. some people on here said it doesnt stick but again, a cleaner surface will give better results, that and having the patience to do it right. Im really excited to share my photos because when i first bought this i didnt see anyone doing what i was planning so i took a gamble and it worked out!. Hopefully these pics will help others trying to do something similar.

anyhow, im a huge fan of this stuff and since i bought a second roll to finish the last few cabinets, i have a ton left over to use on something else... and trust me, i'll probably use it all and then buy more! The best part is even though its easy to remove, it doesnt come off on its own. we have slammed and banged and threw open some of those drawers and cabinet doors and the stuff sticks! the only way its coming off is if we peel it off. i love my new kitchen and bathroom but im paying for a cheap apartment still! this made my place look a million times better. so happy.
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on May 3, 2013
I got this paper to create a blackboard at a fitness studio I was opening. The "blackboard wall" at the studio is 6' tall and 13' wide and took myself and a helper approximately 90 minutes to put together (in 3' increments).

Installation notes:
- I would recommend if you want a "perfect" blackboard that you make absolutely certain your wall is perfectly smooth. this paper will pick up every dent and dimple.
- If you plan on placing the paper on the floor before you remove the backing, vacuum the floor. The static will cause this paper to pick up every scrap of dust you didn't know was there, especially with carpet. It comes off the front easily enough, but once it gets on the backing, it can get annoying fast.
- if you plan on doing a large project, make sure to have help
- the backing is forgiving once it is on the wall. We were able to pull it up and reposition a time or two when we needed to.
- If you want to make smoothing it out (once applied) very easy, a dry erase board eraser works WONDERFULLY


I could not be happier with this paper. It's amazing. The paper sticks very well even when I have the fans going and stands up to daily writing and erasing. I do not use standard chalk on the black contact paper, instead I use the Chalk Ink 6mm Classic Wet Wipe Markers, 8-Pack, and the Chalk Ink 6mm Commercial Wet Wipe Markers, 4-Pack.

I've found the blackboard takes the colors easily and when erased properly, the colors come off well - even the red. It is easier to erase the board if you are not using a damp dishcloth (it will leave fibers) I've discovered high quality paper towels and microfiber towels will erase the cleanest.

Also, you can use wet erase white board cleaner on this paper to get stubborn colors off. It will not damage the paper (or it has not damaged mine yet.)
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on January 30, 2014
I work the night shift and I have this gigantic obnoxious window that I have tried numerous curtains on to block out the light. It never failed though, there would always be one little ray of super happy sunshine sneaking its way through the confines of its fabric blockade. A normal person could probably have ignored such a travesty, however, that little laser-like ray of happy seemed to bake into my subconsious until I woke up to adjust and readjust the curtains. My wonderful husband also had this great habit of opening them up in the morning when he woke up to bask in the glow of the demon that is the sun and destroy any perfect alignment of them I had managed to create.
HA! Not anymore!! After a long battle with this oversized electric tape roll I managed to get rid of every teeny tiny hint of daytime out of my now cave-like room. I love the addition, my love, however is a "daytime person" and hated that he coud not see the "nice" other daytime things like birds and trees and the jerk that is the sun. Solution- CHALK MARKERS! Now he has a lovely mural of what the outside of our window looks like as drawn by my 7 year old stepdaughter. True, it might not brighten the room in order for him to safely reach the toilet without running into a wall, but it has saved him from death by being hung by blackout curtains, which is really better for everyone.

Eliminates 99% of devil sun
Easy to apply once you get the hang of it
Easy to remove if desired
Can be drawn on with chalk markers in order to create epic murals
Provides comidic relive when you hear your spouse running into a wall on his way to the toilet because he cant see.

1% of Demon light still penitrates through the wall of giant electric tape.
Takes a minute to get the hang of taking the backing off. (It's easier with two people if you're cutting long peices.)
It is NOT super funny when YOU run into the wall on the way to the toilet because you cant see.
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on June 14, 2011
I wanted to chalkboard a section of one the walls in my son's bedroom but didn't want to deal with the fumes caused by blackboard paint, so I decided to use the Kittrich Chalkboard Contact Paper, 18" x 6' on Masonite boards as suggested by a reviewer for that product. However, I ran out of the chalkboard paper and realized I would need a lot more than 6' of paper, and this 75' roll was the solution. Since this product doesn't explicitly say "chalkboard paper" I wasn't sure how well it would take chalk, but for the price it was worth trying. I am happy to report that it works great as chalkboard paper as well. I also used some transportation wall decals for decorating the room and cut out some "roads" for the vehicles using this paper (I simply used yellow chalk on the paper to draw the dividers for the roads). I have also pasted some paper on one of my kitchen shelves to convert it into a chalkboard to write down todo and grocery lists. And I still have a TON of sheet left. Am sure it will come in handy for something in the future.

