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on February 11, 2014
The phone that I received from TJ Global was defective. It had water damage and was a European only version. Since this is a product review, I feel bad giving a product a bad rating because of a bad personal experience based on the failure of the supplier, but I also feel that it needs to be known that you are taking the risk of getting a bad device by ordering it through this page.

TJ Global listed this device as, "New, in box". When I got the box, it was made to look as if I was getting a brand new phone. It was sealed with factory looking stickers and everything. No where on the box did it state that the phone was used or refurbished. The one thing that it did state clearly on the box was, "European Version Only" in large letters, and then a long explanation about how the phone will only work with European sims cards. When I opened the box and got the phone out, the first thing I noticed was noticeable scratches on the case of the phone. I was put off, but I thought, "Oh well, as long as it works." I took it down to AT&T to get a micro sims card for it and that is when the service rep showed me the water sensor in the phone which indicated that the phone had been in the water. Try as she might the service rep could not get the phone to accept the AT&T sims card.

The Galaxy S3 may be a great phone; I don't know. What I do know is that I would never order an S3 through here. I understand that a mistake can happen, but to advertize a used damaged product as "New in Box", and then try to disguise it as a new product is outright lying and false advertizement. And this is not to mention the unbelievable stupidity of importing a phone to the US that can only be used in EUROPE! I guess the person who packaged my phone must have been blind or something. The bottom line is, this kind of thing should not happen on Amazon.com. Sellers like this should be banned from selling on here, unless of course amazon does not care; in which case they can take part of the blame for my experience.
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on May 6, 2015
So... I bought this phone as a gift to my dad. As any man of 65 years might do, he just put it away until he wanted and got familiar with this new technology (for him). Yesterday I insisted him to start using it and so he did. When we put the sim card in the slot the phone seemed not to have signal. I, myself know about cellphones, one of my hobbies is to repair cellphones, specially Android ones. This problem of signal is very common on them when you upgrade the software. The strange thing was that the cellphone was "new" and nobody did a sw upgrade. Nevertheless, y tried to upgrade the sw, and inserted a SD card on the slot. It did no responded. So i went and open the cellphone and for my surprise, very awful surprise, it had no antena. So you sold me a refurbished phone as a new one with just not ONE but TWO bad pieces and one of them missing. Great job guys. I would like to have my money back.
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on October 6, 2013
I got an iPhone after a cheap Android and could not handle the switch. The iPhone is attractive and has high-quality hardware and feel, but I really do think the Android software is better AS LONG AS you mind taking the time to get it set up -- and this will require you to be something of a sleuth to uncover all the apps and user forums that will enable you to get things running just as YOU want them to. Once done however, that's the big draw (to me) of having an Android phone -- it will run the way YOU want it to,. iPhones just do as Apple tells them and if you want something different, well, tough toenails!

A few pros and cons about this phone:

-- Setup and syncing are not perfect with an iPhone either. You'd think that would be true, but it's not. Having said that, like I said already, you will have to put a LOT of effort into getting an Android phone the way you want it. Especially if you are technologically challenged like me. I'm at two months and counting.....

-- You can get an app that will back up your text messages to "conversation view" in Gmail. This is great if you ever have important information in there that you need to look up via computer or if you have to change phones. There is no way to do this from an iPhone.

-- Ease of use, for example the "back" button is hard-wired into the phone so in any app it's in the same place. You can also organize all the icons on your home screens any way you want them (iPhone snaps them all back in place on the grid so this cannot be done).

-- Contacts' pictures show up next to text messages, when calls come in and in my phone address book. (It's the little things, but still!)

-- The size of the phone is really quite ridiculous. It's not any heavier than the iPhone and although it's skinner, the length and width are so big that a number of accessories can't accommodate it (so far I have had that experience with car stereo hookup devices and non-armband pockets/holders for the gym). This is due in part to my keeping it in a water-resistant Ballistic case, but let's face it, at $300+ you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to it so I don't feel like I have any choice. At least you will always be able to find it in a purse, but just be aware that your iPhone friends will pick on you for dragging half a laptop computer around!

