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on May 14, 2015
Received the HTC ThunderBolt - brand new in the box. After hearing bad reviews on this phone I got a little concerned. However after I set up the device and got it added to my TracFone account, with a BYOP sim kit; I was tickled pretty. The phone was not registered on the BYOP list of accepted devices - but come to find out that since it's an "older" CDMA phone, it is practically compatible with all the BYOP carriers out there which use the CDMA system. It will not work with any GSM network so make sure you check with your provider to see what network architecture they use.

Now on to the phone. If you are expecting Kit-Kat or Lollipop on this phone, it's not for you. If you are ok with a solid 4.0.4 (ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich) with all the bugs written out, and a core class upgrade to allow the 4G LTE data to function, than this phone meets your need. There will be no further updates for this phone through OTA , but in truth there is really no need since the majority of the developers out there try to write their applications to be cross-compatible across all versions of android. I have not found one app that cannot function on this phone as of yet (except for a few skins/themes designed specifically for a higher android version)

The phone had built in GPS , but also functions on Assisted GPS (A-GPS) as a fallback. I have to note that the GPS device in this model is extremely fast to locate and very accurate. It has Hotspot built in, so you can use the phone as a mobile hotspot - and this works very well also - but it is quick to drain the battery if not plugged in (as does all mobile hotspot devices)

The built in mic is phenomenal - just as an example, it can capture whispers and translate them correctly on google voice without messing up on the words. The 8 megapixel camera with light, and flash combo puts the camera on this phone super high in my books. The pictures, for a phone - are amazing.

The unit comes with a standard battery - but there are extended batteries, backings, and holsters out there to make this phone superior over others I have either had myself, or messed around with.
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on January 28, 2016
Unfortunate technology. Poor product. The droid HTC Thunderbolt is slow (takes an average of 5 minutes to just connect a call), and most apps do not work properly on this device. Clearly, I am a glutton for punishment, since I remained faithful to this product for nearly 4 years, owning 3 of these devices, each one progressively worse in its ability to connect to the internet, or download/update app information. My worst experience? Using the United Airlines app and getting a digital boarding pass. The boarding pass malfunctioned during the security check-in process and i was forced to go back to the ticketing counter/bag drop and get a paper boarding pass. Will never use this again.
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on September 29, 2015
I purchased the phone in Jan to have as a backup but did not ck it to ensure it worked. my current phone just started giving me problems, so i decided to turn on the phone and to my disappointment the volume does not work properly. set at the highest level on the volume control button, there is very sound. I contacted the seller, explained what was going on and asked not for a REFUND but for a REPLACEMENT and they out right refused. What is being said is that i should have checked it by turning off my working phone that i was using, turn on the phone i purchased, ensure it was working, then turn back on my working phone. Maybe i should have checked, though the web site states that a phone has been thoroughly checked it was in 100% working condition, that may not be the case. Although the bottom line is that i purchased a defective phone, they dont care one way or the other. So folks, if you purchase a phone as i did for backup purposes, ensure it works properly and dont assume as i did, that it will be working when the need arises. They have my money and I have a phone that's not working/was defective when i purchased it. So much for 100% guarantee and shame on me for not checking to ensure it was in working condition...Another example that some merchants dont give a rats tail end once they have your money---.BUYERS BE WARE!!!---
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on February 19, 2013
I used this phone for about 6 months, shipped incredibly quick, the seller was eager to make sure i received everything in order and was willing to help me if not, and gave me a free car charger. The phone was in near perfect condition. If it had the factory box, i wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. Phone worked perfectly for the time i had it. the stock battery only lasted like 5 hours with medium use. I purchased the HTC Rezound battery for this phone and got 10 hours out of it, and you dont need an extended battery cover or anything, then the phone was unstoppable. stupid fast 4G although i never used 4G a whole lot. the kickstand is super helpful with watching netflix and whatno; however the charging port is right underneath the kickstand.... ???? lol huge display, great price, nice quality feel to it, a little heavy for some people although i liked that, the camera was great quality and the customization for android was endless. Great phone. for $100 a month though with verizon... i had to switch carriers...
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on December 2, 2014
My old Thunderbolt wore out while I was waiting for a new IPhone to arrive, which took 2 months from Verizon. This was an Amazon warehouse special that turned out to be in perfect condition. I just took the SIM card from my old phone and put it in the new one, and it began working correctly as soon as I turned it on. No calls to Verizon to activate it and no $30 activation fee. This has better firmware than the old one, and has built-in tutorials instead of a detailed manual. If you need a 4G smartphone, this is actually a great bargain, if you can find one. It has a huge screen for an older model, and good battery life.
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on July 3, 2014
The first day i activated the phone, the screen began showing a large spot in the images as if the phone had been damaged by heat, which has become permant. 2 weeks later the battery will not charge completely or hold a charge longer than 4 hours. In recent days it will not load a page, kick me out of the internet, drop calls and basically do anything except what I want it to do. This is the second phone I have purchased in 4 months from Amazon and I had similar issues from the first. Having bought the first phone used, I chose to buy a "new" phone the second time around, only to have the same thing happen again. I will be shocked and amazed if I can submit this post without issue. I do not intend to purchase on Amazon in the future.
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on April 5, 2012
Even with it being used, I got it for a great price and great condition (labeled as "Very Good"). Don't waste your time with Craigslist since Amazon has a return policy (which is something the seller will laugh at when you call them back about your phone).