UPDATE Oct 2012:
We have been aggressively using the paper that I pasted on my fridge since my son loves drawing with chalk. So far (after 1yr of use), it has held up very well. No tears or rips and no fading. I occasionally wipe it with a wet paper towel and it's then as good as new! Very happy with this purchase. I have also used the paper to cover some old tins that I use as holders for pencils, crayons etc. Looks very cute.
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on April 18, 2014
Based on the other great reviews and a price comparison of this product and those listed based on "black shelf liner" and "chalkboard contact paper" searches on Amazon, I decided to purchase this roll.

At first, I thought it was a typo, but the product description did spell out that it's 75 feet. The roll is a couple pounds, not the weak little roll of 6-10 feet that you find at your local big box store or the other ones that were listed from my two searches. I calculated the price per square inch and this roll is less than $0.01 per square inch, which is a total steal. Most of them are $0.01-0.03 per square inch, but WHY? $23.25 and prime? Yes, please.

Many of the other reviewers also purchased this to use as chalkboard paper, which is what I wanted to know. I already have chalkboard markers, and these work so well with them. Just like regular contact paper, this stuff is easy to work with and is gentle on the wood shelves. I had the idea (not sure if it was my own, or if I saw it somewhere) to cut out rectangular sheets of this contact paper to match the inside of my paneled pantry doors for keeping a grocery list and other notes (my fridge is not magnetic). It looks so good! I made sure that it didn't damage the wood. Also, rather than buy exorbitantly priced chalkboard labels, I just whipped out my guillotine paper trimmer and made custom-sized chalkboard labels that stick easily to plastic and glass containers all around the kitchen. I used paint markers and metallic Sharpies to add decorative filligree and borders.

As shelf liner, it's the usual reliable Con-Tact brand stuff.

I strongly recommend this shelf liner. I would also repurchase this, but I don't know if I'll ever run out.
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on June 14, 2017
I use this stuff for aquarium backgrounds and I LOVE IT! No paint to wash or scrap off later. No tape residue from the store-bought backgrounds. It stretches a bit, holes are easy to get rid of or cover up, the color goes all the way through to the adhesive side, and the plain black color lets everything else stand out! Best of all, you don't see the cords and tubes hanging down behind your tank!

Come to think of it... I need more for my newer tanks....
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on July 31, 2015
From the Product Description:

Measures 18 Inch wide x 75 feet long
Easily removable
Wipes clean with a damp cloth or sponge
Great for shelves, drawers, counters and craft projects

We attempted to use this to cover some ugly wood cabinets we have in our kitchen, but it just didn't stick well to that. For all other products in our house, it's been great! We have two little ones, so having something to cover so they don't get their sticky fingers all over is a must.

Okay product, but does not work on all surfaces.
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on June 14, 2014
I live in a rental apartment with horrible linoleum counter tops. I researched online for months on DIY solutions but found that most are expensive, permanent (goodbye lease deposit), and a lot of work. Then, I found a project that used contact paper -- cheap, can be taken off, and easy to use. Best thing about this specific item as well is that you get a really thick roll of it for dirt cheap, enough for any project and then some.

At first, I was skeptical about using what is basically huge stickers on my counter tops, but it has proven to be waterproof, stain resistant, and stunning to look at (the black has a very slick and modern look to it).

1. It is not heat resistant so don't put hot pots and pans on it, and don't use it to makeover your stove top
2. Make sure that the counter tops are clean and smooth before installing the contact paper; any bumps and specks of dirt will show through the paper
3. If the paper keeps buckling/creasing while installing, try cutting it into smaller sheets. You'll get more overlapped edges, but it's much easier to install
4. Granite patterns would probably look best if you want the overlapping edges to be hidden since the patterns are abstract and busy
5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes; you've got tons if this stuff
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on April 28, 2016
Used this to cover my refrigerator. It worked really well, I'm going to have to redo the front because I should have taken the handles off and I thought I could just go around them.

I was able to do all 3 sides and the top with no problem, I'm probably going to have enough to do the front again without having to buy more. It's kind of a matte texture and it looks really nice on. Even up close it doesn't look too bad.

Great stuff, I was able to restick it more times than I care to count and it still stuck as good the 10th+ time as it did the 1st.
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on April 6, 2016
After reading reviews and comparing my options, I decided to purchase this. I was looking to cover my old shelves that didn't match the colors my renovated apartment. This was a great solution. The paper was wide and had a lot of coverage. It was adhesive so I don't have to get glue. It has a really good hold and is a nice matted color. Also you get a lot for such a low price. I have some extra and will be covering a few more things including a board for my to do list where I can write with chalk. Glad I decided to purchase this. It was exactly what I envisioned.
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