-- By far my biggest problem with this phone has been how freaking difficult it has been to get music transferred from my mac computer/iTunes to the phone!!!!!! I finally got iSync to work, but on some forums they claim that it is a known issue that the Galaxies unmount micro SD cards all by themselves and then the data on the cards is lost forever. Yes, I can tell you that it took several hours to sync music to my phone and most maddening, when that was finally done everything would disappear if for any reason I had to restart the phone. Also, some playlists would not sync so I would end up with about half the music I had originally wanted. Then upon trying to actually play them, I would get an error message saying that the file type I was trying to play was not supported, which is interesting because I converted all of the songs to MPEG Audio format before I put them on my phone, just to be safe. Thank goodness I finally realized that all of these problems are probably stemming from the manufacturer, not by my phone itself, so now I can try to get things resolved through the seller of the $20 SD card instead of the seller of the $300+ phone.

-- The phone supposedly has a known issue with some exFAT external ED cards unmounting themselves; it is not clear what, if anything, Samsung plans to do to fix this. >:(

-- The Siri equivalent doesn't work too well (runs through Google), although I never could get Siri herself to do much either so I suppose this should be counted as a tie between the two.

-- The battery seems to die a lot quicker, even from a full charge.

I apologize for this review being so long and mostly pointing out the benefits and drawbacks only of Android vs. iOS. However, I have never owned a smart phone before so I wouldn't be able to make a similarly detailed comparison between them. I do know that the Galaxy and the HTC One are probably the top most popular choices and I'm thinking there must be some pretty good reasons for that! Anyway, I am happier with mine than I was and I am glad the card problem didn't originate with the actual phone. Wish me luck and try a Galaxy yourself -- you might like it too!
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on September 29, 2013
There is NO warranty on this phone. It died of a (now documented) sudden death after the Amazon return period. Samsung USA will not service it. Calls to England resulted in a message that it would not be serviced since the item was purchased in the US. Because this is the international version not sold in the US Samsung will not service it here.
I will never buy another Samsung product since they will not stand behind it. This was a rip off of over $500 and Amazon will not help.It wouid be best if Amazon refused to sell Samsung products. Very,very unhappy. Feel cheated.

There is no warranty at all.

The problem I HAD IS also with the vendor, BLUTEKUSA. They do not care if the items they sell have no warranty, nor do they trouble themselves to alert potential buyers to this fact; BLUTEKUSA did not:
(1) Advise purchasers in the U.S. that because this was not an item supported by Samsung USA that there was no warranty that comes with the product
(2) That a third party warranty was available.

I wish AMAZON.COM that provides excellent service to its customers, would REMOVE BLUTEKUSA from its companies that make products available on the Amazon site. Unlike BlUTEKUSA, Amazon does not take BLUTEKUSA'S "caveat Emptor" philosophy but wishes to please customer.

BLUTEKUSA WROTE ME: 'Just so you know, thousands of customers have purchased this item from us and many of them were able to follow through with their warranty in the country of origin. Some have worked with Samsung in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and numerous other destinations. Many other customers, knowing that they were purchasing an international version of the item, purchased third party warranties through Square Trade, Geek Squad, and other such companies in the industry to make sure that they were covered in the US. We cannot take responsibility for an item purchased so long ago as we do not get anything to uphold other companies' warranties. If the company decides to void their own warranty, for whatever reason, that is not something that we are able to uphold. A Motorola phone that I owned stopped working one day and when it was sent to them, they stated that the phone was water damaged. There was no water damage when the phone left my possession but that was their reason to void the warranty. So, I do understand your frustration and there is a manufacturer that backs us to uphold their warranties but, unfortunately, Samsung does not. We are very sorry for any issue this may have caused you but please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns."

