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Oct 23, 2013 WAIT before you read my original review I have new data. I was unable to lock onto an LTE signal using this phone. I went to the T-Mobile store and they said that is correct, that unlocked phones usually won't work on T-Mobile's LTE network. I then contacted the vendor Extra Virgin Tech and they sent email back confirming the weakness. I'm checking now to see if I can return the phone.

I have read, for those brave enough to delve into this world, that you can "jailbreak" the phone and correct this issue. While I am tech savvy and feel I could pull this off I'm not willing to do so because I'm simply evaluating the T-Mobile coverage and am not sure if I will continue down this path.

Original Reivew...
We are in the process of converting over from Verizon where we've been using simple feature phones for a few years. T-Mobile offers cheaper plans and we are converting to smartphones. This Skyrocket purchase is part of that conversion.

I received my Skyrocket from Extra Virgin Tech the next day as promised by the Amazon Prime next day service. It was packaged like new and proved to be brand new when I opened and examined the contents of the box.

This phone is labeled AT&T at the top but was supposed to be unlocked as I want to use it on T-Mobile. I took it to the local T-Mobile store for them to help me switch my service from a Nokia Lumia 521 running Windows Phone 8 (more on that later) to the Skyrocket. I had to buy a new SIM card because the Nokia has a microSIM while the Skyrocket has a regular (full sized?) SIM. Unfortunately after the store tech switched my account we discovered the phone was locked.

I emailed Extra Virgin Tech for an unlock code and, after waiting for the weekend to pass, they sent me a code which worked. I'm now able to use the phone on T-Mobile and have both sent and received test calls. I have also been able to use the T-Mobile 4G service to use the internet.

This is a lot of phone for the money.

Weighing 4.66 oz. it is only 1/2 oz. heavier than the iPhone 5S which only has a 4" screen. I notice the extra weight in my pocket because I've been carrying an iPod Touch 5th gen in that pocket for about a year and it weighs only 3.04 oz. I'll get used to it. At least I will only have to carry the Skyrocket now rather than a feature phone and the iPod Touch.

The Skyrocket is beautiful with a great AMOLED display, although it is lower resolution than many newer phones. For some reason, perhaps it is AMOLED technology, the display won't turn down as low in brightness as I'd like.

The volume out of the rear speaker is loud enough but distorts at max volume. I found I could get more volume out of the phone by going into the equalizer and turning up all frequency bands.

The camera works great although there is quite a shutter button lag. I swear it must be about 1 second from button push to capture. The LED flash is very bright. I haven't done a full evaluation on the camera quality yet.

The power button is located on the upper right side and the volume rocker is located across from the power button on the left side. I find this not to be ideal. When I want to use either button it is too easy to push the button on the opposite side. If I'm holding the phone in my left hand and trying to change the volume it is too easy to turn the Skyrocket off for example.

I do like the four touch sensitive buttons below the screen. Some like a physical button but I like the touch sensitive button as I think it will be more reliable over time. I've had, as others have had, problems with the start button on my iPod Touch devices.

The phone has a user replaceable battery, the only way I'll buy a smartphone. This proves to be important because one of the biggest weaknesses of the phone is it tends to burn through the battery quick enough that I think it may be challenging to get through a whole day. I am a heavy user but don't make too many phone calls. It's mostly internet usage over the WiFi at home. Just today I left home with the phone 100% charged and one hour later, with no usage, the battery had dropped to 88% - and I had the WiFi turned off at the time.

As I said we have been using feature phones and iPod Touch iOS devices for a few years. So we have quite a bit of experience with iOS. There are things I like about Apples operating system but the lack of user customization really irked me. I would recommend an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone to someone who isn't too tech savvy, like my sister. Someone who is more tech savvy though could be frustrated as I was with iOS. iOS 7 was a huge disappointment to me with the new "flat" design. It was time to move away from Apple.

I found T-Mobile has some very interesting plans. For the exact same Verizon $90/month we've been spending for three feature phones with no data, we can now have phone/text/internet service for three smartphones. T-Mobile's cell coverage has been weak but that has changed in 2013. It still doesn't have the coverage of Verizon or AT&T but it may just work for us.

