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on September 13, 2012
I am not an expert in blu ray players, everything seems to work well so far for me and I am happy with the price. However, I feel very silly I did not check but just assumed I would be able to watch Amazon VOD on this machine, older LG models have this capability but not this brand new one! Netflix and huluplus seem fine, but I am contemplating returning it because I do like Amazon prime as well and since I am a member I feel cheated not having that option on the TV hooked up to this blu ray player. So just be warned if you are an Amazon VOD user maybe skip this player :(
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on August 20, 2012
I purchased LG BP620 Blu-Ray player primarily for watching Blu-Ray movies, Netflix, Hulu, and occasionally, YouTube. I have cut the subscription to cable TV last year and relied solely on Roku 2 XD for my entertainment needs, but decided on purchasing a multi-purpose Blu-Ray player to expand my options for recent releases of movies and shows.

The functionality as a Blu-Ray player is excellent. It requires only a few seconds of loading time, rewinding and fast-forwarding is a breeze, and on-screen menu is easy and intuitive. I am glad to see that it also plays DVDs without a hassle as I have a huge collection of DVDs. I have heard of many other Blu-Ray players stuttering and freezing upon playing DVDs, but LG BP620 has shown none of those issues.

As an online-streamer, it was good enough for me to sell my used Roku 2 XD. It was easy to navigate through each Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and layouts and menus were predictable. Everything that should be there, is there. One huge thumbs up is the subtitles that work flawlessly.

Only complaint I have is the performance of its WiFi on WiFi-G mode. It has been about a month since the purchase, and I have had a few occasions of Wi-Fi being disconnected upon start, or the streaming is noticeably slowed down. The issue may be related to how the WiFi-G router is in the basement of my house and LG-BP620 is located on the 2nd floor. However, seeing that my laptop has no signal problem on the same floor, I suspect that LG may have used inadequate antennae.

A few other reviewers mentioned overheating issues, but I haven't had any occasion of the device heating up even after hours of Breaking Bad marathon.

Overall, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend this to anyone who needs a multi-purpose Blu-Ray player but don't want a $200+ gaming console.
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on January 23, 2014
I gave this unit 4 stars mainly due to the outstanding streaming qualities.

1: It supports the Netflix application and streaming subtitles from Netflix. A must have due to my hard of hearing loss and less and less content available on disc with supported subtitles.
1A: Buffering is very rare compared to my old Sony Blu-ray player at peak usage hours.

2: AV Inputs/Outputs available were a must have option. Not wanting to abandond my existing component system (speakers & 50" Sony plasma display system) at this time and improve resolution if possible with an eye to future upgrade changes. This is the only unit still available that i could find that would support my subtitle and av requirements period.

3: This is an upgrade to 1080p resolution up from 740p of my 3 yr. old Sony Blu-ray player.

4: Now to the con. My inital refurbished unit had a problem. The only con. After prompt shipping the following day after my order. The unit arrived late due the xmas holidays. Clearly not the sellers fault. Once installed the unit would not play Blu-ray disc. Non Blu-ray disc and everything else worked perfectly. I contacted the shipper PLANET 73 via e-mail. Explained the problem and received an immediate responce from their represenative Min asking only one question. Had i updated the unit with the latest available updates? I replied i had and received a second immediate responce indicating a replacement unit was being shipped with the listed tracking number a return label for the defective unit at the end of the business day. What can i say? The replacement shipped when stated arrived about a week later. Works perfectly. I am a happy camper. THIS SELLER IS TOP NOTCH.
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on August 6, 2013
Bought this one because it had a reputation of being able to play many video formats over a network connection to my network storage. Mostly I wanted to play .mp4 & .mkv. It plays my .mkv files very well, but the .mp4 files (what I have most of) play choppy, like frames are dropping off making the motion not smooth. I had a tried a couple of firmware updates but this didn't change.

I had read that the interface was kind of clunky, but I was ok with that if it played files well. The interface isn't too bad, but little things like the info pop-up (to tell you how far into a movie you are) and very lack-luster. Turning on subtitles is actually pretty odd and clunky too, but it's hard to describe.

