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on June 3, 2014
I've bought various brands and types of cat litter of the years, having had at least one cat for most of my life. This cat little works great, smells good, but does indeed weigh a lot and is somewhat of an inconvenience to me being as it is not flushable. I ordered about 5 boxes of it at once for a deal, and boy did I feel sorry for my delivery man!

Currently I am using a natural, flushable litter, as I got tired of the waste and weight of this product. In the end I hope to eliminate the need for litter through toilet training, but we'll see how that goes.

In the end though it works good, if you don't mind hauling it to and from the litter box.
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on April 5, 2017
Always the best.
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on June 2, 2016
Will not use again. Odor is sickening and very dusty, even though it claims it isn't. Will go back to Tidy Cat.
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on February 7, 2014
I've been a loyal buyer of fresh step for 9 years now. It used to clump very well, last a very long time, and have actually said it smelled good(!?) I spend a lot of money because we all really dislike the smell of cheap litter.

But something happened in the last 6 months... in the last 5 bags I've bought, The litter isn't the tidy cats we've come to know and love. I tried every variety now - odor shield, extreme, multi-cat, odor eliminating carbon... hoping they just changed that particular one and NOPE. It's as if they engineered it to stink quickly and break apart in little crumbles when you scoop it so it doesn't last as long and you have to buy it more often. I feel let down. I've never written a review and I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm not buying it again and will write reviews in hopes some one else notices and does the same so we can get our good smelling, dependable litter back.
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on November 4, 2014
My husband foolishly put this litter in our cart because it came in a 42lb bag (what a value!), when previously we'd used Tidy Cats.
Since I first opened the container, I and my cat have HATED this litter.
Like so many other customer have pointed out, this stuff is incredibly DUSTY and SMELLY!
The smell is unpleasant and overpowering, and the dust insane. As soon as you pour it, there is a massive dust cloud, so much so that I had to use a bandana to cover my face when I changed the litter. I've also noticed my cat coughing far more since buying this litter, not hairballs, straight up hacking! Everytime I see him clean himself, I cringe at all the dust he's probably consuming.
I can tell my cat is in the room just by the smell of the litter that has clung to his fur, and his normally silky black coat now looks dusty. I've watched him use his box and with this Fresh Step litter, he hardly tries to bury his waste -as if he wants to get out of it as soon as possible.
This litter is TOXIC for humans and cats. If you buy it because of the smell, then you probably shouldn't have a cat, because it is not natural that their crap-box smells like a Victoria's Secret.
Lastly, this is far less "Scoopable" than any quality litter I've used. It can handle solid waste, but when I try to scoop clumps of his urine, they break apart and I'm left with tiny balls of dry piss.

If you care about animals, or at the very least your own health, don't buy this crap. It really should be removed from shelves.
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on January 6, 2013
Come on, it's just cat litter! But after after cats for the past 4 years, I quickly learned no two cat litter brands and even formula are the same.

I was at my local Costco store picking up my usual Greek yogurt and whatnot. I needed cat litter and Fresh Step was all my Costco carried. Breaking away from "my brand", I thought I would give this product a try. I like to store cat little in a bucket, so when I started poured this litter into said bucket this was so much scented dust! It's almost like you need a dust mask! It never really got better. When I scoop the poop, so much dust occurs that it creates an almost toxic situation. Also, one of my cats (who happens to be black) buries his poop; thus, creating dust and his fur will have little dust particulars in it.

I will also mention this litter is highly scented that my cats come out of their bathroom smelling like it. Personally, I find this not cool, not cool at all. Being so scented, you'd think this litter would help control the odor problem many animal owners face. This product isn't really an effective odor controller/blocker. Sometimes I can smell the scent, but I like my house to be smelling (to steal Tidy Cats line) like cookies and whatever else.

It looks like I am back to buying more expensive DUST FREE litter that actually keeps my house smelling neutral and not some fakey smelling scent and cat poop.
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on August 13, 2015
I bought the Fresh Step with the crushed walnuts. It does have a nice smell, but it did produce a lot of dust. My cat did not mind the texture. However, I don't think the clumping factor is strong. What I did see was that it creates a barrier between wet and dry. I was able to get to the wet and feces and pick that up. But when I mixed the litter around through sifting, I found it to absorb into the litter. This then holds the urine smell. I clean the box twice a day and add at least two cups of fresh litter each week. In four weeks time when I clean the box with soap and water, this litter smells because it has been absorbed. I am going to try something else.
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on January 31, 2012
I used Fresh Step cat litter for many years and was quick to tell any of my cat owner friends that it was the best "bang for the buck" litter. It clumped hard, making the chore of cleaning the cat box a relatively easy one. Sometime around 6 months ago, that all changed. Now, it forms a sludge in the cat box that is nearly impossible to scrape out. The amount of effort necessary to clean the box could easily induce a muscle strain or hernia for those unfortunate enough to purchase this litter. Interestingly, after having this experience (twice, because I thought maybe I just got a bad batch the first time) I turned to Scoop Away which I always considered to be a similarly good product, only to find the exact same thing. What the heck? Turns out both products are made by the Clorox Pet products Co. Consider yourself warned!
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on March 10, 2014
After trying out this litter for the first time my healthy cat became dangerously ILL -- and it cost me an expensive trip to the vet. The litter is horribly dusty (toxic plume rising from the litter box) and the "unscented" version smells like cheap perfume. The dust and smell stuck to the cat's coat, and got into her eyes causing her inner eyelids to remain HALF SHUT over her open eyes. Total allergic reaction, among other ailments.
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HALL OF FAMEon February 11, 2008
I used Fresh Step clay litter for quite a while; but I decided to try this clumping litter when it was recently on sale at the store. This Fresh Step "Premium" clumping cat litter is excellent for your favorite kitty's litter box. The company states that it is very good at absorbing odors--and, by golly, it's TRUE! The odors are minimal at the very most and it is quite comfortable even for my rather sensitive cat. Moreover, I really like how the litter has the capacity to absorb and prevent odor causing bacteria in the litter before my cat even uses his litter box.

If you have more than one cat the manufacturer does recommend, not surprisingly, that you use more cat litter in the box. Otherwise, if you have just one cat, two or three inches worth of this cat litter spread about evenly throughout the empty litter box will do fine. You should change the entire litter box once a week on average. (I change mine about twice a week just for my cat's comfort.)

It's also a good idea to scoop out any "kitty remains" every other day or so. If you can do it every day, that's even better. Be very certain NOT to flush any "kitty presents" down the toilet as the manufacturer warns against this. I suppose it could clog toilet pipes. Moreover, as you may suspect, any "kitty leftovers" could have some nasty germs that we don't want so wash your hands really carefully after you clean the box or even after you just remove any "kitty presents" with a scooper.

I recommend changing the entire litter box at least once a week. Place the contents of the used litter box into a trash bag and discard as you would any other garbage.

In short, this is a great cat litter product at a great price. The contents of the bag last a long time, especially if, like me, you have only one cat.
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