I first purchased the Nokia Lumia 521 from WalMart for $99 to try out the T-Mobile service. It has Windows Phone 8 which I liked, and I liked the phone too. It took only a few minutes to figure out the Windows Phone 8 user interface. I figured out 100% of the phone in about two hours. Unfortunately Windows Phone 8 isn't ready for prime time. Give me a break the brightness can only be set to LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH with no slider. Also there is a single volume control for all functions (radio/mp3/alarms/ringer/etc.) But the killer was there were two or three critical apps that are not available on Windows Phone 8 so I had to make the jump to Android.

Android WOW!
I'm blown away by the user customization of the Skyrocket/Android. I've spent many hours with it and I think I've discovered only about 70% of what it can do.

A big issue for me is how easy it is to control the screen brightness. First keeping it low saves battery power but of course I have to make it brighter when using it outside and I like to turn it all the way down when I use it in bed at night. I found an option Settings->Status Bar->Brightness Control that lets you change the brightness by sliding your finger across the Status Bar. For me this is great.

I spent quite a bit of time duplicating the way icons and folders were set up on my iPod Touch. This may or may not be ideal but it is the easiest way for me to transition from iOS to Android. I was mostly able to pull this duplication off. The difference is the apps, from the same organization, don't work the same way on iOS and Android. For example the USA Today news app is quite different on the two platforms while it could be identical. I think the iOS version is better. I don't understand why there would be differences.

As I've only had the Skyrocket for 4 days now I will have more to add after I've had it for a while and will report back here.
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on August 30, 2015
Received this phone the other day and it's exactly what I needed. It is a refurbished phone but it's in excellent condition. No scratches or visible sign of use. Came in original box with all necessary accessories. All I had to do was slip my already owned and active AT&T sim card (from a broken phone I was replacing with this one) into the slot and voila! Back to business as usual. Didn't need to contact AT&T, unlock or register anything online, etc. It just works period. And is set for service in the United States, east coast to be specific. Thanks for excellent service and a perfect product. Please be advised that you may want to double check but I'm almost positive that this phone will only work with an AT&T plan and not T-MOBILE. I was told that the Skyrocket version of the Galaxy S2 was exclusive to AT&T. I am confident that it will 100% work great on AT&T networks but if you have any other cell carriers call them first and ask if the Skyrocket can be activated on their network. I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Hope this helps anyone interested. =)
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on January 8, 2015
Awesome phone. Just got it, still learning about all of it's features and setting it up to my taste, but so far I LOVE IT. It has much more features than I'm sure I will ever need, and so far I see no downside. Having access to the FULL Google Play App Store is wonderful.
(I've recently returned a Firephone after trialing it for two weeks; and returned a defective foreign version, knock-off brand of another rugged smartphone).
The Galaxy S2 Skyrocket I727 hit all of my desires/needs in a phone:
It has expandable memory micro sd card; uses my existing regular size sim card; has a replaceable battery (should a new one be needed); front/rear camera; overall decent size screen and not too heavy; a system that responds to commands quickly; great signal strength in my area; has wi-fi capabilities that allow me to use my home networking to avoid data usage through my carrier....on and on.
The seller- Cell Source's advertisement was spot on- Phone and all contents are in new shape with all original boxing, packaging, and items included exactly as listed. One Happy Customer!
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on July 11, 2013
The phone was fine when it arrived. But the phone got locked after a software upgrade from Samsung. Contacted the seller for unlock code but they didn't get back to me.
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on November 30, 2013
So far, this has been a good phone, and works with my SIM card. It comes with CyanogenMod installed over Android. That wasn't mentioned in the product ad, and I think it should have been. I have had some experience with CyanogenMod in the past, and I'm happy with it, but others may not be. That's why I think it should be mentioned in the advertising. It wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me, though. One issue I have with it is, Bluetooth doesn't have the option to auto answer the phone when active. You still have to manually acknowledge an incoming call, which almost defeats the purpose of hands free operation. The Android system does have that feature, but apparently CyanogenMod has either eliminated it or hidden it. I can't find it.

