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on November 16, 2011
Anyone who loved using Polaroid or Instant cameras in the past, this little (sort of) gem is going to make you do the Charlie Brown happy dance.
I took this baby out the first night that I got it and while it is a bit bulkier than my tiny point and shoot, it is way more fun. My friends and I were backstage at a show and we were able to take photos with the band and have them autograph the photos for us. Not to mention when was the last time you got a group of people standing around laughing at pictures you just took.

As much as I love my new friend maker, there are a number of pros and cons.

The amount of visual effects that can be added to the pictures is staggering considering that this camera is doing a lot to begin with.
There are 10 different borders from snowflakes, and hearts to standard Polaroid, and for the vintage peel apart enthusiast there is a border just for you.
A multitude of shooting programs from the standard come with every camera (daylight, night, portrait, landscape) to a plethora of fun ones like LOMO, snow (for shooting against snowy background), party, soft skin, flowing water, fisheye, and my personal favorite pre-composition where you can take a picture as a reference first and then shoot the subject in front of the precaptured image.
In addition there are also color options like vintage polaroid, b&w, sepia, and b&w w/ vignetting.
Since it has a memory chip you can give away the printed pictures because have them saved.
The Zink paper doesn't tear.

People are so fascinated by it that you will be required to play show and tell. This gets worse once you print because everyone will want a copy for themselves, and even though the Zink paper is cheaper than the Polaroid film was, at approx. $.60 per print this could get expensive fast.
The battery will only print about 25 shots before dying. I also haven't found a place to purchase an additional battery pack.
The only way to check the battery is to turn the camera on. I wish they had put an indicator light on the outside so you can see when it's safe to unplug. I personally prefer to charge my batteries outside of the camera.
The camera will only hold 10 sheets of paper at a time. Which means you are dragging packs of paper with you.
The printing process is relatively slow, not quite as slow as waiting for a Polaroid to develop, but it won't be shooting that picture out with the speed of it predecessor.
It's the size of the Spectra, so it not going to be sliding into a back pocket or tiny handbag.
It does have a learning curve as I kept finding features but then not being able to locate them again later.

All in all a well made product that brings back a bit of the Polaroid fun days. While I agree it is sitting at a bit of a high price point, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
And if you are Amazon does returns.

P. S. I have read a number of reviews on various other sites with people saying that Polaroid isn't useful any longer as they can capture images with their phones and load directly to Facebook to share. To those people I can only say you are absolutely correct. You can do all of those things and this camera is definitely not for you. Please move on. You don't get it and quite frankly those who do don't feel like explaining it to you.

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on November 20, 2011
If you will Hand a ZINK printer to one of your parents and they¡¯ll probably look at you dumbfounded. Hand a Polaroid camera to them, though, and they¡¯ll know instantly what to do with it. Polaroid, a company that killed off one of their core product offerings to make way for the digital revolution, is finally back with a device that mimics the original form factor of the Polaroid camera yet marries the printer tech of today.
This Polaroid Z340 that I just got is an Instant Digital Camera works like a standard 14 megapixel digital point and shoot camera, allowing you to view photos instantly on the 2.7-inch screen as well as make small edits. Photos can be downloaded to a computer from its SD card or you can print them instantly using the device¡¯s built-in printer. The size of the prints, 3¡Á4¡å, are the same exact size as the first Polaroid camera, which means those with a taste for nostalgia, or perhaps even an aversion to new tech, will instantly understand the offering of this digital camera. The printer, unlike Polaroid¡¯s original camera, uses a tech called ZINK ¨C it stands for Zero Ink. In other words, no ink is used to process the image, and instead depends on an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside. Heat those crystals and an image appears that will last for time to come thanks to a smudge proof tech and a water resistant coating.
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on March 4, 2015
Just got this camera yesterday.... I absolutely love it! In these reviews that speak of cheap material make-up and lines printing on the photos, I have come across none of that. I've probably printed at least five of my favorite photos and taken at least a dozen! This camera is sturdy, plus I love the handle along the side of it. The LCD screen can also pop up if you wanted it to with a little switch above it. It also comes with film, but I would definitely (and already have) buy more for this camera, you'll fall in love with it.

