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on May 24, 2013
First off I have been using minimalist running shoes (Vibram Five Fingers) for about a year before I purchased these shoes. They feel amazing! True to size, extremely light weight, and have more cushion than the Five Fingers. Unlike the Five Fingers though, I wear lightweight socks with the Minimus. I chose the trail zeros over the road zeros solely based on fit. The toe box was too wide on the roads for me. I wear an 11 D and the trails fit like a glove.

I only use these shoes for running and crossfit exercises. The most I have ran in these shoes at one time has been 7 miles but im sure they would hold up fine for longer distances.These are amazing to lift in as well. Being low to the ground, you really feel balanced and stable when doing deadlifts, medium weight thrusters, snatches, cleans, jerks, kettlebell swings and any variation of squats. These shoes are my go-to shoes for 80% of the time for crossfit. I only switch it up to lift heavy. Be careful when rope climbing, these will tear easily. These have been my favorite workout shoes to date.

Ok, now the down side. I have had to replace these shoes about every 4-5 months because the material just doesn't hold up. I have had the shoelace eyelets and tongue tear, but the soft outsole material was wearing down pretty quick when only running on asphalt as I do. I have notified New Balance of this when they were replacing a pair free of charge.

The only reason i cannot give 5 stars is the longevity. It gets expensive to replace shoes 3x a year. With that said, I'm currently on my third pair which says a lot about how much i love the shoe. I have nothing but good things to say about New Balance and their customer service.
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on June 4, 2013
I'm not a runner, but having lacked an outdoors shoe for long enough, I thought it was time for a new pair. I am reviewing these shoes with the intent for use as comfortable shoes for sitting at the desk, everyday walking, and the occasional hiking and jog.

For work, I sit at a desk for hours a day. My sole pair of shoes for over a year now has been a pair of Ecco Oxfords. Though they look great, I have finally realized that the dress shoe heel is causing me great soreness when I am sitting and driving my heel into the floor. I have wide feet, measured myself a EE. Ecco's shoes feel somewhat wider than most, but could be better. Thus, I went searching for the lightest, widest, heel-less shoe I could find. Extra points if I could wear as business casual. Gold star if it passed as a dress shoe. After much research I've concluded there is no such lightweight, heel-less dress shoe, though a few companies are working on that.

Besides the Minimus Zero, I also tried on various other New Balance barefoot-esque trail shoes, the Vivobarefoot Ray (styled as moccasins) and Merrell Gloves, all barefoot shoes in varying degrees.

The non-Zer Minimus New Balances shoes I tried on were too narrow in the heel and toe box for my comfort. The Vivobarefoots were wide, but could have been even wider for me personally. There was something about the fit or fabric that did not feel right for my feet - I experienced pain when I placed weight onto the balls of my feet. I think there was not enough stretch. The Merrell Gloves had too much of an ache.

The MT00 Minimus Zero Trail: I got the size 10, 4E width and my feet fit perfectly, sockless. I wouldn't want to wear socks as I think that would make them too tight. Note that I measure myself as a EE, so either I measured incorrectly or these shoes run narrow by default. No heel, no arch. Wide toe box. I can freely wiggle my toes and it feels awesome.

It feels very close to being barefoot in these, though I would say the Vivo Ray's were probably even closer still with the inserts taken out. I feel my feet "wrap" around the sidewalk curb and I do notice rocks and pebbles on the ground.

The vibram sole comes from underneath to partially climb up the toe box, so that protects your toes from accidentally stubs in the forward motion, but wouldn't protect your toes from objects falling onto them - no protection at all.

Mesh fabric covers your toe box - felt odd at first but now I love waving my foot around to get some air in them. You can sort of see your feet through the mesh, so that further takes you away from business casual if you are going for that.

By themselves, the shoes look pretty decent as running shoes go - you can't pull off business casual by any means but I see plenty of people wearing sneakers to work now a days as part of the "outdoor chic" style.

I wear them sockless and my feet do get really moist as you would expect to happen but I am dealing with that over cramped, sore feet. During a run, the mesh might cool your feet enough to keep dry but I haven't tested it out.

A bit annoying is that the shoes make pitter patter noise when you step, I think owing to the sole being made up of "pods" as part of its tread [see the pictures] - so it sounds like you are walking around in soccer cleats. I'd rather do without that but again the comfort outweighs this annoyance.