I do not have much experience with Android phones since the one my corporate gave up sucked (Vortex-entry level). My only complaints on this phone is the proximity sensor doesn't automatically pick up/turn on when I take my face away from the phone. You have to wake it up in order for you to end a call or press the touch pad.

Do yourself a favor and buy the extended battery, a 32GB Micro SD card, and a case from Amazon. Your beer awaits.
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on February 22, 2015
well this will be my first ever review and im only compelled to write it because i dont want someone else getting screwed like i did. If your looking for a good phone then i recommend not purchasing this phone. once you buy the phone its pretty much usless until you buy a micro sd card due to the fact that there is only 525mb of memory because of the pre installed apps. the 4g signal is off and on and most of the time i dont even get a service signal. this is by far the slowest phone i have ever owned. it takes for ever to open apps and most of the time the phone freezes up and you have to remove the battery and put it back in. do your research people, htc submitted a public apology for the phone being a total piece of junk. i maybe used the phone about a week before i bought a different phone. dont be fooled by the 5 start reviews and save yourself some time and money and a headache. well that is my rant and ill leave you with some parting words, dont buy this phone its junk
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on November 27, 2013
what this is the the worst china maifactor using sub standard parts. the Wi-FI Dose not work.. every time I turn on the phone wi-fi dose not turn on! I taken out the battery. I reset the phone. i tryed going though the settings. what ever I do the problem dose not get fixed. when it dose happen to turn on. right all of a sudden it goes out. when 4G just put out on the market. HTC had problems with there phones. the first one I tryed EVO 4G (Sprint) the worst celluar phone service provider. over heated and bad back light. many time the screen look peach not white. then I tryed this Thunderbolt 4G LTE well it looks like a good phone. the weight dose not feel cheap. it feels like I am holding a phone. the case dose not feel cheap like the Galaxy phones. however as long as the Wi-FI design dose not work. I cannot use the phone. No app store download, No youtube. No nothing on the internet using Wi-FI
and if you think that is another problem oh yes there is
playing video files aka AVI video files
I taken out my 32 GB micro SD out of my Acer Tablet. all the video files work fine on Acer Tablet. then I used the same mico SD on the Thunderbolt 4G LTE I have files that do not work. why? whats wrong? Dose not tell me what is wrong and what to do about it. its like dealing with Windows Vista. whats with the bugs? why the files are bad when its not? Dose not tell me what to do about it.
I have no clue how to fix it.
HTC have the worst customer service. what ever you do never call HTC tech support. all there want is the contract on the phone.
if you like me for example refuse to do a contract. why do a 2 year contract on a phone that Wi-Fi Dose not work. and cannot update he firmware. why do a 2 year contract with verizion on a phone that HTC dose not have tech support and the worst customer service? the other worst cosutmer service belongs to Motorola and Apple Computers and Sam Sung. when ever something is broken due to manifactor defective. all they do is sell a new one why pay for the same thing twice when it dose not work? any way I am trying to get a exchange or a refund. my question is is this phone worth a 2nd attempt ? or play it safe ask for a refund?

There anther queatrion all power supplys have the usb cable to it. why the cheap generic no usb cable power supply that was not supplyed with the HTC? why the Generic Power supply?
then the manual thats on the disc? that is missing?
this is not a brand new phone its a phone that was sold once then its defevtive then tryed to fix it and HTC did not do there job. then re-sell it to a dealer as brand new. well why the no HTC brand name power supply? why the no usb cable for the power supply? why is the phone broken out of the box? why dose retail box that comes with it looks like its been open then taped back together. when I noted this I had a gut feeling this is not going to work and I was right. now I have to worry about sending it back.
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on January 7, 2014
I like the phone it is great for common use and texting. my major discourage of this model is how much it lags. when i first got it i had to manually go threw and shut everything down to make it faster. Still even after i did that and added a cleaning to the phone it is still a major lag fest.

the phone has great battery life. I am a normal 20 year old and this phone can last; as long as you are not listening to music and keep it clean. the longest i have had the phone last was 2 days with out being on the charger (with no extended battery). and lasts for about 12 hours if used like a normal teen would, as long as kept clean. otherwise the battery will last for about 8 hrs and 5 if listening to music from the time you turn it on until completely dead.

i give this phone a 3/5 because it is a great phone but needs a lot of attention to keep it running well. I would rate this phone much higher if there was little to no lag. Since i ordered it brand new i see no reason for this. I could see this if i ordered it new but due to it being new it got a lower rating...
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