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on May 7, 2015
Now discontinued, these were my favorite running shoe for 3 years in a row.
I only wore them for running, not for casual wear at all, and I got up to 18 miles running in this shoe.
I think these may have been my favorite running shoes of all time, to be honest, and I'm pretty disappointed that they were discontinued.
While ASICS claimed that the GT-2000 was the replacement for these, that shoe had totally different characteristics and pretty much everyone who reviewed the GT-2000 agreed that it didn't have the cushioning or the fit of the DT-2170.
ASICS then came out with the GT-2000 2 which was supposed to fix the aspects of the GT-2000 that kept it from being the equal of the GT-2170, but again, those who reviewed the show agreed that it missed the mark again.
Some reviewers claimed that the GT-3000 was actually much closer to the GT-2170, but that shoe was supposed to be the equal to another shoe in the ASICS lineup according to ASICS....
So, what was proclaimed by so many runners to perhaps be the best running show ASICS ever made vanished into the dustbin of history all in the name of a new model year, a new offering, and a complete disregard for the hundreds of thousands of runners around the world who had come to know and to praise this shoe so much....
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on December 2, 2013
Went to my local road runner shoe store and none of the updated shoes feel right. I ran in almost a dozen shoes and I felt shin or ankle pain. I did research and found that this shoe was legenday, however no longer in production. I search ebay, shoe stores and finally found the last pair in my size on amazon. Albeit only black was available, not my first choice.

Well I got them and love them. I've been able to squeeze out longer runs and they feel great. I feel like I got the last 10 1/2 pair in the world, so I'm going to be bummed when it's time for a new pair :(
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on February 18, 2014
The GT-2150 was fantastic. Well made, held together over the years and could be used as a regular sneaker when its running days were over. I must have put 500 miles on that shoe. The GT-2160 was a little less sturdy and bits of it started to peel away at around the 300 mile mark. Along comes the GT-2170 which are super comfortable and supportive for the first 250 miles or so, and then the problem start. The padding in the heel wore away in two separate pairs, leaving the heel to rub against the back of the shoe causing blisters. Then the webbing by the toe wore away. Bottom line for me: Fantastic shoe for around 3 months, than time to go shopping, but the really frustrating thing is - why couldn't they have just left the GT-2150 alone. Had I known, I would have gotten a dozen pairs!
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on June 17, 2014
Ok , I'm a larger person (6'3" 245) I've been running in Asics for years (actually 28) These shoes are GREAT for me personally. They have outstanding cushioning on the balls of my feet and fantastic heel stability and cushioning.

I got this pair yesterday (unfortunately after my run) and wore them around the house just to feel the ware - (also in case I needed to return them).. It took me about 5 minutes to realize there will be no returning these shoes.

My first run in them this morning and I realized right away these are GREAT shoes for me.

The shoes are a bit heaver than others - but hey I wear a size 14 so I'm really not too concerned about a few more ounces of weight.

I can't give a review on the hold up wear, but I will as time and miles pass.

UPDATE ; 7/14/2014
I've been running in these shoes about a month - and for me - that's 6 days a week. My feet don't hurt anymore and the ride the shoes provide is outstanding. I'm going to order another pair - just because - yea the shoes are that damn good.!!!
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on January 23, 2013
I bought a pair of these ASICS GT-2170's to replace a pair of aging Brooks Adrenaline GTS-10's because I heard that ASICS makes a shoe that is comparable to Brooks. Now the Brooks Adrenaline GTS-10's were in my opinion the best pair of shoes I have ever owned and probably the best pair of shoes ever made. they felt like I was walking on thick plush carpet in my bare feet.

The ASICS GT-2170's are no doubt a very good pair of shoes but not nearly as good as my old shoes sitting on the floor next to them. Besides not being nearly as comfortable, they are also not as pretty either, especially the annoying reflector peace on the toe which I had to go over with a black permanent marker to try to cover up.

I know ASICS fans will be hating so let me comfort you a little... I also just bought new pair of the Brooks GTS-13's and gave it a lower rating than the ASICS. I have no loyalty to brands, just call it like I see it.

