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on August 4, 2015
This little trap works exactly as described. As a long time hunter, new trapper this device is simple yet effective (had an animal in the trap within 48 hours). As others stated be sure to anchor the trap well to the ground or a tree unless you want the trapped coon to stumble away with your trap.. I plan on ordering several more soon - lots of animals out during the day with no fear of humans.
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on July 30, 2016
Smart little critters evaded my traps for two weeks. They were smart enough to actually rip the back panel of the Haveaheart trap off to get the bait.

I set this thing out and had my first coon in the morning.
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on December 26, 2013
Purchased a pair of these when coons started killing our barn cats & chickens. Used one trap by adding 6' of garage door cable to trap chain swivel for tying off to a log truck rim. Baited using a marshmallow. Stuck trap spike end into ground approx. 45 degree angle. Broke off bits of marshmallow & scattered around the ground in front of trap. Several hours later, big coon in trap. Dispatched with .22rf.

Trap barrel is 4" X 1-3/4" dia; spike 4" long; welded chain w/swivel 11-3/4" long; the bare metal is coated with a plain oil applied from factory. Front & rear plates are spot welded in place while spring & trigger are attached by solid rolled end pins.

The trap is not freeze proof. Does require both hands to compress spring or on can use a Kwik Clamp. Put in bait prior to setting or you will break a finger. I put my trap spike into ground spring on top to allow clearance for spring action. There is a drain hole in bottom for light rain drainage. Properly degreased, dyed & waxed, the these traps should last for years. We have cats & dogs around our place & not one pet was harmed by the trap. This trap is NOT a catch & live release type trap. Animal must be dispatched by killing. There are various Trapping "How To" books on the market that describe the proper methods of cleanly dispatching the animal without the use of firearms. Be sure to check local Fish & Game for Laws governing traps & trap sets (marking, tagging, etc) plus animal carcass disposal. BTW, traps are made in Korea.
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on November 29, 2016
I absolutely love this trap. I had raccoons tearing into my chicken coop & killing my chickens, so a friend loaned me one of these. I loved it so much, I bought myself 2, then got 2 more! This year, I've caught between 25 & 30 coons at my coop & front porch (where they decided to try to get my cat). I have one cat, and a few strays, none have been caught by this or harmed in any way by this trap. You DO NEED TO STAKE IT SECURELY!!!! I have mine chained to posts in the ground, trees, cinder blocks or other un-movable objects. If not, your trap WILL BE MISSING when you go to check it. This has worked wonders for me, and been very pest specific. Also, safe for humans and dogs to be around. You probably could set this trap off by bumping & releasing the mechanism, but would only get hurt, if you've got your fingers in the hole, WHICH YOU SHOULD AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Never sick your fingers in the hole if trap is set! Just use a sick, twig, plastic knife or similar! The ones I have are almost a year old, and still work great. Where the coons have been trapped & bite it, they're now rusty, but that doesn't bother me. They're built well, nice & strong, heavy duty!
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on September 27, 2013
Dog proof raccoon trap, period. Works perfect. This is not a live trap. We raise chickens and my family and I are not willing to share them with raccoons. These animals are caught and dispatched immediately And humanely within minutes. Do not attempt to release a raccoon from this trap while it is alive unless you are skilled in the art of raccoon fighting which I am not. Marshmallows worked better than anything else I've tried. Even a special blend of sweet corn, fresh trout, maple syrup and oatmeal didn't work as good as marshmallows. I hope this helps.
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on June 26, 2016
When I initially received this product, I had a difficult time setting it. I then went ahead and bought the DP setting tool offered on Amazon as well. It was a breeze to set! There are several YouTube videos as well that show how to easily set the trap. After trying the powders around the premises, 3 sizes of traps and constantly losing the battle of wits with this creature, I finally won! The chickens will rest peacefully tonight 💤💤
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on April 7, 2017
I had a raccoon that was too smart to be live trapped. Once in a while this will happen to me. It was able to steal the bait, get away and set off my trap. After 3 weeks of frustration I bought the Duke DP trap hoping this would do the trick. I bought mine from Hills Outdoor Supply and they had it here in a few days with free shipping. Nice!

As a woman with not so strong hands I was able to set this trap all by myself with no tool. I took the square handle of a grill brush I bought from the dollar store and slid it in the tube to see if it would fit and it did, I took the handle of the brush out, pressed the trap open on the ground with my hands, slid the handle in the trap and it held it open enough to set the trap. I bought some screw link closures and fastened the chain to a pipe that was sticking out of the ground that had an elbow to keep it secure. I put 5 mini marshmallows in it and put a Styrofoam cup over the top securely and sprinkled another 10 or so marshmallows around the trap on the ground.