And this part was my fault, but the unit was actually bad from the beginning, and I didn't start a support case until the labor warranty (90-days) was over, so repair would cost $69, nearly the cost of the unit. The video would start getting lines in it, and then start going in & out until I powered it off then back on again. Sometimes, I can get through a whole movie without issue after power cycling it. I reported the issue online, and it took a few weeks to get a response, but I did get a response. They emailed without including my description of the problem, and they thought I said it was powering off by itself, with no mention of video problems. Ok, that's a typical support thing. Unfortunately I could not take care of this by email and had to call them on the phone (yuk!), but luckily the whole process only took about 15 min (not bad). A couple days later I got the email with return label, and then saw what the repair was going to cost, so I'm just going to write it off.

I won't get LG again just because I thought the interface was pretty sad. My next unit will be bought purely for the DVD playing interface, and I'll check a few out at a store until I find one that I like with a remote that has a decent layout. I guess I was spoiled by the Playstation 3 inteface & remote which were really good for playing Blu-ray.
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on May 27, 2013
The player arrived from Amazon in good time and in good order. Setting it up and connecting it to the TV presented no difficulties.

This Bluray player is excellent in some ways but it also has some defects. I found it hard to average them out and come up with an overall rating. Three stars is the compromise I reached.

The picture this player sends to the TV is absolutely excellent, in my opinion, and the sound is fine also. These are the qualities most people would care about most. I can't compare the picture to what other players would do, but it's hard to imagine they could be much better. For best results, of course, you need Bluray disks, but it does an excellent job with DVD's, also. The picture is noticeably superior to the output of my old DVD player.

I haven't tried to connect the new Bluray player to the internet yet, and I may not do that for a long time because my TV set already has that ability. So I can't comment on those features. Also, I have no program source for 3D, so I don't know how well that would perform.

If I stopped here, it would rate five stars, but I have three complaints that lead me to reduce my overall rating. The first is the absence of an Owner's Manual. I couldn't believe at first that they would sell us a complicated device and give us no booklet of instructions about how to use it. To be sure, there was a disk in the box. The disk was supposed to contain an Owner's Manual. I think that's extremely inconvenient. When I have a question about the Bluray player, I don't want to have to go to another room and fire up my computer before I can get an answer.

What's that? Did someone say, "Why don't you just print the Manual?" Well, actually, I did that. I couldn't print it from the disk; for some reason, perhaps because I have a Macintosh, I could not open the Owner's Manual on the disk. That didn't matter too much because it was easy to find the Manual on LG's web site. So now I have a stack of 68 pages, unbound, 8-1/2 by 11 inches. I balance the stack on my knees while looking for page 36, which is where I hope to find the answer to my question. The phone rings, I lean over to pick it up, and the stack of pages goes all over the floor. It will take 5 minutes to put them in order again.

My second complaint is that the player sometimes freezes. It shows a white screen and will not respond to any key. You have to unplug it briefly to make it work again. This isn't unique to LG; I've read that other people have this problem with this and other models, so I don't intend to return the player. I think LG should have had the honesty to recognize the problem and provide a "reset" button. It's a nuisance to have to unplug it to turn off the power. This happens about once a week, in my experience. If you stick to the straight and narrow -- if you just put a disk in and play it all the way to the end -- you probably won't have any trouble. But if you deviate -- if you stop for several minutes, or if you try to change any settings, like definition, or picture size and shape -- it may freeze. You are supposed to be able to change the definition through many settings, from 480 interlace to 1080 progressive, but the player does not do this happily. It may freeze.

My final complaint has to do with a feature that probably means very little to most users but will be of concern to the hard of hearing. I have a lot of DVD's that have closed captions but no English titles. For example, this is the case with the magnificent HBO series, "Band of Brothers." Other examples are the BBC series, "Elizabeth R," "Forsyte Saga," "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," "All Creatures Great and Small," and others. I wouldn't expect this new Bluray player to transmit closed captions to the TV when using an HDMI connection; HDMI loses closed captions. But this player also has a composite output, and it should play closed captions when using the composite output and a definition of 480i. It does so, sometimes; not always and not reliably. I don't know enough about the technology to have a theory about why it sometimes plays closed captions and sometimes does not; I can only say that this makes it incapable of meeting all my needs.

