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on October 7, 2012
I received this product free with my recent purchase of a Samsung 65 inch LED TV. It's nicely packaged and everything is there for mounting into brick, wood, or concrete. However, if you're like many, you'll be mounting into drywall/sheetrock. If so, you're on your own as the instructions state to contact a "professional installer" for drywall installations.

None the less, being an accomplished DIY'er, I decided to forge on.

Issue 1: The instructions are mostly sketches. Now, I'm all for simplicity, but I studied these documents for about an hour to figure out what was going on. And that's with a degree in engineering under my belt. For a list price of $120, I'd like Samsung to provide clear instructions in English.

I installed the mounts in drywall with Buildex E-Z Mini Drywall Anchors Buildex E-Z Mini Drywall Anchor and they seem solid enough. Now for the fun - not!

Issue 2: It's difficult to see behind a large TV and line up the holes when hanging the TV. Don't think you can get one side mounted and then go to the other. There's not enough "slop" in the system to allow that strategy. The tabs on both sides have to be lined up at the same time to mount the TV. The mounts allow about an eighth of an inch of leeway, so plan on having a strong and patient helper if you're mounting a large LED.

Issue 3: Once hung, the large TV's, like my 65 inch, don't completely swing out at the bottom like they're supposed to. Due to the geometry of the mount, the top of the TV hits the wall before the bottom gets out far enough to engage the mount's built-in prop - used while hooking up wires on the back. So unless you enjoy seeing a $3500 TV start to flex into an arc shape, you'll be hooking up inputs blind.

Issue 4: The TV locks into the mount. That's right, it snaps in and won't come out - accidentally or intentionally. EVER. Well, maybe you can get it off the wall if you use a crowbar and pry the mount out of the wall still attached to the TV, but no, it will not be simple. And yes, it will likely damage or destroy your TV in the process, not to mention the wall. Don't believe me? Google it. The question of how to remove the TV from the wall has been asked several times on Samsung forums and there's no "approved answer". The thought that I may some day need to remove my TV from the wall actually makes me nauseous.

So, choose wisely. If you decide to go with this mount, (and admittedly most of the reviews are very positive), prepare for a tough installation, limited access with a large TV, and no way to EVER safely remove the TV. Good luck.
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on August 4, 2012
I bought this mini mount to hang our new 2012 Samsung 46" slim LED TV (Model UN46ES6580F). The kit contains everything you need to wall mount a VESA compliant flat screen TV. There are two upper wall mounts which are hinged. This is very nice because it allows you to plug cables into the TV after you have hung it, without trying to take it off the wall. There are two lower support pegs which hold the TV away from the wall at the same distance as the upper mounts. The lower left support peg in the Amazon photo shows a metal brace which can be lowered to the horizontal, effectively holding the lower edge of TV away from the wall for you, while you push cables into the already-mounted TV. All normally required bolts and spacers are included. They even include wall anchors and screws, but more on that later.

When hanging any flat screen TV on the wall, it is essential to be aware of where the cables are going to go. In our case, the TV is hanging in front of a staircase which already had a closet under the stairs. The components (receiver, TiVo, Blu-Ray player etc) sit on a shelf in the wall which is open at the back into the closet. Very convenient, but the cable routing needs to be considered. To help with this, I made a full-size template of the TV using sheets of paper, and then marked all of the cable input/output locations, as well as the exact position of the mounting pegs. We taped it to the wall and moved the template around until we were happy with the TV position. I highly recommend this, it was worth all of the effort. There is obviously not much space behind a wall mounted TV and moving it after mounting is very hard, so careful planning is essential.

OK, now some specific Pros and Cons of this kit.

1. Very nicely made, and probably has everything you need for a VESA compliant TV. Certainly will work with most Samsung flat screen TVs made in the last 3 to 4 years.
2. Installation is relatively easy - it took me about an hour once we had decided the cable routing and TV position etc.
3. A spirit level and template are included in the kit to help position the mounts at the perfect separation and also absolutely level. The design of the mounts also allows a significant amount of leveling of the TV once it is on the wall - the pegs on the TV can "rock" through the fittings left and right in an arc to adjust the position.

1. The instructions are all cartoon images - nothing written and not much detail. It took me longer to work out what the images meant than it did to install the mount.
2. This is a one shot installation. I tried attaching one of the unmounted wall fixtures to the TV while the TV was still on its' floor stand. The wall fixture has a slot that the TV peg pushes into, but then a spring keeps it locked into that slot. The spring is extremely stiff. While this is a great safety feature, especially in earthquake zones, it does make it a real challenge to release the TV from the hinged mounts. It took me about 20 minutes to release it, and it wasn't even in a cramped space mounted on the wall. It requires a long screwdriver (to lever the flat spring) and if it was wall-mounted, you would appreciate 2 assistants to hold the TV and get it to the perfect position for release. Add to that you are working behind a very tight space, and you have quite a job to get it off the wall.
3. The wall mount anchors are not designed for drywall. They are great for brick, concrete and wood. But they totally destroyed my drywall. The issue is that they are far too long to be drywall anchors and as you advance the screw, the resistance increases to the point where the drywall can't hold them. If you buy this kit, get your own drywall anchors.

