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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 19, 2014
This is my second pair of these kinds of shoes. My other pair was by the other company who makes them. (there are 2 that I know of). I originally bought them because my big to rubs on my second toe and you think "so" but ----its very --extremely uncomfortable. I know it makes no sense, but trust me, it does. These solve that problem. They are awesome. The most important thing with these shoes is the FIT. THe fit has to be tight, but not too tight. You must be almost sock tight, and the toes must go in the toe "places" or you will hate these. So first things first, make sure all 5 toes get where they are supposed to go. Then you should have the heel not tight but no slipping. The heel cup is very similar to traditional running shoes, and its important that you get your foot seated in it securely. These shoes are designed to wear with no socks, but usually I wear the toe socks, but thats me.

1- solve problems of toes rubbing or being jammed up as with regular shoes (in some cases)
2- Very light, very thin
3- good aeration
4- Outstanding in water. I wore mine fishing in a stream and walked in the water like nothing. Perfect.
5- Very comfortable--once you get the size right.

1- Too thin on bottom, --cannot wear running anywhere because the sole is too thin--stepping on rocks etc can be uncomfortable
2- must wear toe socks if you wear socks--expensive
3- hard to get on properly (but gets easier when used to them)
4 top half is mesh or fabric, no protection when walking in woods, thick brush, or in a river etc.

The dislikes are a personal thing. Some might say "they are not made to wear in thick brush or in rivers", but they are shoes. I wear my shoes wherever and if I have to pick and choose where to wear them, then I will get different shoes. Same issue with the soles. If you run, you better do so on a track. WHen you come down hard on a 1/2" rock, you will understand what I am talking about. The sole is very thin, there is no "last" (the part that makes shoes stiff and gives shape and size--the "mold" so to speak). These are basically a foot bottom molded into rubber (or whatever they use) with a nylon covering over the top to hold the foot. As I mentioned about fitting-- The heel is the only place that is a traditional on these shoes, in that there is a heel cup.

They can be adjusted a little bit---this shoe has a velcro strap, my others have elastic laces. I prefer the laces in this kind of shoe, the velcro doesnt seem to provide the same kinds of fitting options as laces--but again, shoes are very personal, and I think with these I would --

1- Get the exact size of your foot----measured or traced -not with a brannock shoe size device
2- Get the shoe closest to that measurement or tracing.
3- Try them on, make sure your toes are in each place, and the heel is secure--no slipping when walking but no blisters either.
4- use them for a few weeks. You need to get used to them, and you need to practice putting them on/taking them off--

These are great and I love mine, but they do require a lot of TLC. Good luck, thanks for reading. i hope this helps you.
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on August 22, 2015
Bought a pair in March 2015 and since then have taken them on a couple hikes. On average, I wear them less than an hour per week. They are comfortable and have held up well except, surprisingly, where the soul is attached to the arch they came somewhat unglued (see photos). I say surprisingly because this is not where I'd expect most of wear & tear to occur. If it wasn't for this fact, I'd have given these shoes high marks. However, given they were $70 and barely lasted 6 months with low to moderate use, this is the best that I can give.

P.S. First wanted to resolve this directly with Vibram but after 45 min on hold with their customer service and two disconnects decided to leave a review instead.
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on August 21, 2015
Most shoes, sneakers included, that I've worn can start to hurt my feet after walking long distances, running, or engaging in other strenuous activity (jumping, lifting weights, etc). This is because most sneakers are designed for an "average" person, so they typically have support for a moderate arch molded into them. This doesn't work for me because I'm flatfooted. Once I saw Vibrams, I was intrigued. I've always felt most comfortable barefoot or in socks, but can't walk that way everywhere because it is dangerous or impermissible. The idea of something that might afford me that modicum of protection and allow me to stay low to the ground was very appealing, so I ordered a pair. Now I only use sneakers as my lawn mowing shoes. The Vibrams never hurt my feet while walking around and give me a really good feel for the ground, which is critical when I'm doing certain weightlifting exercises so that I can maintain balance.

A couple of suggestions to others who want to try Vibrams:
1) Sizing is critical to comfort. Don't hesitate to return them or try on in a store to get the right fit. I used the sizing suggestions on their official site and got it right the first time, but others may not be so lucky.
2) There is a break-in period. The Vibrams will feel weird for the first few days if you've never tried them before. Get used to putting them on, taking them off, and walking around for short periods of time. When you don't have them on try to walk around barefoot/stocking. This will acclimate your feet.
3) Wash them regularly. Vibrams are machine washable (cold water, drip dry). This is necessary since they can get dirtier than regular shoes, especially if you wear them with no socks. But, it is also a bit of a benefit since many regular shoes do not clean up as nicely as these.
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on April 5, 2015
i bought this same pair 4 years ago and when i needed a new pair i was not happy with the fit. the size 40 now compared to 4 years ago is slightly bigger and does not fit properly.

