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on February 16, 2014
I bought this out of idle curiosity - and a desire to shed my cable subscription, since I might watch 2-3 channels out of the hundreds of channels of garbage. Between netflix and YouTube, there's all the video programming I'll ever need, and it's available on my iPhone, but let's face it, isn't it much nicer to watch on, say, a 70" screen? So, when this arrived, I hooked the video plug to my infocus projector, audio plugs to my surround sound amp, and to my amazement, my very low expectations instantly went out the window. Video and audio quality were both excellent, easily as good as the cable set top box or (non blu-ray) DVD player. The extra USB plug means you can charge the phone while using it as a video source. Considering the price, quality of the cable/plugs is better than expected. This one is definitely a winner.

2/20/2014 update: the projector is mounted in the ceiling with 25 feet of cable run through a wall chase, into the attic, and down to the projector. That distance defeated numerous set top boxes from a major cable company; the video output signal would grow weaker and weaker over time until they had to be replaced. The signal coming from the iPhone: clear and strong over the same 25' distance. I've now used this cable setup for about 40 hours viewing time, and I'm delighted. A low-cost solution that satisfies all my video needs. It's not high def since my projector is an older model, but I really don't care. The picture quality is just fine as is.
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I was looking for a cable which would allow me to watch videos (including Netflix) streamed from my Iphone 4S to television sets with video/audio in (yellow, white, and red sockets on the back of the TV) when I'm in hotels. Previously, I had purchased a cable by another manufacturer which worked just fine, but it didn't have the USB charge function so you'd end up watching a movie and then the phone would die due to lack of charge. This one solves that as there is a USB plug that plugs into your standard apple iphone wall charger, and the other end of that is the small flat white plug that plugs into your iphone or ipad and both charges it AND sends the audio/video.

As I type this, I am listening to Pandora on my hotel TV. Last night, I watched a full movie on Netflix on the same TV. The cables work great and are a good value compared to others I have seen. They are white cables so easy to find in your travel bag (I find black cables become invisible for some reason, and am convinced my old cables are there somehwere). They are also a good length - I'd guess about 4 feet or so. The plugs themselves are of a high quality and fit snugly.

The only caution is that these cables are EXTREMELY easy to FORGET in the hotel room... I've lost several sets that way, which is why I purchased this latest set. I now unplug them after each use as opposed to waiting to remember them at checkout.

Podcasts, Pandora, Netflix... everything except HBOGO (not the cable's issue - at this time HBO does NOT support HDMI/video out so you get sound but no video, regardless of the cable). These cables work great and open up a whole new world of entertainment when you're on the road or at a friend's house.
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on April 2, 2013
I am writing this review in order to possibly clear up some discrepanices about this product, as do most reviewers on Amazon. I bought this product from Marketplace seller GooDGo for my iPad 3 (or 3rd generation). The product came actually faster than the estimated delivery date, which was great because I really would not have liked to wait a month for such an item.

It is important to realize that this product will NOT "mirror" the screen on your iDevice. What this product will do is project video and/or audio only for certain apps (such as Netflix, Photos, Videos, Music, Youtube, Hulu plus and many others). If you want a true "mirror" experience, look into the Apple Digital AV cable or some kind of other equivalent (as this product is the equivalent of the Apple Composite AV cable).

Now that we have that settled, I will say that this product is not perfect. While the wire to the 30-pin connector (this is what the hole is called in older iDevices that things like chargers and this device plug into) is pretty long, the wire for the USB male plug is not that long. The USB plug, which is on the same side as the Red/Yellow/White plugs, can be used to plug the iDevice into a wall for charging while you are watching your iDevice on TV. I would reccommend investing in a USB extension cable so you can actually reach a wall.

In addition to the meager length of the USB cable, it does not appear to charge the iDevice. When the iDevice is plugged into the wall via the USB plug of this Composite cable and into the charger that comes with the iPad 3, the message "not charging" displays in the place of the battery percentage area. This usually infers that the iDevice is not receiving enough wattage for chargiing, but I believe it is most likely due to the quality of the product.

These are the only two problems I have with this product, namely the length of the USB cable and the fact that it does not appear to charge the iPad 3 for some unknown reason. Other than that, this product works just fine. I download videos from a third party app so I can watch them offline, but this app, like most apps, will not show the video. What I do is then export this file to the camera roll, where the videos recorded from the iPad camera is stored. The videos in this app have video and audio out support, allowing me to watch these videos without an Internet connection.

I cannot comment on customer support since I have yet to ask them for anything. In my opinion, these two problems are relatively minor and are worth the price, which is about $25 less than the official Apple product. I would reccommend this product to those that will like to hear music through a TV or watch some Netflix (or other videos) on the big screen. MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! For example, this product will not work with the iPhone 5 because that uses the Lightning connector, not 30-pin.

I apologize for the longevity of this review and I hope this has helped at least one person to feel more confident. Two quick sidenotes: This also worked just fine with the iPhone 4. The youtube app for the iPad didn't work, but works for the iPhone 4.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
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on April 27, 2013
I purchased this cord hoping to be able to watch streamed video for convenience. I knew that it would not "double" the ipad screen, but I still figured that if it handled the majority of the "video" apps then it was good enough. It handles about half of them. After it arrived I eagerly plugged it in, hoping I could stream some nice video and watch TV with my streaming accounts.

