Customer Reviews: Thrustmaster VG Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel for Xbox
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on January 27, 2014
I got this for Christmas from Walmart and I love it. I have been wanting to get this since its inception and finally got it. Below are the pros and cons I have. Please feel to comment and ask me any additional questions you have.

1) Compatible with PC/xbox360
2) Using almost a month now with no issues and dont know how long it will last.
3) Pretty sturdy build
4) If its your first wheel, you'll love it
5) Incredibly fun and works awesome with forza 3, 4
7) I've played for over 7 hour stretches with rough handling from children and it seems to have not broken and works well

1) Force feedback isn't its strongest point (but I wasn't really wanting it since I get plenty of that when I drive to work)
2) No stick shift (only paddle shift,,again this was actually a pro for me, I didn't want a goddamn stick shift)
3) Small dialup like wire that connects the accelerator/break at the foot to the steering wheel, try not to get this pulled off and keep it safely, (I haven't had issues with it but it looks like it can get damaged)
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on October 8, 2012
Many people are talking bad about this, but I can see no reason for it. Yes, there is a 10 degree or so area in the middle of the turning radius, but I stopped noticing that within less than an hour. After that this has been pure fun.

Keep in mind you can not play with this wheel in your lap. You have to have a stand for this. I built a cheap stand from PVC and haven't looked back. I picked this up for Forza 4 and could not be happier for the money.

That is where the problems come in for most people. This is much easier to buy than a unit for clutch and shifter, force feedback, and full turning tension. It is unfair to hope for this wheel to do all the things for the $300 plus wheels do. For the money you simply can not beat this steering wheel. It could be better, but it could cost twice what it does too.
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on November 25, 2011
Waiting for this to finally be available after several delays, got it delivered today.

Opened the box and was impressed with how the wheel looked...however it does feel pretty flimsy. Has some nice rubberized grips and the shift paddles are metal and have a nice chunky clunk when you shift them. The pedals and base are a little awkward...unless you have a lot of weight resting on the pad they tend to lift off the ground under heavy brake or accelerator application. The clamping mechanism works pretty well, it stayed securely attached to my table for the 10 minutes I could stomach using it.

In terms of actually in-game use, I'm incredibly dissapointed. I guess part of it is my fault...I knew this wheel had no ForceFeedback but I assumed no one would build a controller without rumble. In the first few moments I realized I shouldn't have assumed this. There is ZERO feedback from games. If you play Forza 4 or F1 2011 in simulation mode, you know how critical it is to have feedback from the tires even if there's no official "Force Feedback". I found myself actually being significantly slower than I am with a regular controller, which is a pretty sad statement. Force Feedback adds a lot of cost to a unit, but for the gains in playability vs cost I can't understand why this doesn't have a rumble feature.

Another huge drawback is the motion of the wheel itself. It has some kind of spring or elastic material that increases tension as you increase steering angle. Right around the middle there is probably a 30 degree "dead zone" where the wheel just effortlessly floats back and forth. Trying to keep a car stable going down the straight at Silverstone on approach to Stowe is essentially impossible...approaches to most corners end up getting you unstable in braking and ruin your turn in. Incredibly frustrating.

If you play Forza or F1 in arcade mode, you'll probably have fun...same with the more arcade-y games like Test Drive/ NFS / etc. If you enjoy the more simulation style games stay far, far away.
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on February 9, 2015
Purchased one for my Grandson two years ago and he said it was the best gift I ever got him. After two years of daily use I had to replace with a new one because it was something he could not live without.
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on December 7, 2012
In terms of design, this wheel is just about perfect for my uses. The hand grips are very ergonomic and comfortable to hold. All the buttons are easily reachable and intuitively placed. The paddle shifters feel crisp and snappy. All-in-all the tactile experience is very satisfying.

That said, I've had 2 of these wheels, and both of them have had build quality issues. The first wheel felt great, all the buttons were firm and snappy and the elastic resistance in the wheel was perfectly balanced and consistent. Unfortunately it soon became totally unresponsive and could not be detected by any PC or Xbox.

I sent it back and received a replacement, but this one had problems of its own. Inside the wheel there are 2 elastic tensioners which are supposed to provide equal resistance so that the wheel snaps back to a neutral position when not being touched. One of the tensioners on the replacement wheel is loose however. There is about 6 inches of slack in the wheel and a clacking noise every time it turns, which spoils the feel just enough to make it not worth using. It would be easy to fix the loose tensioner, but annoyingly the wheel is assembled with locking clips that will break if you open the shell. I got it open enough to see inside and identify the problem, but any more and it would have broken.

So to sum up, buying this product is essentially a crap-shoot due to poor manufacturing standards/shoddy build quality. I'm still debating whether to have mine replaced again.
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on March 17, 2014
I tested it on Formula 1 2013, and Simraceway and works great! Just one detail, if you would like to use clutch, then this is not for you, it has only brake and throttle. The quality look good for me, and I know other people are complaining about it, but again I do not see any problem with the quality of the product.
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on October 4, 2015
Racing isn't the same without a wheel and pedals. Works great.

First one lasted about six months. Thrustmaster is replacing it. They seem really nice. I will update again if the replacement fails.
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on May 14, 2014
I have been using this item for a few months now and am completely satisfied with my purchase. This wheel is absolutely great. It was my fault that I did not read when I was thinking these were force-feedback. But I purchased two of them and haven't looked back. Makes the game 100 times better and gives more of a challenge than a controller.
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on August 18, 2015
The controls take some getting used to, but now that he has it figured out standard joy stick controls just won't do for car games, this is much more realistic and fun for everyone. We mounted it to a flat top, folding, tv tray stand. This is easy and works well. The controls seem durable (we purchased a month ago), we like the paddle shifters over the stick on other models. All in all a great product. BTW we have been playing Forza Horizon for Xbox 360 with the controls.
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on April 28, 2016
Great fun. Having been driving real cars for quite some time, it does take a little time adjusting to the limited arc of the turning radius. The resistance is not evenly applied across the arc, so it can be a little twitchy. In game play, I noticed that no matter how I tried a Handbrake slide, the car would simply go out of control, switch back to the standard controller and everything was back to normal. It could be that the controller "holds" the button press longer than the controlleir. I attempted to adjust the settings, and it just keep going wonkie.. One particularly odd thing is, although I placed the pedals in the standard position one would have in a car.. I was completely disoriented for a while.. I think that could partly be due not having a seating position that would be in a proper car.. Overall It is great fun and you do get used to it. I find I do not use it as often, because it does take a bit of set up in the living room and its just not worth the bother.
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