In summary, I am happy with this wall mount, but it has some flaws. It would be nice if the manufacturer designed a quick release mechanism to free a mounted TV from it, and it would be nice to have drywall anchors in the kit, or a warning that the provided anchors are not suitable for drywall. Overall, I think it is one of the best for our needs, and the price is very competitive.
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on December 16, 2012
Several people have complained about the locking piece in the mounts making it virtually impossible to take the TV out of the mounts. It is a very good anti-theft feature but would likely result in the thief breaking the TV while he tried to remove it from the wall. It is also a very good safety feature assuring the TV would never accidentally come out of the mount. If you feel confident enough that you are comfortable removing this locking feature it is simple. The spring steel tabs in the mounts are held to the tilting portion of the mount with two small screws. Before you mount the mounts to the wall simply remove the spring tabs. The mounting procedure will be exactly the same but you will be able to lift the TV off the mounts by simply lining it up and lifting it up and out of the mounts.
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on March 14, 2014
This is exactly what I was looking for: a minimal wall mount that allows me to get my 46" TV (Samsung UN46D8000) as close to the wall with as little hardware as possible. The clip that allows you to easily get to the back and manage cables. I ended up installing the option wherein the TV is about 1.5" off the wall. You can choose to get it closer, but I was worried that it would be difficult to get in behind it once mounted if I went with the latter. I found two studs behind my gypsum board wall to mount the TV on, so it's super sturdy. The good folks at Samsung thought it through to place the mounts right about the standard distance between studs (~16").

As others have alluded to, these have to be the worst instructions ever. I'm talking IKEA-levels with the lack of explanatory copy. Even some of the terribly drawn diagrams don't make sense and leave out key steps that you have to figure out own your own. Fo example, I was putting the two bottom pieces on incorrectly. I didn't realize until I hung the TV and it freely swung and wasn't perpendicular to the floor. Nowhere in the instructions did it show adding these 2 additional pieces to make the bottom of the TV rest flush against the wall with respect to the top.

I was also a little peeved that Samsung had already discontinued this wall mount. Seriously? This mount is for TVs that are 2-3 years old at best. I guess I'm a total outlier in that I decided to mount my TV 2.5 years after the initial purchase.
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on August 30, 2014
Excellent mount! I'm currently using it for the Samsung UN65H7150 65-Inch TV. It took about 30 minutes to install, but not without any modifications.

1. Due to the nature of the mount, it may not mount directly to a stud, depending on your wall placement and centering of the TV. In this case, I had to get a board from lumber store, mounted the wooden piece to the studs, then mounted the Mini Mount to the board. This worked well and was very solid. The Samsung UN65H7150 65-Inch is about 70 lbs, and this mount holds it perfectly.
2. Mount is easily leveled once mounted and the gap is very small between the wall and the TV (depending which setup you choose)
3. Directions kinda sucked. The drawing direction were poor at best, I had to get on YouTube to get some good advice on mounting the Min Mount.

With the exception of the poor directions / manual, this mount is superb with good build quality.
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on October 17, 2013
I was very satisfied with this kit. I had read several reviews before I bought it and they were all good so I wasn't too worried. The only thing that did concern me was that a few reviews had said that once up it was impossible to get down, but I don't see that to be the case at all. It went up easily (although I didn't do it myself; two friends did it.) and is designed really well. Once it's mounted the TV lifts at the bottom to enable access to the back of the TV and outlet. And it also has a little bracket that flips out so you don't have to hold it. I'm very satisfied with this mounting kit and would definitely recommend it!
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on August 21, 2012
This wall mount was extremely easy to install, although the included directions were not that great. All it took was 4 screws in the wall. I am not the best at home improvement projects or keeping things level, but this design definitely has people like me in mind. It allows for some adjustment once the TV has been placed on the wall so that if you don't get the mounts level (I didn't) you can make the TV level anyway. I used the larger mounts and my TV s a little over an inch off the wall and looks great!
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on January 25, 2015
Very hard to use. I had to damage the drywall to get it off the wall as on side would not get on. Hire a pro from Samsung if they have one for this purpose to have it install otherwise you will not be able to do it yourself. Amazon had me return the unit and gave me a full refund.
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on March 19, 2013
I bought this mini mount to hang a Samsung 46" slim LED TV (Model UN46ES7100). Did the dry wall install with toggle anchors. If you are not good at DIY, I suggest you hire a professional to to the drywall install. Directions not the best but with a little patience this is a very easy install process. All wiring is hidden behind the wall and using this mount makes the TV look like a work of art hanging on the wall.
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on January 12, 2013
I am writing this because I read comments about only concrete or wood attachment. I myself had no problems. Simply marked my holes, drilled and inserted wall anchors for drywall that I had. The only thing I would suggest is getting some right angle HDMI connectors.
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