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on November 16, 2012
These headphones are amazing. They're incredibly comfortable and fit to your ears. I've had different headphones before, ranging from skull candy to Bose, but these trump them. These are way better quality than the skull candy headphones and,while they're not as good as the Bose sound quality wise, I think they're better per dollar than the Bose. I bought these two days ago and it has been pretty cold down here and these keep my ears nice and warm. I don't know if that will be a problem during the summer but for now it's a problem I enjoy. And yes, I do agree that the bass is a little weak, but these headphones make up for that with incredible overall sound quality and design. I recommend these to anyone but make sure you get a good color. I chose this one because it looked retro, not everyone thinks the Retro look is cool... I still dig them.

- Great build quality.
- Still has a little functionality with my Galaxy tab (mic works and middle button pauses).
- Great Sound Quality.
- Keeps ears warm in cold weather.
- You don't ever feel the headphones on you, surprisingly light.

- Bass is a tad low (you can get bass booster apps).
- Warmth might be a problem when it gets hot outside.
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on June 1, 2013
I've only burned in this pair of headphones for 2 hours so far, and I have to say I'm very satisfied with this product
Sound (9/10)
Very open and natural sound. The way the artist intended his/her music to sound like. I listened to a variety types of music: Top 40, 80s, Rock and Acoustic Instrumentals.
Bass (9/10): Natural bass sound.Hip Hop, electronica sounds great and natural. May be a bit less for those who want the bass to take the most presence in their songs.
Mid: Don't know how to listen for this exactly.
Treble(8.5/10): Fans of classic rock and metal, may want more of a guitar presence. Distorted/Overdriven guitars don't "pop out" as they should, in my opinion. Less texture and presence on treble. The drums and bass are accentuated however..

Comfort (9.5/10): I've never felt more comfort with a pair of over the ear headphones as this pair. Ear pads are memory foam that register your particular shape, I wore it for 2 hours and they feel like they're barely there. Although they did get kind of warm, but that's expected with any over the ear designs.

Durability (?): Don't know about long term durability. But looks very durable. L-shaped end plug. Detachable Cable. Includes an EXTRA pair of cable.

Design (9.5/10): Modern, simple functional design. The industrial design team for InCase did a great job here. Packaging is on par with apple products, if not more so.
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on August 6, 2014
Very beautiful looking, smooth touching and great sounding :) headphones. I bought them from amazon warehouse deals and i am highly satisfied. Sound is clear like a bell !

You feel the music when there is not a lot of noise around you. I tried in noisy public places and i didnt like the sound isolation and also little bulky for public places but it is kinda trend right now :) good buy !!
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on November 12, 2012
I've been using these for listening to my iphone stream via Pandora while commuting.

- Great sound. Music sounds rich. Plenty of bass and clear treble. I mostly listen to electronica and everything sounds crisp.
- Great noise cancellation. This is not electronic canceling mind you, just a tight enclosure on the ear and a thick earpiece that blocks out most external sounds.
- Looks cool. Yep, they are big compared to in-ear headphones, they don't really fit under a hood very well, but I've gotten several compliments that they look cool (and funky). You need to be a little bold in your attitude to sport these.
- Soft pads.
- The volume pause/play controls on the headphone line work well and are conveniently located.
- Two color options for the cord--bright baby blue or grey.
- Comes with a cool space-age bag.

- They are NOT over-the-ear style as they claim. They are actually ON-the ear style. The pads press against the outermost part of the ear. True over-the-ear cans need to be larger than these unless you've got tiny baby ears.
- They are WARM. Not in sound but actually warm to wear. I will not want to wear them in the summer. My ears start to sweat a little bit on the warmer days. For fall and winter, they are just right. It's like having earmuffs.
- They are a bit bulky to carry in your bag when you take them off.

In conclusion, I like them but with reservations. I'd call it 4 stars for Fall & winter, but 3 stars for late spring & summer. Willing to put up with the warmth for some great sound.
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on August 15, 2012
I jsut received these headphones after looking for several months for a pair of closed back full sized headphones, in the ~ $150 range that actually had some style. I did not know much about the Incase brand of headphones but I had tried a bunch of other brands - Sony, Phillips, Beats, Sennheiser, ATG - and had been a little underwhelmed and unimpressed so I figured I would give these a try. I am SO pleased that I did.