The battery life is about what I expected for this type of phone. Depending on usage, I have to charge it every day. I did buy a spare battery (Anker 2200Ah Li-on), and would highly recommend any purchaser of any type of smart phone to do the same.
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on July 9, 2012
Love it. My first Android, and it's a keeper. At first I worried about the size being too big but now given the nice screen the size is very manageable and comfortable. Today my Otter case arrived, fits nice but does make the phone bulkier. H&P Electronics shipped fast and unlocked as advertised. Had problem getting WI-FI to work so had to call Samsung who said it happens sometimes advised to do a factory reset. Did that and problem is fixed. I've had other samsung phones and they do a nice job. The preloaded AT&T apps have to get deleted but that's the only down side for me. Great phone think my son already has his eye on this one.
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on June 10, 2014
WARNING. If you are thinking of buying one of these phones and the description says it runs Android 2.3.5, run away!
The phone I purchased worked fine for phone calls, but the data did not work reliably with T-Mobile.
1. I worked with T-Mobile and confirmed that all settings were correct for data. The data would not work except when a phone call was active.
2. T-Mobile referred me to Samsung equipment support. When I told them the phone was at Android version 2.3.5, they recommended upgrading to version 4.1. I downloaded Samsung Kies and it could not upgrade the phone. Samsung suggested I take the phone to Best Buy. The phone supposedly was model SGH-i727, but Best Buy could not upgrade it even though they had the software for that model. My wife happened to have a SGH-i727 phone and Best Buy easily upgraded my wife's phone to Android version 4.1.
3. I contacted Samsung again. Samsung said the phone that I purchased from you had been previously purchased in 2012 and was not in warranty. The seller description did not mention that. Samsung also said that it is likely the phone was sold in another country and had been "rooted" to its Android software. It was likely that the phone could not be upgraded to the latest Android version because the software had been forced on another device that originated in another country. The seller description also did not mention that.
At least the seller (U.S. Wireless) paid for the phone to be returned and is refunding my purchase price. But they can't refund the time I wasted on this adventure.
Note: Even though my wife's S2 phone was able to be upgraded from Android 4.0 to 4.1, I found that her phone (which I purchased from another seller through Amazon) was originally sold in 2011 and was also not under warranty.
I have learned my lesson and I will not buy cell phones through the internet any more unless I am 100% sure they are brand new. I went to Walmart and bought a brand new LG Optimus L90 for $10 less than I paid for this Galaxy S2 (Family Mobile phone but it also works with T-Mobile) and it works like a charm. It's also under warranty.
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on May 7, 2015
I ordered this phone used from SonnerSoft Electronics & was overall very pleased with my order! For an older Samsung Galaxy S series model, it can handle some heavy apps & games, with few exceptions, It's almost completely bug & glitch free as long as you know how to use it properly (I recommend getting a security app like Malwarebytes because, well, Android gets viruses) It came in the exact condition theey described save for one thing...

The battery had a short-ish life since I got it used, and when I reported this to SonnerSoft, they were prompt in refunding me enough to get a new battery!

Very pleased with my purchase & I recommend this phone for anyone wanting a smartphone that's cheap but still as awesome as the current models.
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on January 3, 2013
Undoubtedly, this is one of the best products on the market. I already tried Nokia Lumia with windows OS, which was a complete frustration. I already had a Samsung galaxy mini tablet, so I knew that I would like the galaxy phone as well. The file manager in the Android OS is a real comfort. Just connect your device with USB cable to the computer and copy paste your files! Forget about the hassle of dealing with iTune or similar approach of windows phones!
But why I give this a 3 star ranking:

1- unlike the Samsung galaxy tablets, the battery runs low rather quickly, if the peripheral equipments, such as camera, music player & ... are used.
2- I'm used to listen to my musics by Bluetooth headphones while exercising, running or biking. The Bluetooth connection gets disrupted, sounds going on and off, frequently. That means a poor Bluetooth module!
3-GPS built in antenna has a poor performance. While seating in the rear seats, of the car, it losses connection with the satellite frequently and some times the GPS freezes up!
4- The speaker quality is very bad.

However, despite all these shortcomings, still I could live with it and would recommend it! Nothing is perfect!
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on October 1, 2013
I sadly bought two of these phones in December 2012. This is my first ever review of any product from amazon and I've been using this site for over 5 years now. The phone started with charging problems from the time I started using it. At present, not only would the phone not hold a charge (after even replacing battery), it does not even turn on. I had previously contacted the seller because they sent me the wrong charger. BUYER BEWARE....They don't even send samsung chargers with this phone. After a while, you will see a green robotic sign appear stating the phone is rebooting. Then the phone just dies. I don't know if it is because it is an unlocked phone and it had been tampered with that is causing all these problems. I paid $767.50 for both phones and now , just months later, they are worth CRAP. I also tried calling samsung to repair the phones. They told me that my warranty expired just 3 months after purchasing the phone.
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