Customer Reviews: Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan and Remote Control
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on January 28, 2013
I've tried three different infrared heaters over the past month. The first was a $400 Comfort Furnace I purchased at Tractor Supply. I just couldn't justify keeping it (I needed two) when I could return it and buy two on Amazon for the price of one Comfort Furnace.

Here are the reasons I love this heater:
-It has a great oscillating option which helps move the heat around the room more efficiently.
-Option to view on the display the temp at which you set the unit, or the room temp. I find this very handy when I'm wondering what the temp is and when it might cut off.
-Low and High. Low uses half the wattage but doesn't compromise on the heat. The heat is so warm you can barely hold your hand in front of the output register for more than a couple of seconds. The other heaters I tried were blowing warm air on their low setting.
-Well constructed.
-Not super quiet but not noisy. A low, unobtrusive humming.

I have this in about a 700 sq ft space and have it set on "low" 60 so it is running fairly constantly. The auto temp is working however because I noticed last night it did cut off several times after reaching and maintaining my requested temperature, which is great.

Unfortunately, the humidifier leaked hence the four star rating. I contacted Amazon and they are sending me a replacement. Once I receive the replacement I will send this back (as to not go without heat I'm so happy they could do this for me). I read several other reviews stating the humidifier leaked/didn't work properly. I will report back once I receive the replacement. I'm really hoping I will receive a unit that has a working humidifier because I plan on using this feature a lot (and putting drops of essential oils into my water bottles).

Stay warm!

UPDATE - ok so the replacement unit humidifier did not work either so I returned that one, too. The heater worked so great so I thought I would try one more time. The third replacement had a working humidifier! You can tell right away if it is going to leak. Find the plastic bottle adapter that best fits your bottle size/shape. Fill the bottle with water, screw on the adapter/top and hold it upside down. If there is ANY water dripping from the bottle, it will leak once you place it into the humidifier holder. I really wanted this product to work because I diffuse essential oils and thought I could place a few drops of essential oils into the water bottle and the humidifier would diffuse the scent into the air. In retrospect, after all of the return hassles, I wish I would have bought the one without the humidifier and used the extra money to buy a nice diffuser. Lesson learned. I still stand my my review that this is an excellent heater. I ran two all winter as my primary heating source and my electric bill only increased by $30.00 per month.

One more thing - some infrared heater makers advise placing the unit on a sturdy tabletop or desk for larger areas. I found the unit to be significantly more efficient in my large areas while placed directly on the floor.
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on December 22, 2009
I bought this from eBay for around $190. I have two other electric space heaters so comparison was an easy task. I bought it for our high ceiling bedroom which is about 300 sf. Ceramic heater was useless because hot air would rise up. Then I bought a Holmes Infrared Quartz Heater from Wal-Mart , this was a lot better than the ceramic heater but the fan was really noisy and there was no way to turn it off. Holmes Quartz Heater gives you SUN Like heat and the heat does not rise up like ceramic heaters. Anyways it was way too noisy, You can't have a restful sleep with that thing. Still I thought there was something right with the infrared heaters. Then I looked into Edenpure and other more expensive infrared heaters. They looked promising now that I was already sold on the idea of infrared heating but they were really expensive. Then I looked at eBay and found Dr Heater. Customer Feedback was pretty good so I decided to give it a shot. It arrived in 5 days and I first tried it in our living room which is about 700 sf when kitchen included. Dr Heater was OK, I was not too impressed but still felt it was doing something different. It did its magic when I moved it to our bedroom. In about 10 minutes our bedroom was already warm , and outside temp was 35-40 F. It was set on Auto but later that night I set it to LOW because it was getting really hot and yet thermostat kept showing 66F degrees and never shut off because I'd set it to 70. SO I am not sure if the thermostat was defective or what, it sure felt more than 66 F. Anyways when I set it at LOW it was REALLY comfortable and most importantly QUITE. That's the best thing about this heater, it is quite and you can place it in your bedroom. No other heater could heat our bedroom on LOW because of high ceilings. Dr Heater did it. Overall I give it 4 stars, I was going to give 5 but I still cannot figure out if the thermostat is good or not so there you have 4 and, it is an honest review not like the first review that is obviously written by one of the Dr Heater employees :)
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on January 25, 2010
I have an Iheater and the Dr. Heater and I like the Dr. Heater better. They are both good units but the Dr. Heater is smaller and easier to carry around from place to place if needed and the wheels underneath are spaced closer together thus easier to place on top of other units such as a speaker unit that is not in use or a large air purifier that I have thus not taking up any floor space if needed. It also blows heat out harder than the Iheater but in the end, I think they both kick out about the same amount of heat energy.

The Dr. Heater is made of real wood also, where the Iheater and allot of others on the market have plastic shells.

Keep in mind folks that these are just space heaters BUT they are more power efficient and do kick out a bit more heat than the other numerous space heaters that I have and I have quite a few unfortunately... I have found that they do heat very large areas by them selves but do take a while to bring it up to temperature but once there, they are pretty amazing for their portable size and the amount of wattage they use.

They are commonly used in combination with your main heat source so that the main heat source runs less, thus saving you money. The heat is a very comfortable heat and does not dry the air. It seems to disperse the heat much better than space heaters that dry the air. The heat seems to get around allot better but will still be warmer near the heat source of course.

I think if one looks at these as what they really are, in which is an efficient little space heater that kicks out a bit more heat with a more comfortable feel that disperses a bit better will be well happy with these new type heaters. If you look around you can get some killer deals on the Dr. Heater and think the price will come down in years ahead on this new technology as they become more predominant in the market place.