To sum it up, they are a very good shoe but not perfect, if they had not put the reflector on the toe, I would have gave it another half star and rounded it up to 5, just a bad design decision on their part and I have to cover over it every day.
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on September 19, 2013
I'm kind of flat footed. I usually get motion-controlled shoes but decided to take a chance getting "normal" shoes. Surprisingly, I think this is the only running shoe I'll ever need. Flat feet shoes are heavy and these provided a lighter alternative so that I can increase my speed. I ran my first half-marathon in February and survived with a pretty good time and without real distance training. Farthest I ever ran were 5ks. For me to run that well and without injury, I came to the conclusion that it had to be the shoes. I stopped buying other running shoes and just stuck to this. I found a shoe that works for me and why waste time experimenting. GREAT SHOES!
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on May 15, 2014
My Son is flat footed and always had foot pain as a result. He had to limit his sports even as when little and forget about walking in the mall for too long because the pain would set in quickly. We finally went to the Running Store on the Podiatrist's orders and they ended up evaluating his foot on the fancy machine and recommended this particular running shoe to resolve the issue of the foot pain and to give more support to the part of the foot that needed it most.Very sophisticated, huh? :)
5 years later, we are still buying the same shoe and have been buying from amazon because the price is a lot less here than at the store. This is the only shoe that doesn't cause foot pains and he can walk and run the entire day and he will not have any foot or leg pains. We tried out another asics shoe that looked very similar but it was a different model number. The foot pains were back and so here I am writing this as I have just received the new pair of shoes.
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on March 30, 2013
I usually wear Nike brand running shoes. Since 1997 they have been my trusted go-to brand for fit, comfort and durability. Along the way a pair of Adidas and a couple of others, but nothing ever fit like a Nike. I'm 5' 10" 175lbs and run about 5 miles per week, more during the summer and less during the winter. Some weeks are 15 miles. Work requires certain physical fitness standards including a 2 mile run in under 17 minutes. Running surfaces include nice running tracks to rough single-track backwoods trails. Sand and gravel courses are common. This means that durability is really important. Cost is a factor, these are very reasonable. Usually purchased around the $90 mark. Style is a factor. I want something that is contemporary looking and need something that is modest and without flashy colors. This shoe fits the bill.

Great fit and comfort. Supports well during shorter sprinting sessions (more on the toes) and longer God-i'm-tired endurance sessions (hitting more on the heel). I have average pronation and arches; I tend to run on the outer side of my foot with wear toward the outer heel and inner toe areas. My boot size is 9W, or E-width.

I think you will find these shoes a great addition to your running collection or a very good daily runner. This brand and style is now my go-to shoe. Run and enjoy.
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on August 20, 2013
Look. I really REALLY wanted to love these. I had tried on a pair of Kayano's and fell in love with Asics, but couldn't find the $$ to cough up so I was informed that the GT-2170 were similar, just a bit more affordable. When they didn't fit right, I was so sad. I really wanted to love these. I'm not sure if it's just me (maybe it is), but I only encountered the arch support problem on my left foot. Anyone else have that same issue? I realized it wasn't an issue of just "breaking them in" when after walking with them on a whole day, I felt immediate relief once they were off. Other than the arch support issue, they felt really good--cushioning was enough.

So..continuing my search for a good pair of shoes. Suggestions welcome!

Background: I came from using Reebok realflex shoes, which were an IMMEDIATE mistake that unfortunately I couldn't return. I think they also may have contributed to my knee problem.
I currently suffer from runner's knee and I want to find a good shoe that can support me as I try to train for a half-marathon.
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on August 6, 2013
This is my 3rd 2170s and I just love them. I dont know why Asics had to transition into GT-2000. Asics is quite reliable in terms of fit - they are always the same size and reasonably wide and comfortable. For people with wide feet like me, use the 2E fit.The cushioning on the shoes are quite amazing. I'm an overpronating, full marathoner with a bit of issues in my knees, but I run close to 60 kms a week and use them on almost all long runs. They have lasted me over 800 kms (>500 miles) inspite of running in rain, dirt trails etc. The only drawback is that these are heavy and a bit unresponsive. So after 20 kms, you can start feeling the weight and you need to really drag yourself with these shoes. I have tried other models - Mizuno wave inspire, Nimbus to name a few - but none of them come close to the GT-2170. In fact, Mizunos gave me an ankle sprain and Nimbus gave me blisters. For people who love to run long distances with enough cushioning without bothering too much about speed, this is the shoe for you! Highly recommended.
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