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on January 2, 2014
Bought this for a 6 week trip to Japan & Australia (6 weeks, 8 flight legs, about 30K miles). It was new at the start, and still looks great. A little scuffing from airline handling in a couple of places, but it travelled well.

The 25" size was perfect for me. I already had a smaller carry-on bag, and needed the larger size since we had to carry gifts, plus both late fall & early summer clothing. The 29" was bigger (and heavier) than I needed.

I wanted a 2-wheel bag that wasn't too heavy. This worked well for me. My carry-on bag sat nicely on top, against the extended handle. I had purchased a bungie cord system from Amazon for holding the bag on top, but found I didn't need it. When I had to carry my suitcase and bag (up some subway/railway stops in Japan), my right hand took the suitcase and my left hand the bag.

I zip-tied the zippers, so I could tell if anyone had opened the suitcase (no one did). And I put yellow tape around both ends of both handles, to make it easy to identify at the baggage carousel (this worked well as most suitcases are black or dark blue).

I did not need to use the extra pockets or unzipper the height extender. Everything fitted inside well (I put clothing into plastic sealable bags and squished out the air).

I used Amazon ratings to decide on which suitcase to purchase. Thnx to the many people who provided good feedback.
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on January 17, 2013
The luggage is light even though it is a large size. The color is beautiful. The wheels run smoothly, the handle works well. Much better than other wheeled luggage I have had before.
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on January 20, 2013
This is a basic travel bag, nothing fancy but very sturdy and roomy. Bought the same one in royal blue five years ago, and it looks great after racking up a lot of miles. The five year old American Tourister only has a little fraying of the fabric here and there, but nothing that would detract from it's functionality. Otherwise it looks new. Husband and I take a 3 week Europe trip once a year and several domestic trips outside and so the five year old bag has been through some slamming around. Two of these American Touristers with a carry-on are all we need for long vacations, and they are easy to wheel around an airport. Was pleasantly surprised to see that it is still available. Bought the turquoise and love it.
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on May 3, 2013
A bit bulky to be lugging around but I travel by train quite a bit and it was very convenient! Held all I needed for a two week trip and I was able to pack some additional items that I purchased to bring home.It fits the size restrictions for both Amtrak and the Airlines.MANY additional pockets to slip in items that you may need to reach quickly without having to open up the suitcase. I'm happy that I purchased it and not the larger 29" size!
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on March 12, 2014
The side handle is attached only to the fabric! There is no interior support for the side handle. I have never seen a bag with such flimsy construction. The top handle is attached to internal support. Also it is abnormally wide for a 25 inch bag. While it has lots of compartments and zippers coming and going everywhere, and otherwise seems well constructed, when lifting the unpacked bag by the side handle, the single layer of fabric gives and stretches. I can see the entire side of the bag ripping when lifting it fully packed. I am sending this bag packing, back to Am Tourister. What a waste of my time, and Amazon's efforts, and I travel in a couple of days. Am Tourister should be ashamed to put their name on such a product.
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on August 3, 2014
I bought this suitcase rather last minute for a trip to Cancun that was coming up. I had low expectations, as I had a carry-on suitcase made by the same brand that was functional but not amazing in any way. This pretty much fits the same bill. It will get your clothing and luggage from one place to the next. It is a very simple suitcase, in that there are only a few pockets. Two on the outside, and two on the inside. One of the pockets on the inside is mesh covered, and is good for your socks and underwear. The other is a canvas material. The telescoping handle worked just fine, and seemed to be of a bit higher quality material compared to the rest of the suitcase. As a whole, the suitcase seems a bit flimsy. If all you intend to do is pack clothing, this shouldn't be a concern, but I don't think the suitcase as very good structural support to carry fragile items or glass, for example.

After just one week long trip, I have to say that the suitcase is pretty dirty looking, with brown stains on the front and back. I should have realized that the light blue color would not be the best choice to remain looking "as new", but I chose the color because it would stand out from the crowd and make it easy to see coming off the luggage rack in the airport. I can't complain too much, and I'm sure that if you really care you can clean it with some stain remover.

Everything said, I would still purchase this suitcase again.
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on March 18, 2014
I was extremely impressed by this product, especially considering it's cost. From the packaging, build quality, looks, zippers and finishing, to the many pockets it has - both in side and outside. Attractive, and seems to be of impressive quality, including the zippers. Did I mention it has several pockets? And most are lockable due to having holes - or eyes on the zipper pulls.

First, the only negative, well only kind of negative item. As mentioned in a previous (bad) review, it was pointed out the handle on the SIDE of the bag is only attached to the exterior fabric, by two rivets, with no "backing" whatsoever to help prevent tear out. You'll notice the flimsiness, and I would only use it to scoot the bag over, such as on a Hotel bed or car trunk. It won't support the weight of a packed bag, IMO.

Other than that it's a fantastic product and a great value. There aren't any stray threads sticking out, or visual cues that indicate it was made cheaply.

The primary handle, located on the top (when it is standing upright) is very strong, with a substantial heavy duty backing that runs the entire width of the bag, and seems more than adequate for abusing. My kind of not gentle too often.

The wheels seem to be high quality, including the mounts attaching them to the body. The case is lined with a nice fabric, and has pockets inside. The main interior space has a cool (lightweight) crossing elastic strap system in an X-pattern, with a simple but adequate locking latch. It's only intended to keep stuff from moving around, and I don't expect it to be any problems.