I like both of my heaters but I like the Dr. Heater better because it seems to blow better and whether it actually kicks out more actual heat in the end, I don't know but it makes me want to believe it does...LOL... And the bit smaller size allows me to put it in more spaces than the larger Iheater and the real wood is just a touch more American, not to mention it is well over a $100.00 cheaper thus leaving some money in your pocket to take momma out to dinner before you come home to a nicely efficient warmed house... My vote goes to Dr. Heater and if I get another it will be the same.
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on July 21, 2010
C. Ferrisi may not quite understand what PTC is. I looked it up. "Positive temperature co-efficient - PTC heating elements are small ceramic stones with self temperature limiting characteristics. PTC stones have fast heating response times and plateau once the pre-defined reference temperature is reached." The infrared lights produce the heat. This type of heating is how you can heat a large area without creating a huge electric bill. Which is why we have a couple around the house so our furnace (which is electric) will not kick on as often. It saves electricity without having to run around the house in a parka! LOL
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on March 16, 2012
i have used this heater continuously through this winter 2011-2012. it has performed as advertised and i was surprised how well the humidifier works. as of 3/16/2012 i have no complaints.
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on March 29, 2010
Ok, I order the heater and they ship a used (obviously returned) unit out to me. I contact them about this and they give me the run around and keep asking if the unit is damaged. I ask why the unit was returned, they don't answer. I ask them to CC Amazon on the emails they are sending, they don't. They offer me $30 to keep the used unit, I say no, just send me a shipping label to send it back for a refund. They say "we don't send out shipping labels." I contact Amazon and ask them to step in. They send me a shipping label. I tried out the unit and it didn't heat even half of the square footage it promised. What a disaster.
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on January 17, 2012
We purchased one of these last year when our heat pump was running constantly, and costing us a fortune in heating bills. When we received it, I was sceptical but watched my meter, and received my first bill. WOW! My bill was reduced over $100.00 that month. I am a believer, so I bought one for my daughter in college, who loves it too.
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on January 20, 2014
We have a 400+ square foot room with no heat source and we live in Wisconsin. We've used ceramic heaters for years and they only heated what was directly in front of them, so the room remained frigid. The DR998 heater works well above expectations and puts those other heaters to shame. It heats the WHOLE room evenly, without having to use the oscillating fan and the humidifier works beautifully, as well! The only problem was the remote, which does not work, but we don't need it. Our electric bill only went up slightly, and we have run the heater 24-7 since we got it! The Polar Vortex is no problem for this wonderful device! It even looks good and is on casters! Great price from Amazon, as well. We couldn't be happier with our purchase.
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on November 21, 2013
This is a great heater. I got it to supplement comfort in the living room, and it works great. I really love these types of heaters, and I have a black and decker heater as well (all metal sides, no digital readout, 1000 wats, cost almost as much as this one but got it at the hardware store in town last winter).

I did have the problem with the soda bottle not sealing into the humidifier, but it was easily fixed by pulling the rubber seal from the second adapter and using both seals on the single adapter. It is roughly the same size as the lawn hose seals you can find at walmart in the garden section for a few bucks. Bottom line, you will not find a humidifier on a heater like this for this price, and all you need to do is fit your soda bottle (I use the 20 oz coke/pepsi bottle) and flip it, if it leaks out the side then take the adapter top off and head out and fit a rubber seal into it, and you should be golden (or do what I did, and pry the seal out of the other adapter).

I saw many complaints of the seal leaking, but this heater with humidifier plus the extra cost from a local store if your seal is leaking is well worth the investment. I have not seen any other heaters with the humidifier, and I love this because of it. It is very pleasant on the sinuses, has a really great timer shut off feature, and the digital temperature readout is awesome.

I would highly recommend this heater to anyone who is looking to add supplemental heat, or heat a medium sized room (we have no central air in the upstairs part of the house, and it works great up there).

I would buy again and recommend to a friend.

UPDATE: I bought one more of these last Winter (JAN 2014 was the last purchase) when my parents from AZ came to visit to put in the guest room. Last Winter was pretty cold for TN standards, and we even got about a weeks worth of snow coverage. The heaters worked great all through the winter and really helped supplement our aging heat pump downstairs. We were very comfortable upstairs (we have baseboard heat we don't like to use because we have furniture against the walls) using just these heaters. One heater does not oscillate any more, but we didn't really use that feature anyway. Other than that, both heaters are still pumping heat (we have had some cold TN nights/days down in the 20's already), and the humidifiers on both are still working. Using the second gasket from the adapter that does not fit on U.S. 20oz style soda bottle has made it so that we have never had a leak from this heater.

The bottom line in unchanged, I would still highly recommend this heater to anyone looking to supplement or heat a small/medium sized room.

Not only did I say I would buy again, but I did buy again, and we are still very happy we did.
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on March 31, 2010
I ordered the portable Far Infrared Heater Model DR-968 on 2-22-10. I received the heater in a timely manner. I began using the heater the day it was received. The heater only worked two (2) days. My attempts to get a replacement were not answered until I sent an e-mail through I then received an e-mail from the company stating a replacement was being shipped out that very day. Waited a week and still no replacement heater. Sent another e-mail only to be told my replacement heater had not been sent. There had been a mix-up and the paper work had gotten misplaced. However, my replacement heater would be sent out that day or latest the next. I just received my replacement heater (3-31-10). I check it and for now it is working. Hope this heater will not stop after a couple of days. It is my opinion, had it not been for one of my e-mails going thur I would still be waiting on a replacement heater. I do not have a lot of trust in this company. Grady W. Conner
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