First I tried Amazon Prime. To be fair, their app is subpar and has horrible ratings for this very reason. They at least admit that they can't do it, prompting a "we can't do this" message on my TV. Crackle transfers sound only. No video and no message. Youtube App? Sound only, no video, which was unexpected and disappointing. Sound worked from the music function, but I don't have any videos to check, I'd be shocked if it didn't work. I checked netflix and it works for video and sound. Doesn't give you any options, but at least on my 46'' television it looked OK. The final thing I checked was the streaming software airvideo. It worked perfectly, exactly what I'd expected from all of the apps. It gave you several options to alter the image to provide a decent video playback, not limiting you to whatever the standard is.

So in summary,

Youtube: Sound Only
Amazon Prime: Doesn't Work
Crackle: Sound Only
Ipad Vids: Sound and probably video
Netflix: Works OK.
AirVideo: Works as expected

Don't have Hulu Plus, so if anyone wants to put that (or any other app) in comments they can.

The video did look OK blown up on the 46 inch screen. It looked a little white and washed out, although I did not try adjusting the video settings to see if I could compensate for it. It wasn't grainy or blocky though, very watchable. The sound depended on the app, but nothing that cranking the volume up on the TV couldn't account for.

So ultimately... it worked half the time, and I suppose you can blame the "apps" for not working with the cord as opposed to vice versa, here is hoping Amazon Prime fixes the glitchy mess that is their app. Still, a cord that only meets half my expectations is really only worth half my stars.
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I have a HDMI adapter and this adapter. Between the two of them, I can watch movies on hotel TVs from both Netflix and recorded onto the iPad.

I have an iPad-2 using iOS 7.x (that might not make a difference, but thought that you might want to know).

The adapter hooks up easily, and there is no additional software required.

Works like a champ!
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on March 30, 2017
I have headrest DVD set up in my truck so passengers in the back seat can watch DVD's. This allows me to hook up my Iphone to the DVD system and set it to AUX and they can watch movies or videos from my phone. Great for long trips with the grandkids.
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on April 20, 2014
What else is there to say. Quality of the product a top notch. Packaging, if you can call it that is a clear zip lock bag. Since the packaging is always tossed away, not much to deal with here.

If you are looking to used this in a car that supports RCA connectors, like I was, this works perfectly.

I can recommend this if you have an older iphone/ipad product that supports this connection, otherwise I say wait until a lightning AV connector comes out. If you don't wait, you have to buy an adapter as well. Good Luck!
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on January 15, 2014
When looking for converter cables I was very careful to pick one that would work on my first gen ipad. THESE DO NOT. And the seller does not state that fact. I ordered 3 as we have two ipads and two ipods floating around here and I like to be able to hook up to whatever tv I am near)bedroom..garage/home shop and living room. BUT...we can only use these with the ipods(one a second gen and one a third). I kept them for that reason . Oddly...when one ipad is hooked up the cable will work for about a minute at a time and then picture efaults back to the ipad. makes no sense, but that is what happens. ALL three cords ordered do the same thing. our devices work fine on another such cord we got years ago from antother company. I ordered these as they were much cheaper. On the other ipad of the same generation...this cord does not work at all. It really irks me when sellers do not accurately advertise what they have!!!! One star for that misrepresentation. I kept the cords as they do work coverting ipod to tv without a glich. but I would much rather plug my ipad to the tv as it is a far more convenient control device due to the larger screen. Ad title says 'works on ipad' no exclusion of first gen is given. Feels odd to rate one star for items I kept and use all three of...but it just annoys me that I cannot use them for the primary purpose I ordered them for. I do not like it when I am thinking more clearly as I shop, about what i am looking for, than the SELLER is willing to meet, with accurate info! AAAARGH! They are cheap for a reason.
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on August 29, 2015
Day 1 - the product is working well in my Honda Odyssey 2014 with Rear Entertainment System. I am using with an iPad 1 which I loaded up with movies. I had to jail break the iPad with the Absinthe software which was free and not too difficult. Then I found an app in the Cydia app store called "Resupported 4.0+" which allows you to use the cable and Honda Entertainment System without getting the message, "This is an unsupported apple device". The app runs about $4. Now all our movies played from the iPad run in the Van. Great for long trips. My only complaint on this cable is that it took about 3 weeks for it to arrive. Also, it would be nice to have been apple certified but that is why this is so cheep. Will update this post later if cable doesn't last.
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on May 25, 2014
This cord is probably the best thing I've ever purchased for the iphone (outside of a case lol) to get the best use for this cord, I'd suggest getting your iphone jailbroken with cydia or any other method, then find the source via google for 0sN1c to get a copy of display out for free instead of paying $1 for the app. This cord is much more affordable than the one apple is selling. You can also plug the usb port into a pc or wall charger and use it while using the iphone on your tv. A fair warning when using this cord and your iphone on a tv however you have your phone laying will display on the tv too, so keep that in mind when using the phone. If you have any questions feel free to send a message and I'll answer them asap, and also send pics of the cord in use as well
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