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on April 11, 2017
Do not buy this handlebar mount unless you want your Contour camera destroyed. I bought this to use during by bicycle commutes to and from work in addition to a Cycliq Fly6 camera for the rear. The issue with this mount is that it only slides into place and is held there with friction and no clicking mechanism. Despite checking to make sure it was properly mounted at the beginning of every ride, after only a few rides with it on completely flat pavement my Contour Roam3 camera slid off the mount, bounced into the middle of the road, and was immediately run over by a cement truck. What an absolute waste. Now I am out $100 for the camera, $15 for this mount, and another $35 for other accessories and a memory card (also demolished) I had for it. Cool.
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on August 22, 2014
Base of the mount is a bit large for bicycling handlebars, unless you have a lot of bar tape or a very thick bar. Despite how tightly you may pull the straps (which are beefy and good), ultimately road vibration will cause the mount to rotate a little, as the camera's weight tends to start working against the positioning. I find myself having to adjust the camera position every few miles.

All told, the camera just vibrates an awful lot using this mount. You're better off going for still captures or making sure your resolution is very high so as to capture detail...depends on what you want to do with this, but if you plan on capturing a license plate or something, you may need to look elsewhere.

I'm going to try Contour's bar mount kit, but as I've noticed that has a ball joint for orientation, I'm guessing there's going to be some drift on that as well... really need to get some sort of clamp mount that holds the camera rigid, that uses the tripod screw thread.
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on October 29, 2013
I used this mount on my bike for a couple of months before it broke, strapping it on top of my bike rack for a rear view. Because it's designed to mount on a medium-diameter cylindrical object (e.g. one of the larger tubes on a bike frame), it wobbled a bit so I made a curved spacer from some scrap wood to get a good fit.

With the spacer, it was a lot more secure, holding the camera steady and producing decent video. However, the mount still had some problems, including its eventual failure.

The rubber strap isn't made of a material that appears able to stay stretched without suffering. I would not leave this mount attached when not in use and even then, the strap will eventually become stretched out and lose its elasticity.

Even in the short term though, I found that the mount was not sturdy enough. I ride on a road bike on streets and paved trails, with relatively small bumps at worst. Yet, over one of those small bumps, that created enough force to knock the camera mount apart (good thing I had the camera tethered as recommended! :) ). The rotating part that the camera attaches to came loose from the base of the mount (the part that the strap holds down), and there's no way to put it back in (the based is glued together with the mount already in place, and the tabs that retain the mount in the base can't be pushed back into place once the mount's popped out).

The worst part though is that I have been completely unsuccessful in getting Contour to respond to my attempts to have the mount repaired or replaced.

As near as I can tell, Contour is no longer providing any customer support. I would be surprised if they are in business much longer (maybe they actually aren't and the Internet hasn't caught up with them yet). Their web site is still up, but their customer support phone # in Seattle (printed on the various product packaging inserts) has been disconnected and they have stopped responding to my online requests.

I'd already been in contact with them about a completely different issue (with their handlebar mount), and tried to follow-up on that and at the same time ask them about this mount. But I have been unable to get any reply, in spite of several attempts over the last few months.

At this point, I would stay as far away from ANY Contour product, including all their mounts, cameras, etc. This is a company that is sinking; jump ship if you're already aboard, and for sure don't climb on now if you're not.
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on August 26, 2017
The mount is missing the security strap which is supposed to clip into the security strap on the camera as a fail-safe in case the camera is jolted out of the mounting rails. I've reached out to Contour twice but aside from the standard e-mail - 'we've received your request, someone will be in touch with you shortly', I've not gotten any response on my inquiry.
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on October 26, 2012
I picked up a Contour camera for three reasons... I ride my bike to work thru NY City traffic, I will be going skydiving in the spring and I was repelling down a 500 foot high building in NY City for charity. All three were things I wanted on video but, since I needed three different helmets for the three different uses, a helmet mount wouldn't be practical for me.

I ride a recumbent bicycle with under seat steering. As such, I don't have traditional handlebars to mount the camera on with the included mounts. In addition, with this type of bike, your feet are pretty far forward (you can see this here under Grasshopper FX:[...]) which limits where you can mount a camera unless you want a whole lot of legs and feet in your video! I wanted to mount it at the bottom of the fork holding the front tire which required a more customizable mount. This mount did everything I wanted and did it easily and quickly.