NICE OF THE REPRESENTATIVE to slam Motorola without documentation. .
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on March 23, 2013
I researched the phone a lot before buying. I went on a formum called Howards forum and talked to several people there. Then I talked to the seller of this phone who gave me helpful info on which phone to get. I was worried about buying the international over the US version. Seller said it was better and so did the forums. I have service through a small provider. I have always had a Blackberry and had upgraded as soon as the new one came out. We got my mother a Samsung because she wanted a smartphone and I loved what she had. Galaxy 2. Anyway I got my phone 2 days after order was placed. I am not sure why anyone would have problems with the phone being in German. It gives instructions on how to set the phone before you can open the box. Box is sealed with the instructions. Phone is very fast, pictures are beautiful. Camera has none of the lag of other camera phones I have owned have. I practiced on the grand kids today and got very good action shots. Everything is set up to send the photos anywhere you want. I will be getting an Otterbox cover as I really don't want to damage that beautiful screen.. I seem to be running the battery down fast but I have downloaded lots of apps and pictures so I hope thats it. So far it seems to last one day between charges. But as I say I have been using pretty heavy. So far I would buy this phone again.
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on July 7, 2012
First of all, I bought from Wireless Everything. I was very pleased with them, it came sealed and great customer service as well.

Well, I used have the HTC EVO 3D from Sprint. Which it was my first smartphone. I simply hated my EVO 3D, dropping calls... Keep rebooting all the time, and not built in great materials.

So, I canceled my plan with SPRINT (terrible signal in San Diego), and I decide that I needed to have a great phone for the next couple years.

Samsung Galaxy S3 seemed the right choice. I have to tell to you I have no regret about buying these handset for $699... Good point is unlocked... So you are free.

The S3 is fast with Exynos 4212 Quad (CPU Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9) plus the great camera... Also, the GT-I9300 doesn't have bloatware from the carriers, which you can't uninstall but only if you root.

I have T-MOBILE now, valued plan. And I know I am getting EDGE 2G, which I was thinking if was a good call. SO contact the T-mobile customer Service. and I got really good news!!!

"T-Mobile's Network Modernization. New equipment will be installed in 400 GSM/HSPA+ sites by the end of June that will enable HSPA+ in the 1900 MHz band. Over 2,500 sites will have the new equipment installed by end of July. " From T-mobile specialist. Which means you be getting 4G on the Gt-I9300 very soon!! You don't need to ripped off by At&T!

The reason that T-mobile are doing this only now, because At&T failed to buy T-mobile not being approved by the government. T-mobile wouldn't spend a penny... at that time they were going to use the At&t system.

So, now T-mobile doesn't want to stay behind by the rivals. Which is great. Which means T-Mobile will announce the IPHONE as well working on 1900 mhz band.

I am sure that S3 will be working amazingly fast very on T-mobile.

Great phone! Great to keep for a lot of years for sure!
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on November 30, 2013
Give it three stars cause of delivery was on time and packaging was ok, could of been a smaller box doh. But beware cause the Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 GT-I9300 Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version is not unlock. To use any other sim in is totally not possible cause it is region lock to the UK. A note from Samsung Germany that the Note 3 along side some other Samsung phones is region locked only until activation. Once activated in the European market on a European carrier the lock is removed and users can use the phones without any restrictions but nopes that ain’t the truth peeps. The region lock has appeared on newer versions of Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 mini also so I just want you guys to be aware with this factory unlock stupidness with Samsung phones. The phone would only ask for Sim Network Unlock Pin, note that this is the region lock and not your actual sim card pin, if enter too many wrong numbers you are looking for more trouble with the phone. I give it three stars also cause I had to pay $50US for it to get unlock which was nearly impossible to unlock, after unlocking the phone the phone works great. It Is a really cool phone to have. Oh and am not from the US am from the Caribbean in Trinidad.
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on January 13, 2015
Who would have thought that buying a cellphone online could be so hassle free, convenient and so easy these days? I was one of those people who always have doubts when buying stuff online, cant be bothered with the hassle of returning it back, going through this and that if something dont work. I have always been the buy, make it work right away and im out the door.
So i decided to try buying this online, which so far have pretty good reviews...and trust me im the type who goes through each and every reviews just to be sure. So i bought a white one for myself and a blue one for my husband. Not that anything was wrong with our phones, the price was great, so why not.