First, they are REALLY comfortable. I was worred because they don't have the retractable headband thing like some other headphones but it seems like they are built to fit almost any shape head. The headband conforms to your head and doesn't have the pressure point at the top of your head like some headbands. The ear covers are super comfy memory foam with furry suede-y material covering and a pop of color in the interior. It comes with 2 cables (one grey, one turquoise) and the iphone mic/controller (on each cable) is really reactive (unlike my ATG controller which I am always fighting with).

The sound seems great. I'll admit, I wasn't looking for the best sound. I wanted headphones that were closed, attractive, sturdy, comfortable, had an iphone mic and sounded at least good. I am VERY pleased with the sound though I am not an authophile.

The only comment that I do have (and which I will probably get over) is that the cable between the headphone and the headband sticks out a little but I think that changes based on the shape of your head. Like I said, I noticed it but it's not a big deal.

I would highly recommend these to someone who is looking for a good pair of headphones that are comfortable, stylish (without being too flashy), sound really good and seem really sturdy.
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on February 12, 2013
Trust me when I say that I tried all the headphone out there priced $60 to $300, almost everything. This one is the best performer if you consider all aspects. It shines when it comes to style, sound and ergonomics. The quality seems to be really top notch. The case and the extra cables are all really nice to have. Bought this for $89 and I think it is an incredible price for what you get. The sound quality is very good. The clarity of the sound is just like the Bose headphones. The music sounds the way it is supposed to sound as opposed Beats headphones which are too bass heavy for me (and expensive of course). It is also great that you have microphone and volume up and down. It plays very nicely with my iphone so I dont have to take them down whenever I get a phone call.

Overall, I would say best headphones by far for this price range. If you are considering this, I would say stop considering it and buy it already.
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on September 28, 2012
These headphones are stylish very comfortable headphones with memory foam speakers and a detachable cord.

Colors are cool
Detachable headphone cord is extremely useful
Case keeps dust off well and free from moisture and things
Memory foam and size adjust ability are top notch and make these extremely comfortable
Reduces outside noise through some passive noise cancelling ability

Sound is about average...bass is good and treble is good...but not the best I've ever heard
Some popping sounds very infrequently. I've heard this reported from others as well.

Ears can get warm due to memory foam...not an issue really
Earpieces seem a little rickety, but no issues yet.

Overall: Great purchase, good sound, not the top of the market, but definitely an above average product.
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on April 11, 2013
Only complaint is if you have your music a little bit loud (not all the way) the sound seeps and others can hear it clearly. I'm not sure if this is true of all over the ear headphones, but I would have liked a little bit more privacy without having to turn down my music considerably in quiet places (I'm not an ear-drum burster so my music isn't usually up to the max, or even near it)

- Very good quality
- Adjustable
- Despite light colour - I've managed not to get them dirty and I've had them for about 4 months now.
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on January 21, 2013
I own two pairs of these headphones, they are the only headphones I've found that I can wear with my glasses on without pain after 5 minutes from the pinching. They are like clouds around your ears. My only real complaint is they are "phone" headphones so they use the iPhone/iPad/Mac compatible microphone and control ring system. I had to flip the cable around to make it work in my old head phone extender cable at work, and then the other side often comes undone. However when used with my iPhone or Macbook Air, it works wonderfully, and the mic & audio controls work well, no sound issues with Ventrilo.

I recommend these to anyone who plan to use them on a Mac/iPhone or have a compatible TRRS headphone jack. I'll be buying an adapter for my home PC and work computer soon.
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on December 21, 2012
Don't let the weight of these headphones fool you. Although they look and feel like a kids headset, the sound is very good.
I wanted something to alternate with my Shure SRH840s because they get a little heavy after about an hour. These work out just fine. Comfortable, very light and a little more bass. The only thing that I don't like is that the cord is too short. These were actually designed for people to use with their On-The-Go music players and iPhones.
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