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on February 21, 2013
I have purchased several packages of white Dockers briefs over the years and I thought i would switch to black. I was surprised to see that for the black version Dockers did away with waist sizes like 32, 34, 26 and instead uses a more vague small, medium, and large. I am 5'11" and have a 34 inch waiste and as such purchased the 34 inch sized white briefs. When I ordered the black version I gambled the large size. They were comically big, I don't even think my friends who are over 6'4" have an inseam that would keep the briefs from wagging behind them. I returned them, and I had to pay for return shipping since ordering the wrong size was my fault, and I replaced them with the mediums. The mediums were still a bit big but after washing them I laid them on top of my white 34" Docker briefs and they look nearly identical in size. They fit almost the same as well. I don't know why the black versions use S, M, L while the white versions use 32, 34, 36 but I hope this information will be helpful to those looking to make a purchase. The black medium briefs are very close to the same size as the 34" white briefs which fit me, as a person with a 34" waist, very comfortably.
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on June 16, 2012
I was a diehard Jockey wearer but their quality has gone down hill for a while, the waistbands shrivel after a few washings and are uncomfortable. Bought these Dockers because of the reviews and i am more than happy with them, i like my under britches to ride up a little higher than normal i had a back surgery and they went in from the front so i have a 8" scare around the waist area and the Jockeys were irritating the scar badly especially when i sweat, i work in the middle east and live in Thailand so i get to sweat alot!! after several washings the waistband didn't shrivel they shrunk up a little which made for a perfect fit, if you are a Jockey fan looking for a replacement because of their poor quality you found it, i wold highly recommend these, and i have thrown out all my jockeys and replaced them with the Dockers

It's been 6 months now and these are almost like new, the waist band has not shriveled, when I take them out of the dryer I just give the waist band a little stretch and viola like new, they have shrunk up a bit so now there not baggie at all and they still cover the scar I have. I just purchased 3 more packs to save in case some corporate bean counter decides there making them to good!!

2nd update:
It's been a year now and their showing very little wear, the waist band is just starting to get a little wavy, but only just, there are no seams coming apart and the color is still very good, these are high quality shorts to say the least. Highly recommended
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on February 23, 2014
Ok, here I am, reviewing........underwear. What has my life come to lol. Here's the deal. It has been hard for me to find underwear that I like, let alone love (can you actually love underwear?). I have ....excuse me...HAD....probably 6 different styles and brands in my underwear drawer, it was a mixed up mess. When I saw these, and the high reviews, I said what the heck, let me try these now. I ordered the 4 pack of the black briefs (I love black, makes me feel like I'm a bad boy even though I'm not). I got them, opened them up, and the first thing I noticed was how soft they felt. I had to tell my girlfriend to come feel these (it wasn't a trick, I swear!). She said wow they feel soft. Now as far as sizing, I'm a solid 36 inch waist. These were just a little big when they were new. I washed them, threw them in the dryer, and they fit perfect, i couldn't be happier with the fit and feel. I even ordered another 4 pack and got rid of ALL the other underwear in my drawer...these are me from now on. My only gripe is the tag. It's hard to explain without you seeing it, but it's like a 2 part tag. The part with the Dockers name on it is sewn on both sides, no problem there. But they add an extra tag, sewn on to ONE side of the name tag, for the size. As I said, only ONE side of this tag is sewn onto the briefs, so the other side sticks out, flapping in the breeze. Annoying, not sure why they make the tag like that. I took scissors and cut the size tag off, and then the tag becomes acceptable. The one thing that would make these absolutely perfect is if they were tagless. Hello Dockers, anyone listening? Overall, these are the best feeling and fitting briefs I've ever had, so it's certainly not a deal breaker. 100% recommend!
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Yup, these run a little big. What you might be surprised about it how "tall" they are--these are "Full Rise" briefs, so they are significantly bigger than those cheap Hanes and Fruit of the Looms you have been buying at brick and mortar retailers.

But, if you can deal with the S M L sizing and the "Full Rise," you will love, love, LOVE these briefs. They are are all cotton, and they feel like it too--the fabric is thicker than what you may be used to. I've been wearing these for 6 months, and they still feel like new. I thought the Full Rise would be something I disliked, but I noticed that the seams in my jeans, no longer rub me the wrong way at the small of my back.

They are awesome. I have replaced ALL (yes, that's all caps) my briefs with these.
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What makes these worth your money is the waist band is nice and wide and elastic and very comfortable.

Of course the main thing is the pouch. It provides good support and does not bind. Stays cool and comfortable no matter what I am doing.

They are 100% cotton. I purchased the XL even though my previous jockey brand was a large. Over the years I have usually bought underwear one size under what was recommended and that has worked well for me.