It came, i didnt put any expectations at all. Took it out of the box, warranty, manual everything was inside. Everything was packaged the way its supposed to be packaged and i been using it since i got it. flawless, no problems so far...
im actually thinking of buying another one for my brother in law today.

how convenient is that?
if you are one of those people who is always wary and cant be bothered type of person like me and ure looking for a phone...this one definitely is a no brainer. and i do all my work on my phone, my spreadsheets, my music player, my work emails, basically everything. overseas conference, calls, u name it, everything is on that phone. you could also put 2 sim cards in it.

what more can you want?
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on March 1, 2015
Words cannot describe how nice this phone is. I bought this phone to upgrade from another Samsung Galaxy and let me tell you, this baby is a charm. It came well packaged, BRAND NEW, with DUAL SIM SLOT, the battery was half way charged, and the set up was a breeze. It's much faster to boot up, to download apps, and access the internet than my previous smartphone. It's full of features such as the GPS which works with military precision, and a slew of other widgets and stuff that can actually enhance your smartphone experience if not your life. Would I recommend this phone to a friend? YES, without hesitation. I read some poor reviews on this site about this product, honestly, I don't know what these folks are talking about because my experience with this phone so far has been GREAT. I will update this review as time goes by and in the event that I encounter any malfunction or mishaps with the phone.
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on February 21, 2013
I purchased my phone through "Open Group Wireless" fulfilled by Amazon. I have an Amazon store card and with that comes interest free payments on certain monetary amounts. I believe (not looking) that for anything over $300.00, there is a one year interest free payment plan on that item, or that particular purchase. If you purchase other items post, that transaction, they will not be included in your previous interest free deal, so keep that in mind if you choose to use the Store card and make sure to double check card conditions with Amazon on purchases over a certain amount.
On big ticket items, I only buy from a vendor that Amazon backs, because returns are less of an issue and I believe the company is safer and more legitimate when fulfilled by Amazon. I once bought a sheet set from a vendor not fulfilled through amazon and everything stated about sheets online was a lie. The actual packaging said "LIKE- 800 count Egyptian cotton" but the vendor neglected to put "like" in the description and when I wrote a "buyer beware" review, I received lots of nasty gram emails demanding that I remove my unflattering review. I believe someone even called me and was nasty to me. I now choose very carefully,who I do business with on Amazon. They cannot police every company or individual who wants to sell, but the ones they do back, I have never had a problem with.
I have read reviews about Galaxy 3 phones (not backed by amazon) having been opened, seal broken, because seller stated they needed to put the unlock code on the phone. This is not true, if the phone is a legitimate International Unlocked cell no one needs to "add the code", and avoid these sellers if you read anything about them needing to "add unlock code". I've purchased 3 unlocked Samsungs and never has there been a seal broken. The phones are unlocked, brand new, never used, from factory and only reason someone would open phone to "add" unlock code, is because it is a used phone that is specific to a particular company. For example, If the phone was an ATT phone and you want to use Tmobile, Tmobile needs the ATT code in order to provide service to that phone. All of the non contracted start ups allow for customers to bring their own phones and in the instructions it states that the unlock code from the previous phone company is needed. That is why a seller is putting the unlock code on the phone.
OPEN GROUP WIRELESS has true, unlocked International, warrantied, phones and when you are paying more than $500.00 for a cell phone, that is exactly what you want.
I read reviews about bad batteries, movie data already loaded on the phone (that means it was someone else's phone before you got it), batteries that were not even factory issue, bad chargers, inability to switch language, advertised as an International unlocked, but was not, and a plethora of other issues. If you receive the phone and seal is broken, taped over, don't do anything to it, except return it, because you will have an issue with that phone, it is NOT brand new, and it is not what it was advertised to be. If you go with the companies that Amazon backs, you will be fine. I paid a little more for that security and I have no regrets.