There a some reviews of this shoe not lasting for very long and I can see that - to keep the shoes light, there is just not much there. Most of the sole is some sort of foam, with the Vibram traction part covering the heel and the ball but not the mid-foot. I can see how the foam parts would start breaking down quickly.

Since I just mean to mostly use these shoes for sitting and walking about town, I am not too concerned about it, but time will tell if they last long enough to make it worthwhile price-wise.
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on January 24, 2014
I bought these to replace the same pair, which has finally started coming apart after 600+ miles of marathon training and trail running. They're amazingly light -- I weighed them at 5.5oz per shoe in a size 13 -- but still have enough structure to feel substantial on the foot, unlike some minimalist shoes that feel more like a sock with treads.

The light weight makes them perfect for travel, and the lack of soft materials makes them great for running in wet conditions because there's nothing to soak up water, it just sheds off or runs right out the bottom.

I did have some issues with blisters and rubbing before they were broken in, so would recommend wearing socks for the first few times you wear them.
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on January 15, 2014
I was very excited to get these shoes. I've been running quite a bit in a pair of MT10s the last few months and absolutely love them! They are comfortable with or without socks, and super fun to run in. That said, I've been wanting to transition into something with a zero drop.

I ordered these MT00s thinking they would just be a zero drop version of the MT10. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.

My main beef is with the toe box. Instead of using the nice wide foot shaped toe box of the MT10, they tapered it in by your pinky toe. Two short runs in the MT00s and I'm already getting blisters! For comparison, I've logged many sockless runs up to 19 miles long in the MT10s and never had even the beginning of a blister.

My second gripe is that the material they used is rough and scratchy against your skin. I wish they would have stuck with the nice soft upper on the MT10...

They did make a few improvements, like making the shoe lighter, and improving the underfoot protection (at least under the ball of your foot), but really I wish they would just take the MT10 and get rid of the heel drop, without touching anything else.
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on July 11, 2017
Probably the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, but very cheap and fragile. I've owned 4 pairs and all 4 tore up... ripped open very easily.
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on February 1, 2014
I am a classic case of wide feet, most shoes are too narrow and usually I end up buying New Balance shoes due to their ample offer of 4E. 90% of the time I can buy 12 4E and it fits just perfect. So I bought these shoes on my usual size. But somehow, probably due to the very thin fabric, they ended up too wide and too long ! Since they are very light indeed, they need to be somewhat just right in terms of sizing. I strongly recommend trying them on before buying your usual size.
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on March 15, 2015
Indeed a minimal shoe. Easy walking and running in these. Running in these type of shoes should begin with shorter intervals, as these will cause your stance and stride to change. Soles are very durable. The mesh upper make these best for temps above 45F or 8C degrees.
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on January 9, 2015
This is by far the lightest shoes I've ever worn. But I don't really like wearing them very much. For one thing, the bottom is strange in that it's not completely covered by the rubber between the small bubble-like areas of rubber sole is just material (as if the upper material wraps around to the bottom of the foot). The first time I wore them on damp ground I couldn't figure out how my socks were getting wet.

They must not have been much of a hit as the MT00v2 was changed to a completely different shoe.
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on May 8, 2013
I've been running "barefoot" on and off for a few years. I've used vibrams fivefingers and actual naked flesh. The Mt00s are a nice pair of shoes, great ventilation (which also means they leak like sieves and transmit moisture if there's any on the grass/small puddles). They have a zero drop as advertised and look a lot less goofy than the five fingers. The cons are that they do prevent a bit of toe splay, since the toebox is a traditional cut. Mine also got super funky smelling right away, I've washed them and they still stunk. I don't know if it was something I did, or it's a characteristic of the materials used. I like the shoe, but I wish they were more odor resistant.
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on January 5, 2014
All in all, the shoes fit nicely and were very comfortable to run in. However, they're definitely not made to last, nor are they worth $100 in my view. After 2 months of running (3-5 miles a week), the top mesh stared to fray and tear. After 3 months, both shoes had large, 1/2 inch holes along the crease/bend. I read similar reviews on the quality of the shoe prior to purchasing, but opted to spend the money and try them out anyways, hoping it was a one off issue. Wish i had listened. Don't waste your money.
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