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on August 20, 2013
I comparison-shopped tons of cart covers and hesitated before splurging on the Buggy Bagg Elite Shopping Cart Cover. I quickly realized that that ease of use was just as important as effectiveness. (Who wants a cover they have to struggle with? I knew I would abandon using anything that was a hassle or didn’t work universally on all carts.) So I dithered about the price. And I wavered because I didn’t particularly love the prints available from Buggy Bagg. But in the end I decided to just go for it… the glowing reviews deserved credence! I'm not a bit sorry - this cart cover is amazing and so thoughtfully designed. Its practicality, ease of use, comfort, and adaptability to any cart size trumps concerns about price or any of my minor aesthetic preferences.

My first trip out with the Buggy Bagg was to Costco on a busy weekend. With one arm holding an 8 month old, I was easily able to set it up in the over-sized cart. Within a few moments we were coasting into the store. The baby was ensconced in padded comfiness and the attached pillow was the perfect support behind his back so that he fit into the cart snugly and felt secure. I was able to shop peaceably and the baby was able to play agreeably with some toys tethered to the cart cover. Upon leaving the store, I unbuckled the baby and got him in his car seat in a jiffy. The cart cover easily flopped into itself (with attached toys and pillow inside) and was ready to be zipped-up.

Since then, this cart cover has eliminated my anxiety about shopping with the baby. I know I can maneuver him easily by myself, that he will be comfortable and entertained while I'm shopping, that the cover is keeping him from touching grimy carts, that the cover is easily folded up, and that the whole thing is machine-washable. I don't mind paying extra for such a well-designed and useful product.

* Dark solid exterior hides grime
* Soft but sturdy fabric
* Stitched well with binding on all edges including the handy interior pockets
* Attached pillow can be used behind or in front of baby
* Ease of use (unfolds and folds up quite easily into itself and is its own bag)
* Exterior zipper is heavy-duty and easy to use
* Baby is buckled in with the Buggy Bagg belt, not the cart's belt
* All touchable surfaces of the cart are covered
* Padding everywhere for baby, including the post wrap-around between the legs, but not so fluffy that the thing becomes an amorphous blob
* Light-weight
* Can store tethered toys inside
* Can store notepad, coupons, and/or wipes in the cart pocket that flops over the back of the baby's seat

* Seems to be the most expensive baby cart cover on the market
* Limited fabric prints
* Size when folded up is not super small - you will not be able to tuck this into your purse or diaper bag
* Would not use in a high chair – I bought a separate, smaller cover designed specifically for restaurant high chairs that fits easily into a diaper bag (BRICA Deluxe High Chair Cover )
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on November 2, 2014
Having studied the Amazon reviews when we were in the market for a cart cover, I was dismayed to find that a highly rated cover was nearly $90. For that price I would hope it would actually drive to the grocery store and pick up a weekly shop for you. I started to look at cheaper options but none of them seemed to fit our needs as well as this one. Well eventually I decided to go for it, and having used this a few times now I don't regret it one bit. I can't compare it to cheaper options, but this does everything I had hoped it would, and our days of being restricted to shopping with only a basket are over. My 8 mo. old daughter is not yet sitting unsupported so I was concerned that she would flop over in the cart, but the combination of the padding in this thing, the detachable pillow and the waist strap keep her really securely upright. She loves being able to face me, chat with other people and get involved in our shopping. Our daughter is long for her age (90th %) so she does sit up quite tall in the cart - so for that reason it's important that she has good head control to be able to use this. I couldn't have used it until quite recently for that reason. I've used it in Stop and Shop and Target so far and it has fitted great in both carts even though they are different shapes and sizes. It's really nicely made, well designed, forms its own bag, has useful pockets, and the plastic cover is useful for keeping it in the trunk of the car. The cost is the only negative aspect in my opinion, but as it's made in the USA you can expect to pay a decent premium for that. I haven't washed it yet, and will be interested to see how it fairs in the washing machine.
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on August 3, 2015
By far this is one of the best cart cover! Quick, easy and convenient to open, close and use as a diaper bag. There is padding all around to make sure the little one does not accidentally bump their head onto the shopping cart.

In addition, Buggy Bagg comes with a pillow attachment, which may be removed if you would like too. I use the pillow attachment often as my infant is still learning how to sit up straight.

Yes, this product is expensive, and may make your spouse drop their jaw, but the material is 100% cotton, which is great for those who have an infant with eczema and Made in USA!

The only issues that I would like them to fix is the leg area where it closes onto the cart because the velcro gets stuck to your clothes and ruins them. Instead of velcro, I think that snaps would be better for the pillow attachment and the leg area. Also, maybe it would be better if some padding could be removable so it would fit better onto high chairs in restaurants.