ADDENDUM, about the "freeze" problem. There's no point in getting upset about it, because I think a lot of Bluray players do this. I went to a local hardware store and bought a Woods 32555 remote control outlet for less than $20. (I realize now I could have saved several dollars by buying it from Amazon.) You plug it into the power strip, or whatever power source you are using. Then plug the Bluray player into the remote outlet. There is a small remote control with only two buttons: "on" and "off." Use it when the player freezes. I know, the last thing we wanted was another remote control, but this is the most elegant way to deal with the problem.
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on April 19, 2017
Great 3D Blu-Ray Player, matches perfectly with my LG 3D TV. The only shortcoming I've found is with the LG Simple-Link streaming app is not as good as AppleTV or Roku. It also will not allow closed captions (CC) to be displayed on older DVDs.
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on February 1, 2013
This is the second Blue-Ray player with Wi-Fi, I purchased as a Christmas present, for my wife. The first unit was a Sony and we could not get the player connected with our Wi-Fi, and returned the unit. After purchasing this unit, it arrived practically the next day. Set-up instructions were simple, but I did need to contact customer service one question. Amazingly enough, I spoke to an actual person, located in Birmingham, AL, and he answered my question immediately.

My wife and I have been using the Wi-Fi feature almost daily, watching TV episodes and movies on Hulu, without any problems. In fact we will be dropping our HBO package from our present cable provider shortly. The remote is easy to use and the player appears to be stylish and well constructed.

We would highly recommend this player to someone looking for a combo Blue-Ray/WiFi unit. The LG customer service was excellent and easy to reach a "live" voice with no foreign accent.
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on November 26, 2012
PROS: the difference between being able to watch actual 3D video over 2d to 3d is very noticeable. this unit works streamlessly with the 32" LG 3D TV i already own (i always recommend setting up media stations with the same brand of product as much as possible).

Setting up was as easy as possible; plug in HDMI cable, plug in power cable, insert batteries into remote, insert 3d bluray disc, hit play. wa-la! the avengers in 3D - gotta love it.

smaller and slimmer than its non-3D predecessor. Actually fits on the stand under my TV, which is on a table top.

Remember to set the TV

CONS: wasn't impressed with packaging, left me with some concerns I would have DOA or will have future problems. However it works fine out of the box. it was shipped in the product packaging, which fortunately contains styrofoam bumpers, and a plain shipping bag.

the shipper i chose took forever to process my order and it took about 2 weeks to get the product. it is now available direct from amazon for 35 dollars less.

Other than these two issues, I would have issued it 5 stars. I will update this review if there are any future problems, or a lack thereof.

FINAL THOUGHTS: snap it up, especially if you have an LG TV; you will be able to operate both units with the player remote.
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on November 6, 2012
It looks like huge step back in comparison with the last year model BD670. I installed the latest firmware and here is the first impression.

1. Unlike BD670 that can access shared drives (NAS), BP620 can only see DLNA server
2. Very few video formats are supported. I've a few mkv files and it cannot play any that I've. Actually LG web site claims that it can. It cannot play DivX. At least in either case I didn't find any one that it can play. BD670 can play all these files
3. I didn't find any file that BP620 can pause or rewind, when it streams over network. It can pause and rewind, when it plays from a USB drive.
4. The minor advantage of BP620 is in playing VOB files. Everything else close to disaster in comparison to BD670.

If you are planning to stream over the network or watch non regular video files (for example home video), I would suggest to stay away from it unless LG will do the major firmware upgrade.

Added 11/25/12: I eventually found that one can play wider range of codecs by installing "smart" DLNA player. For example SERVIIO will do the job. Keep in mind that it would require computer and, for 1080p, quite powerful one. Also, with proper DLNA server one can rewind and pause, sort of.

I ended up getting another BD670 and keep that one as a spare.
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on December 11, 2012
Received and installed the player towards the end of November without problems. Used a wired network install, set up and watched a couple movies through Netflix and Vudu without problems. Had to do a power plug reboot first couple of days but everything seemed to be in order after that. Watched a 3d movie and a couple of DVD's and Blu-ray's without problems.

Then a couple of days ago it froze up a second time and had to do the power plug reboot again so I decided it would not be a good long term risk. It was returned to Amazon this morning. This is probably a defect in the unit and not typical of the normal PB620 player.

I also noticed other reviews mentioning the tray and drive mechanism being noisey and I agree. This was to have replaced a two year old Panasonic BR player which was reliable and had a really quite mechanism. Since using the LG player and having problems I will be going back to a Panasonic BDT220.
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