My phone arrived by the date it was promised, It was not opened, box was completely factory sealed and changing language from German to English was as easy as instructions stated.
I have purchased unlocked International cell phones before, so I knew that they were adaptable to contract and non contracted services and I've used them on both plans. After researching and reading that others went the Straight Talk route with the Galaxy 3, that was my plan.
The cool thing about non contracted services is that you pay around $50.00 for a month of unlimited, everything service, and if one company does not serve well, pay another $50.00 to check out another company, until you find the one that provides best service to your area- it is still cheaper than being stuck in a contract.
In the Straight Talk start up kit, there are 3 sim cards, a larger one, then ATT and Tmobile . ATT (as I was told by rep), has a mini sim for the Galaxy 3, but having already read that others trimmed the card down that came in the kit, I did same and have no problems. I put both ATT and Tmobile sim cards in my phone and should have went with the Tmobile because I get better service in my home, but when I was speaking with the rep, I could not get the sim card to stop popping out. She said it may need trimmed some more. She also said if I was able to get it to stay, all I needed to do was call them back, switch sim serial numbers and then go through the process of APNs, in order to get data. Here is where some aggravation may come in.
There are not enough categories on the Straight Talk APN webpage for the Galaxy 3 to get internet working, so I had to call for help, this could require patience. No matter what time of day I called, or that I tried again the following day, it took me half a day to finally be able to leave a call back. Just about every time I called, the recording said, "there was an unusually large volume of calls" and they could not take mine, then click. When I did get through, the recording said call back was 30 minutes, it was nearly 2 hours, but when I finally got a warm body around 8:30 PM, she stayed on the phone with me until I had internet. It took some trial and error to finally get it. I complained to her, that the website was not well equipped and about the long time in which it took to speak with someone, and she apologized. She said that the company was aware and they were taking steps to improve customer service.
The one thing I wish I had, that didn't come with phone, but which is downloadable, is a users guide. A quick start, manual was included in phone packaging, with details on how to access owners guide and I will take the time to do that, for I am not savvy in the smart phone world to know the full capabilities of this phone.
The phone uses like a tablet, so I am familiar with how to obtain apps etc.. I love the large screen, the options, and the camera takes great pics. The one thing to remember is that if there are apps continuously running in the background, that will suck battery incredibly fast (learned that in one day). As for factory issued battery- I text for a couple of hours in the evenings, post pics, text off and on during the day, access internet, and check my email. At end of an average day I can be anywhere from 67%-40% available battery usage. I charge it every night. The better battery will be a future investment.
The key to a happy phone experience, is to buy from the right vendor first and foremost. What I discovered about the reviews, is that they are all grouped together and it is difficult to know which vendor a review is about, unless author mentions it. One can click on vendor, be directed to their page and then see reviews specific to them. That can take a very long time. There are also vendors who operate under more than one company name. BEWARE of these vendors. Amazon is my favorite place to shop and I do a lot of business with them. I may not be a savvy smart phone user, but I am a savvy, well informed shopper and do not jump for the cheapest price on amazon. Do the research, know what an unlocked International cell is supposed be before you buy. Contact seller to see if they need to add an "unlock code" to the phone you are considering to purchase. I wrote a vendor to ask why they operated under more than one (at least 3) company name. No reply. It is as simple as this, International unlocked under warranty, does exist. I have one, love my galaxy 3, got exactly what I was told I was getting- a brand new, straight from the factory cell phone. I got it from Open group wireless, fulfilled by amazon.
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