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on November 9, 2012
W have been ordering these Flossie's, and the larger ones for 10 years. Something has certainly changed on the last order. First difference, these Flossie's are tiny! Since these are not the large ones, they used to be moderate I size, but are not very small, and our dogs eat them in literally under two minutes. They are now individually wrapped, which is not only a pain to deal with, but they seem to affect the Flossie as well, as these were very dry, or very old product...they snap into pieces too easily. The product compared to the last shipment is terrible. This is not a subtle difference in product, if you ordered these before you will wonder if you got the right package...they are that bad. What was such a welcome treat for my dogs has turned into a disappointment. There are a few other Flossie type treats on Amazon, and we will be buying those from now on. Sorry to be so negative, but we were really surprised by how a great product turned into such a poor one.
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on June 18, 2012
I have been ordering these Merrick flossies for years now, they're made in the USA, not China, and keep my dog occupied for almost 30 min. So the price is usually worth it- nothing else keeps my dog occupied that long. BUT I was highly disappointed by this last shipment that I ordered last week. They are not only shorter, but much, MUCH thinner. My dog goes through one in half the time now. Also, each one of the 50 flossies are individually wrapped, super inconvenient having to open each and every one every time, not to mention the waste of plastic... Not sure what is going on with the Merrick brand. Otherwise, amazon is great in ordering & shipping.
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on February 17, 2008
These are the absolute best things I have bought for my dog! We got them when she was a puppy and it was a savior. I really feel it got her need to chew on things out and not on shoes, table legs, etc. It is also a good babysitter! When we had our dog as a puppy and at night we would want to sit down and chill out at night but she would be ready to go so we give her one of these and she would sit there for at least 2 hours chewing away. Merrick is an excellent company with quality products that I am confident using. I give my dog one of these every couple days, that is how long it takes her to go through one.
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on February 7, 2010
I have a Jack Russell Terrier who is 10 years old, 10 inches high, and 10 pounds, rather small for a JRT, but like all JRTs she has a big dog heart in a small dog body. I have been looking for a while for a good treat that would keep her busy for a while and the Flossies fit the bill. However the price kept me from treating her very often. (I have seen these for $4.09 a piece!) Then the vet told me her teeth needed cleaning (actually, they are not that bad at this point). So I gave the Flossies another look. At this price, a bit more than $2 a piece, I can afford to give her one every other day. A LOT cheaper than teeth cleaning AND I don't have to worry about her being anesthetized. (Of course, I am also using a couple of natural products to clean her teeth and keep them clean.) She really goes to town on the Flossies, scraping away on those back teeth, which is exactly what I like to see. One Flossie lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size and shape of the particular Flossie. A few notes in response to other reviewers -

(1) Flossies are a natural product, thus the size and shape varies from one to the next. All in all, they are remarkably uniform, considering. So don't expect the perfection of extruded by-product or undigestable fiber.
(2) Flossies are a natural product, so they smell when combined with dog saliva. As long as you expect it, it isn't horrible. Again, I would rather have that smell than some artificial "spearmint" thing from a plastic toy.
(3) ANY TIME your dog is chewing on a Flossie or any other rawhide or fake rawhide toy/treat, YOU should be aware/watching. Any dog will, from time to time, get it in their head that they need to swallow what's left of their treat before they are really finished, usually to protect it from another pet or from you. Don't leave a dog unsupervised with any edible treat like this or you may end up fishing a curly piece of Flossie out of their throat, especially if you have a dog that tends to swallow things whole or inhale their food.
(4) This is the cheapest price I have found and I have looked EVERYWHERE. (And this is a lot cheaper than teeth cleaning!) If you find a better price for REAL Merrick Flossies, please tell us all!

The only way this would be better if it was available on Amazon Prime and I could guarantee I would get it in two days with free shipping.
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on May 13, 2013
The only problem this time was that they were a lot more expensive than last time, which was a shame as these things
are not that cheap. Doggie loves them and guess that is all that matters.

Would buy again, but hopefully price will be reduced.

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on December 5, 2010
I have a small mini dachshund and a small standard dachshund. I give them flossies 2 or 3 times per week. They love the flavor and enjoy chewing it. It also helps clean their teeth which is a plus. No by product and made in the U.S. so no worries about poor ingredients added. When there is about 6 flossies left I go and order another box.
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on August 12, 2009
My three Malamute mixes love these Merrick Flossies so much that they have become a night time ritual. Helps with the evening "go out and do your business and hurry back inside" part of the evening because they know that there is a Flossie waiting for them.

I love that the quality, size, and dependability of Merrick Flossies can't be beat. They last, don't upset my dogs' digestive systems and are easy for my dogs to manage. One dog licks his, another devours hers and the third carries his around until it gets soggy, then he chews it. Each has a style all his/her own, and the Flossie suits each one perfectly.

Buying a large box saves time and money - and I don't run out, which is important since the Flossies are an important part of our bedtime / quiet time ritual.
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on December 8, 2009
Our 10 month old lab could not live without her daily flossie! If we say flossie she will run straight to the box from anywhere, including outside. She eats them pretty quickly, so sometimes I put it through an everlasting treat ball (a rubber ball, with slots on both sides that you are supposed to put their biscuits in, but our dog gets them out too fast and could choke on them). They cost a lot individually at our local pet store, so it is great to be able to buy them in bulk here. Worth every penny.
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on August 23, 2012
These treats are great tasting and are strong enough to last a couple of days of my chewing! I have bigger friends that want to share my treat and they can chew much faster. The beef tendon flossies are not as greasy as other chews. They do not make an oily spot on fabric if left there for a while. Somewhat pricy than other type chews but worth it. Big savings ordering through Amazon.
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on June 11, 2013
Flossies are loved by my pug and he looks forward every evening to his bedtime snack. When ordering in quantity (12+) each sealed Flossie varies in size....from extremely thin and short ($6.00 and up for, at most, a $2.50 piece) to those that are long/thick (worth the price!). Vendors should have quality control on-board before shipping!
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