The extending handle is cool in that it has a quality snapping release allowing it to be extended. The aluminum bars aren't super strong, but I think they will be fine. The whole mechanism seems impressive quality, in material and design.

If this thing ever gets ruined or badly damaged, it will have to be badly abused, badly. It's not a hard, crush proof type case, and doesn't claim to be.

IMO, it's great value. Should have bought it sooner.

If anything changes, or it falls apart, I no doubt will return and modify this review....I say go for it.
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on May 8, 2014
It's a lot larger than I thought it would be, but is the next size in the series. I love all the deep, deep pockets and the design of the handle, weight, etc. The only thing I don't like is that the zipper pulls have a very small attachment area and I have to play with them to get the zippers opened and closed. On our other American Touristers that finally bit the dust after sending them to the local AT store for repairs, the zippers were large, old-fashioned zipper pulls (like on a heavyweight jacket) that stayed straight all the time. These kind of fall downward and have to be "played with" to get them straight so that they will zip.
Other than that minor flaw in design, I really like the Splash luggage. (We also bought 2 of the smaller carry-ons. 21 in. and I've reviewed those with basically the same info.)
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on August 19, 2014
After looking online and in a handful of box stores, I purchased the American Tourister Luggage Splash 25” Upright Suitcase, the 21” Upright Suitcase and the 17” Wheeled Boarding Bag in Turquoise from Amazon. My first impression upon receiving the luggage is that it is a decent value, especially at the significantly discounted price I paid mid-summer. I like this suitcase's roominess, ample pockets for organization, easy rolling wheels, and durable-looking fabrics. I am not as happy with the retractable handle, poor stitching in places, somewhat annoying zipper pull tabs, and the likelihood that the fabric color I chose may show dirt easily.

The 25” suitcase has a more compact shape than my older rectangular 30” bag, but it is fatter and bulky. I roughly measured it (empty) as 25.5” tall (not including the top handle), 18.25” wide and 12” deep with the front panel pockets. It is expandable by at least another inch.

I appreciate the plentiful pockets on the front panel. (If you don’t care for rough measurements, skip to the next paragraph.) I measured the front pocket as about 14” long below the zipper (and about 3” above the zipper that probably won’t be used) and about 15” wide; the zipper has one pull tab. The pocket behind it measured about 19” deep below the zipper and about 18” wide; the zipper has two pull tabs. The pocket behind it measured about 22” deep below the zipper and about 18” wide; the zipper has two pull tabs. The zipper near the top has one pull for a very simply constructed 7”x9” pouch that extends down into the larger 22”x18” pocket. (That little pouch is one of the details that look cheap.) There is a black pocket with a removable clear plastic insert for a contact card attached to the back of the suitcase.

The interior is lined with gray polyethylene vinyl acetate. The lining looks sturdy, but it is sewn in roughly with long, somewhat unattractive stitches. While the lining can zip open, there is no pull tab; I think it is meant to be opened for repairs only. There are two separate pockets in the top flap. The gray fabric pocket is roughly 14” by 18” while the mesh pocket is roughly 10” by 18.” There are no other pockets in the body of the suitcase.

The retractable handle locks in the fully extended and fully retracted positions only. It is very simple to operate but it does not look like it will last long. I can imagine it bending and/or getting stuck in no time.

The two in-line wheels are basic, but roll smoothly. Unlike some of the four-wheeled spinners, you may have to pick up this bag to maneuver it through tighter spaces.

The pull tabs on most of the zippers are angular and sometimes get stuck sideways. I have to jiggle the pull tabs into the right position and hope I don’t accidentally pull them off. The pull tab for the expander has a different shape; it doesn’t have the same issue and is easy to distinguish from the zipper to open the suitcase.

The woven polyester fabric looks like it should not tear easily. Time will tell. I like the bright turquoise, but it may take some skill and determination to keep it looking clean.

The 25”suitcase is large enough to store the 21” suitcase easily. With careful angling I fit the 17” bag inside, too.

Lax quality control keeps this from getting five stars even at the sale price I paid. I looked too closely and found things (like the soft handles) sewn on unevenly, loose threads sticking out all over the suitcase, and a badly stitched seam. It is a decent suitcase for the money, and it will likely meet my needs for as long as it holds together, so I optimistically give the suitcase four stars. If details matter to you and you want a bag that looks like it was constructed with a little more care, you may want to keep looking.
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on July 18, 2014
I travel heavily domestic, but I needed one large suitcase to go on one international trip - this was a good choice for me. I found the color more.... intense - than it looked online, but I chose the solar rose to stand out in a crowd, and boy did it. I was surprised how spacious this suitcase is, I think it was a good bargain. The telescoping handle and the wheels function smoothly and it held 50 pounds pretty good, but without a full steel frame, you can see the sides lump out when I had it packed. I read one review about the way the zipper pulls are connected to the zipper - I too had to get the pulls unstuck from where they link, but just a minor issue, but it happened quite a few times. I was concerned about the side handle though - there is no reinforcement at all, it is in fact only attached to the canvas. I was afraid of a baggage handler grabbing that handle during off load and possibly ripping or tearing it from the canvas, but it survived rugged and remote-location handling. Bit of note, the wheels aren't meant to go over gravel, but it did a good job. I think if the design of the zipper pull was different and steel frame sides were added (and the side handle attached to it), this would be a good heavy duty piece of luggage. As it stands now, I would only recommend it for the occasional traveler who is looking for more bang for the buck.
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