if you're buying these shoes again make sure you get fitted at a shoe store before you pay good money for these. the sizes seemed to have changed over the years and is not the same as they used to be.
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on January 28, 2015
I came into the five finger fad only recently. I was never interested in trying them until I really got into Bikram Yoga. I am always looking at making changes in my diet or routine at the gym to enhance my yoga workout. I tended to get strong arch pain in my feet during the standing series and have trouble spreading my toes when the instructor says. Therefore, when it came time to get new shoes for the gym, I pulled the trigger on these. I tried them out at REI to figure out my size ( I recommend doing the same). I didn't so any special prep work, just tried them on and went to the gym and OH MY GOSH! The first week I can honestly say I have never known such calf aches such as these...what a workout...amazing how much more the muscles in your legs get worked when you walk, run, jog, weight lift with proper foot strikes (avoiding the heel). They are real game changers for me. I have only had them for two weeks now but would venture to say they are the best athletic shoes i have ever owned. The only reason I gave only four stars because there were weird red marking on the interior of the shoe which I regard as a quality issue.
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on July 21, 2014
I've been a Vibram convert since my first pair purchased in 2011; which incidentally, haven't worn out and I'm still wearing. I have worn the Komodo Sport over many miles of back country travel in the Oregon Cascades. Wilderness cross country hiking is all about climbing; climbing over logs, climbing over boulders, climbing up scree and talus slopes, descending down grassy embankments.Wearing Vibrams allows me to grip the ground with my feet and toes, and on dry rock they lend an almost spider-man quality to my traction.

They are virtually puncture resistant, but they afford almost zero protection if you kick a hard object like a a root stave in the trail. When you are wearing these you really need to watch your step. If you come down with a hard heel strike on a sharp stone you will definitely feel it. Also, being low cut, they can fill up with dirt, sand, or even small pebbles just walking through loose, soft, or wet soil.

If you are a hunter or wild life photographer, these are the best stalking shoes since the moccasin. Also, if you enjoy speaking with total strangers just wear a pair of this around town. If my hair were on fire I believe it would be the Vibrams folks would want to ask me about. I've given so many personal endorsements of this product that the company should hire me as a spokesperson.

So why only 4 not 5 stars? I've owned five pairs of Vibrams and every pair has been a 43 M EU. My latest pair is almost too tight to get on my feet. Maybe it's my feet that have changed and I shouldn't be blaming the manufacturer, but my latest pair of the shoes I love don't fit.

I'll order a larger size next time.
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on January 25, 2016
I am a woman, wear size 40 for women and have two size 40 for men of the Komodosport model. They are exactly the same length, just a little larger.
Komodosport is by far my favorite model. I have 11 pairs of vibram toe shoes but the komodosport is super, due to the second velcro strap near the heel. They also look great in my opinion. I am just bummed they are not producing it any more, which is why I bought a lot of them.
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on July 14, 2015
I'm 35 years old and this is my second pair of Fivefingers. I was skeptical when I first bought them. I read the factory warning on the shoes telling me to try light runs on day one then working your way up. I ran four miles the first day. The next day my calves were on fire and I had trouble walking on stairs. I have had multiple running shoes since I started running track in middle school. NO SHOES I'VE EVER HAD CHANGED MY RUNNING AS DRASTIC AS THESE SHOES. In my non-scientific view If I noticed My calves getting a workout they've never had for in 20 years of running then perhaps the human body was built to lean heavier on the calf muscles to run. I've never, EVER gotten shin splints in these shoes and my knees and hips feel better than they ever have too. It also took some time to work out my arch in these shoe (apparently something else standard shoes help weaken). I put a few hundred miles in 4 years on the first pair and they are still fully functional just a bit stretched out and pilling too. Bottom line I love these shoes. They are well worth giving them a chance if you are having chronic pain due to running. So take it easy at first but you will eventually get used to them and never go back to regular shoes again.
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on February 24, 2016
In U.S. sizing, I am a 8.5D or 8EE depending on the shoe. I have several pairs of Vibram Five Fingers, mainly the original KSOs (Keep Stuff Out). For the KSOs, I wear size 40, but was not sure for the KMD (Komodo Sport), so I purchased both sizes 40 and 41 of the KMDs. The 40 was too small. The 41 was perfect. Fit is snug, but not constricting. The sole is thicker than KSOs, so it does not have that completely natural feel of being barefoot like the KSOs. With the KSOs, if I was running on a trail and somehow unexpectedly landed on a rock with my heel, I would would cry like a baby, but with these, I definitely am protected. Strange, but I like the minimalist aspect of the KSOs more, but still keeping these. Also, I always wear toe socks, so the 40 with bare feet may work for you. All in all, 4 stars since the KSOs are my baseline for great toe shoes and these are not as minimalist.
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on September 25, 2014
Even as a novice runner who only started a few months before buying these--and was working on landing on my toes from the beginning--I still found my calves more sore than usual when running. It has taken me a bit of time (maybe a full month) to get used to them and I had to take it more slowly and carefully for a while. Now that I'm back to my pre-Vibram distances though (~3 miles three times a week), I love these.

I also am a 2nd kyu in karate and I happen to find them great for doing kicks in. While the freedom of motion for my toes is not quite on par with being completely barefoot (particularly flexing downward), it is good enough that kicks in which I intend to hit with the ball of my foot with my toes pulled back all have the proper form. Restrictions on flexing downward also aren't enough to interfere with kicks in which I need to hit with the instep of my foot. Doing karate in regular shoes just isn't the same as being barefoot, but these are extremely close!

I love having the freedom to perform my karate routines anywhere now, no matter what the ground beneath my toes is like. If anyone is thinking about getting these with martial arts in mind, I would absolutely recommend them for that.

Shoes feel tight at first so you may get the impression that you've gotten the wrong size, but they do stretch to your feet over time. I followed Vibram's sizing chart carefully and feel like I got the right size.

I have heard that these develop a powerful odor due to not wearing socks that is difficult to get rid of once you have it. I have been careful to keep my feet clean before putting them on and sort of air them out when I take them off, and I haven't run into a stench yet (about a month and a half old now). Hope that doesn't change in the future.
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