Beware though... some of these reviews are negative so I'm not sure if there is a high possibility of getting a bad camera or a good camera, that's how I see it.

Regardless of this though, this camera is AMAZING and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to take some pretty awesome Polaroid pictures (which is why I bought this, BTW ;) ). Again, this is an amazing product, highly recommended!

-There is a little white tab you need to take out with tweezers in the battery compartment before you can insert the battery
-There is no indication whether it is charged or not until you turn it on. So you just need to keep an eye on how much battery life it has.
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on December 25, 2015
I ordered this as a gift for Christmas. First off I searched for the sellers names to see how notable they were since this was an expensive purchase. I searched the seller of the one I purchased (dbroth) and saw nothing but bad reviews. So I went with the other (polaroidist) hoping it would be fine. Well I got the box and saw it was from dbroth. So I guess he knows he has a bad name so he made another account so he could keep making money. And boy were the reviews about that seller right. At first use as you stick your hand through the strap it broke off of the Camera on the corner where the it is attached. So if I had been holding it to take a photo and that broke, the camera would have fell and been destroyed. I put a neck strap on another corner and it was broke as well. There was a scratch on the lense, something rattles in the inside if you move it and the quality of the photos arent that great but thats a different issue. They obviously don't inspect these before sell or just don't care. Because it came like that. I contacted the seller but have heard nothing back in over a month.
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on August 5, 2012
First I just wanted to say that this Polaroid z340 gives a look of good classic looking camera body. a good thing is that this camera can choose which picture to print and pictures can be edited before printing or even ad border.

The bad is that this polaroid z340 give a bad quality printing, I tried it for a week and took quite a few pictures, when I print them they are all have lines across the picture, sometime on the side or top. Pictures are printed differently from the view finder. On the view finder pictures look very clear and nice in color, but when it turns to print, color is not fully rich and clear.

I am returning this Polaroid and will try to order another one in a hope that this current one is defective not by design of Polaroid z340.
review image review image review image
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on December 27, 2013
I paid full price for a new camera and got a used one with film and someone else's pictures in it. Needless to say, I am beside myself.
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on August 13, 2014
The camera works but when I press print it freezes and stops working . It stops functioning so I wait until it turns off and the battery is empty or I remove the battery to reset it and even than when I turn it back on and press the print button again it does the same thing. This all started when my camera was loading the ZinK smart sheet when I turned it on the camera turned off while loading the Zink barcode sheet. It still loads the Zink smart sheet every time I turn it on , but freezes when I push the print button. I had this camera for 1 year + 2 weeks so it is not under Warranty anymore. Where should i send it to get it fixed?
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on October 24, 2014
BIGGEST PIECE OF JUNK EVER!! I have ordered 2 of these cameras in the past 2 weeks. The first setup fine, printed the first picture, then jammed on the second picture!! I called Polaroid and they said to send it back to the dealer and order a new one. So I did! The second one arrived today. The battery is to big for the battery compartment! Terrible quality control on the manufacturing process. How long do you think this camera will last once you start using it. I have NO confidence in this product.
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on September 15, 2012
I am so excited to have this camera!I love the whole idea of the instant pictures and modern technology combined!! Brings back a lot of great memories!
I just got the camera and left for vacation but I have a problem. After a few pictures my screen went white? There are no messages or helpful info to guide me thru the problem. I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if the camera is at fault. The phone service is Monday-Friday and not available now. I sent an email but too soon to get a response. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone have a thought?

I'f it turns out to be the camera I will definitely return for another! I really want it to work because it is such a neat product!!

Please help if you can! Thanks!
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on January 17, 2014
I was not impressed by it's look & feel. judging by the way the screen "pops up" for you to view it I got the impression it was cheaply made. It would take clear video but pictures had horizontal lines through them, even when transferred to my PC to view them. I didn't use the print feature since I could not take a clear picture.
My guess is that I just got a bad one but i returned it rather than exchanging it.
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