The next morning as I walked to the trap I noticed my cup was gone from a distance and hoped I had the thing. Sure enough that coon was in it with it's paw securely in that trap. I couldn't have been happier. I know it was the one giving me all those problems because my live traps still have bait in them 24 hours later. I'm going to be buying more of these things soon! I've added pics of what it looks like from a distance with a cup and how much bait to put in. Remember to keep the bait below the pin. These pics were taken after I caught it. Nothing has touched the marshmallows on the ground and this pic was taken 24 hours after the reset.

I have outdoor cats and if you use things like mini marshmallows you won't have to worry about catching cats. Just throw a few in the bottom of the trap and some around it to give them a taste, You don't need to fill the trap full. Also cover the trap with a cup to keep rain and mice out. It also works to check your traps at a distance. Coons are curious animals and will pull the cup off to see what's inside. They have a natural instinct to dig in things like fishing honey out of bee hives. This method will keep your trap clean inside just make sure you check them every morning. Duke DP Coon Trap
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on December 4, 2015
The Duke DP Coon Trap (New) (Made in Korea) and the PCS Feather Light Dog Proof Coon Trap Made in USA (New) were delivered to me by PCSOutdoors on time and were identical to the advertised products. I’m not a Trapper. However, at the moment the cuff traps are enjoying a success rate equal to my cage type trap. The cuff type traps are much smaller in size than a cage type trap which makes them easier to transport and store as well as, costing less time and money to purchase than building my cage type trap. From another perspective, I’ve also increased my chances of success by increasing set numbers and geographically covering more of my property simultaneously for only a fraction of what it would cost me to build two more cage traps. So, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Additionally, I made a couple ground stakes from ½” x 24” rebar and use a 3 lb maul to drive them. No way could a raccoon or opossum pull this stake out of my garden. When I choose to change locations, I need to twist the stake several revolutions using a pipe wrench while pulling upward. I also made a setting tool from two 12” nails while waiting for delivery of the traps. However, after the first couple sets, I discontinued using it. I don’t believe the springs weakened. I believe that I’ve just developed a little finesse in releasing and resetting the traps. The springs appear to be identical on both of these traps. I’ve not had a trap fire without catching a critter. And I’ve not had a critter escape the spring pressure on either of these traps.
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on June 5, 2016
WOW...Amazon delivered it to me today, on a Sunday afternoon, and about six hours later my racoon problem that I have been dealing with for a month is finally over!! The racoon has been tearing up the screens on my patio, and terrorizing my 18 year old cat. This trap is amazing. Used a fairly big marshmallow at the very bottom of the tube, and smeared a teaspoon of peanut butter on top of it, and it did the trick...
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on May 22, 2017
It's a trap!!
Good things first: I ordered one trap, and received two of them ($15 or so in total). Not bad. Trap looks to be solidly made,
from real, solid metal. If I was a raccoon, just the sight of this trap, and imagination of what this trap can do to my limbs,
would send me away to another county in no time.
I followed instructions and got some marshmallows from Acme. And one bottle raccoon lure from Amazon.
I set up the trap, chained it to the fence, and went to sleep.

I guess the raccoons must be smarter than me, because they are still coming every night to my roof, climbing it two
yards away from the trap placement, and so far no catch.
It's been a week now, I guess I should load the trap with fresh bait, or what?
I'm jealous watching pictures of proudly trapped raccoons posted by other buyers, and I have nothing to show yet :(
Can't return the trap to Amazon since it's all sticky from marshmallows and stinking of the raccoon lure, I'm afraid UPS truck
will be attacked by a herd of raccoons, as soon as it leaves my county. And I got that deal of two traps for the price of once,
so it's hard to let it go.
I guess traps will stay where they are, and in a meantime I'll get some chicken wire, and I'll wire my gutters and roof edges.
Or maybe will get a rottweiler, if my wife agrees, to keep him in the backyard.
That bastard raccoon who ripped 10 shingles from my roof in one night, will learn a lesson soon..
Anybody knows any good roofers in Westchester county?

Update 24 may 2017: patience really is a virtue - this night I caught myself a nice, fat raccoon.
After a week of baiting him, he finally got desperate enough to go for the marshmallow. I'm upgrading this rating to 4 stars.
The body is still out there, will take care of him in the morning.
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