The strap is VERY easy to get in place and locks on with just a little effort as you may need to pull the strap to get the hole lined up. Once it is on, there was no movement at all. I have hit NY City potholes and it hasn't jarred the positioning of the camera one bit. The camera slides on and off easily and you can rotate with just a push of the locking mechanism to open the movement and again to lock it back into place.

When I did the repel down the building, I had to use the helmet of the company that ran the event due to insurance reasons. They had plenty of mounts for GoPro cameras, but nothing for the Contour. Not a problem. I took the smaller strap and was able to put it through the holes in the helmet which locked it in place.

All in all, if you need a non-traditional mount for your Contour, this is a great choice. It is inexpensive, flexible in its use and good solid quality.
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on March 11, 2013
I bought one a few days ago for my ContourHD 1080p camera and tried it out on modestly rough mountain bike trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I was stunned how much more stable the video is with this mount than any other frame mount I've tried, including making my own in desperation. I just bought 2 more so I can have mounts on the frame facing forward below the handlebars, on the handlebars, and on the seat post facing backwards.

My camera doesn't lock in place at all with this mount. A lanyard would be a good idea although I didn't have a problem with the camera coming off.

I'll also try replacing my custom helmet bracket mount. If I can find the time I'll post a video review of these configurations on various trails including some in Moab, the Sierras, and the rugged Henry Coe State Park in California. I'm on a Cannondale Rush with Lefty Fork so your experience may vary. My suspension is fairly stiff.
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on March 2, 2013
I own two of these, each mounted on different road bikes. The attachment to the bike is quite firm. However, at the point the camera attaches to the mount itself leaves something to be desired for one of the mounts. Where the camera actually mounts is not very substantial and the locking rotating platform has a lot of play. Between these two issues the video is quite jiggly unless on very very smooth roads. Same camera mounted on the other bike on the same roads gives decent video, while on the other bike its like watching video through a bowl of jello. Perhaps I'm just unlucky with the second one.

Update: Returned to Amazon for a replacement. As usual Amazon was great to deal with. Unfortunately the replacement was just as loose as the one I returned. When you mount the camera and lock it in place there is still enough play that you can easily jiggle the camera with little effort. It's not the strap that's the problem, it's the little rotating platform them camera sits on. The lock doesn't lock it firmly. I'll be looking for non-Contour alternative mounts.
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on May 19, 2013
This comes with two sizes of straps for different bar sizes. The longer one can be used to mount to a larger tube such as the bicycle frame. The shorter one is for the handlebars. The mounting struts can be adjusted rotationally so that you can set the angle to the bar that the base is mounted to. On a bike, video seems less jumpy than a helmet mount, but there is usually some part of the bike blocking the view. On the handlebars, the view is unobstructed, but only points where the bike is going unless you adjust the above mentioned angle. I have mounted it on the far end of the handlebars at the edge of the grips where it can easily be rotated to view behind the rider. This could come in handy on commutes if a motorist starts harassing from behind.
I would recommend this product.
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on June 29, 2015
It's OK for what it is but I ended up buying a RAM mount instead. This one doesn't give much flexibility in pointing the camera. On the bars, I can't get the camera up high enough to completely remove the faring on my FLHX from the camera view. When I use it on my crash bar, I end up with the front fender and front wheel in all my shots so it's not useful from that angle either. I would not purchase these separately. I only got them because the camera was the same price with or without. I also don't like that with this mount, there is no way to secure the camera. The camera simply slides on and off.
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on May 21, 2012
Purchased this to complement my Contour Roam camera and take it with me on my mountain bike rides here in Houston. I know we don't have the terrain here in Houston like they do in Austin, or Colorado and Utah, but we still have some very good trails. The mount performed perfectly and allowed me to get some incredible video. I'm really in love with this camera and have already purchased wrist mounts (for skydiving), vehicle mounts, and the underwater case for scuba diving. The mount was a little tricky to get right and I had to try several places first and view the video to find the best one, but for me the handle bars near the center mount was the best place and view. Excellent product and stood up so far to one long ride, we'll see how it does over time.
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