This time I decided to go with the size recommendations. When I first tried them on they seemed too large and too high waisted. I fixed that. Washed them in warm water and dried medium heat. They were much better. Repeated this again and they now on the third wash have stopped shrinking and fit perfect.
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on July 25, 2013
For me, underwear is about one thing - COMFORT! I never gave underwear a second thought over the years. Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Jockey, etc. You name them, I had them at one time. Then I purchased some Dockers underwear a few years ago. Right ouf of the package you could tell how much softer they were than any I had before. I tried them on and they fit comfortably and FELT EXTREMELY SOFT! I was hooked. They have held up quite well, but finally needed to be replaced. My wife went to Kohls to buy some before a vacation trip and they did not have them in store. She bought a package of Hanes instead. It had been so long since I bought any that I did not think it would matter. Underwear is underwear, right? ...WRONG! They were not soft (felt synthetic) and were tight, even though she bought same size as Dockers. So I had to go online and order one package of Dockers (in case they have changed since the last time bought them). When they arrived, I tried them and they were as exactly what I remember from the previous pairs. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE! (Not rocket science). I also ordered the colored set (instead of the whiteys) and find them better looking as well. Pros: Extremely soft and comfortable. Have also been durable. How can they get it right and everyone else be SO WRONG? Cons: Hard to find in-store. Have to order online, but that is a small price to pay for comfort. Guys, if you have not tried them, you do not know what you are missing. Get some TODAY!
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on April 30, 2015
I bought these for my husband who refused to buy new underwear even though his were embarrassing if he would get in an accident and have to go to the ER, not to mention how he pulled down his pants at a urinal and let anyone else see those things, well I will let that mental picture stay in your head. Anyway, every time we looked at underwear at Wally's World of Crap Made by People in Countries Where They Can't Afford What They Are Even Making, my husband would take one look at them and their prices and refuse to buy them. So a wife is then forced to take matters into her own hands, so I looked through the Amazon website. After being thoroughly enlightened by the more, um, interesting choices in men's underwear, I learned to use the term cotton briefs for one thing, and started reading reviews. Most reviews of them are clearly written by wives who are who probably bought them and since I would say, at the risk of being sexist, most men who buy underwear buy them and move on, who cares about writing a stupid review, especially about underwear. But with this brand there were so many great reviews and so many were actually written by the actual men who are wearing them that I chose these. My husband, who doesn't even write me a note in my birthday or anniversary card until five minutes before the party and then he acts like it is killing him and it was a huge surprise the date that is the same every single year, that husband, took these underwear out of the package and fell in love instantly. I don't think he fell in love with me that fast, seriously. He felt up the soft thick cotton like a cheap date and stripped down and put them right on. He loves them, adores them, I am no longer in trouble for buying them. They hug his equipment and his non-existent tushie comfortably he says, which he loves being in a very physical job climbing in and out of tractor trailers all day and being on his feet as a yard jockey, he gets, um, chafed in summer. He says that these will help because of the quality of the fabric and the construction.
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on July 20, 2014
Very comfy briefs. I just became a fan of Dockers' white, full cut briefs...totally awesome those are. And after a year, those tighty whities are only just beginning to show signs of wear. Being time to start phasing in new ones, I decided to add some color to my drawers.

First thing first, these are still a full cut brief, albeit, in colors. So they fit like full cuts, they do rise almost to the belly button. The only downside I've found is that there is a bit too much extra fabric in the back which can become baggy and somewhat irritating, especially with a tucked in shirt, at least for me. I wear anywhere from a 32-34in pant and bought the mediums. They fit perfect except for the slight bagginess. The fabric is thicker than cheaper competitors and is very soft. The colors in the multi pack are classy and manly...perfect for the guys who loathe boxers and boxer briefs but don't want to be confined to white or don't want any flamboyant colors or patterns.
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on November 28, 2014
I ordered these for my husband, who has been loyal to Jockey briefs for years. He's normally resistant to a change like this, but when the Dockers arrived, he agreed that they were softer and better fitting, and that they're an improvement in every way. I plan to order a couple more packs and just ditch his old stretched out Jockeys with the puckered waistbands. His Jockeys were size 36, so I ordered Medium, and they seem to be a good fit. Did I mention he looks really sexy in these?
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on January 16, 2015
Men often like to keep their skivvies until they are grarly grey and have holes, so ANYTHING would be an improvement, but they get so set in their ways that they resent someone replacing what, to them, is awesome and comfortable. These briefs are cut in a way that is reasonable for guys who would look silly in the low cut bikini stuff---and the element of Color is something that can be appreciated once they are worn, giving 'em back the feeling of having a Rockin' Bod even if the bod has gone Rockin' Chair. Well worth every penny. Pay attention to the fit chart; I was a little worried that I would have to return these, but the chart/fit was accurate.
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