*Fits mostly all the carts ranging from Costco, Target, Marshalls, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, Baby R' Us...etc.
*Make sure to always wash cold after every use, because you never know what may be lingering or growing on the cart cover.
*There is an alternative if you do not want to spend too much, I would suggest the Jeep cart cover.
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on October 15, 2014
This is the best shopping cart cover! It is more expensive than others, but definitely worth the money. The materials are thick and good quality and best of all, our son loves this. He will happily sit in the cart and shop with me when we put him in this cover.

--great size that seems to fit all shopping carts
--great quality materials and made in the USA
--love that the leg holes are covered on the middle so that there is no risk of him getting scratched by the metal of the cart when his legs are through the holes.
--extra little cushion that is attached to the cover (for when your tot decides to throw it overboard)
--little spots to attach toys, pacifiers etc.
--handles to carry like a bag when not in use
--easy flip-inside-out installation

--only con that I can really think of is that it is a bit big when folded up so this is not the type of item you will throw in your diaper bag--more the type of item you leave in your car or use as a diaper bag replacement (it has little compartments) for when you go to the store.
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on November 25, 2015
This shopping cart cover is PERFECT!!!
It has padding... ACTUAL padding.
It covers the entire front area.
It fits and attaches nicely to almost all shopping carts that I've tried it on... with the sole exception of the Target shopping carts that don't have the "slot" design on the back of the seating area. It fits just fine, but it doesn't securely attach to the shopping cart since there aren't any slots to work the cover's straps through. Darn you, Target!
It is super easy to carry for when you aren't parked right next to a cart return and have to carry your child/baby and the cover to wherever the cart is.
And it is SOOOOO easy to get set up.
My only complaint about it is that they didn't make these when my first two kids were little!
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on May 10, 2011
I actually look forward to going to the supermarket with my baby now! No more wiping down the shopping cart with a sanitizer wipe and no more carrying a big diaper bag into the supermarket. This item comfortably holds my baby, has lots of storage pockets that hang behind the baby so that it doesn't get in the baby's way and has 2 stretchy areas along the inside to hold 2 baby bottles, not to mention it has a detachable pillow. I now carry my diapering items inside of the large pocket space which enables me to keep the shopping cart free of a large diaper bag and allows me to store my keys and cell phone safely while shopping. I get lots of great compliments which is just a nice added touch to the great practicality of the shopping cart cover and it's very easy to place on the shopping cart too. Oh and it has it's own seat belt tethers so I don't have to worry about my baby trying to suck on the dirty supermarket tethers. Definitely a must have for any mom or caregiver!!!!
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on August 21, 2015
OMG ok, so at first I was freaking out, right? Because it's almost $100 for a freaking shopping cart cover. BUT BUT BUT it's worth every penny!!! Yup! We use it on shopping carts–yes it fits Costco cart, Target cart and regular super market cart– AND for booster chair when we go to restaurant. When you think about it, you would use this product at least good over 2yrs.. so price is not that bad compare to some baby products you have to toss it away after less than a year. I know I couldn't let myself spend near $100 for a shopping cart cover, so I first bought summer infant one for $36 or something... HATED IT, returned it. There was no structure, it was like a blanket so hard to carry, put it on...This cover has nice cushions on baby's back and at the bottom as well. I don't need to worry about my 5month old(now 7month) bumping her head because she wasn't able to sit well without support at that time. LOVE IT.
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on March 19, 2014
We had been living with a really cheap and basic shopping cart cover that worked in a pinch, but was always falling off (even standard size carts), didn't fit big carts, and took an engineering degree to figure out. The Buggy Bagg is NOT like that! You honestly can put it on with one hand while holding your baby in the other. Once the baby is in, it's easy to fasten the back strap and the seat belt and the little padded part around the leg holes. The pockets in the back are super helpful for snacks when grocery shopping, and there are places for toys and cups/bottles. We haven't used the detachable pillow, because it's pretty padded as is. Do yourself a favor. I know this thing is insanely expensive, but it works. You will be happy. You will not be disappointed. It will save you time and frustration.
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on July 7, 2015
Yes, it's expensive. But it's fantastic. We haven't had trouble fitting it on any cart--BrU, Costco, Target, wherever... or even lil funky wooden restaurant high chairs. It fits, it well constructed, looks great, and the pillow was really convenient at the beginning when our lil dood wasn't guite sitting up super well. Love it and would buy it again.
review image
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on July 20, 2012
I love this cart cover. I read reviews on many different cart covers and this seemed to be one of the only ones that was large enough for the target shopping carts. My son loves it because he gets to ride in the cart, look around, and see me; I love it because it's large, keeps my son's hands off the dirty cart, has pockets for my wallet, keys, his toys and pacifier, and has excellent padding. It's easy to install and it's all self contained. I keep it in my car and have used it at target and the grocery store. The carts at the grocery store are much smaller than target, but the elastic keeps it in place. If you are looking for a multi purpose cover (high chair cover) you should probably look elsewhere, as this is really just for shopping carts.
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