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on January 11, 2016
I was actually pretty disappointed, BUTTTT I wasn't expecting a miracle to be honest. I initially purchased these for an open backed prom dress with a keyhole slit, but I ended up changing the style. Before purchasing these, take into account the size of your breasts, as well as the sagginess/drop in them. I'm a 34DDD (I know, I know. It only says size A-DD but I'm an optimistic person lol) but my sister size is also a 36DD, so I was sure that it would work for me. However, I realized a lot with these matte pieces of tape. First thing being that they really are what I just said. PIECES. OF. TAPE. Secondly, if your breasts are full and don't really sag, but have more of a natural drop like me, tbh cut the bulls*** and just tape yo titties. Ugh yesssss, I know that there are some cute shirts/dresses that you'd love to wear, but your boobs just aren't down with it! You're going to either have to go commando or just pop a bra on. Thirdly and the most important one, kind of similar to number two, is the heaviness of your breasts. Like I mentioned previously, I'm a 34DDD and I weigh about 150, so my breasts are heavy. These bare lifts, I repeat are PIECES. OF. TAPE. Don't expect too much of a miracle as far as a lift, like you won't look like you're wearing a bra, nonetheless be supported completely, but I'm going to be honest, you get a tiny lift. Like when I say tiny, I mean tiny. I wouldn't have wrote this long ass review if otherwise, unless you have really light boobs! Some blouses, especially during summer where the back is open, I would PROBABLY wear it, just to remind myself how ineffective it really is for my size lol, but it works just a tiny bit. For girls under size DD, y'all got it! But to all my big-breasted ladies, keep in mind to love your size! Even when you've come across the cutest shirt and your boobs won't fit in them, when your bra size is an extra $5 (Victoria Secret's btw for DD), and when showing back is just the what you want to do, but can't. Unless you have light breasts, I'd only recommend this for size A-D, . If you want to be an optimist and have your own experience, do what I did and take the chance!
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on September 16, 2016
I am a 32B and these are perfect! I hate wearing bras because most of my clothes are deep v cut or sphaghetti strap. These keep my breasts lifted and in place all day, even on hot days. I am allergic to latex as well which is why I am thankful for this product! I recently bought these for the bridesmaid group of a wedding I was in. They held great for our low cut dresses. However, didn't work for the two girls with larger breasts.
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on October 27, 2016
I ordered these to give my ladies a little lift while wearing my non-supporting swimsuit. They seemed to work well. It definitely took some practice on the application. Make sure you read the directions and trim if needed. I am still working out the bugs on how I really want them applied but I think that is just a personal preference as well as where your cleavage line is. The material is super soft and doesn't pinch which is very nice. It is a very thin clear material so even if it peeps out you have to really look for it to see it.
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on December 25, 2014
These are okay for use once in awhile. However, they are a bit difficult to put on as once you peel off the back, they tend to fold over onto themselves rendering them unusable. Therefore, get a friend to help as it is easy to apply with an extra set of hands. One set of hands to hold the lift and the other set of hands to lift the breast in position for application. Once you figure out how to apply them (after wasting one or two) they do work. They worked on a 36D and a 34 DD. May not last all day, but good for events or parties for a few hours.
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on March 11, 2016
Not the most comfortable thing to wear in the world! It took me about three times to get them exactly on and sort of comfortable but they worked GREAT!! They felt like I was supported all night I didn't worry about them dropping off or peeling!

Make sure you apply lotion or perfume before putting them on so they stick right on the skin!!
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on May 8, 2017
I love these sooooooo much I did a review video on them. They worked as intended. I would not pay $19.99 or any higher for tape -_- so amazon it was. I was very satisfied. Please read the instructions before using or you'll be wasting tape and be made because you used most of them messing around. Be wary of sweat, oils or lotions on your body and swimming they will come off. The adhesive is very durable in my opinion.
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on June 16, 2014
I'm not very busty but my breast have lots of tissue mass so they are heavy. The barelifts work great. They do leave an ugly wrinkle in the breast under the tape and, but it doesn't hurt and you can't see it through your top unless your top is extremely low cut in which case you could not use these or any lift product anyway because it would show. Which also means if you are going for cleavage exposure, this is not the right product for you. And I do not recommend them if you expect to be doing a lot of vigorous activity and/or heaving sweating. The adhesive is strong and will hold for all night under normal calm conditions and provided you do not use any skin products (lotions, creams, body oils and sprays, etc) on that area. But you must be realistic, it's still only tape.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because they do take a little practice - not only to get them on without the tabs folding up and sticking to itself, but to also get your breasts even. So you may waste a few. I guess that's why they're so inexpensive. But overall they work very well and I would purchase again and again.
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on May 11, 2011
Although it does create the lift & the cleavage it promises, the clean-up/removal is a disaster. The "petals" come apart like felt when you pull at it. The plastic HURTS to take off & they BOTH leave residual glue on your skin. This will REMAIN on your skin for a couple of days. And the glue collects lint & particles from your clothing & ends up looking dirty. So you end up with dirty glue spots on your boobs. I tried rubbing lotion onto the glue residue & scratching it off, but my skin was already practically raw from peeling the take & petals off in the first place, so scratching at it, even with the lotion, wasn't gonna get very far or last very long. I ended up just leaving the glue there for a couple of days until my skin could recover and then tried the lotion thing again. Anyway, the petals were the worst of it, so it would probably be a LITTLE better without the petals - using just the tape, but then you'd feel a little more nervous about a wardrobe malfunction & flashing everyone accidentally, etc. If you're going to use this, make sure the outfit &/or event is worth the residual after-effects.
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on June 5, 2016
Not fit for everyone. I'm a full C and can fit some smaller D's and the lifts did not do what I expected them to. I tried one pair and they made my breasts look "weird" so I gave up. I decided to give it another try a couple weeks later and got the idea to try two pair at once in an attempt to eliminate some of the side boob that I going on. I even tried to pull them up a little higher thinking maybe that was the issue the last time but that wasn't discreet in the sense that you could see the plastic from the lifts by the line of my shirt. They probably work great for some but not for me.
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on June 13, 2015
I don't know why I expected these to work as advertised. Or truly why I bought them.. I need to quit Amazoning late at night. I'm a 32DD so that might be why they didn't work? Regardless, buyer beware.
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